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Tap Into The Wisdom of Your Soul - Episode 2

February 06, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser Season 2 Episode 2
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Tap Into The Wisdom of Your Soul - Episode 2
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We all have a soul, so who wouldn't want to have a direct line into your own soul’s database? Have you heard of the Akashic Records? If you haven’t, we’re about to blow your mind.

Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser sit down with Laura Coe, podcast host, author and spiritual teacher to learn more about what she calls “an energetic storehouse that holds your soul's history.”

Laura breaks down what they are, how you access them and why they are the ultimate source for guidance.

It’s like an entire Google search on you. Think of it as a place where everything you've ever done over all of your lifetimes is stored.

It’s a gateway to understanding your soul’s path. Are you on the right track? In need of healing? Trying to figure out your relationship with a partner? Overcoming trauma?

From the nature of love, to finding your purpose; from how to keep boundaries, to finally understanding what self-love actually means — the Akashic Records offer clear, profound guidance and a spiritual education that can heal, change, and deeply transform your life.

It's wisdom that's fun, always enlightening, and — if followed — genuinely life-changing.

Then, we're teaching you how to ask your body for answers! Enter the human pendulum exercise.

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Seeking Center Episode 2

[00:00:00] robyn: Laura Coe is multifaceted. And we could honestly talk to her about many topics, both spiritual and not so spiritual. However, today we're going to talk about Akashic records, which she calls an energetic storehouse of ancient wisdom. Okay. So Laura, let's talk about Akashic records. most people that are listening right now have never heard of that term.

[00:00:25] So, can you help explain what the Akashic records. 

[00:00:30] laura: Yeah, I think I explained this about three to five times a day. So absolutely. And the Akashic records, I think are the best kept secret out there. I don't really understand how people haven't heard of it. I, I hadn't You know, five years ago, I didn't even know what an Akashic record was.

[00:00:46] So if you're listening and you're not sure, you know it's, it's a shock to me as well, but it's an energetic space that holds your soul's history. So think of it as a place where everything you've ever done over all of your lifetimes is [00:01:00] stored. And an Akashic record reading is when somebody is able to access that space and give you information.

[00:01:08] From billions of bits of information about you like an entire Google search on you. That'll help you he'll unlock get guidance on exactly where you are at this moment. In time in your life, right? To help you move forward on whatever it is. Say you're in the relationship, that's a struggle or the job that you're frustrated with or personally on a, on a personal level that you want to heal on some level.

[00:01:33] And when we're in those moments, when we're stuck, we're seeking, we're looking for information. We want that sentence, that friend, that book something that's going to just give us that knowing. And the Akashic records is that. And the last thing I'll say to you is I believe we're all in the Akashic records all the time with all that said, I think if you've ever had a moment of intuition, of knowing I just know that I need to move.

[00:01:57] I just have to change a job. I just [00:02:00] know that it's time to shift this relationship, whatever it is when you have that, like, I just know this is the apartment for me, whatever. Right. We talk like that, but what are we even talking about? Right. So I think we're always in this energetic space, it's your intuition, it's your gut knowing it's that deep sense of authentic truth for you?

[00:02:17] This is just an amplifier, it's a system that gives you more access with a ton and ton of ton of content and hopefully helps unlock a lot of, ways to feel better in your life on a regular basis.

[00:02:27] karen: I'm sure so many people when they come to you come with that sense of curiosity, but also maybe a little fear of what you're going to unlock within them when they come your way.

[00:02:36] So what are some of the typical things that people come to you for when they're looking for information on their Akashic records and how do you, how do you practice? What's the process? 

[00:02:45] laura: Yeah. So it's so funny. You say that with the fear part, people are nervous. It's because we can't imagine a space like this.

[00:02:52] It's there's no judgment. There's no right or wrong. And there's just a ton of compassion. So it's never like people receive [00:03:00] stuff it's like really upsetting to them, which is interesting, even when it's harder information to hear, because it's so truthful to where they are. They feel really, really good.

[00:03:09] The process though, is. Sort of imagine a cell phone, right? We have a cell phone and no matter what number you put into it, you'll get your different friends. Right. But you use the same phone number. It's the same phone. An Akashic record. I have a bunch of sentences that I read and it's always the same sentences.

[00:03:26] Just like the cell phone is always the same cell phone, but I plug in a different. Full name. And that allows me to get into one person's records versus another, just like making that. And the kinds of things people ask. I mean, there's a repetition of, for sure people kind of come with the same five or six things where it goes is always unique and different, but people want to know about purpose.

[00:03:47] Am I on the right track? Is this the right job? How can I find something? Is more suited for my career. They want to know about healing personal healing. Perhaps they've had trauma, perhaps they've been in therapy a long [00:04:00] time. They've tried a lot of modalities. They can't quite nail. What it is that is specifically holding them back in life.

[00:04:06] And then relationships, right? Struggles. I've been in the same conversation. I don't know if this is the right marriage. I don't know if this is why are we having the same conversation? That kind of stuff? It tends to be the top. I don't know, 90% of the time. The answers though, which is fun, they're always different.

[00:04:22] robyn: I have two questions. One is going back to someone giving their full name and you saying it, I think some people listening may question, why do you need the name? 

[00:04:31] laura: Again, like, I don't really know how cell phones work and I know like 50 years ago nobody would have believed it works and we couldn't have described it.

[00:04:39] So I'm not going to sit here and say, I actually understand, but my understanding is that the sentences Are set in a vibration that unlocks your energetic field and with your full legal name that you're using currently is a vibration really. And so that's what allows me into one record versus another, I don't really know how that works, [00:05:00] but I also don't know that well, that helps to 

[00:05:01] robyn: describe, I mean, I just, I just know that that's a question that some people may have.

[00:05:05] Yeah. My other question has to do with the answers. Are the answers, are they more general? Are they specifically. I know they run the gamut, but I know people listening would love to have a better understanding of what they could expect if they have a reading with you. 

[00:05:21] laura: Yeah. There's so specific.

[00:05:23] I'll start with just sharing a little bit about my own story, and then I could give you a couple other people's stories, but every single solitary one is unique and specific. Say I'm doing readings for people who are having addiction. And alcohol and we have these ideas of how it's the same. It's not, I mean, every story is very unique.

[00:05:40] The reasons that they're struggling are very unique. Trauma is unique. Every story is, is very particular to that person, which is why it works so well because they're like, oh my God, this isn't prescriptive and particular a framework or something that I'm supposed to follow. It's really. It's really true for me.

[00:05:59] [00:06:00] Right. So when I went, I was talking about moving into a modern minimalist department on. To a couple of friends, nobody knew that. And I walked into my first Akashic record reading and this girl that I've never met in my life, she was in her twenties. She read these sentences and she's like, I see a modern minimalist department on the lake.

[00:06:17] And I was like, wow. Right. And it just was like, you know, and now I do that to people. I was, I was sharing a conversation with a woman and I was talking about her mother and I say, I see somebody on a ladder and this ladder is set up in a kitchen. And I see them cleaning like dust at the very top of the kitchen ceiling on the, on the molding.

[00:06:36] And she's like, my mom literally does that. And I was like, oh right. And it's, it's like every reading, there's some kind of personal droplets. And then it moves into these very particular things. You know, I can tell you exactly your mother's energy, how she treated you, the things she said to you, how you had a stuffed animal that you sat in your room with, and you looked out the window a certain way and how you might've felt.

[00:06:58] It's uncanny the level [00:07:00] of details that come through and. The residents, right. People are brought to tears because it's so accurate. They feel like, oh my God, I don't know how I would have even described that. But it's so true. So for me, it went from this you know, modern minimalist apartment on the lake to you have this book of philosophy in you, but they're little and they're poetic and they're small.

[00:07:21] She's like, you know, you want to write them. I'm like I do, but nobody knows that, but, but me and maybe two people in my life and it turned out, I wrote them. Right. And it was exactly what was said in the reading, but the level of detail around your it's not just, I'm an author, it's that I, I have this small book of philosophy and it was particular to what I wanted.

[00:07:40] Right. So it's validating sometimes to your truth, that you kind of know things about yourself, but you don't know why you think. Or it's really healing and that it kind of explains friends, family Career obstacles in ways that you're like, oh my God, that really makes sense. I have worked with a therapist for a [00:08:00] decade and haven't gotten it, but I just got it.

[00:08:02] Right. So it's, it's it often brings people to tears, but they're tears of joy. It's kind of that like cathartic release tier where like I stop and I'm like, are you okay? And I'm like, I'm so good. You have no idea, but it's like a release. Right? Cause you, you have a sense of like finally, I hear the truth.

[00:08:19] I feel it's true for me. And then you can get very, very practical steps from follow these modalities or start a podcast or create a workshop. I outlined somebody's podcast from beginning to end literally the look and feel the marketing, the name of it, and he ended up doing it. So those are kind of, that's a, it's a broad sense of how it works, it's pretty magical.

[00:08:39] karen: Unlike a psychic, medium reading or a tarot card reading, for example, to me, it feels like it's much more specific in terms of your overall lifespan, even, maybe even pre life span. Right. It speaks kind of more on the soul level. Even though the ideas are there, the reading itself might give you [00:09:00] insights on what to do.

[00:09:01] It feels like. Deeper than that. 

[00:09:02] laura: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it really is. So we are incarnated for this particular life, you know, I'm Laura Coe this particular life but the soul has been around for many, many, many lives. And so it's not just picking up on the personality of.

[00:09:17] Although it does. It's picking up on the energy of the essence of Laura, right? So when we talk about the people we love, we don't say, oh, I love Karen because she has a certain haircut or an outfit that she's wearing. And Robin in particular likes to wear hats. And so that's why I have this relationship with her.

[00:09:34] It's because there's a sense of somebody, right? We feel connected to that sense, that deeper sense. And when you try to describe it, I said, why do you love your spouse, your best friend? Your kids. It's like very hard to put to words. It's kind of like this, or, well, they make me laugh, but it's like, you love them because they make you laugh.

[00:09:52] Well, no, right. it's them. It's their essence. And so the Akashic realm is picking up on our soul, our soul's [00:10:00] history where you've been, where you've traveled. It's like you don't know why you were able to do piano young or you don't know why things make you laugh, or you don't know how come the relationship is such a struggle.

[00:10:10] It's not just this lifetime. It's picking up on this energetic self that you have a vague understanding of and then how that meets the personality of this particular life. So it's pretty deep. 

[00:10:20] robyn: Oh, I love the way that you described that. Can we talk about energy again for a sec? I love the way you put that with the cell phone and the frequency and even our names, having a frequency.

[00:10:31] And when we talk about the Akashic realm, can you talk about what that energy in your belief is comprised of and what that feels like? 

[00:10:40] karen: And just to add to that later, when you answer. Do we have one single thread of energy that carries from one lifetime to the next that you're picking up on or is each iteration of our lifetimes?

[00:10:52] Do we come up with a slightly different variation on that? 

[00:10:55] laura: I'll pick up on your question first. Okay. Robbins is so hard, but

[00:10:59] karen: I [00:11:00] got inspired when, when Robin asked that and I was like, Ooh, maybe that's the, that's the significance of it. And what you can feel and read in that energy is that you're picking up on this lifetime. Where we are in our energy, but it's also extending maybe backwards and forwards. I don't know. I don't want to over-complicate 

[00:11:17] laura: you guys, I mean, this gets so deep and so complicated.

[00:11:20] And so just stop me if I jump off the cliff and you want to come back, but it's okay. So. An Akashic record. Reading is picking up on what you need in this moment. Okay. We come here, we incarnate and we forget because we cannot know everything there is to know about all of our lifetimes and be embodied at the same time, we would have a complete breakdown.

[00:11:41] So we only receive what it is that's for our highest good in this moment. Right. If I was told you're going to learn the Akashic realm and you're going to become a practitioner and you're going to study it like six hours a day and you're going to channel books and you're going to, I'd be like, oh my God, I know.

[00:11:54] I just like, I'm having a nervous breakdown already. And it's going to work in these 20 ways. Also we have free [00:12:00] will. So while we get guidance on what we wrote before we came here, because the belief is before we come here, we decide what we want. We get to choose each step along the way. Right? So the actual path.

[00:12:12] Co-created with your embodied form and your energetic self, right? So your energetic self is kind of like the calling in the background, going to write those books, right? Like you want it to do. But Laura, the person who I've embodied and is like, I actually feel like going to dinner tonight. Like I don't want to, right.

[00:12:29] So there's this co conspiring that's happening. Right? On my podcast, the art about authenticity, everybody talks about how I had a nudging. There was something I, there was an itch. I had a nagging inside of me and I had to turn to a new, a different path to be authentic. Right. So.

[00:12:44] I'm picking up on in a reading this particular moment. What's in your highest good to help you align to your soul. Calling you, being the personality who, who gets distracted. We have ego, we have real lives. We have jobs we have [00:13:00] in Chicago today, a blizzard. There's so many reasons that it's very hard to stay organized with.

[00:13:05] What is this deeper calling or truth that you wanted to accomplish in a lifetime? So you mentioned time also. This is the cliff dive moment, but there is no time. So time is a construct. So Karen, if I were to say to you, like right now, we're in the present moment together. But the clock just keeps moving every second.

[00:13:24] It moves every second. So where is the present? If we go by a clock? Every second it's moved. So there is zero present. It's always motion. Time is always in motion, but we call this the present moment, right? And we say, there's a future. Will his future? The next second, is it the next millisecond is past the previous millisecond.

[00:13:44] Like that's crazy. Right? So there is no time. Time is a construct we use so that we are here today, recording at a particular time it's organization. So when you can get past this idea of time being real, which hurts my head, then

[00:13:59] what the [00:14:00] records start to talk about is how everything is actually happening, sequentially. And so all of your lifetimes are actually happening in the same moment in time, and they're all impacting each other. And that's when I tap out and I just write, I don't think our education system or our brains or the way we perceive the world is capable of really.

[00:14:18] Taking in the extent of what this all is which takes me to Robin's even harder question. Like, what is it? I don't know. I dunno. Right? Like I know that the best explanation I can give you is thinking about. So Robin right now, you and Karen were all three in different places in the world. We're all breathing air, right?

[00:14:38] It's in my lungs. It's in your lungs. It's in your space. It's in my space. There's this thing we call air, but I can't grab it. I can't hold it. It's not mine. It's not yours. It's. It's in you, right. It's everywhere. And it's also sort of nowhere in a sense, right. Cause it's not a containable thing. So I think the Akasha ground soul [00:15:00] energy is, is that ish.

[00:15:02] So you have stuck with metaphor because we. We don't have the education or ability to really say, I don't have the ability to say more than that, but that's my best Abbott for myself to understand it. So my soul is both within me and outside of me, the Akashic realm is within me and outside of me, we are it.

[00:15:20] We're not, it it's everywhere. And when you get into the deep philosophical, spiritual literature, they start talking this way and you're like, oh my God, I'm going to jump off a building, but that's why.

[00:15:30] karen: Just going to say, I think for the listener, when I just had such a misconception of what Akashic records, where are they?

[00:15:38] And, and I did kind of walk in a little bit with that fear factor. Like it was this actual formal record, like my dental records, right? Like somewhere out there is this big record of everything I've done good or bad. A record of what I'm going to be doing next that I was going to be tapping into. It's just so not that in any way.

[00:15:58] robyn: And the other part of [00:16:00] that when you walk in and you think that you also, I think the human part of us walks in and thinks we might be judged. And I think the beautiful thing about the Akashic records is there's 

[00:16:12] laura: no judging. Yeah. So Robin, I to finish the story of my first reading she said, you have these books inside of you that you want to write, but you're putting all this pressure.

[00:16:20] You can write them when you're 70 or in your next life. And I was like, what? Right? Like what, what are you talking about? Like, if I'm supposed to write this book that I need to write it. But there's no getting it wrong. It's like, I'm the best way they've described it to me is if you have a flower and it's planted in the right space with the right soil and the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of water it'll grow.

[00:16:40] And so it would be a shame for it to not grow, like why not? So in certain lifetimes we have everything we need to accomplish the thing that our soul journey and he really wants. Right? So in this life I have the education, the freedom. The space too. Right. And so why not complete this thing that I have a sole desire to do, [00:17:00] but if you don't, you can do it in another life.

[00:17:02] I'm just might have to wait a few lives because I might be a slave in a camp somewhere. Right? Like that's not an option or I might, you know, not have the means to do it or the personality. Like Laura Coe is willing to sit down and she will get it done. Like there's these qualities within. This human manifestation that aligns well with things like that.

[00:17:22] robyn: And as Gary Zuckoff would say, it's authentic embodiment, it's when your personality meets your soul, right. The essence of your soul. 

[00:17:30] laura: That's right. And when that happens, it's magic. Right? I had this big fight with the idea of the Akashic realm for six months, nine months.

[00:17:38] And I was like, wait. Cause I was listening. I was like the student. I was like, okay, every day I'm going to get guidance. I'm going to go into my records and I'm going to listen. Cause every time I do my life is. Magical and exponentially better. And then I was like, wait, I'm Laura, I'm not a slave to this realm.

[00:17:53] Like, 

[00:17:53] karen: what the hell? Like, I'm a person. I met 

[00:17:56] laura: her. Like I had this, who am I in this story? And then it hit [00:18:00] me when I'm happiest, when I'm feeling best in my life, I'm listening to my truth. And I'm listening and I'm allowing that deepest truth, which is that Akashic realm, soul truth guide me.

[00:18:10] But I also am not a slave to it in that some days Laura just wants to sleep in and she wants to go, you know, hang out and have an extra martini and that's okay, too. And so the judgment, to your point, it's real. And we really, really, really are so afraid of being judged that we didn't accomplish what we needed to in this life.

[00:18:27] In this month or that the ways we're living our life should be something bigger, smaller people ask about purpose all the time. And sometimes your purpose is to just clear karma and a lifetime. It's not to build a business and it's like, that's great. Why do we have to have judgment over these ideas?

[00:18:43] And I 

[00:18:44] karen: just love that. That's where he went. Even when we were having our session with you, it just gives you a different perspective. It's not like you're not achieving something that you came in here to do. There's all those opportunities. What is very special about your work is not only do you do these great readings for people, but you teach people how to do it for [00:19:00] themselves.

[00:19:00] Can you just tell us a little bit about how do you work with. People so that they too can do this work, 

[00:19:06] robyn: tell us a little more about little soul school. And as Karen was saying, how you teach people 

[00:19:10] laura: I feel that it's so important.

[00:19:13] I know I'm not a mystic, I think there's this spiritual elitism out there that there's people who are tapped in and there's people who are not. And I really want to debunk that. If you ever had a moment of awe, a moment of creative knowing of flow of anything you're in the records. Right. And there's nobody on the planet that hasn't just had a moment of like, oh, I just got it.

[00:19:32] I just, right. So all of us are in this realm because we are this realm. So. I don't think of myself as a mystic. I just think it's like tennis. Some people you pick up a racket and it's easier for them to hit the ball and they're willing to go to the courts. Other people they don't want to. Right. That's fine.

[00:19:48] But you can still hold a tennis ball and hit it. It's not like you can't. So I started teaching friends. I taught myself. And then I started teaching friends cause it was fun. And then I started teaching more friends and then I got asked to teach a men's [00:20:00] group, which was like 40 dudes who are accountants and investment bankers, the least likely humans on the planet to learn the Akashic realm.

[00:20:08] And they were sweating and it was so cute, but they all did it. And I've taught hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. You can go to the little soul school. I got tired of doing one-on-one so I created a free. Class with videos at the little soul school. And it's free because I do believe everybody should have access.

[00:20:27] So it doesn't to the tennis metaphor. It doesn't mean you're going to be good in an hour, but you can listen to the videos. You can have everything you need. You can decide if you want to keep practicing or work with me privately to kind of move it along or work with friends to do it like I did. I've lost track.

[00:20:42] I just hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of people at this point that I've taught and everybody's done it. And it's it's really important to me that this gets out there that this is not For magical people or also it's like meditation, that this is not a strange thing to be tapped into. I mean, it it's just part of life, the [00:21:00] Akashic realm, the way we do it in those videos, it just puts an amplifier to what you're already doing on a day-to-day basis.

[00:21:06] robyn: Yeah, and we can attest that we've done it, be ourselves went and took the course and it was easy and fun. And then we blew our own minds. Yeah. But I'll say, you know, we were, I think really surprised at the messages that we were able to get. Both Karen and I. Our intuitives and both of us, we all.

[00:21:28] Are somewhat mediums and so forth. This is a bit different. And we liked the structure of it actually. And then they also the feeling and the messages that came through it was extremely empowering. And I think what you show all of us is that we are all magical. That's what you're also giving, you know, as well as being an incredible translator.

[00:21:50] That's what I'll say to thank your, not all Laura that's for sure. I may be able to read my messages or read Karen's and read Laura's, but I'm not Laura. Laura's the way [00:22:00] that Laura is able to read the records for you is so special. Thank you. That's a gift, as you said, you're an extremely good tennis player when it comes to gosh, it records 

[00:22:11] karen: it's so visual.

[00:22:12] That's what I loved about it. It was such a different type of experience because so much of it for you comes through in these visualizations or symbols, and that's never something that. Delved into, or I've been comfortable with on my own, but following the process, it's almost like a movie unfold. If you can do it with another person, it's incredible how you begin to play off each other and how this movie sort of becomes this bigger story that is so, so relevant.

[00:22:40] And so it's fun. It's not even one of those daunting 

[00:22:43] laura: things like, oh, I could never yeah, Karen, you know, it's really important. You said that because. I think that's the one thing that I should probably speak to more often. It is fun. I, every time I train people, they come in and they're like privately nervous.

[00:22:55] They're going to be the one person that can't do it. And they're like, oh, it's going to be me. And I'm like, I [00:23:00] promise it won't be. And then the second part is that they have so much fun. I can't. Get them out of the records. It's like going into a dream state. There is no time you're lost in it. It's like a little tiny movie theater opens up.

[00:23:13] That's just for you. And it feels amazing. I mean, it just it's like dreamy, but not, not like sleep dream. It's like It very deep meditation feeling combined with this really cool set of videos, playing and feelings and sensory experiences. I don't know. It's, it's a little like being on psychedelics or something and I, in a very calm, relaxing way.

[00:23:36] I don't know how to describe it. Right. It's really a unique thing. But time disappears and people love it. And for a day or two, you feel good, you feel relaxed and calm, and if you just open the records, even if you're not interested in translating, I think it really helps heal people.

[00:23:51] That's another important aspect of it. I think getting. The records open and just being in the energy, even if your intention is just to meditate or go for a [00:24:00] walk I think it can really help change your life in a bunch of ways too, that you don't have to do anything. 

[00:24:04] robyn: We so agree

[00:24:05] you're giving people so much hope. Thank you. Thank you for sharing what's possible and really bringing. Down to a level that I think most people listening can understand and act on. our hope is that you go check out and you can book a reading with Laura. You can learn more about the Akashic records and read for yourself. And hopefully this is an opening for new journeys. For those listening. 

[00:24:32] laura: Thank you. Thank you guys so much for this conversation for having the on seeking center.

[00:24:37] It's so much fun. And for anybody out there that's interested. I think it's a beautiful way to experience if nothing else, just energy. If you're wondering what it feels like to be in a, in pure source energy, light energy, it's the quickest way to just get a little taste of that.

[00:24:51] And then you can know for yourself there's knowing from reading books. But I think when we do it for ourselves, we can actually have a tangible experience and that's a different knowing.

[00:24:59] robyn: [00:25:00] Thank you. Thank you. Thanks Laura. So that was an incredible conversation. Oh my gosh. 

[00:25:06] karen: I learned so much and I just love 

[00:25:08] robyn: her energy.

[00:25:09] You and I have both experienced Akashic records and. Interesting and good experiences. There's just a way that Laura puts it. She puts it away 

[00:25:18] karen: that you can understand it and also apply it in your own 

[00:25:21] robyn: life. That's what it is. You're out of 

[00:25:23] karen: the 

[00:25:23] woo woo, which even she says, she's, she's trying to 

[00:25:26] robyn: do. So knowing that we were going to talk to Laura.

[00:25:28] For our download this week, we decided to use Laura's Akashic record format for our mind-meld and so we went to the little soul school and we went through the course, which is so easy and 

[00:25:43] everyone listening can do that within an hour. We use the same practice that Laura uses when she's doing readings. And as she said, you read a few sentences.

[00:25:54] And then you have an intention and, or question, and then you close it at the end. And so that's what we [00:26:00] did. We set the intention to receive messages that would resonate with all of you this week 

[00:26:05] karen: our intention was very simple and very broad. What you'll find with this and for us, it's about what do you see? What is the image that comes to you, which was new to me. I usually write down everything that comes to me almost like as a message in this case, there are actual images that came to both Robin and.

[00:26:24] Immediately. And as Robin began to share, it was clear that we were very much seeing the same thing. And it was very wizard of Oz. related what 

[00:26:32] robyn: we ended up both receiving are these visuals and messages using wizard of Oz as the analogy. And that makes so much sense because we think that most people listening right now have seen.

[00:26:47] And so of course that's going to resonate with everybody. And when it comes down to and what we were able to distill, and we're going to go into some of these messages, but the idea is to be your own [00:27:00] Dorothy 

[00:27:00] Own 

[00:27:00] your own power. As Glenda, the good witch says you've always had the power. My dear, you just had to learn it for yourself and you don't give your power away, but let's look at to get to that.

[00:27:11] Let's just start with number one. When we both went in and started this mind-meld. I saw this field with this tornado and lightning, which was


[00:27:22] Taking me.

[00:27:23] To what ended up being Auntie Em's house. And then it was as if we were sharing a brain because Karen, yeah. 

[00:27:30] karen: kept getting, follow the path and the minute. Started thinking about the path. It had this sort of golden color to it. And I was at the very beginning by myself. And as I started following the path down the road, sure enough, there was, Robin and Laura together and we were all locked in, arms, walking down the path, and then it also occurred to me.

[00:27:53] That this whole movie actually was filmed. We looked it up in 1939, who knew it was that [00:28:00] old, but we were blown away with this idea of the beginning of the movie starts in black and white. And it's all about the tornado that comes and Dorothy, literally waking up in this beautiful land of color on the other side.

[00:28:12] And we thought, oh my gosh, how significant that it is for us to know that as we're following this path, as we're following this road, that we're, that is leading us quite literally out of this 

[00:28:22] robyn: Black and white, and we're ready for Technicolor to come into our lives. And the other part of it, which you talked about, which then I was on the yellow brick road too. So I could picture what Karen, we were picturing very much the same thing, linked arm in arms.

[00:28:38] And it also made us feel for everybody listening. If you can find a buddy to walk down that yellow brick road, Find the buddy. And if you can't, we'll be your buddy. We are here. That is why we're doing what we're doing. So reach out to us. We'll be your buddy, we're on the yellow brick road with you, which we know for [00:29:00] sure.

[00:29:00] Is that when we get to Emerald city, we are there to reveal the truth, That's what we're here to do is to reveal the truth, what we believe the truth to be in terms of who you are as a soul and for every person, the truth is going to be different, but we're all on that road together. So what is your truth?

[00:29:17] You're on that road to find the truth for you and for your soul in this lifetime. And that takes heart and courage and. 

[00:29:26] karen: Right. And that the journey really does begin with that single step. If you remember, at the very beginning of Dorothy's journey, she was the one who had the courage to really start from the very beginning and set off to face our fear, which was that wicked witch.

[00:29:40] So she could get home again. And in doing so met these wonderful friends who were able to teach her just that she taught that. They helped each other get through that journey to the other side. And I think that that's the other thing, too, as we're going through our journeys, just to be.

[00:29:53] Open to all those friends along the way that may not even look like friends, right? Like who would have thought the scarecrow [00:30:00] and the tin man and the lion, would have been such Important allies to Dorothy along the way 

[00:30:06] so it just seemed like such a wonderful movie playing out, just reminding us almost of this childhood story that most of us, didn't realize the symbology that was there for us in our quote unquote real life 

[00:30:21] robyn: Totally and the other questions that it can bring up for those listening.

[00:30:26] Who's the wicked witch right now in your story. . Are you, are you in your own way or what do you feel is in your way and how can you believe in your own power? How can you believe in yourself to overcome. Whatever it is, Whatever you believe or see as the obstacle, the outside obstacle, or is it inside?

[00:30:47] And then Karen and I were talking about this. What are your Ruby slippers? What makes you feel magical? Get back in touch with your own power to go down that road and find that [00:31:00] truth. 

[00:31:00] karen: That's right. in the movie, the Ruby slippers were the thing that. Dorothy thought was protecting her all along.

[00:31:06] And it wasn't really protection at all. It was her power and she didn't realize that because she wasn't looking at her own power and her own self. And I think often forget is that we don't have to wear. B or pretend to have things that are giving us our power, that it is really all, within us we're hoping we go over week through February to inspire you with really great things that you can do to claim your power and to find your way along your own. 

[00:31:36] robyn: So be your own Dorothy and maybe rewatch Wizard of Oz and really look at it in a new way?

[00:31:42] It's that reminder. That you've always had the power. You just have to learn it for yourself. 

[00:31:47] karen: That's right. And when she woke up at the other end, she looked at the world differently. She saw the faces of her friends and kind of a whole new way. And we always have that same opportunity on the other side to really look at, at [00:32:00] everything that we're going through in a different way.

[00:32:01] And hopefully that's what we're giving you the opportunity to do along with us. We're having so much fun on this journey with you all. Trying these things. Oh, and we do have speaking of out 

[00:32:10] robyn: of that, exactly. Now this leads to our secret power, 

[00:32:14] laura: our 

[00:32:14] robyn: to share, which is really, again, if you listened to last week's podcast, you hopefully tried to freeze some negativity in your life and now we're giving you another.

[00:32:27] Exercise, utilizing your own, being your own power as a guide. 

[00:32:32] That's 

[00:32:32] karen: right. Something that you can tune use to tune into your own intuition your own north star, your own GPS. However you want to look at it. We've tried it a couple of times and it's almost a tongue in cheek, kind of an exercise at first where you may feel.

[00:32:47] trying it, but we've found it really works well. In giving you really simple answers to questions that you ask. 

[00:32:54] robyn: So Robyn than why don't you talk about yeah. So it is the human pendulum [00:33:00] exercise. We're naming it. That whether it is or isn't, we're going to call it the human pendulum and our friend Irina Kusha on.

[00:33:08] Actually is the first person to suggest using our bodies at the pendulum, because both Karen and I have used actual pendulums, which is a discussion for another day, but it's another way of doing what we're going to talk about, but you can use an actual pendulum that has a stone on it to do this.

[00:33:25] We had never thought about using our own bodies until Irina suggested it. And so. This is the exercise. Basically. You're going to stand up according to Irina not you should face north when you're doing this exercise. And then you're going to 

[00:33:40] laura: just give yourself a 

[00:33:41] robyn: moment to connect.

[00:33:42] Into the earth, as well as think about the top of your head too, so that your energy is in alignment. These questions are going to be yes or no questions that you're going to ask yourself, it's your own inner compass. And so you're really tapping into what you already know. You know, these answers, [00:34:00] it just helps to validate it.

[00:34:01] That's right. 

[00:34:01] karen: And I would just add, I think what Irene was trying to say about, starting with the north is almost picturing yourself as a compass. And so every compass does align itself with, the north, so that's your true north, that's your truth. So take a moment. Just figure out where the sun rises in sunset, then just ground yourself so that, you know, when you're asking, you're doing it from your true northYour true self

[00:34:23] robyn: that's right. Thank you. And then you're going to ask your body what is yes. And most people when they do that. They move forward. Every body moves a little bit different. We're all tuned a little bit differently. So see what happens when you say what is yes for me? I move forward then ask your body.

[00:34:44] What is it? And then ask, what is maybe when I ask what is maybe I, my body leads to the right. 

[00:34:50] karen: And besides it's your way of asking your body to align with your yes and no, and give you [00:35:00] those directions, giving you that, that response so that you understand what it's feeling 

[00:35:04] robyn: now, you know what direction your body will move once you ask these yes or no questions.

[00:35:09] So now you're ready to ask. Your yes or no question. And it's important to phrase your question so that you get a clear yes, no. Or maybe you're not going to ask a question about what Or a how it's a yes, no. Or maybe the way that we started using it is asking questions.

[00:35:27] We knew the answers to that without a doubt, we knew the answers. Like I was saying, do I like pickles? Which I know I I'm, maybe one of the few people I don't. So my body just immediately leans back to a no, 

[00:35:40] karen: and 

[00:35:40] robyn: then you can ask questions that are deeper. Like, is it in my best interest to like, and start practicing and using this as your inner compass, and see if it helps you feel validated. in decisions that you're making 

[00:35:57] karen: that's right. And I think you can also utilize it for, for [00:36:00] those of us who are at home, working from home, maybe on zoom all day, you may be on conference calls.

[00:36:06] You may be interacting with people on your team. You may be just having a conversation on your cell phone with someone else. Tune into yourself, even on those situations and see how you're feeling. Are you leaning in towards your truth toward your yes. Are you leaning away? It's almost like your natural body's way of tuning itself, right.

[00:36:24] Without even asking those questions, you know, when you're leaning into a conversation versus when you're leaning back. So it should be kind of that feeling that you get. I know for me, I second guessed at first, whether or not I was just subconsciously doing. But as I started to practice how I really respond to people in situations and questions on a day-to-day basis, I kind of grounded myself in that kind of a feeling how I felt about whatever question.

[00:36:50] So if you have any second guessing or you're struggling a little bit with this exercise, Do it Robin said, start with really, really simple questions to kind of just get the feeling of it. Then [00:37:00] utilize that gut feeling and your intuition too, and see how your body responds to it. You can even do this with food.

[00:37:06] I know when I was a kid, my mom met a doctor who put food that kinesiology is very based on this, where you can actually put certain foods in your hand. And you kind of know whether it's. feels right. But it doesn't feel right to you or wrong. So it's our way of just trying to teach a little bit of intuitive skill sets and sort of a fun game way.

[00:37:25] And we would love to hear from you if you do 

[00:37:27] robyn: try this at home, and I will also be putting up a really short video on YouTube in case you need to actually see it. I'm going to actually show my show how I, how I use it. And Karen's going to be on zoom with me, but I'm going to just show you. It'll be really short.

[00:37:43] So for some reason, you need to see it. You can go onto with Robin. And that's still our YouTube channel at the moment. It is branded seeking center, but just as an easy vanity URL and we can't wait to hear how it [00:38:00] works for you. And so remember, we want to hear from you just in general, right?

[00:38:04] So we want to know how the pendulum works. How did the freezing negativity exercise work for you? Are you practicing it? Do you notice a difference? Email or DMS at seeking center official on Instagram, sign up for the weekly, our 

[00:38:21] karen: Can't wait to hear from all of you and looking forward to talking with you all again next week.

Tap Into The Wisdom of Your Soul - Episode 2