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Reflexion, A Spiritual Community
What is Reflexion?
August 27, 2018 Chuck Smith, Jr
How did we get started and where are we going? – the first question is easy to answer • in 2004 I visited a friend who had sequestered himself in a monastery ◦ while there, I met a monk whose spiritual depth and insight left a deep impression on me ◦ I continued to visit him for the next two years • he introduced me to contemplative spirituality ◦ simply put: contemplative spirituality is real-life Christianity – the challenge is, we have to live in reality – that’s all there is • but many people feel they cannot live in reality ◦ so we have created unrealistic forms of religion ◦ some that are unrealistically miraculous, others are all in the head, and others that treat Jesus like an imaginary friend • contemplative spirituality is the real experience of God ◦ a real hope that doesn’t require the world to be good or people to be nice, or miracles every day
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