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Is Your Life's Plan on a Palm Leaf in India? - Episode 7

March 14, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Dr. Q Moayad Season 2 Episode 7
Is Your Life's Plan on a Palm Leaf in India? - Episode 7
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Is Your Life's Plan on a Palm Leaf in India? - Episode 7
Mar 14, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Dr. Q Moayad

Oh, this is fascinating!! Are you ready?

On this week's podcast Robyn and Karen talk to Dr. Q Moayad, co-founder of the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute. Robyn and Karen had an Indian Palm Leaf reading, also called a Nadi Astrology reading, in 2021 and were completely blown away.

What is An Indian Palm Leaf Reading?
Indian Palm Leaf Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and future lives of many of humans were foreseen by Hindu sages and recorded on Palm Leaves two to three thousand years ago.

Dr. Q: The reader gives you a likely trajectory of your life from the moment you get the reading. So that's that day until you die, or I should be more precise? Until there is no more writing on your leaf, which could mean that is the end of your life, but not necessarily.

And in our case, we only offer whole life readings, which means all aspects of life. That means partnership, relationships, kids, grandchildren, education, career, money, spirituality, health, you name it..the whole nine yards.

It gives you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why should anyone get a reading?

Dr. Q: The whole purpose of a reading is for you to create a better life for yourself.

According to the Indian Palm Leaf Institute, the exact number of Palm Leaf Prophecies stored is unknown, as there are no written records about Palm Leaf Prophecies. Most readers estimate that there are about 20 million bundles stored throughout archives and libraries in India.

Each Palm Leaf bundle holds up to 108 Palm Leaves (and thus Palm Leaf Prophecies). If you calculate 20 million bundles times an average of 50 leaves in a bundle, it would mean that there are about 1 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies; calculating with 100 leaves per bundle, there would be about 2 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies. The current world population is about 7.5 billion people. The chances of you having a Palm Leaf is therefore very high, increasingly so if you are drawn to find it, as experience shows.

If you are at a crossroads and is looking for guidance validation, visit to find out more about the process and getting a reading for yourself. 

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Show Notes Transcript

Oh, this is fascinating!! Are you ready?

On this week's podcast Robyn and Karen talk to Dr. Q Moayad, co-founder of the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute. Robyn and Karen had an Indian Palm Leaf reading, also called a Nadi Astrology reading, in 2021 and were completely blown away.

What is An Indian Palm Leaf Reading?
Indian Palm Leaf Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and future lives of many of humans were foreseen by Hindu sages and recorded on Palm Leaves two to three thousand years ago.

Dr. Q: The reader gives you a likely trajectory of your life from the moment you get the reading. So that's that day until you die, or I should be more precise? Until there is no more writing on your leaf, which could mean that is the end of your life, but not necessarily.

And in our case, we only offer whole life readings, which means all aspects of life. That means partnership, relationships, kids, grandchildren, education, career, money, spirituality, health, you name it..the whole nine yards.

It gives you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Why should anyone get a reading?

Dr. Q: The whole purpose of a reading is for you to create a better life for yourself.

According to the Indian Palm Leaf Institute, the exact number of Palm Leaf Prophecies stored is unknown, as there are no written records about Palm Leaf Prophecies. Most readers estimate that there are about 20 million bundles stored throughout archives and libraries in India.

Each Palm Leaf bundle holds up to 108 Palm Leaves (and thus Palm Leaf Prophecies). If you calculate 20 million bundles times an average of 50 leaves in a bundle, it would mean that there are about 1 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies; calculating with 100 leaves per bundle, there would be about 2 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies. The current world population is about 7.5 billion people. The chances of you having a Palm Leaf is therefore very high, increasingly so if you are drawn to find it, as experience shows.

If you are at a crossroads and is looking for guidance validation, visit to find out more about the process and getting a reading for yourself. 

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[00:00:00] Robyn: We are thrilled to introduce you all to Dr. Q of the Indian Palm leaf Institute. Karen and I have both received readings from Dr Q and his team that completely blew us away.

[00:00:11] They have not only validated knowings in our soul. They have also empowered us as we move forward in this life. Let's dive into this practice that goes back thousands of years. Hi, Dr. Q. 

[00:00:26] Dr. Q: Hello. Hello. Most lovely, good morning. Good afternoon.

[00:00:31] Robyn and Karen, thank you so much for having me here on the show. Well, I was in California, but they just came back to where now live and that is Budapest Capitol city of Hungary. And believe it or not, it was predicted in my own reading tube. So it is in, it is indeed quite a mind blowing experience to have otherwise it wouldn't be here talking to you about it 

[00:00:50] I'm not Indian, you know, believe it or not. I'm just an average white guy. So to a white guy to talk about something very Indian that in itself is quite unique. So [00:01:00] that already tells you what an impact it had on my life. So, you know, from your own experiences, It was powerful to you as it was powerful to me, 

[00:01:08] Robyn: We're going to get into what an Indian Palm leaf reading is, but how did this come into your world and then inspire you so much that you started this Institute and clarifying 

[00:01:18] Karen: that he is not an average white guy. 

[00:01:22] Robyn: He is so 

[00:01:23] Dr. Q: you 

[00:01:23] Robyn: see your soul 

[00:01:25] Dr. Q: doctor. Yeah.

[00:01:26] Thank you. Thank you. I think you need to know a little bit about me to understand why the. We all here to somehow better ourselves and overcome karma that we might've created in a past life that we now carry with us.

[00:01:37] And in my case, it's health really in more sick than most people I should say. I spend a lot of time in hospital with a lot of needles in my system and tubes down my throat and, you know in hospital beds for months and months and months, turning point in my life, there is a few of them. One is 1979.

[00:01:53] I was grew up in Iran in a country that was at that time a normal country quote unquote. And then the revolution happens. Some of you might be mature enough [00:02:00] to remember in 1979 when it became an Islamic dictatorship really, And since my family are not Muslim, we're behind, you know, my mom's Catholic.

[00:02:08] So I was raised as a Catholic boy but my mom, when I was raised as a behind boy by my father. So we're behind on my father's stuff. Who were persecuted prosecuted to and tortured and executed and put into prison. So we had to flee the country period, especially since my father's family are very prominent behind family on top of it also very wealthy.

[00:02:25] So overnight went to flee the country with two suitcases, and then my mom became the breadwinner. So I know what it is to have money. But also know how it feels to have no money at all, to be like an a refugee ish.

[00:02:34] Cause we fled to Vienna, Austria, which is my mom's hometown. My mom had to start from scratch and she became the breadwinner now, you know, I ended up in Vienna, but then the next step is some of the audience might remember the biggest nuclear catastrophe that has happened till this.

[00:02:46] And that is called Chernobyl which isn't a news cause I don't want to get into recent news here, but it's a country that's been in battle ever since. So it's maybe we should have a reading for the Ukraine tube because at the time it was a part of the USSR when Chernobyl bursts in April of [00:03:00] 1987.

[00:03:00] And now it's called the Ukraine. And so the nuclear waste traveled over Europe and dumped its nuclear waste over central Europe. Austria is in central Europe, I got cancer. And so that was when I was 16. So I spent three years of my life on and off in a hospital bed.

[00:03:14] Literally speaking without exaggeration, like a thousand needles in my veins over three years. In the hospital as an inpatient and so on surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation, the whole nine yards. And the only reason why I know it's connected to Chernobyl is my main physician, became the chief physician for the whole oncology department.

[00:03:33] She became like my mom, I survived and there is not many kids that survive. And then she became the secretary of health And she told me because we became friends that it's because of Chernobyl, no one shared it publicly, that, there is spike in cancer rates because they didn't want to stress people out.

[00:03:48] But in reality, she said, you can clearly see a spike in cancer after Chernobyl happened. So she was 99%, certain it's connected to Chernobyl. After three years when I was finally released, I asked God God why me? [00:04:00] So how come I survived? I'm talking about just the energy and, and why you get to certain ailment and I'm a thousand percent convinced.

[00:04:07] We attracted into our own lives. And that was the beginning of my journey as a seeker of anything spiritual. Cause it just wanted to find out what is out there that I can not see or understand, but there is something out there for sure.

[00:04:18] Something that's bigger than all of us. And so for the past 30 years, I tried almost anything under the moon. When it comes to a spiritual experience, you know, shamans in the Amazon and John of God in Brazil because he's deemed to be the most famous and powerful medium, alive. He doesn't work anymore, and I don't know, Reiki distance healing, you name it you know, group therapy, the passion on meditation on it all.

[00:04:41] As I said, my biggest challenges is health so 10 years ago, I met a girl from hungry and that is the primary reason why I ended up in hungry because I used to live in the U S I wanted to become an academic. Hence the Dr. Q I have like two or three masters, depending on which country the I'm in and a PhD too, so I became an academic love teaching,

[00:04:59] but the red [00:05:00] tape that goes with it. Drove me nuts. So I realized I can never be a full-time academic so that turned my passionate if you wish into my profession. That's travel. So I started a travel business in the United States, which I couldn't believe in myself, entrepreneur magazine in 2007, knocked on our doors and said, congratulations, Dr.

[00:05:18] Q you're among the fastest growing businesses in the United States. Amazing to then realize in 2009, when the international financial crisis hit that boom and hit travel. On a big, big scale. So we went bankrupt. Like I personally. Relived my father, his life story, I had to go bankrupt 

[00:05:36] so 2010 was like, man, I'm man. It constant up and down in life. And then I met a girl from Hungary so then I visited her and while I was visiting her. Over dating already. I just didn't feel so good. So I had a fever, the chills, and she told me we went to Budapest and Vienna about three hours apart. Tomorrow. I'm going to put you on a train and you go back to your cancer hospital and get checked out.

[00:05:54] And then I ended up ultimately in the cardiology department and they said, wow, Dr. Marty [00:06:00] said you're very sick.

[00:06:00] You're lucky that you're alive. Because that day I collapsed cause my heart was already inflamed at water, my heart muscle and its microdot is and I had pneumonia without knowing it, 

[00:06:09] so they put me in the ICU and I said, God, I just do not understand what. Why do I have to go through this nonsense all the time? And that's when I realized it must have to do with karma, and my girlfriends she said, Q, there is something called palm leaf readings. Maybe you want to get a reading done. I said, what is that? So I told myself, okay, because my girlfriend said and we work together now too on this institute She said, you can have your karma cleaned. I said, okay, if I survive and get out of here, I will get a reading done period.

[00:06:36] I survive. And then I had a reading done and the reading I'm attending to blew my mind. And I told you all of this so that you understand, when I say blew my mind I'm mean it. Cause I've done a lot of things. In the reading, the guy told me you'll be living in hungry.

[00:06:47] So when a gardening guy says you've been doing hungry and already had the thought in my head because of my girlfriend who moved to hungry, I knew this is the right step. He also said, oh, and by the way, you're going to bring this to the.

[00:06:57] So I thought he was flattering me, I said, thank you, sir. [00:07:00] But thank you. But no, thank you, whatever. So then just like I talked to you, I'm very excited human being. So I shared my experience with friends and family and they said, oh wow. I want to get a reading done. And I said, wonderful. So let's fly to India.

[00:07:10] And that is when I realized that most Western people, believe it or not like 95% will never go to India. Period. It's too hot foods, too spicy, too dirty, too poor, too crazy to one or whatever to mystical you name it. They just won't go to 5%. It's like a magnet. They want to live there, you know, go to ashrams and, and so forth.

[00:07:29] But the vast majority will never go. So I thought maybe we can do it online. So in the early days, just for me as a helper, cause it's my last life too, as an, as a last life. Whereas we call them, you need to give back and just have a lifelong Pooja and we will extend the pooches later too, so I figured out, okay, let's do it on Skype. I talked to the guy, the reader said, yeah, sure. We can do it on Skype. And then I sat in the readings, helping my friends, understand the English. First of all, the reader doesn't speak English, so they need to have an interpreter. And so next steps, it's an internal.

[00:07:57] Who has a very heavy Indian [00:08:00] accent, so I helped my friends to understand the accent. And then I realized, even though they might understand now the reading itself, they might not understand the deeper meaning of the reading. So I sat there and explained things to them 

[00:08:11] and that is how this role in our Institute developed being a moderator. And then at some point I realized, boy, this is not just me helping people.

[00:08:18] I'm just, you know, investing my time and and there's gotta be an end to that soul. We then created this Institute so it's an online thing. But of course we have a brick and mortar office in India, and that will be in the Southern most states of this gigantic country called Tamil Nadu it's twice as big as California. It's elongated like California, but with 85 million people in that one state alone and they speak a different language.

[00:08:42] It's a very unique language called and they're the only state that is not being educated in the common language for all of India. So if a tenant moves outside of 10 minute, do they need to either use English as a common language or, or learn whatever states language they move to and vice versa. 85 million people [00:09:00] live there.

[00:09:00] Now, when it comes to the beading itself, what happened is that about two to 3000 years ago? We did not know exactly how long ago, because there is no written record of any of that. But about two, 3000 years ago, Maharishi, which means great sages. In the state that is now known as 10 minute do, and that is the original India.

[00:09:16] By the way, the rest of India came later and at that time there was no India period, but that's a state that we call India now. They were sitting in meditation, connecting to the Akashic records through the power of the Hindu gods. They were meditating to why Hindu gods, because that's the only thing they knew.

[00:09:33] It's not a religious act. The feedings is not, but it's connected to Hinduism because you know, you need to think 3000 years ago and Indian dude in this other, most parts of India, that's all they knew is that Kindle gods period. So they would meditate to Shiva his wife Parvati. There are some Venetia or Morgan and then their channels open up and they connect with the akashic records and then they get the information for millions of souls.

[00:09:54] So then they dictated the, the information to their disciples and these [00:10:00] disciples then wrote down the message on Palm leaves because there was no paper 3000 years ago, but somehow they had to records the information and keep the information, 

[00:10:11] so they utilize what they had in abundance. And that's Palm trees with gigantic Palm leaves. So they cut them into roughly, it's that's about 10 to 15 inches long and about an interest or an engineer and a half wide it's, they're not standardized. Some of them are longer or shorter, thicker in or whatever.

[00:10:26] So what they did is they used a very sharp tool and etched the information into the juicing leaf when it was still fresh. And when it then dried up, the information came through. So it's perfect. I'm like everything's organic.

[00:10:38] And then in order to preserve these leaves and protect them well, they did, they put similar souls together into a bundle. It's also known as a book, a bundle or a book. So what they did is they put similar souls and maximum number of 108 because 108 is a holy number in Hinduism.

[00:10:55] Most of the time it's less than 180 is about on average 40 to 60. [00:11:00] Individually in a bundle. And then they used the bark or wood from a Palm tree on either side as a book to protect it. And then they wrapped something around it. And that's how you can protect brittle dried leaves.

[00:11:11] When I was in California, I met a gentleman who is big time into crypto and blockchain, and he became also the seeker. So he signed up right away. And when he looked at this bundle that I showed him, he said, oh my God, this is an original blockchain.

[00:11:26] That is exactly what a blockchain in today's world. Amazing. And and then he said, because the only way to secure the data, you know, blockchain is all about securing data somehow. And each leaf is a person's data, a person's life. On a small piece of dried Palm leaf and the only way to access it is through your thumb.

[00:11:48] And that is like the security code that you have for your blockchain to access them, 

[00:11:52] Karen: I want to ask where these Palm leaves being stored somewhere and you happen to find them, do you have, are they being stored somewhere [00:12:00] now where they just stored for thousands of years 

[00:12:02] Dr. Q: yeah, so these bundles were stored in archives. When you think of an archive today, you think a water dispenser, security guard, temperature control, none of that is the case in India for the most. These are family owned, Reeder family owned bundles, and their archive is a back room, a hole in a wall.

[00:12:20] And really that's what it is. Secret in a room with a, with a regular lock on it or nothing at all, or, or safety boxes, something in a back room. And that is an archive. So we've got thousands of these archives because over the centuries, these readers just obviously these bundles were then either stolen or handed out or somehow in a, we're talking a long time.

[00:12:38] And then now they safeguard them because a reader family lives on. What they do giving readings. So these bottles are in archives. Yes, but there is no registry. There is no computer system. We do not know how many archives we have. We do not know how many of these bundles we have, but I can tell you a lot millions of them.

[00:12:56] And a lot is fake too. I need to be honest with you as well, because India [00:13:00] you gotta be very cautious and careful who you talk to. I would guesstimate, if you do not know anything about it and you show up at a reader's office, that's the Gen-Z are 80% you're talking to somebody who just pulls your leg and makes a quick buck.

[00:13:13] So you've gotta be very careful who you talk to. So that's very important. Now we now know who wrote them, ma Harvey. She's great sages. 18 of them are deemed as the main ones. .

[00:13:22] And the main guy is called gust Yar. My Risha Gasteia. So usually when you get your first reading, it's an Augusta book or. As he's a GP, he is a generalist he wrote about almost anything possibly think of. And he was way ahead of his time indeed. And there 17 others that we deem as the main one.

[00:13:41] So quite many wrote these leaps and they're in archives. So how now we're getting into it, access it So it's a three-step process, and our Institute does it exact same way as if you went in there and the system has been in place for 3000 years, hasn't changed a bit now, step one is a search and all the reader needs to know from you. The reader is the person who [00:14:00] can find your bundle, matcha leaf, and then give the reading to you. And the reader by the way, is a very educated human being because he studies five to seven years, a long time to be able to do this.

[00:14:09] Why? Because these liens are written in ancient temple today, they speak modern tennis, like modern Greek and ancient Greek and modern Greek person does not read, write or understand ancient Greek. They go to university and get a university degree to be able to do so. So reader needs to learn ancient Tamil that in itself takes quite some time.

[00:14:28] Then he needs to study all the Vedic, astrology, all of it. Vedic astrology is a modern term for Hindu or in an astrology. It's huge. Thumbprints prints, impression names, geomology numerology, the five elements So that's persons called a reader. So you go to reader's office and in our case, you will do it online.

[00:14:46] You submit your thumbprints ladies and left. gent right that has to do with Hinduism and karma. That's how we distinguish female and male energies. The reader only knows this about you, that you're female or male left or right. Thumb prints. And then he looks at your [00:15:00] thumbprint. Through a magnifying glass, identifies your thumbprint category name.

[00:15:04] There are 108 different category names. So once he knows your thumbprints category name, he then goes in a physical search. Through these archives, you know, if you're lucky, it looks into his backyard, you know, backroom, and then he finds a bundle that matches your thumbprint name because on the bundle itself, you either have a number or a symbol that identifies in a here's this 22 that identifies the bundle as a bundle that contains.

[00:15:28] Individual leaves of people, because each leaf is for one human being that matches your thumb print name. So it doesn't have to open the bundles. It just looks at the cover and then it knows, okay, this is a matching bundle or not, but not only does he have to do that because they are tens of thousands of these bundles that would match your thumb print name he doesn't pull the very first one out he needs to, you know, is connected. These are very holy people. It's connected. And then he chooses the right one and then it brings it back to the office. So it's a physical act, no computer system, no registry [00:16:00] 

[00:16:00] Robyn: how this was done. So this is what was one of my questions.

[00:16:03] Karen: It just occurred to me earlier that each bundle represents a group of souls. Yes. Have you ever checked to see if those group of souls in that bundle know each other? I don't want around the same time you don't, they don't, it just happened to be what they channeled and they just, 

[00:16:21] Dr. Q: you might have similar life trajectories because they have the same thumbprint's name, but they might not be alive.

[00:16:27] Now, you know, in your time could be a hundred years from now or whatever. It could be a lady from France, a gentlemen from Australia who knows, but they do share similar energies. And for sure the same, some prints name, which makes you soul sisters. So brothers, but you're not related to them at all. 

[00:16:44] Karen: And one thing I just want to throw in there and then you're going to get to the whole process in a minute.

[00:16:48] But what I find so fascinating in my reading was. The timing. There were little pieces in my reading that were relevant to my daughter's pregnancy. 

[00:16:58] Dr. Q: And 

[00:16:58] Karen: she was, I was, [00:17:00] my reading was in July, her pregnancy. She was going to have her baby in September. So within that window, it was as if that Sage knew that it was going to be specifically on that date in time, in that year.

[00:17:14] And if I had had. Reading a year before or you're after

[00:17:19] what things she should be eating That's how specific, 

[00:17:22] Robyn: very 

[00:17:22] Dr. Q: specific. Yes, because, you know, I call it Indian Palmer reading because in the west, nobody knows what it is So I thought let's give it a literal name.

[00:17:31] But in India, nobody calls it that they call it Nati, weeding or Nadia astrology or naughty Shastra because Nadi has many different meanings, one being seeker, the person who seeks the information, but on the leaf, it also means the leaf itself.

[00:17:45] it also means the exact moment in time when the message is delivered to the seeker. Hence you got your, not exactly the time that you needed it, because then you could give to your daughter as she was getting she was pregnant

[00:17:58] Robyn: Let's talk about the [00:18:00] actual reading, 

[00:18:01] Dr. Q: so once he finds one of these bundles, it brings it back to the office and it's a physical search. Meaning people need to know that too.

[00:18:07] He would hop on his bicycle or mopeds. 

[00:18:10] Robyn: Honestly I really have thought about this. how does this work I was thinking, I really actually thought there was an actual database with thumbprint. 

[00:18:18] Dr. Q: I know what you mean, many people think, but there is none.

[00:18:20] There's absolutely nothing. No database at all. So it's. The, the knowledge and the connections of the reader to know where to go. Because after a while, you know, if this an archive for sure does not have bundles that would match this particular thumbprint name, because it's been there before. So knows but if it's a new thumbprint name, it would need to go and check them out.

[00:18:37] So it takes time. It's a physical act. That's the reason why we keep sending everyone average search time is four to eight weeks. Could it be one day? Of course it can be. He walks into his back office. Boom. There is one. Is it possible? Sure. It is. It's unlikely. No, it's not. So it's four to eight weeks on average, but we searched for six months.

[00:18:52] The reason for the six month period is in our system. The energies of a human of a seeker changes every six months. So [00:19:00] when, from the moment you submit your thumb prints until you know, six months over, there is no bundle for. Don't get upset. It just means in this cycle, there is no message for you.

[00:19:09] nadi reading is important for, you know, cause it's the exact time when you get the message not a day before, not a day later. After the search is the matching and the reading, and that's two steps and their online, well, in our case online, but they're live in person. So what the reader does, he opens the bundle in front of you, and then it goes through each leaf.

[00:19:26] Step-by-step trying to identify your name on one of the leaves that will be your leave. It's called matching. Now, very important to understand, because you might say, oh my gosh, how come? so much information is written on such a small leaf, 

[00:19:40] so ancient time and Tamel are sound based languages, syllabic languages like Chinese Mandarin. All Western languages, English, Spanish, German Persian to a letter based ABCD. So that's one, two it's written in a poetic way, like a poem and not in prose. It would be awesome if it said this leaf belongs to Robin, [00:20:00] doesn't happen that way.

[00:20:00] And last but not least it's in a symbolic way. So one symbol represents a lot of things. Hence it needs to be interpreted by a real leader to know which direction to take the symbol. So symbolic way in a positive way and language. So compress on a tiny piece of all need reading 10 inches long, 15 inches long, and about an inch or so wide he then would read out to the seeker statement.

[00:20:22] So it looks at the first one. Identifies the most important message on the leaf. And then he reads it out to you. For example, by saying, you're married because this leaf belongs to the person who's married. Now, if you are married, now you say yes. And if you're not married, now you say, no, that's simple. Yes, no.

[00:20:35] Right wrong. Correct. Incorrect. No need to give any more information than that. Super easy. Right. So for as long as you say yes to a statement, he stays on the leaf. If you say no to a statement, for example, you got two kids, but you don't have two kids. You say no. So that's not your leave because the person was leaving is, has two kids.

[00:20:50] He flips over to the next one. But for as long as you say yes to Saipan, he stays on the leaf and goes deeper and deeper and deeper. Also need to know. As I said before Timo is a [00:21:00] syllabic language. So one sound and we've got 250 plus sounds intangible is a lot. And each sound equals several letters in our case English.

[00:21:08] So one sound is like a E I O or U it was five in one sound could be. So it needs to know which direction should have. This sound to then find the name on the leaf. And another cell will be G J K L M or N. So it's quite complex and it's in the word, which direction do we go? 

[00:21:25] Robyn: Well, can I also point out what you do really well and prepping somebody for reading? I think it was the day before or a few days prior you sent a form because when you're in the process, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Exactly. And so you can really forget like, wait, what's my mother's name.

[00:21:47] What does it start with? What, you know? And that to me was really helpful because it's to that specificity as to Karen's point where You see, that is what is asked so that you know that this is your leaf. And [00:22:00] now 

[00:22:00] Dr. Q: people get very excited and like overwhelmed people who forgotten how many grandchildren they have, how many kids they have, or are all my siblings still alive or not?

[00:22:09] So it's, I know it's, it's complex because it's, it's a, it's a very emotional thing for me too, because I was in your shoes too. I totally understand. And then very important is to reiterate that the reader knows nothing about you, apart from your gender, male or female and your thumping name, that's all the reader knows.

[00:22:26] And then boom. When he finds your leaf, he then tells you when you can verify. Your first name, your mother's first name, your father's first name, your date of birth, your time of birth, your week, day of birth, your partner, married or not. Name of partner ex partner, many times, which is a shock to some people.

[00:22:43] Oh my God. I divorced and now he pops up on my leaf, but because that person was important to you as a soul. And so that person's name is on your leave now, believe it or not. I had already couple readings where. They were in their sixth marriage. So five X's unbelievable. And every single [00:23:00] one of them was in it.

[00:23:00] And one of them was already in one of the readings, one of them was already diseased, so quite an amazing thing. So it could be that all the boxes are listed in there too. Would names. I mean, it's, it's mind blowing kids. How many you have gender of the kids, siblings, how many you have gender of the siblings.

[00:23:13] So, you know, it's you period. You just don't want to it's 

[00:23:15] Robyn: pretty shocking and you are really good too in this matching. You're so helpful overall. And I'm sure the people that also are on your team who are moderators are, you were very specific to me and making sure I didn't give too much information.

[00:23:30] Cause you are so excited. And sometimes you go a little bit more than yes or correct. And you're like, don't, don't say that 

[00:23:36] Dr. Q: I mean, they don't need to know anything really.

[00:23:38] They don't, it's only distracting to them to begin with, let's say you are still married, but going through divorce. And then the statement is your marriage. You just say yes, because you're now married, that's it? No need to say I'm married, but I'm going through a divorce who cares? I mean, not important for the leaf at all.

[00:23:54] It just yes or no. Is that right or wrong? And they are very intuitive too. And it blew my mind for sure that, you know, my, [00:24:00] my father, his name is CLR. She is a Persian guy, and I guarantee you that they have never heard that name before in their entire lives.

[00:24:05] And then when I was in my reading and I hear this Indian guy and I don't speak any time or bumbumbumbum, that's how it sounds to me. And then he says, the CEO of our show was like, oh my God, holy moly. My mom's an Austrian. You know, she's her name is Gisela. And I guarantee you, they've never heard of that name either.

[00:24:17] So , I was like, holy moly, man. That's just a it's mind blowing. I mean, you, you were in it yourself 

[00:24:23] Robyn: really is. I mean, to think that this was. Thousands of years ago, in my case, it was grace, Robert, Jeff, 

[00:24:32] Dr. Q: and it's very 

[00:24:32] Robyn: clear, like those words 

[00:24:35] Dr. Q: you can hear it. Yeah. It's very clear.

[00:24:37] You cannot believe what's even gets 

[00:24:39] Robyn: even crazier. So let's keep 

[00:24:40] Dr. Q: yes. So then, so that's called the matching, which means we found your leaf with your name on it, Nadi at the perfect time on the exact day when you were supposed to get a message none of day before, another day later.

[00:24:52] And then the reading happens and the reading is based on three things. One more time. It's based as the constant of your life, your thumb print name, so [00:25:00] that it's based on that. So that's the constant cause. It's your genetic imprints. It's your genetic makeup, I guess your baseline, you cannot change.

[00:25:06] You just have to embrace it. So your thumbprint thing then on something that changes, that's the energy, it's not your mood where they had the coffee in the morning or not makes a difference when they had a fight with your hubby or not makes a difference. It's your energies because the energy has changed every six months and then last one on these awesome Vedic astrology.

[00:25:20] Cause they there's a lot of symbols that refer to the planetary constellations in Vedic astrology, and the big difference between Vedic and Western astrology is very astrology is moon based and Western astrology sun base.

[00:25:30] So on these three things, the reader then gives you a likely trajectory of your life from the moment you get the readings. So that's that day until you die, or I should be more precise until there is no more writing on your leaf, which could mean that is the end of your life, but not necessarily. So that is a likely trajectory possible trajectory from the moment you get the reading, until there is no more writing on the leaf.

[00:25:55] And the trajectory comes in increments of years, you know, two, three year increments. And in our case, [00:26:00] we only offer whole life readings, which means all aspects of life. That means partnership, relationships, kids, grandchildren, education, career, money, spirituality, health, you name it the whole nine yards.

[00:26:10] And also basically any area of life that is important to human being. So it gives you the good, the bad and the ugly.

[00:26:16] So that's also very important. Good means a period of life That you can utilize for X, whatever the X is writing a book Or move or expand the business or start a new business or start a job or, , shift jobs or find a partner or start a family, you know? So they tell me that's a good period for X, whatever that is, whether you utilize it or not, that's up to you. 

[00:26:37] If you don't do it, your waste your time. Well, we have free will and choice nobody's life is set in stone. No, one's also not on a Palm leaf. It's not, it's just gives you a trajectory that you can utilize. That you can do something about it to create a better life trajectory for yourself. 

[00:26:53] You may utilize it, but in one sentence, really, if anyone asks me, why should anyone get a reading? You very [00:27:00] simple. They show you a trajectory from the moment you get a reading. And the whole purpose of a reading is for you. To create a better life for yourself, a better life trajectory by utilizing the information that was given to you in the reading by either taking advantage of the positive aspects, like moving, writing a book, finding a partner, starting a family, whatever.

[00:27:16] Embrace it and be grateful that they tell you now a challenge that's ahead of you, because then you can do something about it. But changing course, really that's all there is. If it's a health issue, you can fix it now. And I always use a G Williams who had a reading with us three years ago, maybe.

[00:27:32] She's a most wonderful soul. Really. She wanted to be alive testimonial to whoever came to our talks to tell them, face-to-face that the reading saved her life she's in her seventies. And she was scared of going to the doctor for like over 10 years, as she didn't want to hear the bad news, you know, any bad news, whatever, you know and the reading, not knowing her at all said, you must get your health checked out ASAP.

[00:27:54] And that was the kick in the much needed. So she had her health checked out and she was diagnosed with cancer. But it was [00:28:00] diagnosed at an early stage, so they could do something about it. And now she's like one of the biggest spokesperson for us. It saved my life because I guarantee I would have never had my house checked out until it's too late.

[00:28:09] And I would would have been would have been too late to do anything about it. So when I tell everyone, okay, so some challenges were mentioned in your reading. 

[00:28:17] Robyn: And I think what people should know, it really, it gives you the information. And so, and it's absolutely the, I know in my case it was the information for me, my husband, and my daughter. And everyone's case, it will be different to those that are closest, but say for them, but to me, it's really interesting that you're getting this information about you and then what challenges may arise for anybody in your world. You're also given ways to combat those challenges, right?

[00:28:48] Which is such a gift. and I think the other part, I just want to bring up, because this comes up when I do talk about this with people is they're really worried about finding out when their Palm leaf [00:29:00] may stop. So the writing stops and you're kind of given like an approximate age that you might leave this life.

[00:29:06] And I do think that people should know, it's a whole life reading again. I love what you said. That who knows it stops. It doesn't mean that you're done. that's it, but they could. Right. And I know for me, I found it really empowering.

[00:29:23] And so for me, I think my age is somewhere between like 78 and 82 I'm totally cool with that. and others who hear that are like, what do I want to live to like a 90 something? but that's okay with my soul. And 

[00:29:36] Karen: get getting information about fellow family members, Like I, you gave me some information about my parents, for example, my husband, I think, again, it's not in stone, but it gives you that moment's pause to say, well, okay. If I have. Timeframe in my mind. I definitely want to make sure I'm utilizing that time as much as I can with that person. Or even to a certain extent I could be prepared if there are health issues that are starting to unfold that I'm watching for [00:30:00] those

[00:30:00] so that's so important to 

[00:30:01] Dr. Q: Yes, yes. So going back into what has already been touched upon if something goes well in your life, and it's mentioned in your, in your Palm leaf, all that it means is that the energies flow the way they're supposed to be flowing. So things just happen to you, let's say easily, they happen, you change, you find a job where you make enough money, you find your partner, you get children, you know, things that are just in flow and it's beautiful.

[00:30:24] But if something is not going so well in your life that means it's energies that are not flowing the way they're supposed to be flowing period. So within our system who haven't spoken about that yet because the most powerful part of the reading is the Pooja part, which is the remedies your homework cause for each challenge that's identified in your reading, you get homework remedies called pooja just to help you shift the energies within yourself so that you can attract different energies.

[00:30:56] And through those, you can then create the better life that you want to create for yourself. [00:31:00] So better life trajectory. That's the whole purpose of a reading. Hence, if challenges are mentioned in your reading embrace beautiful, cause now, you know, and now, you know, how and what needs to be addressed and changed.

[00:31:11] And in the form of the remedies, you help energetically to bring about the change that you're seeking. I know soap now that I'm a little more mature, I can actually verbalize it and understand it better whatever happens to me is because I attracted it periods.

[00:31:24] And I totally understand that I have been raped by like I have, it's not my fault at all. It's like the revolution in Iran is way bigger than me and my family. And you know, it's not a noodle with me, really. Nothing I did to cause something I it happened to me in the edit and a major impact on me. Then we were in Austria and then turnover happens again. I was raped. It was not my fault at all, that did not do anything. And yet it had a major impact on me, you know, it sent me to a hospital. So the commonalities of all the things that are happening to anyone in anyone's life is you, that is just the reality of it.

[00:31:53] One has to be that awakened, the only commonality in all of the things that are happening [00:32:00] in a person's life is the person period. And if you then understand and embrace it, it's not an easy act at all. I know that too, cause it's a I'm a student myself trying to understand things better as I get more mature and understand more things.

[00:32:11] But once you understand that it's liberating because then you understand, oh, I'm not a victim, even though they understand from a society point of view, you are a victim because Chernobyl it's not my fault. Was it? No, it wasn't Iran wasn't my fault was I understand that. But yet there was a reason what impacted me and not someone else, you know what I mean?

[00:32:29] It impacted other people too, but most people were not impacted, but this one events neither by the revolution, Iran, nor by Chernobyl, nor by the financial crisis, nor by the virus that I got that almost destroyed the heart. So once you can embrace that, that means you can then do something about it, because if you are the one who attracted it, you can unattractive, you can by changing energies, but you got to work for it.

[00:32:52] And on it, so you got to do something like you reading it, to put the energies into it, to make to make things happen and to shift. And the, in our system, we [00:33:00] call them remedies and poojas, and the poojas are literally translated. Prayer ceremonies I help people understand it as an energy shifting exercise.

[00:33:08] That's what the. Because each Pooja, each remedy addresses a challenge of block and obstacle identified in your readings. So each one of them is here to help you to untangle the energies that you have inside of you. So then make that block go away. So hopefully you can then overcome your health issues or relationship issues or money issues, career issues, whatever issues you might have.

[00:33:27] And these poojas they come in a set format. You've got to follow them verbatim step by step, because that is your way to show the universe that you're serious about your healing because you follow instructor.

[00:33:39] As given to you. And I always use the example in a book that I've read a few times, called the autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, a fascinating book, and that is the guy who brought yoga to the west, you know, in the thirties, because he was told by his guru that he's going to travel to the west and bring it to the west and in his book, he's so open [00:34:00] about his upbringing in India, because he comes from a wealthier backgrounds and yet he had a guru and he followed the guru everywhere and he saw the guru do miracles, like healing people from leprosy and very, very.

[00:34:11] Dangerous diseases. And this is grew. I don't understand what you do here, because I know you can heal all these people from cancer and this now the other, but why on God's birth? Do you give them these funny exercises? You know, homework doesn't make any sense because after the healing, you give him an egg and tell him you got to carry this egg in your left pocket for the next three weeks.

[00:34:31] Or you can only drink milk with your right hand for the next two weeks. There's something that's, you know, makes no sense at all. It's like almost crazy then his guru says, I know per Monza, I know I can heal him. You know, I can heal them but they don't. So now they need to do something that keeps their energies focused.

[00:34:47] And if indeed he can manage, you know, we're talking in the a hundred years ago, an egg in his left pocket for three weeks without cracking it. During those three weeks, you really put all his energies and efforts into healing and then the [00:35:00] actual healing manifests itself. And he can overcome whatever he needs to overcome.

[00:35:03] But if he doesn't, he's careless again, whatever, you know, like, you know, why should I care this egg in my left pocket? And then he crushes it. Well then obviously he's not ready and willing to be healed. And that is really what a remedy a Pooja is the same. So you got five, you know and they come in a set format and it's always saying thanks to the reader which could be monetary contribution, but I always say, do a little prayer and then meditation to say, thanks to the universe, to over refer to this, to the reader for this gift.

[00:35:28] One, two with them. The mantras, the chance that you're supposed to be doing, you can read them out loud. You don't have to chant them. That's okay. Cause it's the correct. Pronunciation has no impact. It's the intention accounts. And if it says five Thursdays to Pooja to go to dash, and if in case you have any issues with children or want to get pregnant or they're sick or whatever, you want to do them on five Thursdays and finish by midnight Thursday, and don't go over until Friday morning.

[00:35:54] That's just the way it is. You know, if you miss one, you have a chance in this case, because then you just repeat them [00:36:00] from day one. Again, until you have five Thursdays in a row without missing a Thursday and only then you can move on to the next one. So these are your own temple. Poojas they're called temple poojas. Cause if you went into, you would go to temple, performing at temple, but you can create a Pooja room or little temple at home by putting the picture on the wall.

[00:36:15] You may have Ken loser or tea lights, and incense and flowers and foods or nothing. That's okay. But you create your own template home, which is just as powerful 

[00:36:23] and then there is another type of Pooja that's called mantra Pooja, and the magic would, you can only be performed by a priest in the temple. So that's an energy shifting exercise on your behalf done by priests and the montra. Pooja is again, two different types of one will be a fire ceremony.

[00:36:38] That's a one-off act where the priest creates a fire in the temple and in a way like being a symbolic way of burning away the blocks, and there are many different types of the fire ceremony and the chance of Manchester that he has to recite and the ingredients that he buys. Another one could be an art Mashonda that sometimes also wonderful and beautiful thing where a loved one has died.

[00:36:56] And it's identified in your leave. Which means a soul resting ceremony at the [00:37:00] beach. So the priest in our case, we literally drive two hours. To a specific portion of the beach and the creative fire at the beach.

[00:37:07] Again, bring all the ingredients. We in our case, in our Institute, we recorded all. So all the fires here and when it's even at the beach, where record so then whoever has the ceremony We then send the recording afterwards to then And then the priest brings a soul into the water so that the soul can find it be in peace.

[00:37:24] So that's a fire act or a priest needs to go to temple for 108. Again, the number 108 because it's a holding number 444 days. It's also holding number four hundred and eight, a hundred forty four days. The priests will go to temple and recite a mantra twice a day. At sunrise and sunset to again, help overcome the, a block identified in your reading to be karma to, you know, so as if indeed you have a strong negative karma, that's in my case.

[00:37:52] So now that's the reason why that reading done. So karma that you brought into this life from a past life, but only if it's strong negative [00:38:00] karma, if it's small negative karma, you can fix through your daily activities. So if you are already in a giving in a service oriented profession nurse, physician, therapist, police officer, you know social worker, massage therapists, you know, any giving profession, you can overcome that already and create good karma for the future.

[00:38:20] But strong negative karma that needs special. 

[00:38:22] Karen: What would, what strong negative full. And, 

[00:38:24] Robyn: and can you also just listening that they've heard of karma, but they're not exactly sure what, what it means. Can you just explain 

[00:38:30] Dr. Q: that

[00:38:31] it's energy period, it's energy that you bring. With you from a past life because you did something then. To now feel the results of the energy. Cause karma can be good and bad. It's not just bad. It's, it's just energy in a reading. If it's good karma, it's not mentioned in your book, in your politics because it's good already enjoy the benefits of it.

[00:38:53] If it's little negative, You can fix any way just by being a good human, but if it's strong in its [00:39:00] support, you either need to do a temper Pooja yourself or the priest or something for you. Now, how can you see the results as Karen asked is you're stuck. Most likely the result is that you can see is stuck in a vicious cycle.

[00:39:11] In my case health. Sick more often than the rest. You're like, how come I'm always sick? And my brother is not, and I don't know my cousins and my friends are not, or you always end up with the wrong partner, you know, abusive relationship or she's just not not a match that's also, but over and over and over again or your job, you don't earn enough money or you get taken advantage of by whoever employs you, that's a, a cycle.

[00:39:35] And if you get older, you realize, oh boy, it's it's. I see things repeating themselves over and over again. That is usually an indicator that you have an energetic issue that you brought into here from before now in our system. Again, there are many different systems out there, but in this video system in Palmer, feedings and Hinduism, we believe in seven lives, seven, which means you got seven opportunities to [00:40:00] create and leave behind good karma and a good legacy so that you don't need to come back anymore.

[00:40:05] That's called seventh life. And after that, you will be Moksha liberation. You're reunited with the eternal light. You don't have to come back. We call those people like you ones last life. And I'm one of them. To be honest with you, that was to me the best news in my entire reading. So as a last lifer, you need to proactively do something to leave behind good energies because it's the last chance periods and what you can do is just, you can actively do social duties and, and switcher duties.

[00:40:32] Like you just give back. Social means you help people as much as you can, which means you help others with their spiritual growth And so that's a little bit about karma and the reading and the pool, just that you've been prescribed to help overcome and alleviate the blocks identified in your reading.

[00:40:46] Can you talk 

[00:40:46] Robyn: about the dots on your Palm leaf? 

[00:40:49] Dr. Q: Let's start with the thumb prints first, because every reading with a good reader that is, it starts with by telling you which of the 18 Maharishi's the main ones wrote your Palm [00:41:00] leaf. That's very important because you have a special connection with that person with reishi and to which God, he meditated to get the power of foresight, to be able to write this for you, to tap into their cashier Brexit, if you wish, and then write down the specific origin of their cashier workers for Robin to be read to her at the exact moment in time.

[00:41:16] And then he would explain you now that you know the connection, then it will expand your thumping name because every single leaf you go through, the matching process has the same font print names. It belongs to another human. Somewhere else, you know you not related to the person, but you're connected to the person energetically.

[00:41:32] And they explained to you very well in generic terms and a thumbprint name comes, represents stages of your life. Usually it's trimesters. So that means a three parts, some print name.

[00:41:44] It can be a four parts bumper names. I stayed at trimesters like 25 to 30 years give or take. So the first twenty-five years, the next one had five years in the last 25 years, or if it's a four part name, the first 20 years, 40, you know, 60, 80 it could be just a two-part thing too. So the first 40 years, and then the second and [00:42:00] 40 years give or take it's done, it's not an exact science, of course not.

[00:42:02] And it makes a big difference which words. Are in your thumbprints name? My Gouda means crown that represents leadership on one hand, cause Cron in the old days was a king or queen, which means leading others in today's terminology. It doesn't mean king or queen, but it means you're leading others manager, shift leader, leader of a tribe.

[00:42:24] You're someone who can motivate others. You know, you could be a politician. You could be, I don't know someone who can lead other people. That's one aspect or the other one would be a crown chakra. And my Gouda. So that means a spiritual connection, your seven chakra.

[00:42:37] That means you can heal others. You can connect maybe with the Akashic records, you can connect with the universe. So whether you have that in your thumbprint name that tells you a lot about you or you'll have I don't valley Vata in your thumbprint name. And buddy Bata is a body means the change of black and white, like a zebra, 

[00:42:57] what I'm trying to say is like dark times and light times. So. [00:43:00] Constant change of easy times and not so easy times when Jane's overcoming obstacles a body and then bottom means block. Then people have in their Thumper name when they look back into their lives and I've, oh my God. Now I understand why sometimes things work out and sometimes they actually do not.

[00:43:15] And every time I face an obstacle and then it's a constant, you know, because it's in your Thumper name, it's just the way is and when you can embrace that, it makes you understand your life much more and it can deal with it and then in each thumbprint, there are at least for an adult human being that is an adult would mean a person who is more than 22 ish. Exact science, either three dots, energetic gods, and each dot represents an area of a human life. And all three of them represent the human. That would mean family life.

[00:43:46] You know, kids, partner, grandchildren, education, career, money, spirituality parents. When you look at each one of these energetic dots or circles, then you see, okay, all three of them is me. They just cover different aspects [00:44:00] of my life. And then the reader can tell you if open, there is flow, 

[00:44:03] a little blocks are really blocked.

[00:44:05] So if you have a great relationship with your kids or your parents, your siblings are alive, your parents are still alive. When you have the reading then of course naturally wide open, but if your parents have already passed away and you're reading, even if you are 80 in your reading. And so it's, quite logical that your parents have passed away at that age.

[00:44:20] The energy level of that dot goes down because don't have the parents anymore. if God forbid your siblings have already passed away or, or even worse your children, when you have the reading done, it brings down the energy of the dots. If your relationship is not good with your partner or your parents or your children or your siblings, it brings down the energy level of the dots.

[00:44:39] Then the reader can interpret the leaf and find it on the, what you can do to help open the dots again. So there will be a better communication with a sibling, better communication with your partner or parents, or, you know, more money in your life or better health, whatever it might be.

[00:44:52] So the three. The human, if you're young, because you can already get a reading done once you're 16 years old, which means once you're in your [00:45:00] 17th year on planet earth, but a young person that's like 16 to 22 ish. It's not an exact science. They only have to because their family dogs isn't there yet.

[00:45:09] You kid yourself, obviously you cannot have a dog that represents your wife and your kids. It's developing, it's opening up, but every adult human has three, but then there are many dots, not just three. The three are connected to your life as a human. But the fourth thoughts, for example, would be one that's beyond you.

[00:45:27] That's like the giving dot the healer dots. There are not very many, four daughters as we call them. As that's just looking at the forethought as one that's beyond you. doesn't represent you anymore, but it's your the door that connects you. With others, whoever's a healer is a leader has a fourth dog, rare, not very common but they're, they exist.

[00:45:44] And I may say so because I'm just on your show, obviously the, both of you are four daughters which is. And then there is more than four dots to it. You know, there's five daughters that's way less common than $4. And $4 already , is not so common. That will be a person can connect with the five [00:46:00] elements, for example.

[00:46:00] So you can the person can utilize the power, the energy for healing and leading it's even a little more than a four daughter is a five daughter just because you were born as a three daughter. And when you have your reading is a $3 does not mean that for the rest of your life, your three daughter, you can develop a fourth dog.

[00:46:15] You can develop a you get older and you develop spiritually and you can have this confirmed in a second or third or fourth reading. Cause you don't just necessarily have one reading in your life. You can have several.

[00:46:29] I was about to say that. Yes. I was about to say that Karen's mom has a five daughter yet. And so you can have several readings. 

[00:46:34] Robyn: Let's say you have one reading it's incredibly impactful in your life. When would you have another reading 

[00:46:41] Dr. Q: whenever you have the calling for it?

[00:46:42] Like at least six months after your first reading, because as you might remember our energy shift every six months, so you need to be in a completely new energy cycle Submitting a news, some impressions and new search, and then there might be, or might not be, is it likely that you have a second leaf?

[00:46:58] Yes, it is. Whether it's right away [00:47:00] after six months or a year later, you have a calling for it. And then, and then see if there is one or not. In my case, it also two readings so far the first that set me on this trajectory. And the second one I remember there was maybe it was five years ago. I select three or four years after my first reading.

[00:47:14] Again, different reader, different Maharishi. They were not connected at all. And I remember the reader when he went through the matching process. And he looked at me cause he was puzzled. He said, you are doing this. Oh my God. 

[00:47:27] Karen: It was somebody who didn't know, you 

[00:47:29] Dr. Q: know, it was just puzzled. That a white guy is connected to nadi astrology.

[00:47:34] and I was shocked myself. I said, well, not me personally, but yes, I have an Institute that offers this. And and I, to be honest, the second meeting I just did out of curiosity, I was just, is there maybe a second one? I do not know. And.

[00:47:45] The accuracy of the second reading is. Shocking actually. 

[00:47:49] Robyn: Well, I think that's the thing it really helps validate where, where you are, why you are.

[00:47:56] It does, if there's something about that validation. And then [00:48:00] I think what Karen and I always talk about with different experiences that we have. we always talk about now what, okay, I know this, but now what do I do? And I think. The Indian Palm leaf reading does, is that it gives you the now what here's, what I can do in order to overcome this block, or, it gives you that to do so that you gives you a better chance at coming and achieving what you came here to do in this lifetime.

[00:48:26] And 

[00:48:26] Karen: for me personally, I think out of anything that I've done so far, it made me feel like such a unique, special soul that someone two to 3000 years ago channeled me with such complete accuracy and clarity and where I was going to be at that given moment, hearing those words. And there was no doubt. In my reading because, well, Dr.

[00:48:49] Q right. We went through to, for me

[00:48:54] yeah. I mean, I set the date and everything else but for me, I went through the entire whole [00:49:00] bunch of bundles and we had to reschedule another appointment and I had that fear factor, like, oh my gosh, maybe I'm not in there. And then. We got to my leaf. And it was so clear down to like you knowing my father's name, my ex husband, so I mean the pieces of information as they became clearer and clearer it's was like, oh my gosh. Yes, yes, yes, this is it. This is it. But then feeling like my gosh, they saw me back then that my life was at significant enough to have this sleep created. And that was so moving for me.

[00:49:28] I think out of any thing that I've ever experienced it, that was the most moving for me. Validating my soul. 

[00:49:37] Robyn: For anyone listening, who might be at a crossroads and is looking for guidance validation, and this speaks to you, please visit Indian Palm leaf, because it really is life changing.

[00:49:51] Life-changing 

[00:49:52] Karen: changing. 

[00:49:53] Robyn: There's no doubt. 

[00:49:53] Dr. Q: Yes. It's the easiest thing, , is our website, Indian Palm leaf, Facebook, where in a [00:50:00] Palmer feeding YouTube, we have a YouTube channel actually. And we now are so blessed to have several role.

[00:50:05] Six or seven by now seekers who were so kind to allow us to put their entire reading matching and reading on edited the whole thing, for people to watch on YouTube 

[00:50:14] So you can find out more about us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and it's a calling for me you both know that. The number one step was to help my Indians as best as I can, because doing what readers do, doesn't make much money.

[00:50:27] It's just the reality of it. And it's a dying breed. People just don't pick up this anymore because it takes a long time. The real ones, you know, the real readers, not the fake ones. It takes a long time to become a reader. And then you don't make that much money. 

[00:50:40] So I told all my readers, I will heavily overpay you really so that you can support your families and make a decent living through what you do. But the bigger aim was always. Back more and help as many people as I possibly can. So it should be in my opinion, be a win-win.

[00:50:55] So win-win for the seeker is you can get a reading from the comfort of your [00:51:00] home, All you gotta do is either wake up early. If you're on the east coast, the west coast, and you've got somebody. An Institute that really cares about your once you'd have the best possible experience at the same time, I want to help my Indians not only the Indian leaders and their and the interpreters. So it's just two people in the, in the call in India, in the office, and also my moderators so provide them or the job to each one of them is actually trained by me personally.

[00:51:23] So it's a long process to become a moderator. They have to do quite a lot to understand and then be able to get back. But also now we are at a position where we can support an orphanage and a care center. And it's quite a shocking experience I'm telling you. It's not an easy thing. I will put a video about it on, on the YouTube.

[00:51:39] And now we're starting to also support one in Chennai, the capital city of 10 minute rule. So if you ever want to visit that city, you need to fly into Chennai.

[00:51:46] And there is another orphanage that we're supporting. So each reading helps us help others period. So you help yourself by getting a reading done at the same time, please know that you help my Indians and also people in need reading. And that is one of [00:52:00] the reasons why we chose.

[00:52:01] What we charge and many people's ages charge more. Maybe we do that, but for the time being it's a hundred dollars, but a search. So $100 in us, you put down for the search and only once we find the bundle, this becomes nonrefundable. And then you can opt in to have your matching and the reading, which is a couple of months later on average or a month or two later.

[00:52:20] And then the matching interbreeding costs $400. So 100 plus four hundreds, but in your case, because I want to give back to your community and say, thank you for your support so that your community can benefit from this. I'd like to offer you a hundred dollar discounts to whoever listens all the way to the very end here all you need to do, because we do not know how you heard about us.

[00:52:39] So you really need to say when you sign up, when you go to the, to the website, you can just write down Karen or Robin, Robin, and Karen or seeking center podcast. You know, one of these is okay, and then mine, we will just manually put it in and then it would pay a hundred dollars with a surgeon and only $300 for the matching into reading instead of.

[00:52:56] 400, but may also say cause again the universe guided me to [00:53:00] talk to a woman who runs a, a charity. She said, you should just say, it's a sliding scale. Well, we can afford it pay 400. And if you need financial help, it would help you to get a discount. Well, then we give it a discount, not a problem.

[00:53:12] And then you may also donate afterwards. You can. And you know why you're doing it. So thank you for your support. 

[00:53:17] Karen: And underscore, you know, the information that you get. It's hours of information, 

[00:53:25] I know, I know, but it's not just it's not half hour it's 

[00:53:28] Robyn: hours, 

[00:53:29] Karen: exactly.

[00:53:30] Or information that you're getting that is lifelong impacting to not only you, but your loved ones. 

[00:53:35] Robyn: And that you really can also go back to, as we talked about, I go back to it all the time. I'm going to go back to it again. I can have it for my lifetime. I most likely will get another reading at some point 

[00:53:47] It's so much information. And so what, in my opinion, So well-worth what you are charging. And I just, I'm so grateful that this is your calling and that you are [00:54:00] bringing this to us in the Western world, because we really wouldn't have known about it. And you are just, you're a gift.

[00:54:07] You are a gift Dr. Q and 

[00:54:09] Karen: thank you for following that. You didn't have to, when you discovered that. 

[00:54:13] So thank you for sharing this. Thank you for your willingness to be here and give us all of this incredible information. Not only about your journey, but the entire process, which is so fascinating and such a gift that so many of us didn't know existed until we met 

[00:54:27] Dr. Q: you.

[00:54:27] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. I hope I wasn't I didn't bore you guys out there to death it wasn't, I'm 

[00:54:32] Robyn: sure that people are fascinated and I have a feeling you're going to get a lot of visitors, Indian Palm leaf, Yes. Thank you. So here's some many more conversations and working together with you, Dr.

[00:54:45] Kim, we really love you. 

[00:54:47] Dr. Q: Thank you Thank you.

[00:54:47] And for those that are interested, Karen and I did our weekly mind-meld and we couldn't believe the synchronicities. Let's just say it's all about recognizing and shining your inner light so that you can attract the other [00:55:00] lights all around you. It both moved and motivated us and we hope it does the same for you. 

[00:55:05] You can read all about our download our pulse for the week and our secret power, which this week is all about smudging in the seeking center, weekly newsletter. You can sign up for And we want to hear from you so email or DMS at seeking center official on Instagram. Thank you for seeking with us and for listening this week.