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Your Provocative Invitation: Access the Power of the Universe - Episode 3

February 13, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser Season 2 Episode 3
Your Provocative Invitation: Access the Power of the Universe - Episode 3
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Your Provocative Invitation: Access the Power of the Universe - Episode 3
Feb 13, 2022 Season 2 Episode 3
Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser

Meet Daniel Tuttle, also known as The Provocative Intuitive. He’s an intuitive healer, transformational speaker – and part of our soul tribe. He is also a certified Access Consciousness facilitator.

We know. You’re thinking, what the heck is Access Consciousness? We didn’t know either! Daniel explains all -- and introduces you to a whole new way to think and live the life you are meant to live!

Daniel shares some of the key ways to practice access consciousness, and also discusses assess bars -- which is a whole other way to look at energy and your body. Plus "access" puts a spin on relationships, that may change the way you look at the relationships forever. And the way to clear thoughts that no longer serve you--that works! We can attest!

And, the download that ties this week together, because's all about love. "Love, love, is all you need." We're here to remind you it's all around you!

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Meet Daniel Tuttle, also known as The Provocative Intuitive. He’s an intuitive healer, transformational speaker – and part of our soul tribe. He is also a certified Access Consciousness facilitator.

We know. You’re thinking, what the heck is Access Consciousness? We didn’t know either! Daniel explains all -- and introduces you to a whole new way to think and live the life you are meant to live!

Daniel shares some of the key ways to practice access consciousness, and also discusses assess bars -- which is a whole other way to look at energy and your body. Plus "access" puts a spin on relationships, that may change the way you look at the relationships forever. And the way to clear thoughts that no longer serve you--that works! We can attest!

And, the download that ties this week together, because's all about love. "Love, love, is all you need." We're here to remind you it's all around you!

Find out how you can work with Daniel, participate in his "Live Alive" Program or in one of his upcoming events:

Dig deeper into Access Consciousness:

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[00:00:00] Robyn: Hi everyone. It's Robin and Karen. We're so excited to introduce you to Daniel Tuttle. Also known as the provocative. He's an intuitive healer, transformational speaker, and part of our soul tribe today, we're going to be discussing access consciousness and most likely a whole lot more knowing our conversations with Daniel.

[00:00:23] So Daniel, before we get started talking about access consciousness, can you talk about what the provocative intuitive means? 

[00:00:32] Daniel: Yeah, that's a very, very common question that comes up. When people go to my website, sometimes they expect something different.

[00:00:43] Robyn: I don't know why we 

[00:00:44] Karen: asked you this before. Right? 

[00:00:46] Robyn:

[00:00:47] Daniel: haven't asked. Yeah, exactly. Well, you know, the provocative intuitive was essentially the moniker, the brand that was given with some people that I was working with its soul camp and the provocative [00:01:00] intuitive is what I know to be true is that when we are true.

[00:01:03] Truly being us when you are being you, it is the most provocative thing that we can truly be when we show up in pure authenticity, in pure connection to that energy. That is that light force energy that is in everything. It's scary to. A lot of people it's scary to ourselves. And I know that it was scary for me, like.

[00:01:23] For probably decades behind that, because I was like, oh my God, people can't know what I really am. People can't know that I'm psychic or that I talk to dead people or that I have all these other gifts. And I do all these crazy things. I can't do that. That, that cannot be because then it would be provocative and it would be something that would wake people up to be provocative is to provoke and to provoke is something that creates change when I'm in session with.

[00:01:50] I have no filter and sometimes I can be really blunt because I see their limitation. And so when I can see somebody who's limitation, it's like shaking somebody. And if [00:02:00] what is required is killing limitation, then I'll be damn. I'm going to show up with a sword with my lightsaber. And I love 

[00:02:07] Karen: that because I think of you as a best friend.

[00:02:10] Right when you're pickpocket, if you're a truth teller, and I feel like that's what you bring out in any conversation that we have. So lock it, it can be a mixed bag for some people. Cause you could think of it as being, oh, he's saying the thing, that's just going to kind of poke the bear, but for you, it seems to be like, no, no, no, no.

[00:02:26] I'm going to, I'm here to tell 

[00:02:27] Robyn: him reflect 

[00:02:27] Daniel: truth. Yeah. And also let's look at the big picture here. Truth is such an amazing, amazing topic because your truth could be different from my truth. All three of us are sitting here together. We're living. Through a different lens. We all have different paths, life experiences, this life experiences.

[00:02:45] We all come to the table with something else. You know, if you're standing in a room of a thousand people and you're observing a movie, there's going to be a thousand different points of views. There's going to be a thousand different opinions. And the truth is how it relates to you. [00:03:00] And so in my approach to get people to, to see that I want them to.

[00:03:05] Uh, luckily honest with them. If we could be bluntly honest with ourselves, then imagine how we could show up and change the world. Uh isn't that the 

[00:03:14] Robyn: goal, I love that. Yes, that's so true. Well, I feel much, I don't know clearer now, knowing what you meant by provocative. 

[00:03:24] Daniel: Exactly. Some people say it's because I absolutely grew up loving them.

[00:03:29] And so everybody goes, Al you just, you just called that because Madonna's the provoker. And she does all those crazy things. And maybe it was ingrained in my consciousness somewhere, but remember like attracts, like, so in some reality I was asking for an energy, like Madonna's in my life to say, Hey, you know what?

[00:03:45] It's okay to be. You. It's okay for you to be you and you don't need to make any excuses about it. And that energy I take full responsibility for. I absolutely asked for that. How does it get even better? Well, and now we're going 

[00:03:58] Robyn: to talk about access [00:04:00] consciousness, which we think most people listening may not have heard of before.

[00:04:04] So I hadn't heard of it before, 

[00:04:07] Karen: and I've heard 

[00:04:07] Robyn: of a 

[00:04:07] Daniel: lot of things. So what will it take to change that? 

[00:04:13] Robyn: so let's introduce everybody to this. What for Karen and I was quiet. Life-changing of an experience in a, in a way of thinking and, and, and being in 

[00:04:22] Daniel: the I'm so happy that you didn't lead in with saying a spiritual modality or a spiritual thing or whatever, because while all of us here are seekers, there is a certain level of.

[00:04:33] Let's say point of view or a judgment that comes with saying that something is spiritual and in access, we know that everything is energy. Everything is energy. We live in a universe that is energy and energy. Believe it or not. Contrary to a lot of popular beliefs is not good or bad and it's not right and wrong.

[00:04:52] It's just energy. If you want to talk about it in a scientific way. Everything is just a bunch of atoms and molecules floating in [00:05:00] space. Okay. So what is the engine that is, let's say creating all this stuff, my life, these things, this experience, what is that? And that is our consciousness, human consciousness.

[00:05:11] Human consciousness has the ability to go beyond absolutely. Everything. It's like taking clay and saying energy is like this big hunk of clay that you can say, oh, I want to make a beautiful statue of a Buddha. I can say, oh, I want to make a beautiful statue of an orange. I can create this sculpture. I can do this.

[00:05:31] And if I don't like it, what can I do? I can put it all together and I can mix it up together and I can create something else. So that's the world of energy. And so in access, you will almost never get. Someone I'm an access consciousness, certified facilitator, by the way. So what is that? That is basically just someone who has the opportunity to teach these classes, not to make it significant, but to teach these classes, I've been extra trained in access.

[00:05:52] Let's just say I've been living access tools and, and that's, that's what that means. You have this energy that is this [00:06:00] big ball of clay that you can do. All these things with and human consciousness is the tool. It's the carving thing. It's the brush consciousness is what's creating what it is that you are experiencing in your life.

[00:06:12] And one of the things that we talk about in access is we talk about how, whenever you judge something, you solidify it. So you imagine again, that you have this hunk of clay and you look at that claim and you say, well, that's just a ball of. The minute you say it's just a ball of clay. It's going to be a ball of clay, but the minute you look at that and say, what can I do with that?

[00:06:32] The minute that you start to invite and ask questions, what can I create from this ball of clay? What can I be if I become one with this play and that leads to. One of the greatest tools and access consciousness that we have is living in a world of no judgment and living in a world of choice, living in the world of questions, living in the world of possibilities.

[00:06:53] Now you asked me what is access consciousness and the best way for me to say. Let's say, say what it is [00:07:00] without again, putting it in a box is it's, it's really a set of tools that are very pragmatic. They're very applicable. They work for everyone. So access is this body of tools, this body of energy, this body of, of consciousness, of wisdom that contributes to people's lives.

[00:07:18] And it contributes to people's lives in ways that actually invited. More invites, more ease to the mantra of access. Consciousness is all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. And that doesn't mean that all of life comes to me, easy, joyous, and glory. It means it's with ease so that no matter what is coming at us, we can always look to ask what is greater here?

[00:07:39] What is this showing up in my life and what can I do with it? And how can I change it? And if I can show. Right. But that invitation being an invitation to greater access was created and founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain here. And they are two really incredibly special Geminis not to put them in a box, but [00:08:00] they are the brief fingers of freethinkers, of freethinkers, of free-thinkers who have Gary actually channeled all of this wisdom.

[00:08:06] It came through Gary with this. Amazing hands-on process called the access bars. And Gary tells a story about how it all came to be. He was a channel and doing these kinds of sessions for people and a buddy of his in New York called him and said, Hey, I have this high profile clients who would like us to have a session with you.

[00:08:25] Can we fly you out and get. Yeah, sure. Whatever Gary showed up. And he was in the room with the massage therapist and he was channeling and he got this message to put his hands on his head. And so Gary began to just put his hands on his head in certain places, in certain areas. And the awareness started to just come to Gary of what parts of his brain he was touching.

[00:08:45] Then he did this for him and he finished in the guy. He goes, what did you just do? What did you do? And Gary said, well, I did a little process on you. And I saw. Oh, all of these bars, crisscrossed around everything. And when I touch them, all of a [00:09:00] sudden, it kind of like created space and created ease. And so then Gary called it the access bars and.

[00:09:08] The guy kept coming back. He kept calling Gary for this session. I need an access bar session. So that invitation is what was essentially kind of the seed level of what access bars is. Then Gary went on to facilitate more conversations with the friends about. Let's say let's call them the secrets of the universe, if you will, for lack of a better term, not to make it significant, but he started to have these sessions and started to channel that, which we know now to be access consciousness.

[00:09:36] And it has been a contribution for millions of people around the world. I think it's in like something like 137 countries and it all begins with the access bars. So if anybody's listening and curious, go. Do a Google search for a bar's practitioner or a facilitator in your area, you can go to the access website to look for one and [00:10:00] have your bars run.

[00:10:00] Because the one thing that I can tell you, some people come out of it and they're like, that looks relaxing, but I didn't really feel anything. Well, that's the point. Gary says that if we truly learned to relax, we would receive 70% more of what we are really asking. In this universe, 70%, isn't that an invitation enough to have your bars run?

[00:10:23] Robyn: You get your bars run virtually, or is it something that's an in-person hands-on kind of 

[00:10:28] Daniel: thing. It is a hands on technique. Access also has something like 350 body processes because Gary had. Shared with us that so much energy is actually locked in the body. And from many, many lifetimes, and with these simple body processes, we have the ability to release those energies and just kind of send them back to wherever they came so we can create more ease.

[00:10:48] But, you know, Robin, I should say. To answer your question as well. I'm an access sports teacher in addition to a facilitator and because of the pandemic, people do have the opportunity to take the class online. You can take [00:11:00] the access bars class online with the caveat that you must have somebody else with you.

[00:11:04] So you, when you register for the class, you must have somebody that you're going to practice, 

[00:11:08] Robyn: that you can practice on one of those. Kind of exactly 

[00:11:11] Karen: clarify. Cause I'm just trying to picture this. Is it like a Reiki session where it's just your, your, your energy is being sort of worked over and then does the practitioner pick up on certain things, energy blocks, just trying to get a sense of what the experience is like 

[00:11:29] Daniel: question Karen.

[00:11:30] Thank you. So it's none of that. Okay. None of that. When you're with a bar's practitioner. I mean, yes. I'm also a facilitator as well. So if you come to have a session with me, you're going to also receive a facilitation. Right. Which is basically taking something that does come with. For you and us kind of removing the layers of the onion to reveal greater in your life to see what other possibilities we can create.

[00:11:57] But that's a unique experience that happens with a [00:12:00] certified facilitator. A bar's session itself has none of that. A bar session is simply about receiving. It's simply about you laying on the table, completely letting go and just receiving. And what is cool. I have to say. It is about receiving, but it also, the person who's gifting the session is also receiving.

[00:12:19] So does that answer your question? Well, 

[00:12:21] Karen: I guess does having the session then as, as the receiver puts you in a better place to practice and receive access consciousness in my daily practice, when I walk out of a session, how will I be 

[00:12:35] Daniel: different than I was before? Okay. Awesome question. So it is. Nothing else is needed.

[00:12:41] First of all. Okay. If you did nothing, if you were the most unspiritual, most unconscious human being in the world, which we know you're not, but if you were and you went to get a bar session, if you just went and you spent that hour, having that bar session, what would happen to your body is your body, the atoms and molecules within your body would [00:13:00] say, oh my gosh.

[00:13:01] Wow. It's okay for me to receive how wonderful. And once we say once, all of a sudden the energy. Within us says it's okay for me to receive then guess what happens now I have the freedom to ask and we know that asking is what's creating our reality. So many of us are not asking you don't one of my favorite quotes is from anti-Muslim and anti-male she says, life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving because we're unwilling to show up and say, I want more of that.

[00:13:31] I want more of that. We're like, oh no, it's okay. You go first, you know, it makes me more spiritual, more humble, more, and there's obviously truth in that for the person who has invested that belief in what that is, but what I know to be true, and what I have learned from access consciousness is that the universe has my back.

[00:13:51] It makes me a little emotional because to say that is so provocative, right? The universe has. Back. Yeah. And 

[00:13:59] Robyn: to be able to [00:14:00] remember that even in our most trying moments, even in those moments where you're like, I don't understand why this is happening to me, but if you can remember that the universe has your back, it helps you get through it a whole lot better.

[00:14:15] Karen: We're so taught so different. Unfortunately, right? Yeah. It's all about us having to drive around boat and to share and to put ourselves like every single thing that you just said is really the antithesis of how we all, most of us, I should say, are brought up kind of to learn and navigate the world. 

[00:14:33] Daniel: Yeah.

[00:14:33] And I know that for myself as a young child, even I knew that my purpose was to help people. And so I lived my life of like, oh, I want to help my mommy. I want to help my daddy. I want to help my friends. I want to help my teacher. I just wanted to help because it felt so good. But I was excluding me so often I would do those things and just.

[00:14:52] It'll pay off in heaven somewhere. 

[00:14:55] Robyn: And actually, it's so interesting that you're bringing that up and we are posting [00:15:00] this podcast on Valentine's day because it's really about loving yourself first. So that you can love others and the way that you most likely want to have to, you have to include you. 

[00:15:16] Daniel: You have to, yeah.

[00:15:17] You have to include you. And I would love again, how, how connected are we Robin? When you sent me that email today, talking about, you know, what tool we wanted to share for next week? This was exactly what, what came is the word? Love it. 7 billion, different meanings because there are 7 billion different people in the world.

[00:15:36] Okay. But there's only one appreciation. There's only one gratitude. When I tell you that I am grateful for you. When I tell you Robin, when I tell you Karen, that I am grateful for you, there is no gray area. There's no mixing, no anything of what that. Whereas if I told you that I love you, you go, Hmm. What is that love isn't well, because he has an agenda or is that love because [00:16:00] he wants to feel loved is that love because he wants something in return.

[00:16:04] Is that love, love, love, love. But when I tell you that I'm grateful for you. There's no doubt in your mind. What I mean, that's true. You're 

[00:16:11] Karen: right. Because love has like a scale almost 

[00:16:13] Daniel: exactly. And I'm not taking away. The value and the importance of love. Obviously love is incredibly valuable, but oftentimes we love without gratitude.

[00:16:21] We love without appreciation. And so would you be willing to, and let's just ask everyone today, would you all, would you all be willing to be the invitation of gratitude for yourself that you truly truly be? And from that space, see, and be grateful for everything and everyone that shows up in your life.

[00:16:38] Anything that doesn't allow that can we just destroy and uncreate it? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. What a powerful thought gratitude, gratitude. And we aren't grateful for 

[00:16:48] Robyn: ourselves. No, no. We exclude. I mean, that really is eye opening. 

[00:16:53] Daniel: We've all been in relationships and relationship as Gary defines it, but I love so much.

[00:16:58] Gary says, you know, a [00:17:00] relationship, if you look it up, it literally means the distance between two things. And so in access, we have a tool in. Striving for a relationship. What if we were asking for a creation ship, a creation ship, or to whole beings that are coming together to create greater in their lives and to create greater in the world.

[00:17:18] So I know here on Valentine's day, everybody is searching for their soulmate. Everybody is searching to be loved. Everybody is searching for that person. That's going to meet all their. To the fill all of their asks. But what if, instead of looking for a relationship you were open to the invitation of a creation ship and how a creation ship could be a contribution in your life and not only in your life, but in the world.

[00:17:43] Because oftentimes when we get in relationship with someone, we forget about ourselves, we forget about ourselves. And so. That is something that there is definitely a short-term fix. We're always, we're always looking for the backdoor. We may say we're committed. We may say we [00:18:00] show up and I'm in it, but there's always a back door.

[00:18:02] You know what, if that SOP five, find that message. Or if I see what he's looking on, Instagram, if I thought that I'm outta here, absolutely the back door. And so where in our lives do we have a back door for. Where are you, where are you creating a backdoor to living your life? And would you be willing please right here, right now to slam the door shuts and commit to your.

[00:18:28] Yeah. Anything that doesn't allow that, can we please destroy and uncreate it? Yes, that's right, exactly. That is the energy. I have a question 

[00:18:36] Robyn: going back to the bars for a second. You can chime in 

[00:18:40] Karen: once that access bar session is complete. What's the next step, but what, what do I do 

[00:18:46] Daniel: with that next? So I want to talk about Gary's definition of consciousness, because I think it's super important consciousness.

[00:18:55] Receives everything and judges nothing. Okay. So. Point [00:19:00] or any place in which we compare something is already a disconnect. So just from that awareness, everything has its value. You know, we do have a beautiful Dr. Dane here. Who's the co-founder of access, man. This guy is a body whisperer. He is a magician of all magicians of all magicians.

[00:19:16] And when you see somebody lay on his table, it is. It's a divine experience for lack of a better term. Not to, again, not to solidify it, but it's like, oh my God. So Dr. Dane, while he was playing with energy, he let's say downloaded these energies and different types of energies. That one of them, he is what he calls the energetic synthesis of being is another one called the energetic synthesis of communion.

[00:19:40] And then he has, what's called the symphony of possibilities and we have classes. Uh, ESB class and it's somebody of possibilities class. We have all of those. If you've ever seen someone in that space in which somebody is so gifted with energy, that they can literally energetically pull energy out of someone's body [00:20:00] or contribute energy to someone's body.

[00:20:03] This is what would be called the symphony of possibilities. And I am a symphony of possibilities practitioner. It is an incredibly, incredibly special contribution. And Dr. Dana is just a master at it. And if anybody wants to learn any more about that, he has a brand new book called the body whisperer that I think is just so incredible.

[00:20:25] Talking about the buddy with bodies. You know, I also facilitate and teach a class called right body for you and right body for you is not what it sounds like. We've all been told. That's not the right body for you. You know, Instagram is telling us all the time, that's not the right body for you. Gary describes it as a, kind of like a play on words because.

[00:20:44] And in the right buddy for you class, we go beyond all of those points of views and conclusions and expectations that we've created in locked in our body that are having our body show up the way that it is showing up. And in that, in that class, we kind of remove [00:21:00] all these points, views, and we go through lots of clearings and body processes as well to kind of open that up.

[00:21:04] The body plays a very, very significant I'm using that word on purpose role in access conscious. Because we have the body and we have that, which is called the infinite being or many others call it the soul or whatever and access. We call it the infinite being and the infinite being. First of all, let's invite the listeners.

[00:21:21] Just take a second and just become present with where you are. Okay. So feel your chair, maybe you're driving wherever you are. Just take a second. You don't have to close your eyes, but just be present with that energy and feel your body. You present and your buddy, you feel it, you feel where it's touching the chair, you feel all that.

[00:21:37] Now what I want you to do is I want you to imagine that the three of us are having dinner together in the south of France, just the three of us. Okay. We're having this amazing. And we are laughing and talking and just having a great time and you feel that definitely. Great. So now come back to the present to where your body is.

[00:21:59] Now you can [00:22:00] feel that as well. Right. But what we know is that, and you can open your eyes. The infinite being is everywhere. So the minute, yeah, so we're in, in the south of France and Marsay having dinner together, we are then. We are okay. We are there. Okay. And the same, the same energy is what we talk about in the right body for you class.

[00:22:22] And that is actually saying I can choose how I want my body to show up. I can choose it when I am truly, truly aligned and connected with my body. And I'm listening to my body and I'm communicating. With my body, not saying, oh, you look so fat today or, oh my gosh, this shirt doesn't fit me so well, or, oh my gosh, you're getting some wrinkles.

[00:22:44] How often do we stand in the mirror and completely tear ourselves apart? What'd you do that to your three-year-old child? Why would you do that to your body? I know you want to look at your body and say, you know what? I appreciate you. I adore you. What would you like [00:23:00] today? What would you like body? So that's where consciousness and the body works simultaneously.

[00:23:04] A Daniel. 

[00:23:05] Karen: This is so fun. I love all of it. And if someone is sitting and listening to. And they're like, sign me up. What is the process? So they go through the access bar session with you. Then do you talk with them about their specific life path, journey, challenge, whatever it is that they've come for, or is it just sort of an evolving process 

[00:23:27] Robyn: and ask 

[00:23:28] Daniel: them what they want?

[00:23:29] Okay. I asked them. What their life would be like if they were surely truly, truly creating it. So that one question creates all of a sudden expansion and once it comes up, then they go, well, I would really like to live on an island. In the Caribbean with my friends, with my family. And I would really like to be there with my soulmate, or I'd really like to have this.

[00:23:54] And I really like to be successful entrepreneur who could be anywhere I want. And [00:24:00] we go through a process of simply asking questions, right. So what will it take to get you there? And naturally we, as the wonderful humanoids that we be, we want to always find the right. But the opportunity is to get to that place where you don't, you're not looking for the answer, but you're being the energy of that, which you're asking for.

[00:24:17] And so in a facilitation and you say, yeah, but what that word, but can't, won't all those things that are the blocks. When you say, if you could, what would your life look like? If you could imagine. Having everything that you would want and are you willing to choose differently to be that energy? The other thing too, we talk a lot about sex and money and access to things that a lot of spiritual modalities or all those things really shy away from.

[00:24:45] But we talk about it a lot and we talk about it a lot because it is the energy of receiving, but what are the two things that we humanoids want more than anything in this world? Money and sex. What are the two things that we complain about not getting enough of money and sex or intimacy, [00:25:00] whatever that brings up for you.

[00:25:01] And so in that sense, we use those tools as a way to see where you're blocking off your receiving. I would like to say, if you were having the greatest sex of your life, you're in that moment of like pure passion and you're there and you're loving it and you're enjoying it when you're about to climax.

[00:25:16] Would you say no stop. I don't want this. Of course not. So why the heck are you doing that with the. You are blocking off our receipts. The universe wants us to live orgasmically guides. What will it take? What will it take for every single second of our lives to be orgasmic? You're so good 

[00:25:34] Karen: at being able to point out the very thing that we just don't see about ourselves.

[00:25:39] Robyn: And I want everyone listening to understand that Karen and I have worked with Daniel using access consciousness, and we hadn't had a bar session. Honestly now I'm like, we gotta meet up here. That's a whole other exercise, but you can also have an access consciousness session without the bar session, which Kara and I did do.

[00:25:59] [00:26:00] And it was really transformative. And there are also ways in which to incorporate access into your life on a daily basis that are very easy that I know Karen and I are have been doing now for months. And you will. Notice the difference, not just what you can receive, but also I would say in how you approach every day, as most people listening know I'm pretty positive as well as also being realistic.

[00:26:30] And what I feel like access has given me is it's like I needed this big reminder going into 20, 22 that I am choosing how I want my day to be. And there's something about. These ways that access gives you these rituals almost is it's the best way I can. I it's rituals it's words. It is consciousness that allow, I think everyone to approach the day differently than.

[00:26:59] I'd love 

[00:26:59] Daniel: to [00:27:00] ask you guys, what was it or what tool or what, what was it? That was the thing that really really made you light up? Like, what was the tool that you walked away with, that you said this isn't me? Well, 

[00:27:11] Karen: we did the money exercise and it was realizing that money is energy and not a substance. I remember when I said to you, I always looked at money as this necessary evil and you're right.

[00:27:25] Daniel: No, no, no, no, no, 

[00:27:27] Karen: no, but it's so funny. It's like, if that is the mantra in your head, of course, it's going to kind of set you up for attracting that kind of response. 

[00:27:35] Robyn: Right, right. 

[00:27:36] Karen: Yeah. And so that energetic change, and then the second thing was looking at energy almost as a friend sitting at the table with you, some, an assistant, a.

[00:27:47] Someone who could do great things for you just at your bidding. And so now when I do my meditations and I'm thinking about all the things that I want in my own life, I literally have given money, a personality and a name. [00:28:00] It's a, she, her name's Nora. She sits at the table and she's this beautiful entity that is now the co-creator.

[00:28:06] I love 

[00:28:06] Robyn: it. Love it versus necessary. 

[00:28:09] Daniel: Maybe you should switch it to, well, I don't know. Maybe you want to have sex with Nora, but maybe, maybe you would imagine that Nora is the hottest physical human that you would want to engage with all the time. And so that you could have an even more intimate experience with that energy.

[00:28:28] Yeah, well, 

[00:28:29] Karen: yes, I do see her as sort of this fiery redhead. 

[00:28:34] Daniel: Very 

[00:28:34] Robyn: different from my personality. 

[00:28:36] Daniel: I love it. That's awesome. I love that. Thank you so much, Karen. 

[00:28:40] Robyn: Okay. I know for me, in addition to doing the session with you, I also took the class that you have. That was all about money. So in addition to doing the class, you also read a book that's by Gary and incorporating both of those.

[00:28:56] I feel like when it comes to money, but also [00:29:00] even more, more than just money, it has really changed my perspective. First of all, I had the same, what does come to money that Karen had that, oh my God, this is energy and I can treat it as such. So by inviting, I mean, I'm all about. Right. And so that was life changing and then reading the book and having that class and hearing what you had to say as well as others in that class.

[00:29:27] It just further solidified work we had done in the session. And then what I do now, is there a certain mantras, one of what you said today, right? All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory. I say it morning and night. I also, when there was a specific mantra. That we were taught both, I think in our session as well as in the class, which is I am power.

[00:29:50] I am control. I am awareness. I am creativity. I am money. And I did that as well. In addition to those questions that you and [00:30:00] I arena continue to remind us, which I now have posted all over my house, which is what else is possible and how does it get better than this? Those are just a few ways. That I've already integrated them into my life.

[00:30:14] I see things differently. And actually one of the questions I wanted to ask you is during our session, as well as during the class, there was a series of words that you say when you are talking about clearing. And I feel like what ended up happening in that session was not only did you bring that awareness to both Karen and.

[00:30:36] Of our relationships and thoughts about money, but then you were actually clearing them. And what's unbelievable is that now I don't think the way I did prior to that session, which is 

[00:30:48] Daniel: bizarre.

[00:30:53] I 

[00:30:53] Robyn: love it. Tell us a little 

[00:30:55] Daniel: bit about that. Yes, yes. Yes. So there's a couple of things that you said that I want, I want to piggyback on. Number one, [00:31:00] the name of the book is how to become money and it's how to become money workbook. And it's by Gary Douglas. And it is actually one of those original sessions that he was doing.

[00:31:08] The channeling. The whole book is basically kind of like a transcription of this channeling session that he had with his hire guides. And it's all in the title, how to become money when we see money as something that is outside of. When we see something, when we say I want to win the lottery. Well, you're, the lottery is always going to be over there.

[00:31:25] And instead you could say, I am the lottery. You know, I am that $165 million. I am that energy in, what would it take for me to be that energy right here right now? Because let's all be really clear. It's not about the number that's on the screen or the piece of paper. It's really about what it brings us.

[00:31:41] It's that energy that it brings. And so if we can have more of that energy in our lives and don't tell me people, I can hear you. I hear you saying, well, I could, if I had that money, no, it actually works the opposite. When you can be that, then you can receive that. So that's on the money. All those tools are [00:32:00] amazing.

[00:32:00] Clearing statement. Yes. Yes. Yes. As SS the access consciousness, magic wand, bippity boppity, boo. So the access consciousness clearing statement. First of all, I'm going to tell everybody right here, right now, you want to learn the in depth meaning of it. You can go to the clearing statement. Period. The clearing Dr.

[00:32:22] Dane goes through, it talks about what it breaks down to mean. Anyway, when you hear it, first of all, the clearing statement is right and wrong. Good and bad pod and POC, all nine shorts, boys and beyond. So it's short speak on each one of those energies is, is a pop it's like a, it's like a wand. It's like a one that takes all of that energy and absolutely kind of scrambles your.

[00:32:43] Like you said, you said it so beautifully Robin, you were like, I don't know what the heck you do, but I felt like my brain was scrambled 

[00:32:50] Robyn: a hundred percent and 

[00:32:52] Daniel: that's the point because we want to get out of our brain and into the energy. And when we do these clinics, like, for example, [00:33:00] thank you for asking about the clearing statement.

[00:33:01] I don't always, I don't always bring it up because it's something that people are like, huh? You know, so thank you for being the invitation for that, for sure. But every question that I've asked you guys today and said, would you be willing to destroy it and create it? I have run that in my head. So I'm always using the clearing statement.

[00:33:17] I use the clearing statement. Sometimes I walk around the house and if I'm in a cranky mood or I'm, if I'm in an energy that I don't want to be in, or that I'd like to choose differently, I run around. Right wrong. Good, bad. All nine shorts, boys and beyonds. And I looked like a maniac. I looked like an alien from a different planet, which I probably am, but it's all energy.

[00:33:35] And that clearing statement is something that I have to say. It's like, when you're sweeping the floors, it doesn't even look so dirty. But when you sweep the floor, all of the dirt gathers and then you have your little handy vacuum and you go, that's the clearing statement. So what happens is when we say.

[00:33:53] Would you be willing to destroy and uncreate? It, it kind of brings all the dirt up. The dirt is sitting there and then we [00:34:00] say, would you be willing to destroy it and create it? And then turn on the vacuum. Right? Wrong. Good, bad football, all nine shorts, boys and beyond gone. Now you can choose something else.

[00:34:07] You can choose something greater right before you had a limiting belief and it wasn't going to create greater for you in your life when you use the clearings. It can create greater in your life. When I started doing this, I was like, I really kind of am the fairy godmother. I mean, all of us are, all of us are.

[00:34:26] And I was like, wow, I have this magic wand and I can do anything I want with it. And it really, really clears limitation for you. You mentioned something else. I think that is also an invitation. You're such an invitation. You. Amazing invitations. I think it's going to create greater for others. You mentioned the tool.

[00:34:42] How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? Oftentimes we use them in tandem. You can use them separately, but it doesn't matter. It's one of the biggest tools we have in access. How does it get any better? What else is possible? I'm going to tell you a story. Let will tell you really quick, really great story about this.

[00:34:56] I was teaching an access bars class in New York city and this young girl had brought her [00:35:00] mom. To the class. And she was really excited about the bars. She'd heard about it and all this kind of stuff. She was a brilliant young woman and she brought her mom and her mom was not really so open, but it was like she was going to spend the day with her daughter because it's a day long class, you know?

[00:35:13] And so she was really excited about that. So she comes to the class, she's like, Hm. Um, sure. And I invite her and she's like, mom, I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm like, okay. So I introduced this tool. How does it get any better than this? And I see her ears perk up and I see this look on her face. And I asked her, I said, you have a question.

[00:35:31] She's like, I don't know. She goes, I think it's kind of irresponsible. That's what she said. I think it's kind of irresponsive. There's no responsibility in it. And you're running around asking, how does it get any better than this? What else is possible is if there's nothing wrong and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:35:46] And I said, thank you. For asking and here's the deal, is that in a world of judgment, of course, that's what you're going to think. Right. But in a world of possibilities, what happens is we use this tool in every situation. We use this [00:36:00] tool when something amazing is going on, we perceive as amazing is going on.

[00:36:03] We also use it when things are crappy, we use it all the time, all the time. So I told this woman after the class, I want you to do me one favor on your way home, please. Practice this tool, just your holy home practice, this tool, she was like, okay, whatever. And she left the venue and I saw her and her daughter part ways and give each other a hug.

[00:36:23] Thank you, ha. And she turned around and she walked away and she walked away that evening. This woman called me and she goes, Daniel, you are never going to believe what happened to me today. And I was like, what? And she goes, I listened to you. You said that I should go around asking, how does it get any better than this?

[00:36:38] What else is possible all day long? And I was walking and all of a sudden I saw that. On the sidewalk and I picked it up and I was like, how does it get any better than this? How cool. And she says, and then I got in the taxi and I was just talking to the taxi driver. I needed him to take me to the dry cleaner, and I was talking to him and I looked down and she said on the floor was a $20 bill.

[00:36:57] And she says, I picked it up. And I was like, how does it get [00:37:00] any better than this? And what else is possible? And, and she goes, so here's the kicker. She goes, I got to the dry cleaner, and he gave me my clothes and I've known them for a long time. They're very kind, they're very special. I just walked in there.

[00:37:13] I gave him the money. He gave me the money back. I put it in my person. I went on my way. I got home, I got home and I opened my purse and I saw that money and I pulled it out and realized that he had. Changed my money. I had given him a hundred dollar bill and he had given me change for the a hundred dollar bill.

[00:37:28] He didn't actually charge me and she goes, huh? She said, I called him and I asked him, do you know you? I said, you just gave me change for my a hundred dollar bill. I'm sorry, I didn't pay you. And he goes, no, it's a gift because of your. And your service. We wanted to gift it to you today. And she goes, I absolutely melted.

[00:37:46] And I said, oh my gosh, thank you so much. You shouldn't have done that. That's so kind of you, I appreciate you guys so much, all those things that we go into. And I said to her, I said, listen, Did you say, how does it get any better than this? And she goes, no, [00:38:00] cause I couldn't imagine how it could get better.

[00:38:02] And I was like, you could have won the lottery that night met the man of your dreams. What are you talking about? I love that 

[00:38:10] Robyn: story when the biggest doubting 

[00:38:12] Karen: Thomases 

[00:38:13] Robyn: get it. That's right. One other thing to add. I've used it when I've been sick and not feeling well or not in a great place. And the point is to use that in all of those experiences, 

[00:38:27] Karen: like you said before, Daniel, it's this idea of judgment versus possibility, right?

[00:38:32] So you can be in a horrific situation and judge what you think the outcome will be, or you can choose to look at the 

[00:38:40] Robyn: possibility of one that's 

[00:38:41] Daniel: right. That's right. 1000%. Exactly it is. It's creating. It's creating greater. And I use this a lot in terms of, let's say the healing aspect a lot of times. We have a symptom for a lot of times, we have a diagnosis and there's a lot of points of views and [00:39:00] conclusions that come with what a symptom is, what a symptom means.

[00:39:03] There's a lot of points of views and conclusions that come around the diagnosis. I have to say, I love and I honor, and I respect medical science beyond obviously it's an incredible contribution, but how awesome would it be to teach doctors and medical professionals and people that have that kind of knowledge, that power these tools?

[00:39:24] Because I have had so many clients come to me and they're like, I have stage four cancer. And I was like, how does it get any better than that? And they were like, F you and I was like, no, no, no, no. Are you really, really going to buy that? Somebody is telling you. What you have, whereas the doctor with his power, with everything that he comes with, if he would've sat her down and said, in my experience, this is what it looks like, what can we create differently?

[00:39:49] What could we do to change this? What could we do to invite a pure healing and a greater possibility. But a lot of times that first of all, they're so busy. God bless them all. And they're [00:40:00] so educated in a way that's like, here's the facts. This is what it is. This is what I know. It to be. I just would like to, I'd like to invite greater possibilities for how we all are healing in today's day and age and healing in, in this time and space.

[00:40:18] And we are living in the age of Aquarius. That's why the three of us are together right here. Right. Because there has been a greater ask for what you're doing, how beautiful that this project and this initiative is called the seeking center, because there's millions, millions. I'm going to say billions, even of people who have been asking for this, they've been asking for greater, they've been asking for healing.

[00:40:40] They've been asking for more and what is happening here, ladies? It's the invitation to explore what really is. And I want to include and invite everyone in every corner of the world. One of the things that is such a great contribution of access consciousness is that it comes with no prerequisites. It doesn't matter what you [00:41:00] believe.

[00:41:00] It doesn't matter. If you have a point of view about what God is or any of that, it just matters that you desire greater in your life and you want greater for the world. I would like to really invite those people who are listening to this saying, Hmm, I don't know about it. To just ask a question. What would it take for you to know you're knowing what would it take for you to remember all that you do know that you've decided.

[00:41:24] You don't want to remember, because if you did, you'd actually be so freaking powerful. The world would change at anything that doesn't allow that. Can we please destroy it and create it right and wrong? Good and bad pod and POC. All nine shorts, boys and beyond that's it. The magic wand, right? Wow. What an invitation.

[00:41:41] Wow. Likewise. Thank you. I always have goosebumps when we play. Oh my gosh. Speaking of 

[00:41:47] Robyn: astrology and bringing in age of Aquarius, is there anything that people listening right now? This week of February 14th, and then over the next few weeks should be keeping in mind from that [00:42:00] astrological perspective.

[00:42:01] Cause we know that you are very tuned in to what's going on. 

[00:42:04] Daniel: I love astrology and astrology has been something that I studied in the closet when I was a kid. Like I would go to the bookstore and read those books and leave them there because they were new age or they were a cult and astrology has always been something that was very, very true for me.

[00:42:18] Yeah. It's such a powerful map of energy. It's a map of energy. And the one thing I want to be very clear about is that astrology, even though it's a map, there's always a different direction. So when you look at a map and the map says, the quickest way for you to get to Manhattan is to take the LAE and go this way.

[00:42:38] If you're knowing says, I don't want to go that way or that way, it does not feel light to me. I want to. This way, because I want the contribution of the ocean, or I want this, or I want that. Then we want to always follow our knowing to what is greater and what is possible. So that being said, astrology is just a roadmap.

[00:42:54] Astrology does not define you. It does not decide you. It does not test your feta [00:43:00] does not create your fate. It gives you a map and the map says, Hey, you know what, Robin you're. And Hey, you know what, Karen, you're a Leo and Hey Daniel, you're a Virgo and these are some of your energetic highlights. And these are some of your energetic, low lights doesn't mean you don't have them.

[00:43:15] It doesn't mean you can't use them. It means that some will come easier to you. And those are the ones that you should enhance. And the ones that don't come so easy to you, you should ask more questions as to how you could. So I want to say that about astrology number one, and also astrology is not something that's.

[00:43:30] Surely talk about it a lot and access consciousness, but it's, it is something that obviously you guys know me very, very well, and it is important to me. And that being said, not only is it the age of Aquarius, we are also in the month of Aquarius and this is the month of Aquarius. And Aquarius is the sign of the free thinker.

[00:43:46] Aquarius is the sign that does not like to be put in a box. Aquarians are the people who have the ideas that everybody goes, holy crap. That is. Great example, Oprah. She's such an Aquarius. Here is a woman who [00:44:00] refused to be put in a box and she created this reality based on the fact that she was unwilling to compromise her vision.

[00:44:07] That is the energy that we all want to tap into right now is that energy of being our own. Being the one who chooses for ourselves. We are starting to see some things happen in this country, in the United States of America that are very polarized it's because people are choosing to align with different levels of consciousness, not judging, which is white and which is wrong, but they're aligning with those levels and something.

[00:44:33] Right now as we speak, because the intensity of energy around that topic, because what's happening also is that the United States of America is going through what's called Pluto returns. And Pluto returns happens every like 246 years. So how lucky are we to witness it in this lifetime, but to give you an idea of what it is, it means that whatever happened at that time would have the birth will also reoccur and will happen now.

[00:44:58] And so what we [00:45:00] know. 246 years ago, the declaration of independence, we, the people. And so that energy is resurfacing, right? Yeah. In the United States of America, and we are seeing it with different movements and these movements are ultimately to create unity underneath it all is the desire to create unity, but we cannot create unity without allowance.

[00:45:23] We cannot, we must be in a. Um, every single person on this planet, every single thing, because if we are in judgment, we are not in allowance. And when we are not in allowance, we are in resistance. When we are in resistance, we create war. We create separation, we create fragmentation and all hell breaks loose.

[00:45:43] So right here, right now in. As Pluto returns begins. We must remember to be our own leader. And we must remember to be in allowance in total allowance for anything. And everyone, everybody says, how do I do that when I'm in such opposition or so much at [00:46:00] whatever those energies are saying or so what, so quote unquote, wrong and powerful access to what we have today.

[00:46:06] Called interesting point of view, interesting point of view, doesn't make somebody else's point of view, your point of view. And when you hear something or you see something or you're witness to something and it triggers you instead of fighting it and resisting it, just stop and say interesting point of view, interesting point of view, interesting point of view, and you can keep saying it and then you can say, how does it get any better?

[00:46:25] What else is possible? Anything to not solidify it in your universe? Number one, because you don't want to buy those lies. Opinions or whatever it is. And number two, you also don't want to resist it and react to it because when you resist, when you react, it becomes greater what you resist per se. 

[00:46:42] Robyn: That's a quote a minute, my friend , 

[00:46:46] Karen: but you can feel even what you're saying, you feel when you release that, that 

[00:46:50] Daniel: judge.

[00:46:50] Yeah. We can practice this with the person sitting next to us. We're not talking only about politics. We're talking to maybe the person who's sitting next to you in traffic, [00:47:00] we're talking maybe to your husband or your wife. We can practice allowance with anyone in everything. I currently have a membership program, which is called the live a live membership, and it's something that I have been called to do and to ask for and to create.

[00:47:17] And. I have a big picture of desire to bring like-minded like-hearted people together just as you guys are doing to create a higher vibrational frequency for all of us. So my goal with live alive was to bring all these people into the program that wanted to come together for that purpose. And so we, we meditate on the full moon and the new moon.

[00:47:36] There's also an option where you can do what's called my daily download and that's a 15 minute meditation that we do live every day. That's an invitation for greater. We have a specific topic that comes up or an energy that comes up and we go through and we do all of these clearings and we do different things to download ourselves with greater possibilities and set the day off.

[00:47:56] I love being a part of it. I invite anyone and everyone. There's something for [00:48:00] everybody, a $25 level, and there's an $800. He wants to have sessions with me. I wanted to create something that was there for everybody. And he would like to invite anyone and everyone that, that feels light to, to come and play and to experience it right now, we are offering the first month free.

[00:48:15] So if anybody wants to try it out or feels like, I don't know if I want to commit to that, then you absolutely can. And go get your bars, run, find a bars class. If you want to do it online, you can do it with me on February 20th. So that will be this weekend, February 20th, right after. Okay, it's on Sunday.

[00:48:33] Bring a friend. So you can do the bars class and the class that comes after the bars. The bars is the prerequisite for almost every class in access consciousness. So you do the access bars class, and then the next one is called the foundation. And the foundation is four days long. It's just a game-changer.

[00:48:49] It is the class which takes all of these. There's like thousands of tools in this one class, it is a commitment, but it is a commitment and it will change your life. I'm telling you when I took this class, [00:49:00] it was over my old life. The old version of me was literally Sianora nowhere to be seen. And the foundation is something that I would like to invite everyone to and commit to yourself, commit to creating that change in your life that you you've been asking for.

[00:49:15] So get your bars run and then come take my foundation. And how 

[00:49:20] Robyn: long, and this is all on the provocative, 

[00:49:24] Daniel: Absolutely. It's all in the provocative, it's all full circle. I'm just saying, 

[00:49:28] Robyn: and there's so much goodness in between. I really believe that there were so much in our conversation today that will resonate with everyone listening and you can take some of it.

[00:49:41] You can take all of it. I have a feeling there's going to be. Many people that go and check out all of these different offerings that you have on the provocative, 

[00:49:50] Daniel: And also, I want to tell you guys, oftentimes I'll get these like glimpses of things. I see a massive, huge bars [00:50:00] class, a seeking center bars.

[00:50:02] Where all of you guys are invited to come play with us, live in person. And to experience this energy in this like day long thing. So I'm putting it out there right now. Ladies let's do it, but we're going to put it out there and when the time is light and it will come back to us, 

[00:50:22] Robyn: I am with you. 

[00:50:24] Daniel: Yeah. Wait me too.

[00:50:26] I can't wait to thank you guys. Thank you. 

[00:50:29] Robyn: I love you guys. Every time we talk 

[00:50:30] Daniel: to you, there's so many more. Thank you. And thank you. And my spiritual practice on my access consciousness practice. We say that which we see in others as a reflection of us. And so I thank you for seeing in me, what is true about you.

[00:50:42] So thank you. Thank you. I love you guys so 

[00:50:45] Robyn: much. Karen, how much do we love Daniel? Almost as much 

[00:50:49] Karen: as we love our weekly 

[00:50:50] Robyn: downloads, I would agree. It's definitely in that same category because there's just so much love for both, which seems [00:51:00] timely for this week. 

[00:51:02] Karen: It really is. And I mean, It's a subject that a lot of people have trouble with, right.

[00:51:06] Especially 

[00:51:07] Robyn: the self love aspect. Well, so let's share what happened when we did our weekly download and Mel's, which as everyone listening knows that we set the intention to receive messages that will resonate for everyone. Who's listening is highest good. And. What happened this week, which it always does.

[00:51:28] It just, it amazes us. So we both set that intention went into our meditation together and we were both greeted with this, this tremendous amount of love. It was overwhelming the feeling and the, and the really, it was like seeing and feeling it in three in five. You know, it felt, it really was almost like out of body.

[00:51:53] And it felt like what was very clear was that we all forget that there is [00:52:00] access to this level. Every moment of every day, that love is always there. We're born in love and it never leaves. We just forget about it. And I know for me, not only was I seeing the colors and feeling, hearing things, but I also was shown this vision of looking in the mirror and.

[00:52:24] Saying, I love you to myself. And so I just have to share that with others, because it is this reminder that you need to love yourself first, which we talked about today with Daniel. And we did this before we talked to Daniel, it's incredible. The synchronicities that everybody should look at their selves in the mirror and say, I love you as cheesy as that sounds and weird as it sounds, you know, we are these souls in this body and.

[00:52:51] We need to love our whole cells. So remember, look in the mirror, say, I love you put a post-it note or [00:53:00] something. And then that will remind you that love is surrounding you. Even at the darkest of times. I know when you're even like in a terrible mood, doesn't remember your love. And so to me, then I was shown these doors swinging open, and it was this invitation to let love in.

[00:53:15] So again, because it's always there, we just don't always let it in, but it wants to be there to embrace. And so let love in, and you were shown another version of love. Yeah, 

[00:53:26] Karen: they're so complimentary though. Mine really began with this spiral of feeling like I was going down, down, down, but the more I looked and tried to interpret it, it was about going within.

[00:53:37] It was really about going deep within myself. And then I was surrounded by this beautiful pink light that became sunshine, which for those of you who know anything about chakras, you know, pink is very much the universal sign of the whole. And, and love. So I recognize that right away. And then the next image in my mind was you and I out in this beautiful sunny field.

[00:53:57] And we almost became like little [00:54:00] kids. We were playing this game with the, with the string that, um, I learned about a little kid and just it's really frolicking. And it just, again, reminds of how simple love is and really tuning into that childlike quality of like, what Daniel was saying is, is no judgment of have no preconceived ideas of what.

[00:54:18] Really is no barriers and accepting or giving and receiving that love. And so it just felt so universally light and reminded me about that love scale of how you can always choose and be given any given moment, just to just appreciate. And, and that's, that's another word you can substitute for love.

[00:54:37] Maybe, if you can't say, I love you in the mirror, you can say, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything that you're doing and being, and just begin every day. That way, if you can. And in those moments when you're not feeling allowed to, self-love just try to bring yourself to appreciate if it's not even something about you, something around 

[00:54:55] Robyn: you.

[00:54:55] Yes. Bring more love. Yes. And I have to just say what's so unbelievable too. [00:55:00] You talked about that field and I, to us in the field with lots of purple flowers, which was so cool and purple also represents the crown chakra. To me, it was messages for our highest good and everyone listening. Good. Just multiplied coming in with you and I playing.

[00:55:19] It's unbelievable how connected we can be with that intention. And so we hope everyone listening remembers to let that love in on a daily basis. And hopefully now Valentine's day too, can just have a different meaning. It can really be this universal love day, rather than focused on any specific type of love.

[00:55:41] It's just love that's right. And 

[00:55:43] Karen: it's available to you any. 

[00:55:44] Robyn: Yes. And you can also sign up for our newsletter, which dives in to a bit more of what we talked about and also gives you some more resources for everything that you heard about today. So you'd go to seeking for [00:56:00] that, or follow us on Instagram at seeking center official.

[00:56:04] We'll be talking next week. How can it 

[00:56:06] Karen: get any better than this? That's 

[00:56:07] Robyn: right. What else is possible? So you Karen 

[00:56:11] Karen: have a 

[00:56:12] Robyn: great 

[00:56:12] Karen: week, everyone.

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