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Guidance from A Psychic Channeler That Will Change Your Every Day - Episode 69

June 26, 2023 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Laura O’Malley Season 2 Episode 69
Guidance from A Psychic Channeler That Will Change Your Every Day - Episode 69
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Guidance from A Psychic Channeler That Will Change Your Every Day - Episode 69
Jun 26, 2023 Season 2 Episode 69
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Laura O’Malley

Ok, so today we’re going to go THERE. We soooo are. We’re talking about psychic channeling, energy clearing and tuning into Universal guidance and messages that are available to help us make the most of our time here on Earth..

Meet psychic channeler and energy alignment intuitive Laura O’Malley. Back in 2014, Laura was teaching elementary school and she had everything she needed and wanted. The job. The husband. The kids. The house. Her life looked picture-perfect and YET, she had never felt worse. And that is the beginning of this chapter of her story. She will tell you how she went from that to now channeling Spirit for individuals and the masses…and facilitating energy clearings. It is a magical unfolding!

We dive into how all of this works – and Laura even introduces us to the collective Spirit that flows through her. We believe you’ll hear just what you need to. There’s such divine love and support all around us if we’re open to receiving it.

Laura knows that this miracle, this connection, is available to every single one of us!  Laura is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness. She loves what she does, is committed to bringing happiness + enlightenment to all those who find her.

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Laura hosts "In the Light" on News for the Soul the first and third Tuesday of the month  4pm -5pm CST.

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Ok, so today we’re going to go THERE. We soooo are. We’re talking about psychic channeling, energy clearing and tuning into Universal guidance and messages that are available to help us make the most of our time here on Earth..

Meet psychic channeler and energy alignment intuitive Laura O’Malley. Back in 2014, Laura was teaching elementary school and she had everything she needed and wanted. The job. The husband. The kids. The house. Her life looked picture-perfect and YET, she had never felt worse. And that is the beginning of this chapter of her story. She will tell you how she went from that to now channeling Spirit for individuals and the masses…and facilitating energy clearings. It is a magical unfolding!

We dive into how all of this works – and Laura even introduces us to the collective Spirit that flows through her. We believe you’ll hear just what you need to. There’s such divine love and support all around us if we’re open to receiving it.

Laura knows that this miracle, this connection, is available to every single one of us!  Laura is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness. She loves what she does, is committed to bringing happiness + enlightenment to all those who find her.

Visit to find out about working with Laura.
Laura hosts "In the Light" on News for the Soul the first and third Tuesday of the month  4pm -5pm CST.

Watch Laura channeling Dearest, The Council of Light and The Lumineers for guidance that applies to all of us on Instagram @get.into.the.light and on YouTube.

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Robyn: [00:00:00] I'm Robyn Miller Brecker, 

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Robyn: okay, 


today we're going to go there. We so are, we're going to talk about psychic channeling, energy clearing and tuning into universal guidance and messages that are available to help us make the most of our time here on earth as humans [00:01:00] meet psychic channeler and energy alignment intuitive.

Laura O'Malley. Back in 2014, Laura was teaching elementary school and she had everything she needed and wanted the job, the husband, the kids, the house, her life looked picture perfect, and yet she had never felt worse. And that is the beginning of this chapter of her story. She will tell you how she went from that to now channeling spirit for individuals and the masses and facilitating energy clearings.

It is a magical and unfolding, and we're going to dive into how all of this works, and Laura May even introduce us to the collective spirit that flows through her. I had the honor of experiencing Laura's ability. I had the honor of experiencing Laura's ability firsthand, and I received guidance that my soul so needed to hear.

We believe that you'll hear just what you need as well. There's such divine love and support all around us if we're open to receiving it. Laura knows that this miracle, this connection is [00:02:00] available to every single one of us. Is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness.

She loves what she does and is committed to bringing happiness and alignment to all those who find her. Let's meet the 



light. Laura. Hi. Hello. I love the words Robyn chose for your introduction, the brightest, 

shiniest light.

Karen: It's so true. Thank you. I try and your 

Robyn: laugh is infectious. Your energy is it's I can't explain it. It's it may, it's like being in the warmth of the sun. 

Laura: I'll tell you, it is intentional and it's purposeful because for so much of my life, I did not seek this energetic stance.

I honestly thought that 

Karen: if I was 

Laura: unhappy enough, I think maybe like 

God would feel sorry for me and nothing bad would happen to me.[00:03:00] '

Karen: I think a lot of people feel that way. 

Robyn: And they're not able 

to articulate 

Karen: it in that 

Laura: way.

No. I don't think I was until I got out of it. And then once I got out of it and I knew it was going to be okay, and it was where I was actually supposed to be, then I was. 

Oh, what was I doing all of those years. It's 

ok. Cause that was all purposeful also. 

Robyn: Yes. So 

Karen: tell us, 

Robyn: how did this transformation happen?

Let's go back to when it all started 

Laura: so it started I was, in and out of happiness, but at some point I started to just be so unhappy all the time. And nothing that I was doing was bringing me joy and it was getting worse and worse. And I was keeping it secret because, Everything looked so good and I had so much guilt what is wrong with me?

I see people that are struggling on a daily basis and I have everything and I feel terrible. And so that's where it started. It was very confusing. And as I [00:04:00] continued to forge forward, not listening to my guidance system, which is so clear to me now that I understand what a guidance system is, 

and we can talk about that in a little while.

Once I started recognizing just what that was, everything changed for me because I was living completely from a place of fear. Every single thought that was going through my mind every day was literally rooted in fear and my guides. Were trying to rescue me from it. And they were sending me breadcrumbs.

They were sending me bricks in the face, like literally. And I wasn't paying attention because I didn't understand it. And my husband actually brought me to this place by making me go to the library one day and get these books outta the library, which talked about meditation. And that was the beginning of the upswing.

But prior to that, there was a lot going on physically. I was seeking all kinds of, help [00:05:00] from doctors. And I went from doctor, after doctor. I was dizzy, I was exhausted. It was so awful when I think back to it and nobody had an answer. Everybody thought I was crazy. They all just kept telling me, there's nothing wrong with you.

 So I knew something was wrong with me. I just didn't know. What, 

Karen: Laura, were you spiritual 

at the time? Were you starting from a spiritual place or did you go on the doctor route first 

Laura: Definite doctor route. Because when you're in fear, I don't think that there's much spirituality.

You might have the perspective of spirituality when you're sitting in fear, but it's not real. It's programmed information that we've been taught about what we should do or how we should be or what our lives should look like or how we should act. And it's coming from the outside and not from the inside.

And that's the difference. So 

Robyn: I know when we spoke, and you talked about that library experience which actually wasn't so common for you and your husband. 

Laura: Yeah. Zero, zero. Never had this happened before. [00:06:00] I had been to the library hundreds and hundreds of times in the 20 plus years we lived in our neighborhood.

He, I don't think had ever gone to the library. And so it was very strange when he said to me, because we were getting ready to go , on a trip to Mexico, let's go get books at the library. He always bought them in the airport. And I said, I already have my book. And he said I don't have a book.

Come with me. And I said, you go, I have my books. And he said, I don't have a library card. And I said, you can get a library card. And he said, just come with me. And I said, here's my library card. Oh. He actually, I think, Said some expletives there and said, come to the 

Karen: library with me.


Laura: I did. And they were using him to get my butt to the library. And next thing I knew, I'm sitting on the floor. I have no memory of how I got there. I was upstairs in the library where I had never been before in the nonfiction area and sitting in front of a shelf full of books on psychics.

And I was like huh. And then I looked at a few, I pulled them out, I [00:07:00] decided, okay, this looks good. I'm gonna bring it home. And that was just the beginning, but definitely was the switch that turned everything on. 

Karen: So what was it in those books that changed everything? 

Laura: It was a James Van Prague book.

 It wasn't as much the information I had heard about psychics. I was familiar with it. I wanted to believe it. I think I believed it. I'm not certain I believed it, but it sounded good and it felt good and I liked the idea of it. But in the end of his book, he gave some suggestions and one of the suggestions was about meditating.

And so I had tried meditation before. I remember sitting and trying to meditate and not really understanding what it meant and feeling like a rock concert was going on in my head. Literally, I would be like, ah, I can't do this, because I thought I was supposed to be thinking about nothing. And it was like, so I dropped it.

. I can't recall exactly what he said or if perhaps I wasn't ready at the time, and now I was ready. I [00:08:00] sat down, I started meditating, and the place that I went to, there was really nothing going on there, but I wasn't feeling the depression. I wasn't feeling the anxiety.

And all I knew was, oh my God, I don't feel that right here. And so it was 15 minutes, it was 20 minutes, it was an hour, it was two hours, it was three hours. probably, within about a week and a half, I was meditating two to three hours a day because that was my escape from this horrible feeling that I was feeling all the rest of the time.

Karen: Three hours. That's pretty incredible. 

Laura: oh, my husband thought I was bananas.

Karen: Were you able to get into the meditation process that quickly? Were you able at some point to just literally tune everything 

out and really go into that?

Laura: So I really do think that I was getting a lot of help because, now when I think back to all of that, I recognize that I was getting help and they were bringing me to this [00:09:00] moment, And who I am and what I'm doing for other people. And evidently, this is why I came here. And so the bad feeling that I was feeling when I was teaching. It wasn't that teaching wasn't necessarily for me anymore, but I didn't understand that because I had always loved it so much.

It was my passion and the bad feelings that were coming up were my guidance. It was because things were changing and my perspective about them was changing and the bad feeling, the yucky feeling, the fear, the anger, the sadness, the worry, all of that was them giving me these huge alerts. You're not supposed to be doing this anymore.

But I didn't know how to read that, and I didn't know what all of that meant, so I just thought that I'm being silly. I guess I don't really remember what I thought. I just know now when I think back on all of that guidance that I was receiving, and I can recognize that it was guidance. [00:10:00] Now they're like, 

it was all purposeful.

And they laugh about it and they tell me, when you look back on it, laugh about it. Ooh. That is part of your path to have that struggle. That's part of the reason that we're here. 

Alert. Alert, yes. 

Robyn: That's the thing. And , I know we're gonna get into some more of this, but when we spoke, one of the things you said that you do throughout your day every day, and you suggest other people do it too, is remind yourself on the hour that you are a soul living in a human 


Laura: you, so that was their guidance. That was guidance that came through one day. But what's interesting is when I first started channeling, so this first started coming through during my journaling and. I recognized that it wasn't me pretty quickly, but I didn't really understand what it was fully.

The channeling came through a few years later when I was writing, not fast enough, and then the voice [00:11:00] just came through. 

Karen: I,Robyn passed that along to me after you guys had 

Laura: your session. Was that really great advice 

Karen: about how once 

Laura: an hour you remind yourself?

Oh, okay. Yes. And so they had actually said that to me several times. In the beginning when I was doing this work I know that everything that they say, Whether it's me channeling for myself or it's me channeling for somebody else, I recognize that it's all for me. It can be for other people as well, but it is for me, first and foremost, it wouldn't be coming out of me unless it was for me.

Because every single thing that plays out in our reality is specifically for us. And so I heard that information a few times, but I didn't do it because I'm human and I'm silly. And I was like, oh, you should be 

doing this. . And of course, I wasn't listening to the guidance because I didn't 

think it was for me.

And so I always say a third time's a charm because 

so much 

of what I was given right in the beginning, I didn't listen to. And then I would hear [00:12:00] it again and I would go, huh, I remember them 

telling me that 

before. And then the third time, I call it the dodge ball to the face because. 

It's like sometimes 

it takes the third time for me to go, oh, did you want me to do that?

Oh, okay. And so now I am doing that. I do it now because what it does is it keeps you so present and so conscious. It really does. And so often what I find is just after I've been alerted with my little alarm and I use my Apple Watch and I just reset this alarm every hour, and I use it for another, Aspect of my spirituality and one of the things that I'm working on, which is releasing fear gaining trust, trusting that everything is working out.

And so I say I am a source energy being, having a human experience. And then I take that a little bit further. I feel the love. I feel how I'm loved. I feel my ability to send out love. And then [00:13:00] I intentionally send love to every person that I otherwise would be worrying about because we're human beings and we wanna do something.

And we think when somebody tells us, when they tell everybody that comes and sits in front of me, when you are worrying, you are actually calling that energetic vibration to you and creating the exact thing that you don't want. And people don't like that. And then 

it freaks them out and then they start really freaking out if they're big worriers like me and they're 

like, ah.

Because they dunno how to stop the worrying. So I think that giving them something else to do in place of that is mandatory until their vibrational level gets high enough where they recognize, okay, I don't necessarily need to do something anymore. As long as I'm trusting that everything's working out.

If I'm trusting and I'm projecting that trust into the collective consciousness of the planet, that's going to affect everybody. That's with me around me, within my [00:14:00] reality. And it truly does. But again, that's a giant step into understanding how this works. And it takes time because it took me. Probably seven years to get there.

And so when I say these words to other people and they're not at a vibrational match for those words, they're like, what are you talking about? But I also know that the words are planting within their energy field. And so there's going to be a time when they're ready to receive that they will become a vibrational match for that information.

And then they'll go, oh, I understand that. And everything becomes 


Let's talk about the word vibration 

Robyn: and and the term vibrational match, because some people listening today don't really understand what that 


Laura: Yeah. So you can do it from a spiritual perspective or you can do it from a science perspective.

If you wanna hear the science perspective Google on YouTube, Joe Dispenza, he is my [00:15:00] fave. He has the science behind all of this. The law of attraction, which so many people grabbed hold of when Oprah had, the secret on and everybody was tuning in and listening. But the thing that was missing was all the information about vibration and vibrational level.

And the law of attraction does not exist unless you understand vibrational level. So every single thing in our awareness holds vibration. Every physical thing, the chair I'm sitting in, the crystal I have in my hands to 

keep me grounded. 

The thoughts that I think the voice that I'm voicing, the sound has vibrational level.

When I use my imagination and I'm thinking about something that has a vibrational level or a frequency too. Every single thing that you can think of. Everything that you can see. And so our job, and this is what I've been taught, our job is to come here and experience. We want to be the highest vibrational level [00:16:00] that we can because of the law of attraction.

So the misunderstanding about the law of attraction that people aren't understanding is they think, I just need to think it and then it's gonna come to me. But most of the time when we think about something, We're thinking about the words we're thinking about, OK Universe, send me 1 million and we're waiting for the clouds to part and the light to shine down and the trumpets, and that's not how it works.

Because our connectivity is 24 7. It is so natural. We are expecting it to be, fanfare and flashes. And it's not, it's every single thing that we are perceiving right here and right now. And so we are creators. We have come here to create our thoughts are our creations. We can create ideas about things like inventions, but most of the time what people are doing is they are creating thought [00:17:00] about what they're perceiving in their reality.

So every time something happens in your reality, and if you can remember that it's all happening for you and not to you, it's all a gift specifically for your greatest and highest good. But our perception does not allow us to see it as that because of all that we have been taught or the programming that has occurred as we're growing up here.

So we don't understand vibrational level at all. We see something happening outside of us. We perceive it, and they always say with our energy deciphering mechanisms, our eyes, our ears, our taste, our smell, our touch, and our emotion. These are all energy deciphering mechanisms of a human being. So we perceive our reality, and in the moment that we are perceiving it, we immediately began creating a thought about it or everyday language.

We start thinking about it. This is our God power. This is our source power. This is our [00:18:00] power here. The creation of our thought. We think oh my gosh, he let his dog poop and then he didn't pick it up with a bag and he left it for the neighbor. What a terrible person. He made me angry by doing that thing that he did, but that's 

not the truth 

at all.

What's actually happening is I'm perceiving this. Now I am creating within my vibration a thought about it. What a jerk. He's not a jerk. He could be a guy that forgot his dog bag and maybe he's walking home to get a bag and he is gonna come back and pick it up. Maybe he's gonna go knock on a neighbor's door.

Maybe he was on the phone and he didn't see his dog poop. Maybe he really doesn't care. The point is, he's a source energy being too. He is using his free will to live his life the way he's choosing to live his life. But now I am perceiving his choice and I'm judging because I'm human. And we like to judge everything as good or bad.

And so I am choosing to attach [00:19:00] a judgment about what he's done. And it's bad. And so what is happening is I'm feeling angry. But the anger is not because of what he did. He can't impose upon me. I'm much too powerful. You're much too powerful. All of us are much too powerful when we believe that person did that thing and made us angry.

That's giving our power away. We are much too powerful what's happening in reality, our own creation, within our own energy, our own thought, which is a lower frequency thought, a lower vibrational thought. We are in intentionally and purposely creating that within our cute little bubble of energy. And when we do that, We are moving ourself away from our natural state of being, which is high vibrational level of being.

We're all source energy beings. We vibrate high at our natural state when we allow ourselves to do, but when we create any thought, which isn't the truth of who we are, [00:20:00] guess what's gonna show up? Like fear, anger, sadness, frustration, all of those emotions that we don't like. The purpose is our higher self, our guides, everybody back home, they're trying to alert us by making us feel crappy.

So this is guidance. Every time you feel crappy, it's because you as a creator are thinking about something that isn't true. And 

Robyn: you called that, I 

Laura: think last time we talked you 

Robyn: called that the goodies 

Laura: or that's, they call it the goodies. So they always give you, this visual 

of the 

scale the emotional scale, and you have love at one end and fear at the other end.

And then contentment is right up here, close to love. And this is the emotional scale back home. They always say to me, because anything below contentment really doesn't exist back home. We're so in align with the truth of who we are. It can't exist because none of that is real. It's all illusionary and it's illusionary for this experience on this earth plane.

So anything below contentment, all the way down to fear, which is 

a [00:21:00] big scale. These are the 

goodies. And this is why we come here. Sorry. This is why we come here to experience 

all these goodies. 

It's called variety. we know ourselves better when we have the option to experience the variety or the opposite of the truth of who we are.


Karen: So Laura, I have a forgot

about that. So many questions, but, if I'm listening to you, part of it is catching me 

right when I'm having that emotion and not leaning into it, but then 

I'm angry at that guy I really feel that. 

So how do 

I move up the scale and be not so angry? So I'm not carrying that around ok, 

Laura: what do I need to do?

So this is pretty much the basis of what I teach is how to start standing in your power and recognizing that your emotions are not something that you are a victim to. The reason that you set your timer or you set your watch for every hour to remind you, I'm a source energy being, having a human experience.

This is because the more you start to trust this, the more you [00:22:00] start to understand that everything coming into your experience is coming into help you or serve you. All right? Every single thing, even all the stuff that you don't like, all that stuff called contrast. Contrast is coming into your experience in order for you to have expansion.

Because every time you feel any emotion, you are expanding and that experience is going into the consciousness of the planet. You are helping everybody on this planet every single time you have an experience. We are. Here for such purpose. And we are so powerful here, and we don't understand our power here.

So you're mad at the guy, right? He let his dog go to the bathroom. He didn't pick it up. But when you really gain perspective and you pull yourself away from it, because we're so used to leaning into that energy, oh, what a jerk. What a jerk, what jerk. And what happens when you do that habitually is you are choosing to [00:23:00] allow yourself to feel bad.

You are feeling bad. On purpose because your higher self has this big red button, it's called the alert button. When you're outta alignment with me, I'm gonna alert you. I'm gonna alert you so your higher self is watching you and you're going that jerk. Look at him, 

and your higher self is going alert alert, alert and smack in the heck outta 

that button.

What is that button doing? It's making you feel angry. But instead of going, oh, 

Karen: I feel angry. I know what that is. That's my higher self trying to alert me. 

Laura: Instead, we're so used to saying it's his fault, and we're not conscious. We're not aware. We are source energy beings having human experiences.

This experience that is happening right now, why is this happening in my reality, oh, I wonder if this is happening because the universe, my guides, my higher self, everybody back home [00:24:00] is giving me an opportunity to be the truth of me instead of letting my ego jump in and being angry about something that's ridiculous.

Most of it is so ridiculous and so silly. And of course there are levels of things that really ring true to us and we are very passionate about, and maybe this person has this perspective and this person is wrong, and I am right. But again, that's judgment and the beauty of our planetary existence is that we're all allowed to have whatever experiences we want to.

That's the truth of the earth plane. We are allowed to have the experience that we want and we are choosing it with our free will. And so by looking at somebody else and saying, you are wrong, I'm judging, and I am not remembering that I'm a source energy being, I'm not recalling that I get [00:25:00] to choose what I want.

He gets to choose what he wants. She gets to choose what she wants, and in the end, it's all going to be okay. Because guess what? When we go home, we're all gonna go, oh, 

look what I did. No. Oh, look it, I was so mad at her. Oh my gosh. I didn't talk to her for two years because she said that thing to me. And we gain perspective when we go home.

Karen: We're 

Laura: like, oh my gosh, look what I did. But we're having the opportunity as we are walking an enlightened state of beingness to start having or holding that perspective while we're still here, before we go home. And the reason that this is starting to grow so much within our existence right now in this time is because there are so many light workers doing so much of this work.

And all of this work is so much more powerful than that, which we would judge as the opposite work. Okay. Anything that you would maybe consider darkness or [00:26:00] hatred or fear or whatever, but you have to appreciate both sides because we would not have. The growth, the learning, and the expansion that we have in choosing to come here.

Unless it was a world of duality, unless there was polarization and opposition, we just couldn't have the same growth. It would be like being home. 

Robyn: Totally. 

Laura: Where we just knew everything and understood everything. . And 

Robyn: I just wanna share a quick story that's relevant to what you're talking about that happened to me over the last two days 

I felt really upset by something and my initial reaction was being angry and being really hurt and not knowing how to respond 

to that. 

And so I sat with it rather than just react. I just sat with it really for two days and thought, 

I really wanna say something, but how do I do this in a constructive way? What is my intention? And I knew it was a goodie. I knew it was my higher self hitting that button. And so this morning, I woke up, I meditated and what came through [00:27:00] was reach out with love and set the intention that the goal is to communicate better in the future.

 And when I did that, I was able to expressing myself in a really kind, compassionate way and letting them know where I'm coming from, but also wanting to really be open, to understanding where they were coming from and what has happened from that is beautiful because I set that intention and I know our communication's gonna be better in the future, and we love each other very much.

And there was no forgotabout that. It was, how are we gonna come at it so we can hear each other? And so I shared that because I think so much of the time we react, And , because of my conversation with you, I had that very fresh in my mind.

To think about these things when it really is so triggering inside. 

Laura: when you're setting your timer and you're reminding yourself, that's the intention. So off of what you've said and back to what Karen had said, what do you do? You did the exact thing that you're supposed to do.

First of all, if you can start to hear the word [00:28:00] react versus respond, there's a vibrational difference. When you say the word react, sometimes you get the idea that maybe you are just not really giving yourself the time. Or being present. Standing in your awareness versus responding sounds like I'm gonna reflect for a little while and then respond, when things like that happen to you. I teach little tricks that you can do to get your vibrational level up more quickly. You just said, I'm gonna let it sit with me for a little while. Okay. So if you would've thought to do this, maybe this would've been helpful, maybe not, but it's definitely something that will raise your vibrational level on purpose.

So you go throw on your headphones and you play your happy playlist. And these are songs that vibrate or have the frequency of your higher self. And I've explained to you already, how do I know what song has the vibrational equivalency to my higher self? It's that song that when you hear it with these energy deciphering mechanisms, you go, ah,[00:29:00] and you feel it in your body and you just turn that music up and you can't stop yourself from moving.

When you use a technique like that, so this thing happens, you're feeling really angry. You don't like the feeling. Sometimes if you are conscious enough, you can say, oh, I'm angry right now, and I know 

Karen: that I'm being warned or alerted, 

Laura: or just having that perspective going, putting your headphones on, listening to your 

Karen: music.

Listening listening, 

Laura: Smiling, letting the music distract you because habitually, depending upon the vibrational level that you're holding right now, habitually, we lean into those familiar vibrational levels, which are generally lower vibrational levels, but. You have the option always to turn away and give your attention, your source power to something else.

And when you make the decision to do that, what generally happens is [00:30:00] your insight is broadened. You start receiving guidance right away. And the guidance is oh, she loves me. Oh, I don't know what's going on here. Oh wow, I got so mad at her, but she's not like this. Usually I am gonna reach out. You start to get into alignment with your higher self and what does that mean?

You see the love in the situation. You become the love, and the more you practice these techniques, the higher your vibrational level becomes and the easier it is to become the love and hold this higher vibrational frequency. More of the time. And so next time you see somebody and the dog is pooping and he walks away, you go, oh, you don't even lean in.

Doesn't mean you like it. You still don't like it. Maybe now you go knock at a neighbor's door and say somebody forgot their poop bag. Can I pick this up for you here? Whatever you wanna do. When you're coming from a [00:31:00] place of love, you are growing. You are getting in the boat where the momentum. Which is taking you to your desires.

This starts to flow faster the more time you spend being the love and giving your attention to things that fill you with peace, calm, joy, love the more time, linear time you spend vibrating high. What does that mean? Feeling good, feeling joy, feeling at peace. You don't have to be ecstatic all the time.

But when you're washing the dishes and you start to worry about your son because he just got his license and you don't think he's a good driver and you're thinking about it and you're washing 

and you're worrying, and now he's in an accident and now, 

and you start to get there because now you're following that momentum.

Law of attraction people, it brings you more 


what you are. So when you are choosing to give your attention to what fills you with worry, now another idea is [00:32:00] gonna come, which is at that vibrational level. It's a match for the one you just created and another.

And he walks in the house and you go, 

You're not driving anymore. And he's what? What did I do? And it's all in here. And it's all a vibrational level or a frequency that you have chosen to create within your reality. You can stand in your power. 

Karen: I love, what I love too, 

aboutRobyn's example , first of all, it's such a good one.

We've all been there, but when we have stepped 


moving forward of meeting that person with love versus anger, 

Laura: the feeling is so different and the 

Karen: result is 

Laura: so different versus carrying that anger around, chewing on it, living in it, continuing that thought 

Karen: process, which brings you down so far, doesn't fix the situation.

Versus being like, all right, it's gonna be hard for me, but I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go into this conversation with love no matter what happens. I know that I've done that much. I am empowering myself to do that, and there's just 

something [00:33:00] about that emotional intention that just changes. The whole situation.

Laura: That is you being a human being, choosing to stand in your power. Yeah, exactly. Choosing it because you have the option to react, but when you choose what's actually happening is your vibrational level is rising and now you are jumping onto a new timeline of creation. So if you had chosen to react with anger, we create our reality, do we not?

standing in your power and choosing to be the love you are creating a whole new reality for yourself. You are literally being the love. Everyone's watching you go. And 

Karen: hooray. She chose 

Laura: love this time. You are vibrationally moving onto a new timeline, which is getting you closer to everything that you want.

So if you allow your vibrational level to lower by choosing to lean into that [00:34:00] anger, that angry feeling, just more of that's gonna come into your reality. It's actually ok. 

The intention of more of it coming into your reality. 

Again, these are all little alert 

Karen: buttons. Alert alert. Oh, do you like spilling coffee down your shirt?

No. Oh, do you like tripping on the stairs? 

Laura: No. Guess what? Let's look at your vibration. Yeah. What do you wanna do? 

put my music 

on. Put it on. Bring your vibration up. Your life will change. It'll feel like magic when you start doing these things intentionally and by recognizing you always have the choice how to respond always.

Robyn: So let's talk 

about then, what 

is a psychic 


Karen: and Okay. to add to do that. , I'm just dying to know that moment. For you, Laura, when did it go 

from you just 

happily meditating and writing in your journal to then this 

force of whatever 

Laura: it is.

Okay, so for me, I guess it was believing the connectivity. It was believing the connectivity because when I first started, so I've already shared withRobyn that [00:35:00] I read Rebecca Rosen's Spirited and her book is, a self help book from a psychic medium. and she basically explains in this book, and she says in the beginning, every medium out there is gonna be so mad at me that I'm saying this to you, but you have the ability to do this.

We all have the ability to do this. And so I was probably about, I don't know, nine or 10 pages in, and she was explaining about how she did automatic writing and she was in a bookstore and she started to journal and her grandmother came through to her. But the way she explained the automatic writing, because I had heard about it before and I had actually tried it, something just clicked in me and I literally put the book down, nine pages in, and I picked up a pen and a notebook, and I started asking questions and the answers started coming.

Now it's such a natural process for us that we think I'm just making this all up, and that's okay because. You have to let yourself pretend or imagine or just make it up when you first start doing this. So [00:36:00] I'm asking questions and whoever, God, I think is who I thought I was asking, or somebody, maybe my grandmother, and I'm answering.

And the answers were quite profound. And, I'm, I guess I'm a smartish person, but I was not that smart. And so I was like 

whoa. But still, I thought 

maybe I'm trying to sound smart,. And it continued on for quite some time and then I was given information about things that happened to me.

So I had a lot of childhood trauma and I was not aware of it because I was really young when it happened. I was two and three plus I. Found out later, a couple days after this first started coming out, one of my guides used to take me out of my body and literally I was not present in my body for this abuse.

And when they started giving me details about this, and they actually gave me details about something that happened in a movie theater which was not an abusive situation, but it was me seeing something on screen that reminded me of it, and I had a complete [00:37:00] meltdown. I ended up reaching out to my aunt and asking her, do you remember a time?

Because they told me this and my mom had passed away. And so I couldn't ask my mom where we went to the movies and we were watching Tom and Jerry and Tom was holding Jerry's tail and picked up a butcher knife. And just as he slammed down that butcher knife, Jerry got away. But I went crazy and she goes, oh my gosh, yes, I remember that.

You were probably two or three years old. I was inconsolable. They had to grab me by my limbs and carry me out. They had to turn the movie off. Everybody was waiting and they had to carry me out of the theater. And it was because the person in my life that had sexually abused me was threatening my sister's life with a knife in my presence.

And it brought all of that back to me. And so at this point, I knew that the connection was real because I was given information that I did not know about. And then it was validated for me. And as I continued to get more and more information about other things that happened [00:38:00] to me, just about things in general, couldn't believe it.

I knew it was real. I didn't understand it. And then an energy came through. So this was all my guides talking to me. An energy came through and started having conversations with me. And the print was very different. the handwriting looked like type set. When the energy came through, my hand would go up in the air.

I could feel it moving in, and it just felt so different. And that's dearest, that's one of the collectives that I channel now. So this was the first collective that connected with me outside of my guides and my grandmother and my mom. And so it felt different. I thought it was a person, the spirit of a person, because I didn't understand collectives at this point.

And we had a few conversations and then I asked who are you? And they said, we are. And , it just came through really powerfully. And I went 

and I threw my pen down and I ran up to my [00:39:00] room and I'm crying. Crying. And I'm like, I have a brain tumor. because God is not talking to me.

Why would God talk to me? 

I was so certain I faked symptoms and went to my doctor and had an 

m r I done because I was so 

certain I had a brain tumor. And when I finally got the nerve to go back to my notebook they said, really, you prefer 

brain tumor to God? And I was like, 

Karen: kinda, and so 

Laura: my belief about what God was at the time was very different from my belief about what God is now. I was raised Catholic and I was thinking it, it's this singular entity, this higher power, with a long white beard and robes. And I was like, why would God wanna talk to me? But my understanding now is that source is the energy of creation.

God is the energy of creation, the energy of all that is. And so all aspects of all of the nonphysical energies that contact us, they're all [00:40:00] aspects of God. And you are an aspect of God . And I am an aspect of God, and every single person walking this planet is an aspect of God.

And so I guess it felt better that way that, someone was reaching out to me. But they talked to me for a really long time before I even admitted this to myself or came out and told people about it because it was so weird, 

It was so weird. And I was teaching at the time and I was like, they're not gonna, lemme be around children anymore.

They're gonna put me in a straight jacket and they're gonna lock me up. And so it took me a long time to be okay with being weird. Now I love the weird, I've never been more happy than I have been since I've been weird, and so for me, coming into that moment, truly, I think the moment that I allowed it was the day that I sat down and watched the movie Frozen two. 

Karen: I had never seen it. I have four boys and so I had never seen it and they were all old. I had been nannying in between teaching [00:41:00] and doing this work. I had nannied for three years and I had a three year old girl, so I had put frozen one on for her here and there a couple times, but I wasn't watching it.

wasn't familiar with it at all. And because I am trying so desperately to live in the present moment and recognize when things happen right now, pay attention, I'm constantly paying attention. And so I was leaving to go grocery shopping and I picked up the remote control and I hit the off button and instead of turning off, it switched to the Disney station.

And I picked it back up and I pressed off and it would not go off. And frozen was on, like it was just starting frozen two and third time. As I said, it always takes me three. I hit that button one more time and I held it and it didn't go off. And then it was like, boom. Oh, am I supposed to watch this?

And they were like, yep. Put my grocery bags down. Sat down, started watching this Frozen two movie. Oh my gosh.

The [00:42:00] songs in this movie. I can hear you, but I won't. Some look for trouble while others don't. There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day ignoring. Oh, it was speaking to me. It was this voice in my head that I had been trying to ignore. And then the scene. Show yourself where I'm trembling.

Laura: I was full 

on sobbing and roaring and sobbing. This was a direct message to me to show myself for the truth of who I am. And after that movie, I'm getting goosebumps again because I can't even explain how powerful it was. I was like, f it. I don't care what anybody thinks about me, including my 

husband, I don't care. I'm doing this because I've never been happier. They've been telling me for years, this is my purpose and I'm gonna be so helpful to other people. And this is why you came here. And I was such a chicken because I'm a human being and we're chickens. And it was outside of my comfort zone.

And every single song, if you hear a [00:43:00] lyric and you lean in to listen, they are giving you a direct message. If you see a billboard, it is a message. If you see a license plate, it is a message. If you're thinking something and you're wondering what to do, and your lights flicker, it is a message every single moment.

Karen: Messages are coming into you every single moment. Are you paying attention? 

So many people needed to hear that story, Laura, because I think , all of us 

aren't chicken in 

ways because a, we're not taught, we say this all the time.

We're not taught 

to that. but that feeling of finally giving in to purpose, it's called surrender.

Laura: So I, went back and put my makeup on and went to the grocery store.

what I did then was I actually didn't do anything. They knew I was ready and there was nothing for me to do, but to allow. And somebody happened to come into my life who said, oh my gosh, can I create a website for you? I was like, what? I don't need a website. They're like, what?

I'm [00:44:00] like, okay, I guess so somebody created a website for me and the rest is history. it's crazy how the ebb and flow of clients coming into my awareness and coming and seeking out my guidance is so in tune with my life. If I am going on vacation, nobody calls. 

If I've 

got something going on with my family, nobody calls.

If I have two solid weeks that are open, oh, I'm gonna fill those days by God. It's wow. If somebody needs to see me at the last minute and I have an appointment with somebody else, they take care of it. That person calls me. I'm so sorry.

Don't I cancel this up? And I'm like, it's somebody else needed that appointment. Yes. And so I'll 

see a couple 

weeks. And tell us also 

Robyn: everyone listening, how the energy clearing work came into 


Yeah, the energy clearing came because not only did I [00:45:00] connect, but I also started moving and I wasn't moving and I didn't understand.

Laura: So for three weeks I meditated in stillness and after that I started moving and it started with my head, and then it would be like my shoulders and then my arms. And so eventually I started making all these movements and doing all these things, which I did not understand what they were.

Karen: And I remembered, Rebecca Rosen, who's a psychic medium, goes to an energy healer to have clearings done on a regular basis because she's doing energy work and so she needs some clearing.

And so I sought out her energy healer. And she had these videos that she posted on her website, and as I'm watching the videos, I'm like, oh my gosh, that is what I'm doing. My hands were doing the same things that her hands were doing. And so then I started putting people on tables and experimenting.

And as my hands were moving, I started seeing things like in my mind and knowing things [00:46:00] about them. And I was like, what? This is crazy, but so crazy Good. And I'm so blessed, I have such great friends who were so supportive of all of this. They truly embrace the weirdness and My whole process of where I started and where I am now, it's just so different.

It's like I've tried so many different things. I did end up becoming a reiki master, but never really used Reiki because my master level instructor she kept telling me to stop moving my hands, and I was like I'm moving my hands. And she kept grabbing 'em and making me stop moving them.

And so I didn't like that, and it didn't feel good. And they basically said, oh no. you do you. And let your hands go where they're gonna go. And so it's trust guys. It's trust. It's all about trust. And so few of us trust ourselves. we have been programmed not to trust ourselves.

We have been programmed to believe terrible, awful, horrible things about ourself. And some of it we aren't even aware, is housed in us from [00:47:00] that day on the playground, when we were the last kid to get picked for the kickball game and we felt terrible and we told ourself in that moment, something's wrong with me, and it got lodged in our, root chakra or our sacral chakra.

And the rest of your, life you've spent trying to prove something's wrong with me, right? And so you're creating incidences in your life which are reflecting back to you, something is wrong with you, so that this truth can be real. And it's just a matter of understanding that you can release all of this baggage, all of this old programming.

You have the ability to do it. How do you think 

Robyn: people. I know we talked about a few ways, but how do you think that people can start to release 

Karen: Meditation number one, and, so many people have thoughts about meditation, so it was Dearest that said, just, plug into source. . Oh, and Abraham Hicks plug in plugging into source because when you're plugging in, you wouldn't leave your house if [00:48:00] you didn't plug your phone in and charge it. Why are you leaving your house with your physical body?

Uncharged connected, plugged into source? So meditation is plugging in. You are trying to get yourself into this place where you're feeling good, higher vibrational level of beingness, and now you're walking out with this high vibrational level. . There are so many techniques that we can do to clear our energy, and I think that we think that there's one way or her way, or step one, step two, step three, we're so task-oriented and you have to understand that you actually know already how to do this.

And as you start to connect and tap in to these. To this guidance. You might not wanna be somebody that talks to the other side. You might go, no, that scares me. Or, oh, I don't like this. Too weird. You don't have to talk to them. They'll only come and talk to you if you want them to. They will find other ways, other signs, most of the guidance that you're receiving feels like your own thought anyway.

Robyn: Yeah, 

That's a [00:49:00] great point. Now, for you, when you're talking to the different collectives that do come through you how does that feel for you? Does it 

Laura: feel Yes. Different. Different. So when I channeled Dearest, Dearest is the collective, so they're also called The Light Initiative because when I found out that they were a collective, I was like, do you have a name?

And they were like, yes. And then I closed my eyes and received the name. But what they also told me is, That I actually created the name. So I created the name Dearest. I created the name Light Initiative. They don't have names there. There's no purpose for names. They're not single entities. And we need to decipher the difference because this one isRobyn and this one is Karen.

They don't need names. It's all energy vibration. So the way that the name is created, and this is how I gather it, is that I am becoming one with their energy and I feel something. And it feels like the Light initiative to me. So that's how they got their name when I connect with them.

Oh, it is just my [00:50:00] whole body is buzzy. The other collectives are very different. So the Council of Light feels very stoic and very, Precise. The Lumineers feel a little louder or, I dunno how to explain. It's a feeling. 

So Dearest was first. Then I connected with the witnesses of Light Within, and the Maestros Inner Love. Now remember, these are names that were given to them by, so that I would recognize them when they came through. Then the believers came through the peaceful Wanderers or travelers that was interactive there.

Optimist was a singular. Hannah, who is my higher self, , Noma, I have no idea who that was, but that was a very sweet feminine energy that came through me. And then the Lightning Players, and then the Council of Light and the Lumineers.

And there were actually more, but I basically said, whoever wants to speak through me, as long as you're of love and light, come on in. And so when I am doing it, I just [00:51:00] surrender and whoever wants to come through can come through and I am, by no means are they overtaking me. I can stop at any moment.

So I always used to remember when I was channeling, but then I was getting ready to go on the radio. And the Council of Light comes and they're like I was trying to get a clear channel, so it's just me going to place of peace and love and trying to get a clear channel.

And they're like, it's really not a clear channel. And I was like, what do you mean? And they're like as you're listening to everything that we say, you're continually projecting questions into the energy. And so we're answering your questions. And I was horrified because 

I thought I was 

having this clear channel and I was like, what do I do?

And so they always would tell me go to the backseat of the car. And they said, go to the back of the bus. So now I have a vision that I'm in the bus and I go all the way to the back, and then I just let them go. And sometimes when they start talking about topics that make me a little uncomfortable, because they're really weird, I feel myself [00:52:00] walking up to the front of the bus, hello, are you sure you wanna talk about that?

But then I go and I take a breath and I push myself back because I know that they're all love. They're all love. They're all love. And. Whoever needs to hear it is going to hear it. I need to be brave, I need to trust, blah, blah, blah, blah, all that. And so I'm doing the 

best I can if 

I walk up.

Robyn: I'm sorry. And , is taping that, you then go listen because you are sitting in the 

Laura: back. Yeah, so I will occasionally it's hard. It's a lot of time and so the sessions that I do are usually a couple hours. And so if I have a couple sessions a day, that's sometimes five hours.

I don't have the physical time to go back and listen. And they always say to me, You are hearing it whether you think you're hearing it or not. You are hearing it at a different vibrational level, so stop worrying that you're not receiving the information. And [00:53:00] so I'm trust. 

Karen: I'm trying to 

get my head around.

Laura - Channeling: are 

Karen: you just straight channeling and then downloading or 



sessions with 


where they come to you and then you channel whoever they need to hear. I just wanna understand the 

Laura: difference between those. 

 It's shifted and morphed over the years. So it used to be where people would come to me, they would lay on a massage table and my hands would move around them.

I would see things, I would get information, and I would voice the information as I was getting it. so I was technically channeling because I was still giving the information, but it wasn't someone else's voice. Once I started channeling voices, that's like a direct energy.

 It's a clearer channel because I'm not deciphering the information and then putting it into my own words, although I still am. Because when you're channeling, they're not speaking words to me. They're downloading energy to me, and somehow my body knows how to decipher that hunk [00:54:00] or chunks of energy and turn it into words.

Sometimes I'll struggle to get a word because it's maybe a word that's not in my vocabulary and it needs to be in my vocabulary, . But when people come and sit down across from me, what I do is either one of two things.

Either we do a clearing session or a coaching session, and a clearing session is when we go through their energy cha chakra by chakra and we. Talk about the blockages that are in there, where they came from, how they were formed. When you were six years old, your father said this to you, and this is the belief that you created in that moment.

And you lodged that into your root chakra and it's been following you around your whole life. So I can say we release those blockages. I'm not releasing those blockages sources, releasing those blockages. You are source, you are releasing those blockages. There is not another source energy being that can impose upon you.

So you are doing the work. I'm articulating what's happening. [00:55:00] So that's a clearing and we go through and then usually there's a little bit of coaching time left over during a coaching session. It's more like, Information that they know you're seeking. So they'll give you information. Sometimes they'll bring up information from past or sometimes even future, like you're trying to make a decision about moving here or whatever.

And from our perspective, this is what we see. But. It's more coaching and it's more interactive. So they actually can sit and ask questions and I just disappear. And they're asking questions and getting answers. They can bring questions in and have a whole list of questions or questions can come into their awareness during the process.

But for the most part, it's channeling. I'm getting information now that's gonna start morphing again, and that I might start doing more energy work again. As far as holding intention and creating energy with my hands, I don't know i's gonna look like, but I'm open to everything and anything.

Karen: When you do 


Do you know 

[00:56:00] which collective will come through? Are they all 

different? Depending on, 

Laura: they're different, but I can feel them starting to come in. So I have a guest who wants to come in now just because Dearest tends to be the most animated and likes the attention and likes the fanfare 


now they're rolling their eyes at me.

They're like, But no, jokingly they know I know this about them. The other collectives, as I said, are a little bit more stoic and not quite as fun. So for interaction like this, Dearest is so super fun. But before I do that, I just, I have to show you, I know the listeners, but I have two full pages for you guys.

 Because What happened was, so they have given me information about a book that they want me to write. And I've already started this book, but I didn't know it was a book when I started it.

And so when I used to do sessions with people, the next morning Source would come through to me and make a letter for them. And it was like a six, seven page letter. And so [00:57:00] after a two hour session, then I would, type out and channel this, 6, 5, 6, 7 page letter for them and email it to them.

And I did that for every session. And so I wasn't able to do a lot of sessions because that's super time consuming And so I was doing all of this work for one person and. The information that was coming through, was it specific? Yes, it was very specific for that person. But when somebody else reads it, can they take away from it too?

Absolutely. 100%. So I've compiled all these letters, But I've also compiled this grouping of what's important today. So I started doing that on Instagram. What's important today? What do you need to know today? And so they're telling me that they want me to compile this into a book and listen.

Listen to how cool this is. and I really am trusting that this is going to come into my experience because it's just too cool not to. But it's basically a book that you hold in your hands and you say to the book, what is important for me today? And then you open it, [00:58:00] oh, 

Robyn: I want that book. 

Laura: And then whatever you are brought to, that's what's important.

So I did it for today. Just to add one for today. And it turns out,Robyn, it's for you, really I said, so when I figured that out, I was like, oh wait. Oh wait. Is this, I was saying for you guys, for them. And my answer was yes. And I'm like, oh my gosh, it's for both of them.

No. And I went, oh it's for one of them. Yes. And I said, oh, is it forRobyn? Yes. And I said, oh, but what about Karen? And they 

Karen: said, 

get out your computer. So they gave me one for you as well. And both of these I'm sure will be in the book as well. , so I'm not gonna share this because I'm just gonna let them come in and tell you what ever else they wanna tell you.

I'm just going to email this stuff to you guys because it's a little bit personal. But they will come through and tell you what they want you to know. So here we go.

Laura - Channeling: [00:59:00] All of the boring stuff is over now, and we are here to have a 

party with you ladies. Lovely ladies. 

We are joking. Of course, we're joking. We understand I importance of all that has been talked about together, and we 

want for you to understand that 

we have been the direct of the symphony today. We have been directing the route because we know who is listening and we know what is necessary in order to gain opening doors.

We are calling these opening doors, opening windows in the energy of humanity. Because even if something does not sound 

Karen: like something that makes sense to you, 

Laura - Channeling: you cannot deny. Your God system 

Karen: because you'll hear 

Laura - Channeling: it and you'll go like this. What if that was true? And of course its [01:00:00] true because it would not feel this way to you unless it was the truth of who you are.

So you are seeking guidance for your forward momentum. So we can give you guidance for both of you, but no, we are not going to do that. We're not going to do that because it'll be a little more generic. We 

will begin withRobyn.Robyn, you 

are having twofer, because we already give you guidance prior, but you are on the right path, of course.

And it's not guidance for us to say this. You are clearly understanding this, your path and you are clearly on understanding it because you're listening to your guidance system. When something feels good, interesting to you, you are moving toward it. You are very good at this. Like 


because it's not easy 

for a lot of human beings to do this.

You have moved past hesitation. You have not been 

practicing hesitation for many years now. You are following your gut and we [01:01:00] are wanting to use this terminology because everybody has gut 

filling, right? What 

you think gut filling is, it's us. It's 


Think, no, it's filling I have in my belly.

Guess what? Let the cutie pies listening. That is source energy. You 

are so connected, all of you that you 

are not even recognizing your connection. It's natural part of your 

being here, 

soRobyn, you are very good at this. Following your gut, 

understanding where to go understanding 

who to reach out to, This new guidance? Alright, you're thinking about this. We are telling you, you are receiving guidance about who to reach out to follow your 


You know what we're talking, don't 



you dunno what they're talking about, you're probably gonna figure it out soon. That would be my[01:02:00] All right, keep going.

Laura: I'm sorry. All right. You are doing wonderful job. 

Laura - Channeling: We're looking 

at your 

energy. Your high vibrational 

beingness is allowing for all that is 

coming into your awareness to come into your awareness with the perfect timing at the perfect pace, yada, yada, yada. We are saying all the things, but we are looking deeper into your energy for little spark something that just say, oh, 

this sounds good.

So let's look in there and see if we can 

uncover something. There is a spark of

you are wanting to know more about this process of the work you're doing or personal life 


of the work I'm doing. Oh, SHS, we're gonna give you something else. Alright? We'll take it back. As far as your this work, you are the light. 

You are the light. You are 

already aware that you are the light here, you are aware of this.

The work you are doing is shining light. In the hallways, in [01:03:00] the darkened doorways, this information that is accessible presently, but the format that you are providing will allow this information to get to the mainstream 

in very different way. Very, 


way of 


In order to help those who are not really in the loop yet, come into the light. All of this work is contributing to raising the vibrational 

level of 

The planet. And we want you to understand that all of this work, but for both of you, all of this work is leading the planet to fit dimensional existence.

This another day topic, because it's big. But it is basically in a 

nutshell an earth experience without fear. Because the fear, as you are aware, is the end of the emotional scale, which is causing all the goodies. And so an earth plane without fear would be a [01:04:00] completely different experience.

You'll see this, the work you are doing is 


energetically into this consciousness in order to Help move and guide us there is going to be big. All right, we are going to change now and give specifics to you, Karen. Little bit fair in you. Little bit, just little bit. But this 


finding its way out, finding a way to bubble out of your energy As you are hearing these words, 

there is shifting going on.

You are excited about your work, you are anticipating This experience to be of a big help to you to allow your greater understanding. And we want you to understand something very clearly. This will help you as you are moving or forging forward upon this path when it is of interest to you. Follow it when [01:05:00] it is interesting. When you feel like, wait, what?

Follow follow. Because yes, it is for you specifically for you. The overflow is that others can benefit too. But this is your Q Divine little soul wanting to come into itself and stand in its truth more of the time. And so pay close attention to when something interests you. And here's another little breadcrumb for you.

Allow yourself to be heard. There is little something in you which often results in hesitation on your part. Not having certainty that your voice. 

Matters. And so 

we wanna deliver this to you today. Your voice matters, and it's very important that [01:06:00] you know this because 


only one holding you apart from standing in this 

power as you little pie.

Mom, we love you. 

You're the great,

 We don't know if you want something else from us, but that was fun. 

Robyn: That was so fun. We're so grateful.

Amazing. So good. Amazing. 

Laura: Wow. See, so then I feel like I just had a couple of cups of coffee, 

it just feels so good to me. 

Ah, I'm so lucky. 

Robyn: We're so fortunate. 

Laura: you can have this, you can have this. Set your intention to have it 

Karen: Laura, 

do you think you can teach this? 

Laura: My suggestion to you would be to start watching either on Instagram or YouTube because all of the information that's coming through. Every single bit of information that's coming through is raising your vibrational level. So the more that you listen to this stuff and it's not just the stuff [01:07:00] that I have out there, it's all the channels.

Oh my gosh, there's so many out there and so much of the information is so very good. But that doesn't mean that you are gonna feel a resonance level with all of the channels out there. When I first started doing this and I first started looking into it, I was looking into a lot, and some of it was so over my head.

And of course then it came through later to somebody else. Hey, if you're reading a book and it doesn't feel good to you, don't force it. It means it's not for you. Guidance, again, if it's not making you happy or feeling joyful, put it aside. Maybe you're gonna go back to it, in a week or a month or a year.

But we really need to stay in awareness of how we are feeling all of the time. And that is so difficult because we are aware of how we're feeling, but we don't think we can do anything about it. And so we don't have a consciousness about it. We don't step outside and go, oh, I'm feeling angry. We just allow ourself to feel angry.

Or, oh, [01:08:00] I'm feeling sad. We don't have that outside awareness. And that's what setting the timer is intending to do. Worst case scenario, if you are mad at somebody and you've been, trudging along and thinking about it and angry for an hour, the longest you're gonna go is an hour if you've got your timer set.

Because once that timer comes up, oh boy, you're gonna be snapped right out of it. And you're gonna go, oh my gosh, I've been doing that for an hour. What are you supposed to do then? 

Laugh laugh, laugh. 

Don't ever say stupid. Why were you mad? Oh, you're not doing this. You're so bad at this.

Karen: Because all that does is bring your vibrational level down. I always just go, ah, I'm doing that silly human thing again. And I laugh because it feels good, and I know I'm contributing to raising my vibrational level when I feel good. But we're not used to trying to do that. We're just not. We're just not.

We're not. Oh, this, you guys are gonna do that for people. That's what they're telling me. You guys are gonna start educating people. That [01:09:00] coming here was intentional so that you could have what you want. You didn't come here to be a force that you know is being messed with. Totally. You're supposed to get the stuff that you want.

The reason that you want it is because you are supposed to 

Laura: get it. But when we want 

things that feel outrageous, we go, there's no way I'm gonna I could work for the rest of my life and I'm never gonna have the money to get that. it only takes one moment for source to give you what you want, if you allow it to come.

But vibrational allowance is the difficulty. You can't take one giant step into an allowed state of being. You have to get there little by little. And what does that look like? It looks like intentionally being happy as much of the time as you can. And that just 

Robyn: feels good. 

And to your, to your point about. The fact that we can't even imagine sometimes how you get there and then you are actually told because you're at that vibrational level, that theme continues, . , [01:10:00] you hear No, you can't do that

that's too big. That's too crazy. yeah. But it's continually listening to that trigger and to that alert,, learning to trust yourself and you going, 

Karen: you can actually 

Robyn: break out, like literally break out 

of that. 

Laura: Yes. 

Robyn: and then what I know Karen and I who've been on a journey for quite some time now together, once you start to really do that, then it's all green lights rather than.

 You keep hitting a stoplight every 

other minute. Yes. 

 Now it's green lights and you start to hear, oh, I have 

a big vision too. 

I wanna help with that big vision. You can do that. The world does need that. And that's one example, But you have to believe it.

Really believe it. You 

Laura: have to and herein lies. The difficulty is this work is really only difficult in the beginning stages. Yes. And so when people start to do this work and it feels really difficult, they think, I can't do this forever. You don't have to do this forever.

You [01:11:00] just have to do this for a little while. Because all of this really hard work, remembering to stand in your power, remembering to feel what you're feeling and reminding yourself wait. I'm gonna pivot now it's difficult because you're not used to it.

But as you do the work, your vibrational level rises. And then little by little you start to get some validated moments in your reality where something is going your way and you're like, that's weird. But that then if you can connect the dots and go, oh my 

gosh, is that because I've been working so hard at 


And then you start to feel that answer. Yes. And so as your vibrational level rises, validation starts coming to you and that's why it easier. So it's really only hard in the beginning stages. And that's I think, what people don't know, especially people that are where I was like literally so depressed, they didn't wanna get out of bed so depressed.

They didn't wanna be on this earth anymore. Just so depressed. Breadcrumb by [01:12:00] breadcrumb. Let yourself have 10 seconds of this meditative state where you're not feeling depressed. Maybe the next time you do it, you're gonna get a minute. keep building on it because every single time you hold the intention and do the work, you are adding to your vibrational level.

And so some people can get there quickly because they really get wrapped up in that momentum. Other people like me are taking a lot longer to get there. And now that I'm there, oh my gosh, now the momentum has just grabbed hold of me and like exponentially my vibrational level is rising. But boy, I gotta tell you, even when I was having, hours of conversation in my notebook and I knew everything that they were saying was real and true and amazing, did I do it?

Nope. I went right back to those worries. I went right back to that cyclical. I wasn't doing the work and they kept bringing people, sitting people in front of me that had the exact same [01:13:00] blockages, the exact same issues as me. And it took a while before I was like, oh, 

I get it now.

Karen: Oh my gosh. 

It's like suddenly you're not going against the wind. The wind is at your 

back. It's all at the resistance. And I think 

another thing for me, I always try to keep in my mind too, is letting go of that outcome 


Yes, it's great to have the intention and yes, it's bringing yourself and bubbling up 

emotionally to where you 

can be to receive, but then also letting go 

of whatever 

the outcome actually is.

Laura: Any outcome. If you can let go of any outcome and trust that the universe has your highest gain in mind, then you just go like this can't 


If you go into tomorrow like that, I'm telling you. 

Robyn: Yes. . 

, it's like you're on the best ride of your life. Yes. And you don't know how it ends. Yes. There is no end really, but how much more fun is [01:14:00] life? 

Laura: Honestly, so much more fun and truly the best part in my opinion, because I used to have intentions and I used to say, this is what I want to happen.

This is what I want to happen. And that's what everybody does. They want very specific things. When you let go and you let the universe bring you what it is you're desiring. It's even better than what you can imagine. And so you're actually clogging up the path by putting these goals there. And I'm not saying that you can't do that.

You absolutely can, but oftentimes we don't have the capacity in this human body to think big enough. And so we're actually holding our exponential possibility back by setting these goals. If instead we let go and say, all right, take me where I'm going. And we just trust. That's when you take giant steps forward instead of steps toward this specific goal.

and I'm saying this because I know there's gonna be people going, what a bunch of bologna.[01:15:00] You have to be vibrationally. At that place. So you have to really believe that it's possible. And if you don't believe that's possible, you're not vibrationally there and you shouldn't be doing that.

Robyn: Oh, thank you Laura. And you can find out more about working with Laura at get into the

You can see Laura channeling, dearest, the Council of Light, the Lumineers, or whomever else may come through on Instagram she also hosts in the Light on News for the Soul, the first and third Tuesday of the month, four to 5:00 PM Central 

Karen: Time.

Yeah, and people can call in. And I'm also on YouTube. I also, everything that I put on Instagram, I put on YouTube and is that YouTube, same name, my name in the light. Laura O'Malley in the Light. And we'll have all these links 

Robyn: in Our show notes, laura, thank you. The guidance that you've given today is exactly what we needed and I'm sure what everybody else who's listening right now, whatever day this is, they needed to [01:16:00] hear too, both from you and from dearest. And thank you for sharing your whole story on the human side of things.

Laura: Yeah. We're all human, aren't we? But we all chose to be here. 

Robyn: We sure did. Thank you. Thank you. 

Laura - Channeling: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You. 

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