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New Year Astrology Forecast: What's in Store for 2023? - Episode 44

December 12, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Stevie Calista Season 2 Episode 44
New Year Astrology Forecast: What's in Store for 2023? - Episode 44
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
New Year Astrology Forecast: What's in Store for 2023? - Episode 44
Dec 12, 2022 Season 2 Episode 44
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Stevie Calista

One of our favorite souls who happens to be our favorite astrologer is back. Stevie Calista is here! This is going to be juicy!

We’re looking back at 2022 from an astrological perspective –as well as looking ahead to 2023. What’s in store? How can you incorporate and utilize astrology in the New Year? 

And Stevie is going to tell you all about her latest life-changing offering.  Over the past year she has been working with conscious women,  helping them align with their unique Soul Blueprint. You may be scratching your head thinking – what is she talking about? What is a soul Blueprint and what does astrology have to do with it? Stevie will break it down. It may be just what you need to free yourself…and help you know what direction to take so that you feel confident about making decisions for your life and your business.

If you want to find out more about the Soul Blueprint Alchemy Program and working with Stevie, visit You can also follow Stevie @farmhousemoon on Instagram

In this episode:
*A look-back at 2022
*What to expect in 2023
*How to take your power back
*Follow the Sun signs of the seasons
*Track your Moon sign energy
*What is a Soul Blueprint?
*What is Soul Blueprint Alchemy?

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One of our favorite souls who happens to be our favorite astrologer is back. Stevie Calista is here! This is going to be juicy!

We’re looking back at 2022 from an astrological perspective –as well as looking ahead to 2023. What’s in store? How can you incorporate and utilize astrology in the New Year? 

And Stevie is going to tell you all about her latest life-changing offering.  Over the past year she has been working with conscious women,  helping them align with their unique Soul Blueprint. You may be scratching your head thinking – what is she talking about? What is a soul Blueprint and what does astrology have to do with it? Stevie will break it down. It may be just what you need to free yourself…and help you know what direction to take so that you feel confident about making decisions for your life and your business.

If you want to find out more about the Soul Blueprint Alchemy Program and working with Stevie, visit You can also follow Stevie @farmhousemoon on Instagram

In this episode:
*A look-back at 2022
*What to expect in 2023
*How to take your power back
*Follow the Sun signs of the seasons
*Track your Moon sign energy
*What is a Soul Blueprint?
*What is Soul Blueprint Alchemy?

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

You can also follow Seeking Center on Instagram @theseekingcenter

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Robyn: One of our favorite souls who happens to be our favorite astrologer is back. Stevie Calista is here. This is going to be juicy. We're going to be looking back at 2022 from an astrological perspective, as well as looking ahead to 2023, what's in store? How [00:01:00] can you incorporate and utilize astrology in the new year?

And Stevie's gonna tell you all about her latest life-changing offering. Over the past year, she's been working with conscious women, helping them align with their unique soul blueprint. You may be scratching her head thinking, what is she talking about? What is a sole blueprint, and what does astrology have to do?

Stevie will break it down. It may be, just what you need to free yourself and help you know what direction to take so that you feel confident about making decisions for your life and your business. We have a lot to cover. Let's get going. Hi, Stevie

Stevie: M. Happy to be here. 

Karen: It's like talking to 

Stevie: family. Its, that's what it feels 

Karen: like 

Robyn: So true. And there's so much to talk about. As we are saying goodbye to 2022, has anything surprised you from an astrological perspective or did things go according to the plan that you thought they would in terms of when you were looking as we entered 2022.

Stevie: Yeah, it's so fascinating cause I went back to look at my written post of [00:02:00] last December and , I started to go all the way back down the rabbit hole and it was really interesting because I would say I'm not really surprised by what went down, I guess from a personal standpoint, feeling it versus intellectualizing as a very different thing, right?

you could say something and then you're like going through it. You're like, oh, so if, I think it was really intense the year, and we've been in really intense years. 2020 was like a big catalyst year. Then 2021 and then 2022 echoed those themes. And I think 2022 is really all about push versus pull, old versus new.

our old versions of ourselves trying to go back to normal. But that's just gone. It's just not there anymore. Totally. Yes. We're here for the new essentially, and. This year had a lot of really expansive spiritual calls, a lot of healing calls for people. And in order to do that we have to go into our shadow, go into all the places we fragmented and all the traumas and we really, I think we're pushed into it.

Maybe shov sometimes. And it's interesting because the nodes were in [00:03:00] Scorpio all year. And I remember writing about that and being like, what is this gonna feel like? And when the nodes shift, we all collectively really feel it. They're like the head and the tail of the dragon. So what we're letting go of and what we're moving towards.

And so we were really in the Scorpio tail of the Dragon, which is like our trauma and transformation and going into the caves with the flashlight and being like, really? This again, . I thought I dealt with this, layers and layers of transformation, like peeling the onion and Scorpio really holds that energy around power struggle, where we've given our power away and who controls us, who manipulates us and how we've been playing in these structures and systems that we've desperately wanna break free from.

And we're not quite there yet. The structures haven't quite fallen . And we're moving into Taurus energy, which is all about what makes this feel safe and secure? And Scorpio says sometimes you have to be shook and traumatized to feel and bring it into your body to then renegotiate what safety means, and Taurus also holds our resources, mother Nature, our food [00:04:00] supplies, we saw all of that go down, all of it. I guess the only surprise I had was more of it didn't happen. And maybe that's just my drama. And I'm like, bring it on . We did see that.

Yeah. We saw those themes. Yeah. 

Robyn: And we continue to, and I think that's your point, that's gonna continue. And that old versus new and that being pushed and that it's all a new normal.

I was just 

Karen: talking to somebody about that today actually, and how we were saying that it's so hard to move forward when everything that you thought was the real reality is completely changed. And especially even for parents who are trying to raise their children now under a whole new set of, Realities that they never knew.

And so there is so much fear going into those places when it's brand new territory when you've never actually, been there before. Was there any kind of common thread, Stevie, that you heard from people in doing their readings that kind of reflected what happened this year?

Did you see that kind of woven into a lot the 

Stevie: charts with that? Yeah. Yeah. It's like people don't resonate anymore and they keep trying to do what feels [00:05:00] safe or familiar. And then they're like, I hate this. It just feels like more and more suffering for a reason. it's not liberating or it's not your authentic truth.

That's really what I noticed is people being on the edge of the quantum leap of being like, I just wanna jump, but I'm so scared, , but I have to and then the universe is okay, and now you're gonna be pushed like the job ends, the relationship ends the house, something happens. There's a flood.

these really extreme things where we think we're grounded in our reality, and then we are shoved. And then ultimately after you reground again, you're like, oh, at least for some people, oh my, yes. 

Robyn: I just wanna share this example. My aunt, who I'm extremely close with, she had a major fall in February of 2022, and it was actually February 22nd, 2022.

Wow. which is obviously a powerful number, right? We were just talking last week and that fall, which ended up breaking her kneecap and having her go through major surgery and then rehab for it, it actually pushed her and my uncle [00:06:00] to sell the house that they've lived in for the past 30 years and make a major change.

They're moving down to South Carolina And she said she felt like she was pushed and she's now looks at that date with gratitude, whereas before she s shuddered When she thought of that and thought of everything that happened, but now she says okay, I had to be pushed to move.

And so it's to your point I feel like it illustrates things in a really very clear. 

Stevie: It does. That's exactly what I was feeling. And people just needing support, to be like, you can do it and you're safe. And even though if it feels really scary, you can still give yourself a parachute and a life jacket and whatever else you need to jump.

it's gonna be good. trusting that your high yourself has the res there cuz you know that whatever energy you're in or what your reality is no longer serving you. it doesn't feel good anymore. And those big 

Robyn: things 

Karen: that happen are, it's like the things are happening for you and not to you as much as, you almost hate to hear that when you're going through trauma, the drama.

It like just a, you said Robyn, like in the looking back, you're like, 

Stevie: oh, that's what, yeah. Not to [00:07:00] negate the suffering or the trauma. I Never try to like spiritually bypass the feelings, cuz those feelings are like a version of you that really wanna be seen. And even if it's a past life version, it's like a piece of you that's hi, remember me , I need to be held, dearly.

And I think 

Robyn: on maybe smaller scales, that idea of going back to the old, there's certain even little things maybe that we used to do in our routine that just, when you go back to it, it just feels old. you can't, it doesn't feel the same. Pay attention to that feeling because that is these nudges.

I feel that may be not as huge as the push my aunt falling down and breaking you, but it's, they are these pushes to move forward, try something new, shake up your 

Stevie: routine. Yes. I think that's such a good way of talking about the Taurus north node too, because it's the feeling of being embodied.

Cuz like I said, we went from a very intellectual in 2021 and 2020, everything was information and we were trying to figure it all out and then it's oh bam. Into the body. now you have to be embodied in this energy and that's a very different [00:08:00] story than just talking and communicating.

I love that you put it that way. 

Robyn: I actually hadn't thought of it that way. Yeah. 

Stevie: we have to feel it now, 

Robyn: And we do. We were just saying as Karen and I were preparing for this episode and we were talking about what we felt in this past year and we even before we.

Today we talked about these extreme highs, extreme lows, and that feeling of, and in the lows it's really low and we're two people who don't typically feel that. Yeah. So I can only imagine that everyone listening right now, you've probably had these similar feelings and I think the way you articulated that we are now embodying all that we had been learning those last two years.

it helps make sense of it. 

Stevie: And that's really Scorpio is asking you to go visit those places. that Scorpio holds the darkness. He's the one that can sometimes be depressed or really shadowy, like we have to go there and then bring it up to the body.

And so all. Practical techniques were really important this year, [00:09:00] grounding and nourishing your body and lighting a candle. all those, ritualistic ta things are life savers, , at least I felt that way. 

Karen: Having the astrological perspective always yeah.

Even in the blanket ones where, retrogrades and full moons, all of those are just so helpful as little beacons of reality, sanity, however you wanna look at it, but it's oh, that's why. Yeah that's why having these insights just gives you a it's like a little life preserver that you can clinging to when things just don't seem to be making any.

Stevie: A hundred percent. And then in that too, there's always okay, the shadow side of this, and then the invitation side of this, and we can choose, we've bounced back and forth between both, and it's up to us. That's where our free will comes in too. Yeah. Oh, 

Karen: invitation is, that's such a great way to put it because it's that power of choice, You can look at it like, yes, I fell down and I am in pain and agony, but what can I possibly learn from this? Or how can this possibly take me in a new direction? Or what is it for me to understand about [00:10:00] myself and this experience? And it's a hard thing to do, like we said, in the midst of it. And yet if you can just for a moment try to do it, it brings you up a level.

Yeah. Just a little bit of a level of feeling like you have just a little bit more control of a situation and that there's something positive or good or a good learning experience could come out of 

Stevie: it. Yeah, absolutely. 

Robyn: what do we have in store for 2023 Stevie ? 

Stevie: a lot,

 a lot is changing in 2023. I think 2022 is a lot of echoes of 2021. And finishing up. So it's not completely a year of mass change, but it's a taste, when I was meditating on it and looking at it and analyzing it I just came up with it's the taste of the new, but it's still there's still endings in beginnings in 2023.

So we're still wrapping some things up and then tasting the new and then wrapping it up and then going back into the new again. It's a back and forth situation. One of the biggest shifts is actually in March. We have Pluto going into Aquarius and he spends about 20 years in a sign

so the last time he changed was [00:11:00] 2008 when he moved into Capricorn. And that's when the recession happened. Remember with the housing market? And he's bam, that's very much a Pluto . Wow. Yeah. So when he moves into Aquarius, it's very different energy and it echoes this age of Aquarius that we're going into.

And really Pluto and Aquarius is bringing the power back to the people. Every time Pluto has been in Aquarius in the past, and it's I think 200 and I forget how many years, it's many years since the last time he's been here. And that's a whole nother conversation, to go back into history.

Which we always love with you. Yes. , I definitely wanna do that at some point, but. Pluto brings light to the shadow. And so he definitely requires us he's Scorpio in that way that we were talking about where it's you gotta go into the caves to bring things to light so that we can actually make the change and die and be reborn.

So whenever you have a planet, especially a Pluto shift into a new sign, it's a really big shift. But it's only until June, so from March until June is this new feeling. And then in 2024 , he goes full on into Aquarius. wanted to [00:12:00] talk about the shadow versus the invitation of this energy.

And usually you see the shadow first cuz it's new. It's like we got stuff to pull up, so the shadow of Aquarius, it would be detachment and leaning too much on technology or being really hyper intellectual almost to the point where you detach from feeling and you're just in the information.

Aquarius Energy does hold, what's best for the group, best for humanity, unity consciousness essentially. But it Pluto will show us where people have lost the power period. So I'm assuming that means more structures crumbling, more corporation stuff and the media and things where we've lost control.

And the nodes will still be in in Scorpio and TAUs. So we're still gonna see those themes that we had from last year in this year 

Robyn: with a different 

Stevie: flavor, basically. Much different flavor. Yeah. The higher vibrational energy or the invitation with Pluto in Aquarius is everyone coming together healing technology, innovation to heal and unify people.

equality taking care of the group but not losing your individual [00:13:00] heart centered voice. Cuz that's also the shadows, where we lose our individual voice and we just do what's best for the collective, which isn't always the best. Because we lose our freedoms when that happens. And we saw this in 2020 and 2021, we saw this kind of play out with Saturn and Aquarius

it's really using technology and finding new ways to connect with each other and like care, about each other essentially. So this is a 20 year cycle that we're moving into. So that's a really big deal. And again, it's until. June. So from that period, that March till June will feel very different.

Flavoring in general. Oh, the other thing too that I wanted to mention at the very beginning of the year, and even right now, Mars's retrograde and he usually spends six weeks in assign, but he's spent seven months in a sign. So our six week cycle got really extended from August until, I think into March of next year.

But we start the year with Mars and Mercury retrograde. So what always feels like we go into Capricorn on the winter solstice on December 21st, and that's why people go to the gym and they get yes, I'm gonna get all the things done. I'm gonna climb [00:14:00] my mountain. I got new goals.

Yes, that's still true, but we're gonna be instilled that retrograde energy. So it's very introspective, at least until the middle of January. Don't beat yourself up, . If you're not feeling like you really want to make the changes or it feels like you're in that molasses energy, cuz that's how we start the year.

So let yourself really take the holidays and ease into the year. Cuz that's not always true every year. Like we don't always go into a new year with two personal plans retrograde. So slow it down and spend time going inward. And give yourself extra planning time to do the goals and stuff cuz they're still gonna come up.

You're still gonna be motivated to take action, but it's not gonna be as fast as you want it to be. And then we have another shift in March too. Saturn is changing signs from Aquarius to Pisces and he spends about three years, two and a half, three years in a sign. So that's a big change. And He stays in Pisces all year. And so this is where we're really gonna see, I think legitimizing and structuring spirituality. and there's always a shadow . Like when he moved into Aquarius in 2020, it was very much and now you can't see [00:15:00] your friends and now go, like Aquarius rules groups and friends and community, he was like, Uhuh, this is not gonna happen.

So he's a compressor, and he shows us where we need to take responsibility. So on the shadow side of that, we might see, I don't know, trying to control spirituality. Or structurize it in ways that we're not gonna be cool with. I'm not sure. But ultimately it will over time give more legitimacy and structure to the spiritual where science and spirituality meet essentially.

We're all for that. Yeah. 


Robyn: And like that in the technology, I think that, 

Stevie: that's interesting. Yeah. And even just structuralizing and making foundations for growth for people. 

Cuz Pisces really holds that we are all one energy. It's super spiritual, it's very compassionate. And you also might see I'm just imagining more healing centers and people that have been escaping through, unhealthy behaviors, trying to get help more too.

. Overall with the Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces, and I know we're seeing this now, but we're gonna be going back to ancient technologies, like [00:16:00] how we used to heal and have free energy. we're gonna see these things come back. And there'll be a taste of that in 2023.

So we might have some really innovative things come back to light, but in a new way. we're gonna bring that ancient shamanistic back to the earth kind of energy, but then it's going to also have this infusion of new innovative science, essentially. Oh, that's 

Karen: exciting. I love put those two were ancient technologies together.

Stevie: Yeah. Yes. Yeah. It's really exciting. I'm excited to see where it goes. This could be, free energy for all people, like it could go really big. Yeah. And with Uranus is still in Taurus for the next few years. There's still that call to Sustainability and change for the earth.

And where all that has become so out of whack too, we're still gonna see that continue. And he's been asking for earth healing technologies this entire time since 2018. We're still in that cycle too. Just getting back to the natural rhythm of the earth. Yeah. But then using new tech, new and innovative ways of doing it, healing our body through sound and, vibration and this stuff is [00:17:00] all gonna come be more normalized.

Even astrology, is gonna become with Pluto and Aquarius, very much more of the word , it's like really where the quantum physics world and that shamanistic side, meet each other. And just understanding energy, we're all energy. So what does that mean? How do we use that?

Oh how we 

Robyn: know that is, that's part of our daily conversation. So yes, it's exciting. It's 

Karen: true though. I think even in 2022, seeing how that sort of blazed the trail for this all come into being. Because we are seeing brands starting to lean into wellness and mindfulness for sure.

 So it's so incredible to see that's where it's all heading. And that. astrologically speaking, it's conducive to making more of that. And I love that you touched on the community aspect too earlier, because I think that's something that the world has really missed and needs more of.

And as these new, what'd you call 'em? Ancient technologies are coming back into being and being able to bring people together as [00:18:00] opposed to just not alienate them, but just give 'em that one track individualistic 

Robyn: perspective. 

Stevie: Yeah, I absolutely, and I think the light workers are the ones that are really leading the way here, and it's gonna become where more and more people are like, oh, they become embodied and they understand it. It's not just like these weird woo woo words, it's yeah. 

Karen: Actually make it legit in a way. Exactly. It's not as scary that 

Stevie: way. 

Robyn: I when you talk about embodying, and for those where that may be even a new concept and maybe they're not even aware that they're becoming embodied with the energy around them you become lit up, right?

So if you're lit up inside, then you are attracting that other light that we all have. And so to me, I always picture the bright lights attracting one another, 

Stevie: And this is also gonna bring, more people together to live in community. In a different way. We're seeing that now, but it's just gonna become more and more where you don't rely on fossil fuels and old structures to Yep.

Life, and growing innovative food and just not what we've been doing. It's not [00:19:00] working. So that stuff has gotta go and we're so smart, , we can do this, yeah. It will help. It's true. Yeah. It will make it more mainstream, I think. that's exciting. 

Karen: So if people are starting to plot out their New Year's resolutions for the year, it feels like following that light of inspiration is the right way to go and that. They can dream big because the opportunities now versus where they were maybe, two years ago, but even last year, it's opening all of those up.

They can take it slow as they go in and really think about it and not feel if they have to rush through it. But on the other hand, it's just feels a 

Stevie: very expansive Yeah. It's where we were last year. It is. And I think the energy shift will feel good, especially after being in Mars retrograde for seven months or a Mars in one sign for seven months, where we all of feel like we're walking through molasses.

Like I've heard a lot of people say that I just can't . 

Robyn: That's how we feel. I have felt stuck. We have definitely felt stuck. And hearing your forecast, even personally for the two of us, I feel from a work perspective, [00:20:00] It feels oh, maybe that's why we've been stuck.

Because things need to blossom. Yeah. In a year where it's the taste of new, and then you talked about these, ancient technologies and this expansiveness and acceptance and normalizing of spirituality and wellness in general and new ways of doing things. It helps to validate the, why at least for this last year, things have felt like why aren't 

Stevie: things moving faster?

Yes. You gotta marinate and marinade. Yeah. More spices, . 

Karen: It's so true. But I also think people coming out of C had this expectation that everything was automatically gonna shift and I think to your point of the whole Scorpio and you have to look at all those shadows and really that's why we're here.

Yes. Really why we're here is to do that work. And this year was like it or not, the opportunity to do that. And yeah, we always have it, but it really, I think for many of us who are used to being like, oh, let's go onto the next thing and everything's gonna be great, to not feel that and not really know how to get through that felt really 

Stevie: [00:21:00] debilitating at times.

Yeah. And that's the thing, right? This spiritual revolution or the new earth, or whatever you wanna call it, that we're building, it's like we do it from within, not externally. Yes. Even though we've been taught everywhere we look to look outside of ourselves. So this really is that moment to be like no, you gotta go in here

Then and 

Robyn: to your point of feeling it, I think, how could we not have this type of. Reaction or feeling after our lives were really uprooted in 2020. It's like when you go through some sort of trauma, and I think in our case it was a collective trauma or, globally, we all had to really change our everyday lives.

 It's kind a metaphor for other things in life. We go through these even individually major losses or changes and that's the transformation is in the 

Stevie: work.

Yes. . And 

Karen: it's a flip way of looking at things too. You can actually say instead of it being really shitty right now, it's eh, I'm doing the work I love that you're doing the work. And because that's what it's there [00:22:00] for. And we can, make the choice to lean in or to avoid, it's always your choice.

Yep. But it's in the, it's in the leaning in that you actually get the work 

Stevie: done. Yeah. That's like why we're here as a human 

Robyn: and Stevie, you help give us that bird's eye view. Honestly, even though we're in this spiritual work on a daily basis.

I actually needed to hear it that way, I think, to help make sense of this past year. So I'm so grateful to have that perspective. And I'm hoping that whomever is listening right now, it's helping you too. 

Karen: Something came to me, it's like having this astrological perspective is almost like having the weather forecast, right?

It's like, it may be that way, it may vary a little bit, but if, you know the rain is gonna come, you can bring the umbrella. If you know it's gonna be a sunny day, you know why you can feel into it. It's just having that understanding of what's going on around you just so helps you navigate 

Stevie: Your day to day.

It does, It helps you just let go and just be in it, there's. When we hold on so tightly, it's like when we really suffer versus just being like, I [00:23:00] trust it's fine. It's all good. Even what is not. 

Robyn: Yes. very much. Then second half of the year, once Mars, let's say gets out of its retro grade what will the feel, will there be a lighter feel in that second half, 

Stevie: Yeah. It's interesting. So Mars will go direct, I think it's on the 13th of January, the 12th, something like that. But he'll still be in Gemini for a couple months. So we're still walking the path that we walk since August. So from August until March we're in this and this is just one planet, right? 

Robyn: One piece. And what is Mars rule for those listening? 

Stevie: What is Mars? He rules our action, our drive, our passion. He's like our masculine side that like wants to go and move forward. So we've all like literally been like, oh yeah, you can't, cuz you're in molasses and you can't walk very fast. . So that 

Robyn: honestly oh, 

Karen: people need this information. 

Robyn: Yeah. Especially when you just said starting in August. Cuz that's really where we started to feel ourselves. What the holy hell . 

Stevie: Yes. Yes. And the interesting part is [00:24:00] because it's in Gemini, it's all about relearning. taking in information that you did, but differently 

and having your clipboard and being the student essentially. , something else to learn here, and there's more conversations to be had. There's more or not. Maybe you need to go inward, maybe you need to have less conversation to just let yourself be but there's something to relearn.

And that can also be a bit frustrating. Anytime a planet is retrograde, we can all get frustrated because it's not going the way we want it. Yeah. The second half of the year though is interesting because one more thing about the first half of the year that I wanted to mention is that Jupiter will be in Aries starting in December actually, of 2022, all the way through May.

And we got a taste of that this year. But for the most part Jupiter was in Pisces. So in Aries it's all about expansion of the self healing, the self being brave, being sovereign Really taking your personal power back and healing yourself. But from a place of ah, not tension, not roadblocks, just oh, this is so expansive for me.

And also just the energy around being really [00:25:00] excited to start new things and pioneer new things and move forward. So that will be the flavor of the first half of the year too, which is nice. Yes. , 

Karen: you said starting December, so that's 

Stevie: now? Yes, it's on the solstice So that's a very potent day too. Jupiter always brings a lot of Expansion and growth, so I always like to call him Santa Claus cuz he brings gifts. , I love that He can sometimes overdo it, it's fine. Sometimes we need to overdo it.

Yes. And Jupiter and Saturn are very social planets, so they give us a view of what the collective will be going through socially, so in May he moves into Taurus and spends the rest of the year in and that is going to echo a lot of the, to things we were talking about.

Like what do we value our money systems our economy, our food structures and our senses too, like embodiment, being in the body, enjoying nature, enjoying food, enjoying anything that's like sensual pleasure. So those things will feel really good. And this is also really good news for the earth for.

Healing and it might [00:26:00] bring in some new innovative ideas around our food, our money, maybe it's cryptocurrency. Maybe it's something else we don't even know about. So that's a nice thing too, a nice energy to be in. So really from May until the rest of the year, it's very indulgent.

 Like Taurus just wants to eat the piece of chocolate and, make the beautiful things and just enjoy the so that will also feel really good in our body, especially after being on this rollercoaster of being forced into the body . Yeah. And it will help everyone ask yourself those questions.

What do I value and how do I wanna put my energy into that, into prioritizing what I actually want in my life. And then July we have a really big shift. That's when the nodes change from Taurus, Scorpio into Aries. And Libra. And like I mentioned before, this is collective shadow and then where we're headed, so what we're letting go of and what we're moving into.

So this is a complete rebalancing and re harmonizing because the shadow is in Libra. So we're gonna see where we've been out of balance in relationship with the earth anywhere. Wow. [00:27:00] And it'll probably bring up things like people pleasing and boundaries and what's good for you. And it's, it will probably bring up relationship endings and beginnings because people will start to realize this mirror that they've been looking at isn't quite the one that makes them feel in harmony or, . Also Libra is the sign of justice and seeing two sides of a story. So it will bring justice to light, like where things have been off balance with that too, for the people and Just in general, their justice system. So that's a really big shift. Anytime in the node shift, everyone's like, what's going on

So we have really big shifts next year. Yeah. 

Robyn: And when the node shift, just as you were talking about what we were dealing with in 2022, is it a year long thing or is it longer? 

Stevie: It's 18 and a half months, I think. Okay. Don't quote me on that, but I think it's around 18 months. So all of 2022 was one set of nodes and then we get halfway through the year is where the shift happens.

So Yeah. And that's Libra Aries are cardinal signs, so [00:28:00] they're signs that want to take action and move forward and not just talk about it, not just sit in your trauma and they'll get some things done essentially because Taurus Scorpio are fixed signs and that just means that they stand still.

So like in order to do the work, you gotta go in and down and 

Robyn: And it, that definitely makes sense with everything else you've said about 2022, Being in it and with everything else going on. So it feels like 2023 is gonna feel very different.

It will, especially 

Stevie: after March, it seems yep. And then things go back, like Pluto goes back into Capricorn. I think that was in June. And so we'll have to sweep up the last signs of Capricorn, which I know lots of people are talking about, like the USA's Pluto return. So I won't even go into that cuz so many astrologists are talking about it.

But it's like a reconciliation of the United States's power and how we built our structures and systems. So we're. Go back into that and sweep it up. that's the ending part. So taste of new beginnings but all, the work isn't quite done yet, so from June until the [00:29:00] end of the year Pluto will be in Capricorn for the last time until 2024.


Robyn: Yeah, 

Karen: it's interesting cause from a planet perspective, it feels like with this coming in of this Aquarius energy and this community energy and the spiritual energy, that it can lead to that. And I love how the second half of the year is all about how to take action on that and how to carry that forward.

It just feels like there's such an opportunity in 2023 to really, it just feels feels lighter. It feels like there'll be more light to share and offer the world. So 

Stevie: It's like a rebirth. Yeah. When the nodes go, cuz if the North note will be in Aries and that's the sign of the new, it's like their fresh start, the first sign of the zodiac.

it's the sign of spring. and now we're rebirth . But in order to do that, there's still that Libra shadow work, which is what relationships are you choosing? So where are you out of balance? So I think a lot of people are going to change a lot still in 2023, especially the people that they're choosing in the second half of the year to have as their mirrors.

And that's, that also includes like relationship work from your [00:30:00] ancestry and it's endless . 

Karen: But what's 

Robyn: so 

Karen: About. Vision that you're giving us for 2023 is that it is, it's sharing a common thread among all of us, even though we have our own individual astrological signs and profiles, this reminds us how we're all going through the same thing as a collective, 

Stevie: which I love.

Yeah, it's so true. And also it's up to us, right? Whatever we give energy to is what creates our reality. So whatever we pay attention to in our own lives and wherever is like what actually will manifest collectively as that collective energy. So I always like to remind myself wait a minute.

 we came here to be the creators . We can do whatever we want. We could make this whole like structure crumbling and new earth, as fast or as slow as we want, right? it's totally up to us. it depends on where we're giving our energy. . That's like a hard thing to remember because, 

Robyn: No one talks about that enough, and so it's important for people to keep it in mind. they are choices, right? Where are you putting that energy? And then where are we putting it collectively? [00:31:00] Yeah. 

Stevie: Yeah. Cuz if you're always looking at the bad stuff and, ex I what do you think is gonna happen?

It's just like you're a magnet to whatever you're putting your energy in. And also deeper than that, like what you believe about yourself. Do you believe that humanity can come together and be united and take care of each other and have free energy and like Yeah. That's completely a possibility.

Or do you believe that AI's gonna take over the world and the corporations are gonna eat us alive? Sure. True . Both are, both could be. . 

Robyn: Yeah. It's where you gonna choose to put your energy in terms of 

Stevie: your own thoughts. Yeah. And we're so powerful. We are, 

Robyn: And I think, on that individual level, are you gonna get up every day and choose to be happy?

Or choose joy, choose kindness. You, that's your choice. I think of that every day. And yes, , we can choose fear very easily. It's a lot of things to be fearful of, but it's a choice to not, it's actually, so I sometimes think it is harder to choose the joy and choose gratitude.

Oh, for sure. I do. However, I know for [00:32:00] myself, I make that choice every single day. Every single day I wake up and make the choice, even though sometimes who knows what our dreams have brought us. But you wake up and you're a little groggy, or you're. Freaked out by a dream, you can still make the choice to say, okay, that was a dream, and now I'm gonna choose to be grateful for today.

And a new opportunity. Yeah. to make new friends, to learn something new, whatever it 

Stevie: is. Yeah, absolutely. And I think fear can be a really good teacher in the moment, oh, hi, yes. I'm gonna give you a seat at the table and you're, I'm gonna all know that this is scary.

But it's also, you're not gonna drive the bus. So sit there, , stay there and I'm gonna choose this instead and honor myself in this process. And we get to really pick that. we've just never really been taught how powerful we are. In fact, we've been told that we are supposed to give our power to everything else.

So yes, hopefully that also will come to with this energy of 2023, we'll start to. , Hey, power to the people. Remember, like you guys can take it back and make whatever you want. A reality essentially. . Cause this is just the river bank, , the energy is [00:33:00] just that part. So whatever happens in between is completely up to us.

And I have to remind myself of that all the time. Because even astrology, you can give your power away, I think that's a really good point, 

Robyn: Stevie. Yeah. 

Karen: Yeah, because your astrological chart is not a crystal ball. It's just a potentiality of what can happen and you are always in the driver's seat of making the choice.

Absolutely. So even though all of these things are potentialities in the world, it's really on you to decide. 

Stevie: Yeah, totally. 

Karen: I can see how a lot of people and people have actually said to us even before, it's oh, once you know that you're a Leo in this, it almost brands you in a certain way and it makes you make choices in a certain way based on that.

 And talk to that. What do you say to people when they say that to you? 

Stevie: I think that like you have certain things in your chart, right? Like your sun signed, for example we're so much more than that. We are like, oh my word is that just one piece of the puzzle,

 In fact, I like to argue like that isn't even the most I potent piece at all. It's just where you get life force energy and how you present yourself in the world [00:34:00] externally. But you have so many other pieces and parts and so many, at least through my belief, lifetime's worth of things you brought in and gifts and challenges.

And it's just I think and within that you. A Leo can be very, just for example, really aggressive and the life of the party in a really bad way where they're trying to seek attention because they're insecure, or they can be the most alive, invigorating, inspiring human that ever walked into the room and just give life force energy to people.

So it's not, it's just like a, there are little personality pieces inside of you. . And you can, again, it's comes back to that choice of how you wanna use them. And some people have certain things that are a little easier than others. Some people have more challenge. But I always like to think of that too as I chose these challenges.

We don't wanna give our power away. Ever. . 

Robyn: Exactly to that point of choice, which again, I don't think, some people may have never heard this. I know we've talked about it amongst ourselves on other episodes with you, Stevie and other episodes in general, , We signed up to be in this lifetime and we made certain choices, [00:35:00] even we believe, before we came in here so that we could learn certain lessons.

As hard as they may seem in the moment when you look back, as we talked about in this episode, you look back with gratitude because you see how far you've evolved or changed or what you've learned from that, right? into this 

Stevie: lifetime.

And that right there for me has been one of the most game changing beliefs I've ever embodied is because, cuz then I don't give my power away and I'm not a victim of anything. Yes. And you it's, that's so important, right? Oh my responsibility. Huge. 

Robyn: I think that's huge. I love that you said the victim, right?

We don't, we can choose to not be a victim. 

Karen: and even ask the question differently. So many people myself include like why does this have to happen to me? Or why did this happen to me? And instead of looking at it from a place of being powerless, think about it from a place of being powerful.

Like why? there is a reason. There absolutely is. And it just totally changes the dynamic of the [00:36:00] emotion in that moment. Yes. 

Stevie: It really does. Your point earlier, what 

Karen: will come afterwards. And so if you can in that moment, as hard as it can be, just choose for just a second to try to look at it from that perspective.

Everything can shift. Yeah, exactly. And they learn so, so much that you never would've thought of. 

Stevie: Yeah. And then even maybe if you don't in that moment, maybe down the road, you're like, oh yes, exactly thing about your aunt. It's I get it. This is why. I can trust my higher self, I can trust that this path is here to teach me and I signed up for these certain yes box or whatever you wanna call them, yeah. 

Karen: And those are the most inspiring stories always. When somebody has been through the most horrific thing, , seemingly nonsensical thing. Yeah. And yet they're find a way to try and over it to learn from it, and then ideally even teach other people. 

Oh, I get so inspired by these conversations. 

Robyn: And I feel one of the questions we wanted to ask you was, what is something that someone in the new year can do to really incorporate astrology into their everyday? And I actually [00:37:00] think we've given people several different ways, but is there anything else that comes to mind for you that is a simple 

Stevie: practice?

 oh, there's a lot. let me just say two , cause I can't just say one. Great. So we'll take that . I think you don't have to know the very much about astrology to watch the pattern, but there's a reason why Thanksgiving is Sagittarius season. It's because let's be grateful and let's have fun and tell stories.

Or there's a reason why the new year starts and it's Capricorn season and it feels that way. it's not just the season itself, it's the energy of the season. So I think following the sun is something that's really helpful. And it's 30 days and 12 signs, so you could even just, okay, it's Sagittarius season, what is Sagittarius?

And then you look up what that energy holds and then you can flow with the season. If it's a fire season, you can get lit up. If it's a water season, it's. Time to feel your feelings. If it's an earth season, you can get things done. There's a reason why, Virgo season feels everyone's getting into the routines and back to school and it just flows.

So I think astrology is really here to help us use [00:38:00] the cycles, use the seasons for the times and stop trying to push yourself when the flow isn't there. And that's really one of my biggest passions ever, . 

Robyn: And you actually do such a good job on your social channels where you cover that or even in your newsletters.

So people should follow you for that you always do that at the beginning 

Stevie: of each cycle. Yeah. I really like to understand the pull down of energy and then what do you do with it? What is the practical, earthy, human thing to do with this, so yeah, following the sun, and the equinoxes and the solstice, those are very sacred days.

The wheel of the year, honoring them, I'm definitely teaching my daughter how important the winter solstice is and what it signifies. And just those days are very sacred because the sun's movement, the sun is our life force. It's literally divine God. That's what it is, right?

Without it, we're nothing. And so honoring the sun cycle I think is really important. And just getting into the sun, , yes, it is life force, it heals us. I have so much to say about that, but just in general, following the sun cycle and what every season holds for you.

And it's different for everybody, Cuz your chart is lit up by [00:39:00] the sun in different places throughout the whole wheel. But you can watch your own pattern. Like why do you feel really tired during a certain season? . And if that's true, maybe you give yourself more cushion to rest during that season, cause you will notice and you could even journal it if you want.

Okay, for this 30 days is how I felt. And watch the patterning cuz you don't need to be an astrology or to watch your patterns . And the other thing is the moon. Those are our two luminaries. So the sun is like life force and the moon is our feeling body and really affects us. So watching the patterns of the moon, you can download I think it's called the Full Moon app, where you can even go to astro a s t r and just look at the little icons and see what sign the moon is in.

Again, you don't have to know anything about astrology. You could even make a little journal and be like, okay, the moon's in cancer and I feel this, and again, with the moon, if it's in a water sign, it's feeling or a sign it's doing. But you'll notice your own pattern. . Is the moon full? Is it new?

Is it crescent? Just watch it because everyone's very different. Yeah. Some people feel really good under a full moon. Some people hate it, and it depends on [00:40:00] what phase you were born under. So yeah, those are just some, following the moon in the sun some . Something to really always, I think that's very helpful in watching your own patterns.

And even just setting intentions with the new moon and when the full moon comes, something's illuminated about that intention. And we can really create with the planets if we do this, we can find our flow, oh, love 

Robyn: that. That's so beautiful. I love that practice. And it's interesting, I think a lot of people may have heard of following the.

 And what sign it's in, but not necessarily the moon and what sign it's in for whatever reason. I just feel like that's not as common in terms of 

Stevie: how people speak about. Yeah. And the moon changes signs every two and a half days. So we are, yes. And then it changes phases every three, three and a half days.

So we're constantly ebbing and flowing with her. So there's reasons why on a Capricorn moon, for me, they feel amazing. But for my sister, it's terrible. It's just like I'm now gonna really 

Robyn: pay attention to that. Because I do I was aware of it, but I didn't really pay attention to the patterns in terms of s my feeling.

And so your [00:41:00] point of how that makes you feel Is important. 

Stevie: And you'll definitely. I notice it in my family. I notice when things are come, I'm like, oh, today's gonna be this, or a flavor of this . And Yep. 

Karen: Because the, the moon, we're not always conscious of the moon, cuz we're, it's the end of our day.

We're sleeping, we don't often pay attention to it like we do the sun. 

Stevie: Yeah. And she really will pull and push us emotionally where the sun is just oh, here's life force and here's, it's different. It's very different. Oh, those were good. 

Robyn: We're excited to hear about what your new offering, it's not really new anymore.

You've been doing it this past year. can you tell everybody what you've been working on and how you've been working with people and what is your sole blueprint? Alchemy program? Yeah. 

Stevie: I would love to. I was doing readings for a long time and I love my readings and sometimes I get to talk to people multiple times in the year.

But I just don't know what happens to them after it's over. And I wanted to go way deeper with people. And I had clients being like when do we get to talk again? ? I was like, I don't know whenever you want. So I started working with a mentor [00:42:00] actually. And I created a program called the Soul Blueprint Alchemy Program.

And it's a four month long program where we get to talk almost once a week for four months. So we get to do like quantum leaping together. We get to change your reality and we really go into the belief, what your beliefs are in yourself, like your identity, so a soul blueprint is essentially your birth chart and it.

We were talking about earlier holds all those different personalities inside of you. So how does your mind work? Where does your drive at? How does your emotional body function? Where do you get roadblocked? Where do you wanna feel free? The blueprint really shows us all of these things. And then within that, they're activated differently throughout years, days, whatever, weeks.

So the program itself, we get to talk about where are the retrogrades in your chart? where in your life are you going backwards? What does an eclipse mean for you? And then within that, there's also a big part of my program where you get to learn about every single part of you. So in a reading, you get to know a little bit about your moon, a little bit about your rising, but we get to talk for a whole hour about them.

And there's, you could talk for hours [00:43:00] and hours about one placement in a chart. There's so much depth to it. So it's really a program where you get to know yourself on a very deep level. Probably more than you ever will . It's like a magnifying glass to every passenger on your bus. And then also every week we talk about what's going on this week astrologically for you?

If there's a certain day that they're doing something hard, what does that mean? Where's the moon? where's the flow? So it's been the most beautiful, rewarding work I've ever done because people literally walk away, very different people, it's true alchemy and that's what I really was trying to, I want the drama , I wanna really help transform cause I really care Yeah. 

Robyn: Yeah. And 

Karen: there's a level of not only the depth of understanding, but accountability for it, right? Yeah. Because it kinda puts you on a journey for that period of time to really learn about yourself. Imagine that, And had this sort of hidden treasure map which you have. To our souls and why we are the way we are and why things in the world impact us that way.

Are there certain types of people that should really consider doing this at certain points in their lives [00:44:00] or is it just generally for everybody who's 

Stevie: looking to know? I would say that most of my clients are women. Often business owners, I think just cuz I am. And so that's just usually teach who what you've been through.

But I think it's mostly for people that really want to live a life without judgment of self, without in the confines of our social structures. They of wanna go their own way and live them more authentically and more in flow. And so often people will come to me and they're just like, I'm at the edge of the cliff and I really just wanna jump, but I need.

Help need a parachute and some information. And so then we jump and then you know, it, it can be as dramatic as leaving a very abusive relationship for years. or it could just be you want to change careers or literally you just want to feel better when you wake up. Know yourself enough to have compassion.

And my favorite thing is to get to the, like I was saying earlier, get to the belief of whatever your beliefs are that are ingrained in you. Cuz those are really what create the thoughts which create the emotions, which then creates your reality is, it's how it works, so how do we get to the root [00:45:00] of why you feel that way and then really understand it and give it a voice so that we can flip it on its head, it's been amazing, like truly. 

Karen: I I love the way you put that because, our beliefs create this false 

Stevie: self Yes, exactly. That, that we think 

Karen: is ourself right. And this ability to go back to this blueprint and see at our root who we are Yeah. And what we got for ourselves, that does let you see yourself in a completely 

Stevie: different, and it's been so cool because my intuitive gifts have really turned way up.

And so I've been seeing people's past lives, I've been seeing images, it's very random. And I've just opened myself up to the intuitive side of it, which you won't be able to necessarily describe intellectually in a soul blueprint, in a birth chart, so that's been amazing because we have, I get to build trust with people and security, and so it's just been so rewarding.

And you've always 

Robyn: had that intuitive. Side of you, which I think, I know I can speak for Karen. I think when we have our own readings with [00:46:00] you that comes out and you're so gifted at your knowledge of astrology and the way that you interpret it, but then you are also able to use those intuitive gifts and so when you are actually giving the reading, because you're using those intuitive gifts, you know exactly which things to highlight and how to articulate them, which is a gift, not every, you can know astrology, but without that intuitive part it may not feel as personal, And I think 

Karen: I was just gonna say the exact same thing, like every single reading that you do for people who've had readings with other, there are amazing astrologers out there, but there are who know the science and who know how to interpret very well. And that's always helpful.

But I think what I've always seen with you, Stevie, is you have this softness when you do your reading and it doesn't assume or imply or state effect as a fact, you always are feeling your way through the reading. You always stop and ask, does that make sense to you? Does that feel [00:47:00] right to you?

 It's a two way conversation. It's not like you're just reading it and handing the information over to someone, which I feel is so important because then you react even more to that person's. Feeling about what they're going through, not just the situation from an astrological perspective.

If that makes sense. There's always that for saying that. That's it's really true. It just feels like such a a loving kind of experience, if I can put it that way. it really does 

Stevie: feel that way. Thank you. I think it's really important as astrologers to be really mindful of the language that we use because we were talking about earlier, you could say something and then someone takes it as oh, this is a bad thing.

And it's so important to have integrity with knowing how with any spiritual worker, right? What you say has such potency and honoring cuz we have no idea. I can see things, even psychics, right? You can see things. You can see energies, you can, but you have no idea what their experience, how they experience that thing and what is the actual medicine that they need to.

See it from a higher perspective or whatever, just feel it or so really honoring [00:48:00] people's experiences I think is really important. And taking your word with, I don't even know how to describe it, but you know what I'm saying? it's important. . It's taking, it's being 

Robyn: responsible.

It is being responsible. And I think just talking about your program, I feel like what a gift for somebody, because I know what your readings can do for I know my own life to others that I love who've had readings with you. And to then have that and being able to dig into it on a weekly basis, you would really learn so much more about yourself and where you're going.

 I just think for anybody who is looking to dive deeper and or they're on that edge or feel stuck, honestly. Yeah. I feel like that's another way to utilize that type of program. 

Stevie: Most definitely. Because often people will come in and be like, I hate my job, don't like my business anymore.

And I know it's not actually really about that. That's the external thing that's playing out, but it's not really about that. And then by the end, maybe they didn't completely change jobs or get a whole [00:49:00] new business, but the way that they see it is completely different. And then that's what creates your reality and that's how you find your joy and what we were talking about earlier, like how you can wake up feeling different Yes.

Than you did before. It's all new perspective. Exactly. 

Karen: And I think the other thing too if people are just starting to dabble more into these spiritual modalities, astrology is such a comfortable place to begin because there is so much science to it. There is so much validity to it, tangibility, things that they can actually really do.

And I think it's just a great place for people to start if they're looking to 

Stevie: explore and go deeper. And it like comes back to how ancient it is. It's like one of the most ancient . Yes. And we're still learning we're still finding asteroids and planets and dwarf planets and like even modern astrology in that way, it it's never ending.

Like as our consciousness expands we're finding new energetic bodies. It's 

Robyn: Yeah, you're right. Which is really It's so exciting. Yeah. That's so true. And to your point of it being I'm always so fascinated at the different. Sites that are [00:50:00] continually found that show how people, thousands of years ago were utilizing astrology.

they were maybe on the winter solstice, something would hit a specific rock formation. Yeah. And it's so clear now because we have the proof because it's happened now for as long as we've been alive. 

Stevie: Yeah, 

Karen: and as human beings, I feel it, it makes us feel special to know that we came in with. Soul Plan, this blueprint that we've created for ourselves, it doesn't make us feel as random and that happen to us as random.

It just really gives us a totally different meaning. And I also love that this is so ancient, and yet it, it brings in that one of my favorite words is wonder this wonder of how did they know, how did they understand and use this science to help them in their lives and yet still use it with such trust and faith to plant, garden or fields, right?

Or create whole cities around, where the stars told them. It's just the whole thing to me is just so fascinating. 

Stevie: And [00:51:00] they were like so much more in flow, right? That's right. Natural cycles and how far we've swung. So true. And even astrology explains that, right?

Our actual solar system is traveling through certain parts of the universe, and some of them are darker and some of them are lighter, and we're heading into a lighter portion. So it means things are gonna become illuminated. And it's just even that, right? It's not wrong or bad, it just was part of the cycle of the swing.


Robyn: It's helpful. Yeah. And to your point, when we look where we are right now and entering 2023, there's so much distraction to take us out of that flow. It's actually in, in many ways and I think, which is why we're seeing so much change to get us back into flow, but it's actually harder because we've become so reliant on so much to help us on a day to day basis, rather than just being with earth and with the energy and aware.

Stevie: Yeah. It's fascinating, right? all the answers are in the natural cycle. Like when the leaves fall, we should be shedding and when [00:52:00] the, oh my goodness. Like all of it's just hello. It's right there out your window, but you're right. Is it is harder. It is. Cuz we're faster and we're busier and we're exactly 

Robyn: like, there's so much more, even when I think about how I grew up, Versus how my daughter's growing up and what I was doing at her age, or, what we did and didn't have, right? We didn't have the internet , I didn't grow up with the internet until I was in college. So it was literally you, like you could watch TV or read a book or go outside and play with your friends, maybe talk on the phone. So it was just so different. when you look at that, you look at our different generations and how they grow up, of course it's going to be different. Our children are growing up with so much more round, which has taken them, I think, out of 

Stevie: flow.

Yeah. And also like to the point about the different generations, they're coded differently. Because they're Pluto. That 

Robyn: is so true. 

Stevie: So they're like, chose to come have this con certain experience. But that's where like that those things merge. Like getting back into the flow, but then still having technology.

Yes, that's right. Like 

Robyn: How do you integrate 

Stevie: it? [00:53:00] Yeah. Cause it's here and no matter what. Correct. That's the trajectory we're going on. And these kids are, I think they're not, I don't wanna use the word programmed, but they're blueprint. , their activations or whatever you wanna call it are meant for that.

Robyn: Agree. I actually use that word. I know it's weird, but I use that word program 

Stevie: too, . Yeah. It is true program. Yeah. 

Karen: now with this year ahead, how it's giving us this opportunity to swing back in the other direction. Yes. Back to that ancient technology again.

And I think there's no coincidence that there is now such a fascination and wanting to go back in that direction because people know that it's just, we've just gotten too far out of that flow. Yeah. And that's what we're feeling disconnected and lost and all this things we're so far away from the earth and the stars and the basics of the earth that are part of us, we're part of it.

And it's part of us. 

Stevie: And I think understanding how we're all made of energy and how we work with that will like Exactly. Yes. Because then it will explain spirituality, right? can't, not. 

Robyn: Yes. we always talk about energy and vibration, we know that [00:54:00] everything has vibration, Everything has energy, literally everything. And if we can from a technological perspective, if we can start to literally show it, if you could show somebody, look at this, look at the energy vibration of this, and then it will give more validity to everything. 

Stevie: So true. it's just interesting, infrared lighting, I've been playing with that and okay, so we don't have very much sun or you need this, or we have a lot of electronic stuff coming at us all the time.

So I've been wearing these glasses that when the sun goes down to mimic the sun circadian rhythm so that my circadian rhythm is inflow with hers. So like I'm still on my screen, but now my eyes aren't taking in the light in the same way. . And so that's what I mean. Like we can still have all of these things, but we're gonna get smarter about how to work with them and not make our bodies be like, ah,

Cause we can't handle the influx all the time, yes. So that I'm super excited about how those things mesh together. Cause technology's not going away, we're so connected. That's part of the age of Aquarius, is to be fully connected with someone anywhere across the [00:55:00] world.

So that information highway, yes. Yeah. Which has 

Robyn: sped up clearly for most people in the last few years. Yeah. Wow. Oh my God. we could talk to you all day. I know. 

Stevie: Me too. So 

Karen: well, we're just gonna make this pack that every year at this. We're gonna get back together. Yes. And see how the year went, what we thought, and the lessons we learned.

Cause we, that's what it's all about. Yeah. We need to do that. But I love what you've shared with us. It feels hopeful and light and expansive and the opportunity to get back to that ancient technology. I love that, it just is bringing everything together that we love and love talking about.

Stevie: So thank you so much. It was a joy. Thank 

Robyn: you. And really looking forward to 2023 and seeing what it brings for all of us and hopefully more working together. Thank you Stevie. 

Stevie: Yeah, thank you. 

Robyn: If you wanna find out more about the Sole Blueprint Alchemy program and working with Stevie, visit farmhouse

That's F A R M H [00:56:00] O U S E M O 

 O You can also follow Stevie at Farmhouse Moon on Instagram. Thank you. 

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