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Desert Dangers
April 30, 2018 Chuck Smith, Jr
Intro: Why are fastest speed limits in California and Arizona posted on our desert freeways? Most travelers try to get through desert as fast as possible – I would remind my children, we made desert journeys with out air-conditioning • my parents reminded us of horse-drawn covered wagons ◦ not that they ever traveled that way, but to give us perspective ◦ it didn’t work • we also learned that high temperatures made for short fuses – I bring this up so that we can feel some sympathy for the Israelites • their trek thru the wilderness led from one hardship to another • their worst times, however, resulted when they lost sight of God In some ways, our spiritual journey parallels their travels – the Apostle Paul made this point in 1 Corinthians • and that will be how we approach Exodus chapter 17 today – there were two common experiences on this desert journey: 1. Going through periods of dryness 2. Coming under attack
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