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Reflexion, A Spiritual Community
April 15, 2018 Chuck Smith, Jr
If you desire God, many religious experts tell us to learn more and do more – are you reading your Bible enough? studying your Bible enough? is your doctrine sound? • praying enough? going to church enough? volunteering? (are you helping in the nursery?) ◦ are you tithing? supporting missions and other religious organizations? ◦ are sold out enough? (100% isn’t enough, you must be a fictitious 110% sold out) • the implicit promise: learn and do all this and you will be rewarded with an intimate knowledge of God ◦ but that never happens – there’s always one more thing to learn or to do ◦ this is the reason thousands of evangelicals are disenchanted, burned out – what you seldom hear, from the experts is Be still and know that I am God • or Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today • we do hear this, however, from Moses in this climactic moment of Exodus
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