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Understanding Human Design & Plant Medicine: Doorways to Our Truest Selves - Episode 23

July 11, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Noel Teubner Season 2 Episode 23
Understanding Human Design & Plant Medicine: Doorways to Our Truest Selves - Episode 23
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Understanding Human Design & Plant Medicine: Doorways to Our Truest Selves - Episode 23
Jul 11, 2022 Season 2 Episode 23
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Noel Teubner

We feel divinely guided to our guest Noel Teubner. Karen and I were looking to further understand Human Design and plant medicine -- and within a day Noel came into our lives. Noel is an Embodiment and Integration Coach who helps individuals find their way to their own “Unique Design.”  By incorporating her passion for Human Design, Movement and Rituals, she offers guidance and awareness assisting her clients in connecting to the true essence of who they are at a soul level.  Her work also includes her passion and belief in the power of psychedelics and plant medicines to help create powerful change in her clients lives.

She has worked in Wellness and Fitness for over 20 years. She is also Co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others.

Karen and I have both had the honor of having a reading with Noel and can attest she is the type of Human Design translator that we were looking for in our lives.

Plus, rituals and movements that you can incorporate into your every day to shift your energy.

In this episode:
-What is Human Design?
-What are the Human Design types?
-What are the most common forms of psychedelics and plant medicine? How are they used?
-What is an integration and embodiment coach?
-Rituals and Movement to shift your energy

For more from Noel and to find out how to work with her one on one, visit Noel is also co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others.  You can listen to "The Bliss Project" project wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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We feel divinely guided to our guest Noel Teubner. Karen and I were looking to further understand Human Design and plant medicine -- and within a day Noel came into our lives. Noel is an Embodiment and Integration Coach who helps individuals find their way to their own “Unique Design.”  By incorporating her passion for Human Design, Movement and Rituals, she offers guidance and awareness assisting her clients in connecting to the true essence of who they are at a soul level.  Her work also includes her passion and belief in the power of psychedelics and plant medicines to help create powerful change in her clients lives.

She has worked in Wellness and Fitness for over 20 years. She is also Co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others.

Karen and I have both had the honor of having a reading with Noel and can attest she is the type of Human Design translator that we were looking for in our lives.

Plus, rituals and movements that you can incorporate into your every day to shift your energy.

In this episode:
-What is Human Design?
-What are the Human Design types?
-What are the most common forms of psychedelics and plant medicine? How are they used?
-What is an integration and embodiment coach?
-Rituals and Movement to shift your energy

For more from Noel and to find out how to work with her one on one, visit Noel is also co-host of the podcast “The Bliss Project,” where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others.  You can listen to "The Bliss Project" project wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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noel: We feel divinely guided 

robyn: to our guest Noel Teubner 

karen and I were looking to further understand human design and within a day, Noel came into our lives. Noel is an embodiment and integration coach who helps individuals find their way to their own unique design by incorporating her [00:01:00] passion for human design movement and rituals. She offers guidance and awareness assisting her clients in connecting to the true essence of who they are at a soul level.

Her work also includes her passion and belief in the power of psychedelics and plant medicines to help create powerful change in her client's lives. She has worked in wellness and fitness for over 20 years and continues to pass on her learnings as director of education at mighty Pilates in Santa Monica.

She is also co-host of the podcast, the BLIS project. Where she shares inspiring stories and struggles of what led her guests to where they are today and how they are using their journey to help and inspire others. Karen and I have both had the honor of having a reading with Noel and can attest. She is the type of human design translator that we were looking for.

We can't wait to talk about everything. Let's get going. Hi 

noel: Noel. Hi, thank you so much for having me on and thank you for the great intro. 

karen: We 

noel: can attest. I love that

robyn: your energy is infectious we met through Instagram, [00:02:00] which 

karen: I would would say thanks Instagram. 

robyn: and I could feel your energy even through that, , and I think that's something that the three of us know about, you can feel energy without ever having met somebody.

noel: Right? We're on zoom and talking. I love it, that's what starts to happen in this world once you start to open yourself into these different kind of energies, then those energies just start to align with each other. Whether it's, we live in the same state or, across the country.


karen: There's a recognition. I think 

noel: I felt immediately when we connected on zoom, 

karen: just when I saw you, it was like, ah, yeah. 

noel: I remember her. Exactly. I know. And I love that so much. And I feel like that's happening more and more these days. with people I'm connecting with and in general, people are starting to find that energy that feels like home.


robyn: Yes. It's being on that same frequency, we talk about energy all the time and it, we we're all at different frequencies sometimes within a day we can be in different frequencies, but in general, I think you, are different frequencies at different times in your life.[00:03:00] 

 And I think we happen to all be on the same frequency, so , let's dive into human design because that is something and for real, Karen and I were talking about it and then you just popped in 

so can you give everybody listening some background on what human design is. 

noel: I'll give you my interpretation of it and kind of the definition that I've come up with from, getting to know it and working with it.

But I find it to be this amazing tool that can offer you insight into who you are at your soul level. So I think of it as a soul map or a blueprint to who you were when you came into this world and who you are at your true, authentic self, just kind of like astrology, it incorporates the principles of astrology, the Kabbalah, the ITing your chakras, and also quantum physics to kind of develop this whole system of who you are.

And when you learn to correctly, engage with this energy of who you are set out to be things just start to flow more easily, you have a better understanding of who you are. for me personally, it answered so many questions and just [00:04:00] gave me such understanding and almost confirmation for why my life had.

Been going the way that it was going and how I could make some little shifts and align essentially with my design. And then it opened up this whole new world over the past couple years. 

karen: What I love about it too, 

 Your blueprint as you call it. Is kind of set for you when you're born. And so it can be that consistent thing that you go back to that is a map 

noel: Absolutely. I find when I work with clients, there's certain parts of your chart that show up at different times.

when you have your whole chart reading done, as I explained to you guys, when we did your charts, it's a little overwhelming. It's like, oh my gosh, there's all these components and pieces of lines and channels. But there's certain pieces, especially in the beginning, if you can just understand your type, your strategy and your authority and your profile, that you can really set yourself off in a different direction.

And then you're like, oh, I see how this energy's what's going on in my life. You don't have to totally understand every. nook and cranny of it, to really start to utilize it, which is something I also love about it because you can take some of the basic principles of it, cuz it is a very [00:05:00] complicated system as a whole and actually start to use it in your daily life right away.

robyn: Well, can we talk about how it came to be, because to me it's kind of a newer modality in the realm of modalities, 

noel: Yeah. People have really just started having the conversation about it. I would say in the last 10 or so years, it was a download RA went out into the woods and had this amazing download of what this system was. And it's funny, I read an interview with him and he wanted it to be so complicated so that you couldn't totally grasp it all at one time because that wasn't what it was supposed to be.

It was supposed take the pieces of what you needed at the time, And then there's five different design types. Some say four. We're gonna go with five for just the ease of understanding. So you have your generators, your manifestors, your manifesting generators, your projectors, and your reflectors, your generators, and your manifesting generators make up about 80% of the population.

And those are the ones that have been around, along with your manifestors the longest. So if we break it down by type and go into what's called their strategy and authority, we'll start with your generators. So your [00:06:00] generators are your go-geters your nine to fives. They can get stuff done, right? They have these energy centers that give them this amount of energy to keep them going.

So their strategy in life is to respond. They're supposed to respond to life. life is gonna give them, Hey, how about this? You wanna try this? Oh, go do this and this. And they get to go. Yes, no, yes, no. And it's really that simple, especially for a SAC generator, which is a simple yes or no. It's that gut feeling. It's a yes or a no. And if it's not a yes, it's clearly a no. And it could be a yes for a day. And then the next day it's a different, yes. So that's the other thing. Like they can change their mind and as long as they're following the true, yes.

they're actually gonna be able to accomplish what they wanna get done. And then you have an emotional generator that also brings in this emotional component that has step in. So it's still a strong yes or no, but then they have this wave of emotion that has to come in and check in to really be able to go in that direction.

Then you have, what's called your manifestor, your manifestors are here. They're more playful. They were the original design type. Their strategy is to inform, They get these [00:07:00] urges, these ideas, like they gotta share it. They're like, I got this. Oh, how about this? And they gotta get that energy out into the world.

 But they also need the other energy types to help make their ideas happen. Same with them. they can be emotional authority. They can also be a splenic authority, a splenic authority shows up for a couple of the design types. This is more of a, in the now moment decision, It's the life or death, I can do it right now. And that's where that energy comes from. So they have to follow that urge. in that moment, then you bring the manifestor and generator together and you get the manifesting generator, which I think this is the best of both worlds. Robin happens to be this because you get this energy of like this playfulness, this spontaneous, this fun, and then you get to respond to life and get stuff done.

So you can come up with the ideas and you can get stuff done. And same thing. You're either SAC, yes or no, or you have that emotional component as well. And then we come to the projectors, the projectors are a newer type and me and Karen happen to be projectors. And at first I was a little upset about this, but now I embrace it cause we're only about 20%, but we're [00:08:00] here to guide, projectors dropped in about 300 years ago and they are here to basically look at the systems that are already in place and kind of show a better way.

Our strategy is to wait for an invitation and a lot of people get stuck on this. So it's not. Literally sitting and waiting for an invitation, but at some time points in life, it is literally sitting and waiting for an invitation. It's learning the art of being as opposed to doing so your generators and your manifesting generators can do, do, do, do, do If we try to do as a projector or a manifestor even we get exhausted, we, burn ourselves out and it's important for us to take the time to rest recalibrate and again, wait for the right energy to drop in. So even like for reaching out to you guys, it just dropped in to send you a message.

And it wasn't like, I didn't question it. It. Wasn't like you invited me to reach out to you, but there was something that dropped in. I was looking at your stuff and I was like, I'm just gonna send a message. And then I sent it and forgot. it wasn't like the obsessing about it.

That's the projector energy, and then you came back and you're like, Hey, let's have a chat. So there's that flow of [00:09:00] invitation that came in. And then our final one is the reflectors. The reflectors are only about 1%. They have none of their energy centers light up. So they are literally here to reflect back to us what's going on in the world.

They don't have an authority because they have no energy centers lit up, but their strategy is to wait for a full lunar cycle. So I say that their reflectors get to be reborn every month. they go through a full what we do in a year cycle in a month. So a beautiful design type.


just. Starting to come in a little bit more because we need that energy to start showing us Hey, how about we try this instead? So between the projectors and the reflectors coming in, we're basically taking all this energy. That's been building the world over the last couple of years and getting us to where we're at now.

And now we're like, okay, how can we do it a little bit better? How can we tweak it? Just so that we don't self-destruct essentially. 

karen: Noel, is it a really difficult thing to learn, 

noel: , it's like everything in life, it found me. And it found me, I went through a separation in 2017 and of course I'm searching for, what's gonna help me next.

Right. It kind of came across. My table, if you will. [00:10:00] And again, I was reading all this stuff about it and I'm like, oh, I'm a generator that makes so much sense. I'm a book getter. I get shit done. . And then I pulled my chart and I was a projector. And on top of it, a self projected projector, which again, Karen you happen to be as well.

And I'm like, what, , none of this makes sense, this isn't possible. So it just, I kind of just brushed it aside. And then in two 19, it kind of dropped in again. and at this point I was ready to actually dive in and listen. And so I had my chart read for me if you will.

And it was interesting cuz it was very basic, it was great information, but it was very basic. But the one thing I remember her saying is you have all your fear gates split up. So you're here to work through your karma and it's gonna help you in whatever you're gonna do. You have seven fear gates in human design.

And I'm like, what does that mean? So I literally dove into the fear gates. I was like, I'm gonna understand why my chart because she'd never seen it before. I figured it was a thing. And in the process of doing that, I was like, okay, let me learn more about a projector.

 I really just dove into every piece of it. And the more and more I started to look into it. And then I had my son's chart done and he was a generator and I'm like, okay, let me look into that. I was [00:11:00] like, there is so much good information that's resonating with me. 

So I did a training and then I worked under somebody. And it just, it's kind of how my life is always gone. It's just even with fitness and stuff, it found me, I started just doing it. And then the teachers, the guides, everything that was gonna show me the better way of doing this along with me, opening up and allowing in my own intuition and my own gifts again.

 I just started doing readings for everybody. I'm like, let me just practice this. Let me find what my rhythm is and really listening to my gifts as I went along the way it just cultivated into, oh, I guess I'm doing human design. So it became this constant learning, which again has been my whole life. And every time I do a chart, I learn something else.

I don't think I'll ever grasp all of it, but I also don't think there's a need to, I think it's just, what's aligning with the work that I'm doing at the time. 

karen: And when, 

robyn: we were just talking about the person who downloaded, 

noel: Uru I 

robyn: wasn't this downloaded to him in the eighties or early 

noel: nineties. So yeah, it was [00:12:00] downloaded, but it went back, to explaining like Kings and Queens and everything.

 if I'm remembering this right. He was in the woods and he had this spiritual experience and this was just gifted to him and downloaded and he just started to, write it out and then started to share the teachings with people. and so yes, that 

robyn: goes back.

Definitely. The reason I'm bringing it up is because I think so many people haven't heard of it, like they've heard of astrology because it's a more recent modality introduced to us 

noel: humans, right? Yes. And you find the people who actually are more familiar with it, it was kind of the people that were going to the health food stores in the eighties before there was whole foods.

 It's that they're doing the course of miracles, like there's all this, from before, that were considered the woo or the alternative or whatever words we wanted to put on it, where now the collective has kind of shifted. And there's just as many of us that are seeking this deeper understanding than the 20% or so that we're, starting to, but it was necessary for that process to happen because we needed the energy to be moving in this [00:13:00] direction, to get us to where we are now, as far as where the world is now functioning.

Yeah. And then 

robyn: I wanted to also ask within human design, there's this breakdown in a life cycle. And can you explain that a little bit, because I know from our readings that you talk about, this time between your board, well, this 

noel: is for you specifically. So this is so there's also the profiles in he design.

And I think the profiles are super important. There's 12 profiles, total and six different profile types. So you have a combination of two numbers. The first number is your conscious line. The second number is your unconscious line, which means the first number is how you feel like you show up in the world, how you feel about yourself.

The second number is how you present, So number one is called the investigator. Number two is called the hermit number three is the martyr or the experiential. So it doesn't sound. People are like martyr. You wanna have experiences. Four is the opportunist. Five is a heretic and then six is the role model.

So for you Robin you're , six, two. [00:14:00] So. The sixth line specifically has these three distinctive points in their life. Oh gosh. Yeah. So for your first 30 years, you're doing this trial and error experimenting with the world and just try and step out. Then you go to, what's called on the roof where you now are taking everything you've learned and you're trying to figure out, okay, how can I now best put this with this and this, with this and this, with this so that when you get to late forties, early fifties, your Chiron returns that's when you come down off the, and now you're sharing it with the world.

 By the way, I'm 47. So, so it lines up with yours. And then, Karen you're three, five, so you've got the martyr heretic it's the same thing. the martyr is the experiential. Bumping into everything you wanted to try experience everything like, oh, how about this? So I call it like the bumper cards.

You're like, oh, this didn't work. Oh, this didn't work. How about this? How about this? And then when you get to that five line in your life, that role line kicks in later on in life, because now you've had all these experiences and you need to go share them with the world. So it aligns, I was telling you guys this in both your readings, it's [00:15:00] amazing that this is where you've come to and what you're doing and creating the network and what you're trying to do right now, because you've taken all your experiences, both of you, and now you're ready to go and present them to the world.

And because your design types, the way they work together, it's no coincidence that you are being able to do this the way that you are. Wow. 

robyn: Thank you for explaining that because I didn't realize that those. Life cycles were different for every person. I thought it was kind of a universe.

noel: I didn't, didn't there mention that's 

If you can understand the basics of your own design and how you show up in the world and your strategy and authority, how you're supposed to be through this world, you can literally find this dynamic flow and ease within your own experience 

karen: Well, that's what I found. So enlightening for me is some of the things that I think that I've struggled against are things 

noel: that I've been taught, right? just like you. Oh, the conditioning. Yeah. Like, look, I'm 

karen: a manifestor are you kidding me? look at how work look at all. I do. because that's sort of the society's norm, 


That's everybody's measure of [00:16:00] we're taught, especially our generation, especially for women in our generation, we were taught , be independent. You can do anything. A guy can do go after what you want. to the point of exhaust, I had adrenal exhaustion three times because my body is 

hey maybe you need to slow down and I'm still going, still going, still going. And for me, everything shows up in my body and health wise to the point where , it literally puts me in the hospital and then I'm like, oh, okay. Maybe I need to actually slow down a little bit. So, they call it conditioning or what we would call our limiting beliefs or any kind of stuff that's been put on us to no fault of, our parents and teachers and what have you.

But just societal, how we're taught growing up was more of a generator type of energy. So if you are a projector or manifestor, and you don't fit into that mold, then that's where we find our struggles. Or we feel like we're bumping up into walls. And where generators run into issues or manifesting generators is being told.

You must finish what you start. You must complete. And for the generator and manifesting generator energy, if they're not lit up by it, Anymore, then they're gonna keep pushing in a direction [00:17:00] and they're just gonna continue to hit a wall. I used to get so frustrated with my son, cause he'd be I'm doing this.

He'd be really into something for a while. And then all of a sudden he'd not do it at all. I'd be totally over here doing something. And then I realized, as I learned more about him, then he'd go back to this when he was ready. And , I always say he does everything his own time,

And it's so in his design. And now that I even have this confirmation almost in understanding, it's so much easier as a parent just to step back and allow for him, that's where human design can be such a great tool and asset as well is with parents, with children or partners, or even you guys working together, just to understand the strengths that each person has.

 Again, you don't have to know everything about everyone's chart, but you can be like, okay, they're really good at this. I'm really good at this. You guys, for example, A couple things that I thought were key is you both have defined throat and G center. So with your throat center, you guys are literally here to speak your truth, You're supposed to get your truth, your vision out into the world which is, important. And then with the G center, you, aren't always trying to fit into what everybody else is doing. You wanna find your own way of doing things, which totally [00:18:00] lines up with your profiles as well.

So it's an interesting dynamic. And then, , Robin, you've got this manifesting generator energy, so you can come up with the ideas, you've got the energy again, going, you can be like, okay, let's try this, let's try this. And then Karen, you can kind of take a step back and see the whole picture and be like, oh, let's, let's pivot a little into this.

Or how about we try this? You're almost like the checks and balances to the idea 

robyn: that really is us that it's. 

karen: I mean is also very much 

robyn: a doer and generator and all that. And 

noel: in, well, she can do that because she has your generator energy, especially as a self projected projector, you're like me, you have three energy centers light up and there's so none of them are motor energy.

So for you having person who has some generator energy, when she's lit up on fire, you can kind of ride that wave. With her, , and what's interesting. As a projector, you need to retreat, And after you've had this big wave of energy, you need to retreat.

And then Robin, you also have the two line, which is the hermit, which also needs to retreat. So it's finding these balances between really active on energy when you both are on. And then also [00:19:00] knowing that you need to take some time to recover from it as well. The other stuff that came up for both of you is a lot about charisma wanting to make improvements on things, making a difference in the world.

Being able to see patterns and know how to, change or pivot, depending on the patterns. and leadership, data improving and leadership came up for both of you and then resilience. So there's a lot of stuff in your chart that correlates with each other and that can build upon each other in.


karen: It just is so insight, I mean, as is astrology, as we all know, that's almost like a given these days, but this to me kinda gives another layer to even why you're here.

noel: Yes 

karen: because for me it was helpful to understand it was almost like the consolation prize, to be 

noel: honest, Noel

karen: Yes. But Karen you're here because you want to bring this sort of light into the world. You wanna bring it up to the next level, the manifestors and the generators have sort of created this foundational 

noel: world that we live in now. But to know that that was a role that I'm 

karen: here [00:20:00] to play was kinda like, okay, alright.

If I'm not gonna be a manifestor I

noel: us now the reason the projectors dropped in. In the last couple hundred years is because the world needs someone who can take a look at everything that's going on and give it a little different perspective. Just like with the reflectors, we need the reflectors to be able to reflect back to us.

What's really happening in the world because watching the news or whatever is being fed to you through social media is not really what's going on. So you need these energies to be able to come in and say, because , the way the world's going, and most of the people that are in that momentum are gonna keep that momentum going until we start to shift and pivot.

And again, it's little pivots that are gonna take place over time, but you're gonna see this more rapid what we already are growth and shift. That's starting to happen between now and the next three to four years, for 

karen: sure. Which is so exciting, that's such 

noel: a validation. Well, and I 

robyn: There's so much as we've already started talking about in how you can integrate this into your everyday life.

And I wanted to share really quickly. One of the things that when we did our [00:21:00] session together, you pointed out because what everyone should know listening is not only do you get a whole write up, really breaking down all these different parts of you, but you also get this image and the image really showcases this.

Like a bird's eye view of your being, and then your energies within that being, and then there's other parts of this image with numbers that correlate to these different aspects of you. and certain parts of it are shaded or not shaded there's lines that connect different parts or there aren't lines, which makes a difference as well.

And I think for me, the reason I'm bringing all of this up is that I have a root That isn't defined that isn't 

noel: colored in Yeah. 

robyn: so I'm not naturally anchored to the earth in many ways is how I look at it and having that image and a knowing of how I feel on a daily basis.

it's so important for me to anchor into the earth in whatever way for me works. And so for me, [00:22:00] it's visualization as well as meditation of literally seeing myself anchor into the earth every morning when I plant my feet on the ground so that I know that I'm anchored both and the earth, and then I'm also connected above with my crown chakra.

So that's what I do every day. But to have that validation and you saying that it was this reminder to me, never to skip a day of doing that. Yeah. 

noel: Both of you have the open root and the open crown. So it's super important to have some, and it doesn't have to be a big 20 minute grounding session.

Like you said, , you can put your feet on the ground and you can like see yourself grounding into the earth and opening up to the. And just letting that energy through it flow through you. So now I'm connected. 

robyn: Since our session and since I've been doing that every single day, Things are flowing so much better 

karen: I feel the same way. I think that that's why I am so committed to running outside. I cannot run on a treadmill because I think that that's my daily practice for literally connecting my 

noel: feet to, to the 

karen: ground I'm outside. And, in the sky [00:23:00] feeling the sunshine 

noel: on, maybe Well, that's a projector thing too. Just FYI, to reset yourself, either go to sleep or go outside. Oh, wow. It's a huge thing. Like being for Being in nature, being just to shift your energy, when you're kind of hitting a wall and again, just sit down, get it done.

You only got 10 more things to do and now go step outside or go take a 10 minute nap and you'll literally recalibrate your whole system. 

karen: it's those things that you inwardly feel, but then you resist because you think, oh, you know, that's a waste of time or I have too many other things to do, but if you just honor, it puts you back into that, flow, which you, you use that word 

noel: lot.

Noel, can you talk about how 

karen: understanding the human design of yourself does help the flow of your life 

noel: ? Yeah. I think we all have those experiences in life where we feel like we're in our flow or connected and it can be with movement or just however we feel in our life, we could all reflect back on times in our lives where things were just kind of flowing.

Like, my marriage was good. My job was good. My kids were good. I was feeling good. You can recognize these [00:24:00] dynamics. And so it's the same thing. Within your chart, you find these pivotal pieces within your chart and understandings, even like we were saying with rooting down in to stuff and these practices that when you start to do.

Little pieces of minimal of it. You start to find this flow and then you can add the next little piece and then you can add the next little piece and then it starts to grab that momentum. And 

karen: for me, when you had said about the projector about waiting for the invitation that bugged me too, until

we're, we're go getters, 

 Yeah. But I, really love what you said to me, which was really follow the inspiration, , let that be the invitation that I follow. And I do believe that that for me is the thing that gets me in the flow in the best possible way. When I follow the inspirational idea to do the thing.

noel: Then things with your authorities is super important as a projector. So with you self projected, or even if you're emotional or scenic, whatever your authority is, understanding, I talk to myself a lot because I'm processing, or I do voice memos now, so I can hear it [00:25:00] play back to me.

It's so if I have a thought or an inspiration, I will talk it out with myself very quickly and then act upon it. Because if I don't act upon that inspiration in that flow moment, it's kind of like writing the text and then waiting 20 minutes before you send it. It's not gonna land the same way as if you do it.

When you're in that connected flow. Same with the generator manifestor generator energy. When you're going on feeling yes, lit up inspired, let's do this. And even, oh, I gotta go do this. And no, let's just keep going in that flow and that path, because it's gonna start to rapidly happen quicker that you're still gonna get to all those other things you need to do.

So it comes down to your intuition. It comes down to how you feel it in your body and start noticing those cues for yourself and human design can give you such an insight into what those cues are 

karen: so helpful. You describe that. Beautiful. Thank you. do you encourage people also after they understand their human design back to Robin's point of, us not having our grounding, chakra open, do we need to work with those chakras then even more?

Is that a, a good blueprint for the [00:26:00] chakras that we should be working with more to balance them? 

noel: I think it's yes and no. Cause again, when I find, when I work with clients, there's some basic things we can start. So yes, let's start grounding in with your roots chakra, but unless something's feeling off, like, if you have emotion, both of you have open emotional centers too, cuz of your so perplexes, which means you pick up on other people's emotions, , so really understanding what's coming at you and what's actually yours is important.

So say you are really in a state of. because of what's happening in the world. And now you're in that rabbit hole of feeling for everything that's going on in the world. And this becomes your story and your dynamic, being able to recognize it. So then that's a little time and attention we need to give, , is this my energy?

Yes. I can have compassion for what's going on in the world, but I also need to like ground in my energy and move through this so that I can do what I'm supposed to do. Cause especially now with everything that's happening in the world, it's really easy when you have especially an open emotional center to take on.

that's why I don't watch the news. I cannot watch the news because I'm the same. All of a sudden I'm sitting there in an hour gone [00:27:00] by and I'm like, oh my God, I'm feeling the pain of what I'm watching on the television. And this is not serving me. Yeah. Right. Have an awareness of it, have compassion for it.

But, and do something if you can about it, but don't let it become your story. Like of why I can't get out of bed in the morning is because there's a war

robyn: and all this stuff going on. Yeah. Which can happen. I think that we talked a lot about boundaries and being able to set those boundaries. And the ideas that you just gave , if you are this type of person, how do you continue to have the flow come through you, but 

noel: recognize and different stuff will show up at different times.

That's why, when I work with people, it's a three to six month commitment and it involves more than just human design, , we get into movement and rituals and sometimes psychedelics. So as you start to bring this stuff in, you really need the time to see cuz you can't undo 40 something years or even 30 something years in a week.

 Once you choose this path of a deeper understanding, there's gonna be a constant unveiling and a constant unraveling of things and then understanding, but you learn to put it back [00:28:00] together quicker.

You learn to move through it quicker when you have these tools underneath you. Well, 

robyn: and just speaking, you just mentioned psychedelics, and that is another part of your background, psychedelics and plant medicines. Karen and I again have been talking like human design. We've also been talking a lot about psychedelics and plant medicine and they are becoming more and more prevalent.

noel: And we just, and more mainstream conversations. Yes. Yes. Cause they can really 

robyn: help heal in different ways than I think people understand. Can you talk about your own experience with psychedelics and plant medicines and some of the most common types that are being used today?

noel: So it's interesting cuz if you would've asked me three years ago, if I'd be talking openly and on a podcast about psychedelics in my world, I would've been like, yeah, no, cause it was always kind of this thing and it, again, it's something that has shown up in my life over and over again at these amazing times.

So for me, psychedelics and plant. There's a lot of medicines that fall into this category. So you have traditional plant medicines that most people talk about iowaska. Mm-hmm and then, you have psychedelics like [00:29:00] psilocybin LS D MDMAs in there ketamine psychotherapy, but there's so many more.

 Too many to name, but the ones that are most prevalent right now, I think are these combos, another one DMT. So my experience, and I didn't know these were my experiences until later, again, reflecting on life. I found MDMA or ecstasy, , in my twenties, like most people in a club setting and it was profound for me and I didn't understand why I was the girl off dancing in the corner about myself having these amazing, magical experiences.

And I was connecting something deeper than me and I knew it, but my 20 year old brain did not understand what it was. And when I decided to get out of the club scene and that world. I was like, I am sober. I'm not doing drugs. I'm not drinking. that's not my world. So I got really into yoga and meditation and all these tools, if you will, what I call integration tools that kept me on my path and on my journey.

And in my mid twenties, I went on a yoga retreat to Peru. And we stayed in the jungle of the Amazon. And I think [00:30:00] it was the third or fourth night we were there, they introduced us to shaman. They're like, do you guys wanna do Ayahuasca I had no idea what Ayahuasca was. They're like, it's these plants from the jungle.

And they give you these visions and everybody else is doing it. I guess I'm doing it too. So we all went in a room and, or I should say a hut cuz they were huts. And I remember I had such control issues Nothing affects me. I'm strong. I got this. So we all drank the stuff. People are having stuff.

Go on. They're throwing up in buckets at nothing only thing I remember from that first night was I could see the shaman, rattling these leaves, and I could see her face changing. I could see all the shamans that had come before and I was like, huh. So I get back, you're in this room for a couple hours.

So then I get back to my own room or whatever. And I start having these visions and I was like, whoa. And I was a person who always liked the vision, no matter what kind of medicine I was on. when that started to happen, I'm like, Ooh, I like this world. So the next morning the shaman came up to me and she was like, you, you go again.

 So the next time I went in with the shaman by myself and that experience, it was so changed my life. , I came back to LA, I was [00:31:00] like, I've gotta teach yoga and save the world and get this information to people.

But I was 20 something years old and had no idea how to do it. So I was already teaching fitness, but got more into wellness and yoga and spirituality. it just kept me on this learning path. And so throughout the years, ay journey would show up 

robyn: how was that different? Let's say than the Ayahuasca when 

karen: you did that? The seven. Yeah. 

noel: They're different, but the same, I mean, It's interesting. So Ayahuasca for me was because I've had very profound PCI journeys too. they give you visions, they allow you to see things you can't see, they open you up in a way that your conscious mind cuz it quiets your conscious mind.

So you can actually tap into your unconscious, whether you're tapping into trauma or memories or other stuff, or just for me, what's been really big. And especially in the last couple of journeys, I still have this control. I still have this holding energy of trying to control something. So in a lot of my journeys, as of late, I feel like I'm open and everything's amazing.

 This is great. And they come out and they're like, yeah, no, you were like this HUD in a little ball. I'm like, what? So it's interesting how your body. holds onto certain energies, , and your [00:32:00] mind keeps you in those stories. And then when you're on this medicine, it bust all that open and allows you to see stuff.

So, throughout the years it kept dropping in. And then I had an experience with microdosing in 2016, which again, I was like, what's microdosing. And so it's a microdose. So where you, instead of taking like a full dose or, I'll use mushrooms, for example, a gram of mushrooms, you take 0.1 or 0.2.

So you take a smaller dose and you don't have the psychedelic or the experience effect, essentially what happens in your brain is it lights up your whole entire brain. So instead of a pharmaceutical where if you're feeling anxiety or depression or something like that, that pharmaceutical goes directly to that part of your brain and helps that part of your brain, the psychedelic goes in and lights up your whole entire brain.

And then it starts to boost that area that might be depressed or anxious so that everything starts to balance out. So it's kinda like that energy of if you're like a 10 in anxiety and road rage and reacting and that energy now, you're like a six, it just kind of brings you down.

And with microdosing, when I work with clients it's also incorporating [00:33:00] supplements. So whether it's different mushrooms or different things that complement it so that you have this overall just. Effect as opposed to the highs and lows that can come sometimes with pharmaceuticals or even with journey.

It's why it's important when you're doing these higher doses of medicine journeys to have support before and have support after integration, to be able to actually take your experience, support the brain, support, everything that needs to go on, set your intention, go through the experience and then be able to implement it back into your world.

And so for me, what was interesting with microdosing, I was going through some problems in my relationship. And I was given this to try for like a month and it literally took the anxiousness and anxiety which I didn't even realize I had, I knew it was there. And again, I was around my life for about three months and then it went away and I found microdosing again in. Ironically, when, the world shut down, I had had surgery to take out my implants and I was just going through some adjustments. And what have you, and the person that I was hanging out with, he was like, have you ever microdose [00:34:00] Psilocybin?

And I'm like, never even thought of it. I was like, sure, what else am I doing the world shut down. Let's try this whole thing. And I was tapping into human design. All this stuff was starting to happen. And I really connected with the psilocybin and the mushrooms. And I was like, huh, like this just makes things a again, flow.

you start to find this flow and athletes talk about it. Who use, especially psilocybin. you have this flow state that starts to happen because when you do a micro dose, you don't do it every day. You either do a protocol of three days on four days off or four days on three days off or two, one, you don't do it every day because you will build up a tolerance it has its natural ability. So you can't go too far if you will. Especially with psilocybin. And so, which is why it's such a beautiful. Medicine. So you wanna support it with other supplements and herbs, but you do find on the days that you have this extra little bit of a flow state, if you're an athlete and a runner, like you go for your longer run, you have this little bit of surfing is amazing.

you get in this just beautiful connection with the energy of the land and the water and just what you're doing. So for me, it's just this extra little piece that [00:35:00] makes it just a little bit better. And I think the reason it's becoming such a topic of conversation is. They're having such great results, especially with psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine for PTSD and depression and, severe disorders.

Because again, it's treating the whole brain and it's helping you to restructure and they talk about with quantum physics redefine those neural pathways in your brain. So you actually can come up with a new feeling, a new memory, a new connection that doesn't trigger you. you're able to cut those out.

And this is just it's the fast forward button, you could meditate for 20 years. I've tried that it works great too. And it's a great supporting tool, but why not add something in, that's just gonna make it a little bit, and I don't wanna say easier because you definitely have to work through your stuff and do all the other stuff, but it just kind of takes the edge off.

It just allows you to go a little deeper, a little bit quicker, so you can get to your next step and you can get to your next step and you can get to your next step. 

karen: Because I think the misconception a lot of people have are, well, what I remember from the sixties, when I [00:36:00] saw people taking LSD and that vision of it looking like it was an escape versus a 

noel: connection.

And it absolutely could be that for people, there are plenty of people that come into the journey space that are looking for this escape or this aha or this like amazing feeling or whatever it is. But again, that's where the integration work comes in because you can go have this oh my God, life is just that simple experience.

karen: So you lead them. It's not just, you're sitting in a room , and absorbing the experience.

You literally are there leading somebody through a specific yes. Memory 

noel: or situation. Yeah. So yes and no. So you don't wanna guide in the sense of asking leading questions, you don't wanna put thoughts into someone's head, So when someone's having an experience, you just wanna check in on them.

You want to in Medicine ceremony kind of center. If you're doing something more specific, like ketamine to get to the, the root of stuff, you can ask a little bit more leading questions, but in a ceremony setting, it's letting them have the experience because you really want them to come up with the words.

You don't wanna [00:37:00] give them the words you want them to come up with whatever they're feeling and be supportive and supportive sometimes could be touching but touching sometimes could anchor in that feeling even more. So it's really having this awareness of where that person is in the state and what they're needing at that time.

Is it when I'm curled up in a ball? And having this moment, having somebody come over to me and just help get my shoulders back and rub on my jaw and just energetically, give me a safe space to be in huge for me, because clearly I wasn't feeling safe and I was curled up in a ball. So learning how to read what's going on in that situation.

karen: You're saying though that it works best when someone is going in 

noel: with an intention.

Yeah. With an intention, which is what the embodiment and integration work is all about. setting you up with the intention of what you wanna go in. Cause you might be going in because you just gotta a relationship and you wanna let the relationship go. But when you start to go, some of the initial work, you realize every relationship in your life has been like this and you need to let that pattern go.

Yeah. the deeper work that starts to happen. And sometimes people don't wanna go that deep first, so they just [00:38:00] wanna go fix that first relationship. But again, as you start to do this, you realize, oh, that's my pattern. My whole life, let have some compassion around that. And some understanding and how can I now work through that 

karen: oh, so helpful. Well, and when 

robyn: you're someone who would be working with you or another type of integration or embodiment type of coach would you and who also specializes in psychedelics and plant medicines, would you assess from somebody number one, what their intention or let's say issue is, and then decide, okay, this is the type of psychedelic or plant 

noel: medicine that they should experience a hundred percent.

And if maybe they start with say, maybe they start with just some supplements to get them, I have a huge intake form. Some of the people I trained under, it's really important to know. What's happened. There's a thing called a timeline that I like to do with clients where you literally go from like your birth and you just kind of mark little instances.

It could have been that, someone beat you up in the playground when you were eight years old, but you just kind of put some markers in there because a lot of times when you sit down and do this, free flowing timeline, you forget things that [00:39:00] happened that actually had an impact on you. And again, it's something just for me to reference.

It's not something we have to dig deeper into, but if you're talking about certain things and I'm seeing a pattern in our initial conversations, and I can look at some of the experiences that you had, then I can see deeper. What is probably gonna come up. When you go into this experience, I think microdosing for people if someone has never done anything is a great entryway because it gets the medicines in your body and the medicine communicates.

And so when you call in your deeper journey, you already have that energy flowing through your body. So it's not as scary or as, traumatic. I mean, I still get nervous when I go into certain journeys, you know, it's just even though I know what is coming at me and I really like being in that energy and on the other side, if you will, there's still a part of me that tries to hold on for a second before I just freaking let it go.

And it's amazing to me and I'm fully aware of it, but I'm human. it's unknown, Yeah. So, but it's, it's a beautiful space to be in. So microdosing it's a great tool to have in your [00:40:00] daily life, if you will. And also to just get you in that energetic. So , that jump, or that leap from a microdosing to a full blown journey isn't as drastic.


robyn: and it's the end. It seems like working with somebody who is. Experienced and not just experienced with their own journeys, but has the knowledge, education and processes in place to really help you get the most out of it and make you feel safe and secure. 

noel: Well, and that's the biggest thing right now.

There's so many practitioners out there which is amazing, cause it's available. But most aren't doing integration most call integration the morning after where you sit and have a circle for an hour and talk about your experience for the night and maybe a follow up call. And so people don't understand the importance of integration.

And I don't think I would've understood it, except I feel like my whole life was integration. All the meditations, the yoga, the, all these different things that I went on, the journaling. The movement, all these practices that I put in place and now adding in the human design, it got me ready to be able to now say, okay, [00:41:00] these are the tools that are gonna help make this just easier and make it more of a flow if you will, and also get you so that.

You can have this gradual progression and move at a little bit quicker pace than if you're leaping too high and coming down and have it, the pendulum basically swing in the other direction and not doing your face, which is what happens to a lot of people. So then they go back and have another journey.

So you're just literally like stacking these journeys on top of each other, but you're not getting anywhere. Totally. Cause it's, I think that 

robyn: happens to a lot of people who, who don't know because there isn't this education out there, 

noel: Yeah. And it's just starting to be talked about more, which is great.

There's not a one size fits all. That's why I call the work that I do your unique design. there's not. What's gonna work for you. Isn't gonna work for me and what's gonna work for this person. Isn't gonna work for that person. we really have to cultivate what your unique design is and it's gonna change.

 And I think it is important if you're gonna be any kind of practitioner guide, trip sitter, any of these words that you use, that you do experience that medicine, that you do understand what that journey is like in your own body.

It's kind of like with fitness, I would never [00:42:00] teach anything in fitness that I didn't try in my own body first because how can I, somebody else to do it if I haven't done it. So I think that's another important aspect as well. 

robyn: Absolutely. And talking about just actually fitness and wellness, because movement and ritual is such an important part of your life.

Is there anything that you suggest or can recommend for somebody to incorporate into their daily life in terms of ritual or movement? 

noel: I think it's important. some people need to have routines, they need to do the same thing every day and that your human design chart will tell you that as well.

And some people need to change it up. And I was a person in my chart who definitely needs to change it up, but I was also the person that did everything the same way all the time, because that's, again, what I was taught to do. So it could be something as simple as going outside ground on your feet, taking a walk and feeling the energy of that.

But for some people who are more generator, energy, or just more active, they need to go for the run. They need to dance and shake it out. One of the best tools, I think for all energy types and that can shift your energy in any moment [00:43:00] is just putting on some music. You. Dancing or jumping and moving around the room because you can jump even tapping on your body, using your voice.

Vocally releasing stuff is huge. Most of us are afraid to use our voice, even you'll go to classes and they'll breathe loud in yoga. And some people will give you a weird look, but that release, you don't have to know what that energy is. It just allows you to let it go. I think it's important.

Ritual wise to have something when you wake up in the morning to open up your day and something, when you go to bed at night to close your day. So whether that is a grounding practice, journaling, praying, lighting a candle on your alter incense, whatever it is, just something that's basically saying.

I'm opening myself up to this day to the highest and greatest good for what's meant for me and my family all around me, whatever those words are a thing just to say, here I am. use me, utilize me in the best way you can. And then at the end of the day, whether it's gratitude, journal, reflecting again, closing meditation, just something to say, I'm closing out my days so that whatever energy from that day that does not need to go with you to sleep, doesn't go with you to sleep.

So I think those are the two, if I [00:44:00] can say most important moments. And then throughout your day, I think everybody needs to move, whatever that means to you. If it's yoga, if it's Pilates, if it's running, if it's walking, I think everybody needs to physically move and it's not hard to put on favorite song and around.

robyn: Oh, I love those. 

karen: , I say that opening and closing of your day. Yes. I know. intuitively is the right thing, but I, I don't do it often enough at the end of the day. I'm very cautious in the beginning, 

noel: but not, we all start off good. Right. I never like tired and never even if it's just you lay down and you're like, I'm grateful for this day.

Thank you. I, yeah, I think like it can be that quick. It's true. 

robyn: I, have been doing that now for probably a year where I'm consciously doing that. for me, it's actually taking a crystal and putting it under my pillow and saying things. Yeah. Like, and so then I feel like I have the energy, plus I'm saying thank you for this day.

And let me have a restful night's sleep and 

noel: crystals tools like that are amazing, a tangible thing that you can connect something to, , ritual candles are amazing for that. [00:45:00] Even with writing in your journal and processing the day, having something that you can physically connect to it's an anchor, we call anchors it, anchors it more into your system.

And an anchor can also be, if you're having a gratitude practice, you put your hands on your heart and ground into your body, right? So that's an anchor in your body so that when you get to that place throughout your day, if you need that anchor, put your hands on your heart. So it's another practicing tool and anchors are super important too, in the psychedelic and journey space and knowing that you're safe, having, if somebody's going in, that's having a deep trauma, you can create an anchor, an anchor in a sense of a safe anchor.

robyn: Oh my goodness. Is there anything from your life experience that we, I feel like you've woven in your life experience, but is there anything.

That you feel would be helpful to share with everyone listening right now? 

noel: I feel I've had a lot of life experience a lot of life experience with health issues and, and stuff that very much could have stopped me along the way. Also with personal, issues with just how my life has unraveled.

And there were moments throughout my life where [00:46:00] I was like, why is this shit keep happening to be like, why? Why can't I just have kidneys that work and why can't I just have hormones that work? And why can't I just have a marriage that works? , but now I realize. Where I'm at now. And with the work that I've been doing throughout my life, and that I'm so guided to do right now and helping others is by having all these experiences that I can connect back to and draw from. It's allowing me to be able to connect with other people and then also serve them.

It's having all the fear gates in human design, because I have an awareness of all of them I can identify with each and every one of them when they show up in my clients and with people around me. So it's a gift, all these things that I've had to work through, I can really truly see as a, and I'm still working through, I can see our gifts because they're only gonna allow me to be able to help other people in their journeys along the way, what is a fear gate, by the way, we didn't

karen: make sure you add to it too. That there's two sides of 

noel: it, That's awareness. Yeah. So your live in your spleen there's seven fear gates and the spleen energy is the. Fight or flight, the survival think of the [00:47:00] cave van either. Like we find food or we die. That's the energy that comes out of the spleen

and so you have these different fear gates, which they're not so good energy shows up as a fear, fear of running out of time, fear of the past repeating itself. But in an awareness side, I'm really good at timing. I'm really good at taking the patterns and what I've learned from the past and using it into my future.

There's a thing called a sun gate in human design, which is one of these main overpowering gates in your design. And mine happens to be the 44 fear gates, which is the fear of the past repeating itself. And I was the queen for so long of going back into my. Replaying the past creating new outcomes that couldn't possibly happen, but I create the new outcome and spend all this energy and replaying my past instead of focusing on what I wanted to build in the future.

And now that I have this awareness, cuz this is the main gate in my energy. So having this awareness of okay, what can I pull from those past experiences so that I can create a better future. That's me turning that energy around because I'm still gonna wanna go back and rework the past.

It's just in me, it's in me consciously and [00:48:00] unconsciously. It's driving a lot of me, but now I have this awareness of okay, how can I actually use those experiences, those different things that happen so I can create a better future for myself. And when I get drawn to look back in the past more, I then just go, Nope, we're going in this direction to the future.

So by having that awareness, I'm able to pivot and shift. So the fear gets are great, cuz they can offer a protection, a safety for you, especially through different times in your life. But once you gain this awareness of them, you're able then to like use it as a. On how to not fall back into those fears.


karen: that's so helpful. Yeah. 

noel: So 

robyn: love it. Oh my goodness. Well,

we actually talk about the bliss project and how, 

noel: oh yeah. so that's my podcast. That came out during COVID as well and inspiration of just meeting a creative outlet. And then this passion for wanting to tell people's stories, my degrees and documentary film, and I thought I was gonna tell stories and change the world and I still might, but I wanted to take people's experiences of, what they've gone through in their life.

Good, bad indifferent, and how it led them to the amazing work they're doing today. It's a little bit of [00:49:00] everything, but what I've found is, we have conversations about plant medicine. We've had it about miscarriages and infertility, which was a huge one for me because of my own experience.

And it's these conversations not only open up stuff in me, but there's been this amazing flow and path of the guests that have come on that have supported the next one and the next one and the next one. So it's been a really fun experience for me because even if one person listens and it inspires them or change them or just lets them know it's okay to be feeling however they're feeling, then that's what matters to me.

Then I know I'm doing something good in this. 

robyn: Couldn't agree more. Which is again, why we're on the same frequency. 

noel: Exactly. I so love this frequency 

karen: And I love how you keep saying how all this stuff keeps finding you because it is the projector, 

noel: I've just learned so much about, about that for myself. And it's a daily practice because with everything in life, I want it to happen way faster than it's happening. Right.

And so it's a day. I don't wanna say struggle because it's not necessarily a struggle anymore, [00:50:00] but it's a daily awareness and practice this point in my life, especially this last year where I feel like I'm in this rowboat in the middle of a lake and I don't have oars, I don't have anything.

And if I try and paddle or get the boat to go anywhere, I'm just gonna struggle. So I literally have to wait and someone's gonna come by and push me or the wind's gonna blow and sometimes nothing happens sometimes I'm just sitting there in my boat, but getting comfortable in that, not knowing and will it come tomorrow?

robyn: That is such an incredible visualization.

Thank you for sharing that. I'm so glad that just came out. 

noel: yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's just, it's been such a strong knowing for me and that , the more I try in a sense and make it doesn't mean like I'm sitting on my hieny doing nothing. I am doing I'm doing, and then there are days where I'm sitting, watching Netflix don't get me wrong.

there are days where I need to just check out or like I'm sitting at the beach. What's called I'm following. What's dropping in. Okay. This is what I'm supposed to be doing today. This is what I'm supposed to be doing today.

karen: So helpful. Oh, I love this conversation. 

robyn: Yes, I have too. Thank you so [00:51:00] much.

For more from Noel and to find out how to work with her one on one. Visit Noel ner that's Noel, N O E L tuber, T E U B N E 

You can listen to the bliss project wherever you listen to your podcast. 

noel: Thank you. And then also on Instagram and @noelteubner is a great place to reach out to me and message me. Cause I love invitations of direct messaging. Yes. Spoken like a true projector.

robyn: that's awesome. Thank you so 

noel: much. Thank you so much for having me on you guys. 

Understanding Human Design & Plant Medicine: Doorways to Our Truest Selves