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The Star Magic Portal: Tarot, Reiki, Sound Healing + More to Inspire Your Soul - Episode 106

April 01, 2024 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Ashli Season 2 Episode 106
The Star Magic Portal: Tarot, Reiki, Sound Healing + More to Inspire Your Soul - Episode 106
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
The Star Magic Portal: Tarot, Reiki, Sound Healing + More to Inspire Your Soul - Episode 106
Apr 01, 2024 Season 2 Episode 106
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Ashli

Oh, we love how Seeking Center practitioners come into our lives. Let’s just say stars, tarot and a magical bus have something to do with today’s guest.

Our dear friend Noël was walking around her neighborhood in LA when she couldn’t help but notice the Star Magic School Bus parked nearby her house. She stepped onto it and was transported to an enchanted oasis, a secret garden hidden in plain sight. She met Ashli and here we are!

Ashli is an intuitive tarot reader, sound healer, and Reiki practitioner with clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and medical intuitive abilities. She’s also an herbalism enthusiast, and infuses elements of astrology, numerology and color therapy into her readings and healings.

As an intuitive reader, Ashli channels Divine messages from Spirit to help you gain clarity and healing. Ashli uses tarot as a tool of Divination to receive Guidance that empowers you to shift the trajectory of your life in service of your Highest Good, affirm your own intuition, and equip you with the tools necessary to move forward in life from a place of love and compassion.

And while you can find her all around the LA area in the Star Magic School Bus, you can also experience her virtually, like I did, or even in your home.

It is Ashli’s Mission to help others tap into their Divine Gifts and open themselves up to receive and claim the Abundance that is their birthright.

Since Ashli’s versed in so many healing modalities there’s a lot to cover. Listen now.


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Oh, we love how Seeking Center practitioners come into our lives. Let’s just say stars, tarot and a magical bus have something to do with today’s guest.

Our dear friend Noël was walking around her neighborhood in LA when she couldn’t help but notice the Star Magic School Bus parked nearby her house. She stepped onto it and was transported to an enchanted oasis, a secret garden hidden in plain sight. She met Ashli and here we are!

Ashli is an intuitive tarot reader, sound healer, and Reiki practitioner with clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and medical intuitive abilities. She’s also an herbalism enthusiast, and infuses elements of astrology, numerology and color therapy into her readings and healings.

As an intuitive reader, Ashli channels Divine messages from Spirit to help you gain clarity and healing. Ashli uses tarot as a tool of Divination to receive Guidance that empowers you to shift the trajectory of your life in service of your Highest Good, affirm your own intuition, and equip you with the tools necessary to move forward in life from a place of love and compassion.

And while you can find her all around the LA area in the Star Magic School Bus, you can also experience her virtually, like I did, or even in your home.

It is Ashli’s Mission to help others tap into their Divine Gifts and open themselves up to receive and claim the Abundance that is their birthright.

Since Ashli’s versed in so many healing modalities there’s a lot to cover. Listen now.


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Robyn: [00:00:00] I'm Robyn Miller Brecker and I'm Karen Loenser. Welcome to Seeking Center, the podcast. Join us each week as we have the conversations and we, through the spiritual and holistic clutter for you, we'll boil it down to what you need to know now, we're all about total wellness, which to us needs building a healthy life.

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we love how Seeking Center practitioners come into our lives. Let's just say stars, tarot, and a magical bus have something to do with today's guest. Our dear friend Noel was walking around her neighborhood in L. A.

when she couldn't help but notice [00:01:00] the Star Magic school bus parked nearby her house. transported to an enchanted oasis, a secret garden hidden in plain sight. She met Ashli and here we are. Ashli is an intuitive tarot reader, sound healer, and reiki practitioner with clairvoyant Clare, cognizant, Clare, sentient and medical intuitive abilities.

She's also an herbalism enthusiast and infuses elements of astrology, numerology, and color therapy into her readings and healings. As an intuitive reader, Ashli channels divine messages from spirit to help you gain clarity and healing. Ashli uses tarot as a tool of divination to receive guidance that empowers you to shift the trajectory of your life in service of your highest good, affirm your own intuition, and equip you with the tools necessary to move forward in life from a place of love and compassion.

and while you can find her all around the LA area in the star magic school bus, you can also experience her virtually like I did, [00:02:00] or even in your home. It is Ashli's mission to help others tap into their divine gifts and open themselves up to receive and claim the abundance That is their birthright. Since Ashli's versed in so many healing modalities, there is a lot to cover. Let's get going. Hi, Ashli. Hi, Ashli. 

Ashli: Hi, Robyn and Karen. I'm so happy to be 

karen: here. We are so happy to have you here. When I was listening to the intro it made me think of the magic school bus, the cartoon that was on television.

Like it has that whole same vibe of being able to transform people's lives. So we just can't wait to hear your story and how this all started. started 

Robyn: Yeah. Thank you. Let's dig into your journey and how the Star Magic school bus came to be, 

how did it all start? 

Ashli: So I've always been intuitive ever since I was a child but the difference between the way I live my life now versus the way I was then was that I [00:03:00] really didn't fully understand what it was that was coming through, the information coming through.

So I didn't. label it or know to connect it to my intuition or a higher power. I just thought I was smart and I just happened to know things. And oftentimes I would ignore my inner voice and that's when I would find myself in trouble. 

Robyn: I remember when we first talked, you were telling me that as a kid, there were things that you would know and you would say to your mom.

And I think, was she a little freaked out by that? 

Ashli: Yeah, my mother was very freaked out by that. So whenever I would say something, she would tell me to be quiet. And I think on a subconscious level, I internalized that. I feel like that happens to a lot of us, right? Agree.

 Internalize certain messages and form these false or limiting beliefs of, oh, there's something wrong with me or I shouldn't do this. And so we build up these inhibitions really and become [00:04:00] conditioned. 

Robyn: And I feel like as parents. Especially when it wasn't at all the norm to talk about any of this probably threw your mom, like, why would you know certain things that you shouldn't know at three, four, five years old?

karen: Can you give us an example, Ashli, of one of those situations that you remember? 

Ashli: Yeah. When I was three, randomly out of the blue, I told my mother that my grandmother was sick. And shortly after I said that, my mom received a phone call and my grandmother had been admitted into the hospital with a brain tumor that turned out to be cancer.

Miraculously, she lived a long life after that diagnosis, and she didn't pass until 2014, so taking into consideration the technology of, that time, which was like late 80s, Taking into consideration the technology of that time, there really is no reason other than a miracle that she survived but yeah, that's an example.

karen: And do you remember if you saw something in your mind, , or did you hear something [00:05:00] told you that do you remember that inclination and when that came 

Ashli: from? I think it was just a feeling. I've always been close to my grandmother, and she had never shown any signs of illness or sickness.

 I really don't know where it comes from or why certain messages show up in certain ways and others differently. But I've learned over time to just trust it. 

karen: That's a good example for people who are trying to understand what intuition is and what that feeling is. 

Robyn: And I love what you said, but you just thought you were smart. We're all intuitive, when you have achieved certain things, it's because you've listened to your voice.

There are things we just know. I love what you said, because that is so true. , especially as kids, that's what we would think. So then what happened? You have your childhood you're intuitive. You're should I listen to this?

Should I not? 

Ashli: Exactly. So I spent most of my younger life, just not listening to my intuition and not trusting it. And I find myself in these, challenging situations. Fortunately, regardless of my awareness [00:06:00] of it, I've always had a strong divine team around me protecting me.

So I never got into too much trouble. Would say ever since I was maybe an early teen, psychics would find me, and they would literally find me as I'd be walking down the street living my life, and they'd come up to me and say, I have to tell you something, and then they would just tell me something about my life.

And then whatever they predicted, they would tell me. would always happen. It was so strange. So I always knew it was real. I've always been fascinated with psychics, tarot, astrology magic, everything that has to do with, the metaphysical. And I don't know if I shared this with you, but when I was nine, I'd find myself in my room making oracle cards without knowing what I was doing.

Like I would literally cut out pieces of paper and draw on them and assign meanings to these pieces of paper and then shuffle the cards and ask questions. and this is before I even knew what I was doing, what it was, what tarot was even. So the fact that I'm [00:07:00] doing it now it's so full circle.

It's wild. 

karen: Ashli, you just said something I wanted to ask. , you said you have a divine team around you. Who is that? 

Ashli: How do you define that? My angels, my guides, my ancestors. I know my grandmother is absolutely one of them. And I know my great grandmother, I would say it's my great grandmother, My dad's side.

So my mom's father's mother has always been with me ever since I was little then everyone else I may not necessarily know their names, but I know their energies 

Robyn: Totally. So then what happened in between? that led you to where you are now because I know you grew up in New York, you're now in L.

A., where did all of the more formal learnings come into play? I know this wasn't necessarily what was on your path. 

Ashli: Initially I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and I'm still an actress. But that's why I moved to L. A. And it was definitely my intuition that guided me here.

[00:08:00] However, I didn't know what this journey would evolve into. Or what would evolve to become. And found myself in L. A., just a young person, young kid really living a wild life and I assumed all different sorts of identities and then finally, it got to a point where I was just, So I think this is around my Saturn return.

I just felt so broken and alone and self conscious and inadequate and just depleted tired and I really didn't know what to do. I just knew that I could no longer live my life the way I had been living it. And it's funny because in 2017, I wrote down a list of everything I wanted to change, everything I wanted to let go of, everything I wanted to call in for myself.

I didn't necessarily know I was manifesting or setting an intention. I just knew that I wasn't happy. Without even trying, the next year my [00:09:00] life had completely changed. So in the beginning of 2018, during the first mercury retrograde of that year, I ran into 11 people from my past within a span of two and a half weeks.

Every time I would leave my home, I would run into someone. And it was always someone It was always someone that I had a very triggering dynamic or experience with. So I was not happy to see any of these people. And in the beginning I was freaked out, I was scared, I realized this was happening because the universe was sending me a message.

And from that experience, I realized, oh, the reason why I'm. Experiencing these emotions that I thought were dead is because I never actually allowed myself to feel my feelings in the time of that event. So it's like I was timeline jumping back to when I last saw them regardless of, if that time had been a year or five years or ten.

Meanwhile, these people had all moved on with their lives, and they were happy to see me, and I was just like, what the fuck? Yes! Yes! So that began the journey, just with [00:10:00] having this sense of awareness and becoming conscious of my patterns, and Basically what led me to even develop these patterns, which really was connected to childhood trauma and the dynamics I had with my parents and so by the end of that period, I was no longer scared, but I was excited.

I was like, okay, universe, okay, God what else do you have for me? for me. And so I was inspired to start this photography project where I would photograph women who had been through a traumatizing event and felt like they had made it to the other side with a shift in perspective. And so I would take their portraits and have them fill out this survey.

answering a list of questions, and one of my subjects happened to be a woman who studied spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. And she was hosting a women's circle. So I invited myself to her women's circle the following week, and there I met this woman who talked to me about grounding.

And I had no idea what grounding was, but I guess had a sense of curiosity. And so from the conversation I had with her, I started my own daily ritual [00:11:00] where I'd wake up in the morning at five o'clock and I'd ground, which included clearing my space with Sage and Paulo Santo, saying affirmations, praying, saying my gratitudes, journaling, meditation, reading a spiritual book and doing yoga.

And I did that every day consistently for a year. And within the first 21 days of that practice, my life literally changed. So like opportunities that I had prayed for specifically connected to my acting career I got the biggest role that I'd ever had just from doing that. And I also started to receive downloads during my meditations, and I'd find myself channeling as I was journaling, and when I'd go back to read the entries, I wouldn't remember writing anything that I had written, but these things were so profound.

I want to say it was inspiring, really, because I'm like, what what does this mean? If anything it served as proof that what I was experiencing, what I was learning was actually real. And that there is something. Outside of us beyond this lifetime that is present with us at all [00:12:00] times.

We just have to be open to Receiving the guidance and connecting and tuning in so throughout all of that I had already been working with herbs and making intention oils but eventually I started getting these visions of these intention candles and I could see what they looked like and I could see how I was making them.

Like I could literally see my hands making these candles and these visions would not leave me alone. So it's like I'd be in the middle of having a conversation and all of a sudden I would see , myself making these candles. So eventually I was like, okay, I guess I got to make these candles.

And so I made the candles and I figured, okay, I'll attach a free tarot reading. With a purchase of a candle and I did that for a while But eventually the tarot kind of took off and people were more interested in the readings than the candles, which is fine And so I realized oh, I guess I have this gift like maybe I should try it out, And so initially I got my clients by word of mouth and then I started reading out of different shops In Los Angeles Liberate Emporium, The Crystal Matrix this little shop in Highland Park [00:13:00] called The Bohemia and the Wolves.

And based on my first experience of reading out of a shop, I realized, oh, I need to have my own space, And once I realized that, I was like, okay I want to be mobile. Because I didn't want to have to rely on foot traffic and risk renting the wrong place and all of that.

And one thing led to another and, that's how this all came to be. It was just one thing at a time, following the breadcrumbs without necessarily knowing where the crumbs were leading me.

karen: we love your story and the genuineness in which you share that. I feel like we're walking along with you through your experiences and I'm sure so many of our listeners are going, wow, what a role model you are for really listening to that inner guidance and really following that path.

Cause we all have those little hits, but we don't always listen and action ourselves. 

Robyn: Yeah, exactly. . You just went with it.

And so there's a couple things I want to bring up before we go on, one, can you remind people what a Saturn return is and how many we usually have in a [00:14:00] lifetime? 

Ashli: , okay. So a Saturn return is when the planet Saturn returns to its position. Where it was when you were born and it usually takes I want to say between 28 to 30 years for Saturn to do a whole cycle.

So we Experience them if we're lucky three times in a lifetime Yeah. 

Robyn: And Saturn what is that? 

Ashli: what is Saturn? Yeah, Saturn is the planet of karma. it definitely has a parental more so paternal energy. It's all about discipline, structure, lessons. Saturn returns tend to be feel definitely triggering.

They absolutely can be chaotic, especially that first one that you experienced. But really it shows up in the way that it does to present an opportunity for you to get your life together and get on track to fulfilling your life's calling. 

Robyn: Yeah. I feel like what I always say when I'm talking about Sa is a lot of [00:15:00] times it's breakdown to breakthrough.

Because it can feel like, as you were describing you had no idea what else to do, lost in many ways, it feels, and I'm putting this in quotes, like things aren't going right. However, they're going exactly how they should, To get you back on track, to get you, Going on your life's path. We plan these things. We believe before we come in here so that we can then start that next chapter before the next Saturn return. 

Ashli: Absolutely.


Robyn: one more thing I just wanted to touch on before we talk about the bus you bring up how you couldn't stop visualizing certain things.

 Can you just expand on that for a moment and then let's talk about 

Ashli: the bus. Okay. So I wanna say that I wouldn't necessarily say it was visualizing because, 

for me, with visualization, there's an intent.

So it's like you're setting the intention to see something in your mind, in your third eye. My experience with seeing the candles was [00:16:00] more of a haunting, it was not of my will. Not to say that I'm not grateful, I totally am, because had that not happened, we would not be here right now. That said, I feel with me, whenever I'm channeling one of the ways that I know that I'm channeling is 

 I'm not choosing to do it in that moment. And something is just coming through. And it also doesn't leave me alone. So if it's a message that needs to be expressed, whether that's through me, or just, if it's, It needs to be communicated to another person.

Then, there is this internal sense of a nagging or an urgency. It's get it out. And it won't leave me alone. And so that's what that was for me. Because I wouldn't necessarily, until this point, have ever considered myself to be a candle person, I 

Robyn: love that clarification, I really do, because, There are things that come into people's minds. Again, to your point, maybe there was no intention, but they keep seeing something for a reason, or they keep feeling the need to do a particular thing or listen [00:17:00] to a particular and they don't know why.

And those are the things though you have to pay attention to. 

Ashli: Absolutely. 

Robyn: Yes. All right, let's talk about the bus. Yeah, please. How did that come to be? 

Ashli: So I knew that I needed to be mobile I didn't necessarily know how or what kind of vehicle that I would want. It could have been a trailer or an RV or a van and But I did have a very clear understanding, knowing, and even vision of what I wanted it to look like inside and how I wanted it to feel.

And so with that, I drew a sketch of the interior design of the bus. And within a week and a half of drawing that sketch, I found a yellow school bus in San Diego. And I just drove down and got it. It was still yellow. It still had the seats in it, but I drove down to San Diego and I got it.

karen: I love the fact it's a school bus because I feel like it's the most welcoming large vehicle you could probably offer to [00:18:00] people.

And there's that feeling like I'm going to learn something when I step inside. And so I just think the symbol of it is beautiful. 

Robyn: Oh, I 

Ashli: love that. Yes, I agree. And it's beautiful. Also, I feel like it's welcoming because that's the intention I put into it as I was building it. And I gave it French windows that I always keep open.

And so there's this energy, like everyone who comes onto the bus always says, I just felt drawn to it. And that's really special for me because . It affirms what I knew, or at least the intention I put into it.

Robyn: I just got the chills when you said that. And I know my friend Noel when she was walking she was, like, I have to go in. And what's unbelievable is that within the last few days of seeing your bus, was looking for a specific crystal.

And it's not like you have a ton of crystals. You have some, and the crystal she's looking for is not your norm. It's not one that everyone would have. And you had one of the crystal. Yeah. I 

Ashli: just had 

Robyn: one left. And that to me is so magical [00:19:00] and then it connected.

the three of us together unbelievable. That's so divine, that is the way it works. And you put that intention into the bus of drawing people in and having it feel a certain way. 

Ashli: drawing the right people in, so the people who are open and in need of receiving divine messages and guidance.

Robyn: love that being specific that reminds people when they're making their intentions be specific. Absolutely. 


karen: does it work, Ashli, then? So you park someplace where you can be seen very easily and then people just Go up the steps and say, Hello, Ashli.

How does 

Ashli: it work? I'm open Wednesday through Sunday and I have a location assigned to each day. I'll park at a metered spot, so public parking. Always in, visible places. For example, Wednesdays, I park on Larchmont, just south of Beverly, in front of the Larchmont Farmer's Market.

I know people are going to be there. People are always on Larchmont, but I know people will specifically come to that location the market is from, [00:20:00] I want to say, one to five or something like that. And I'm open from nine to five, so it just works out. So that's how it works.

And anyone who's interested in a reading, they can book an appointment online or they can just come up and say hello. 

Robyn: I love that. And I know it took you about a year to actually build it all out, 

Ashli: right? Yes, it took me a little over a year. How did you even do that? 

Coincidentally, but there's no such thing as coincidences I had been I'm obsessed with those conversion videos on YouTube.

Before I got a bus, before I knew I was ever going to get a bus, I was literally watching these videos. It was insane. And it's funny because the way I discovered I was gifted in Tarot was the same way. I had no intention of learning tarot, I had become sober the previous year so I didn't go out for New Year's Eve and I stayed home watching videos on numerology, and it spiraled into tarot, and I had no intention of becoming a reader or a professional psychic or anything like that, and all of a sudden, after watching the videos A reader would pull up a [00:21:00] card and I would say something, having to do with the message.

And then the reader would literally repeat the exact words I said verbatim. And it happened more than once. and I would even find myself shuffling the cards and the cards that the reader got would just fly out the exact same cards. And I'm like, okay, it is quite interesting, but yeah.

So I found myself obsessed with these conversion videos. And then all of a sudden I had a bus. And so I was like if they can do it, I might as well try. And I cried the entire way. because every time I would accomplish one feat, I'd have to move on to the next one.

And here we are. 

karen: The universe wanted you to build that bus. It really wanted it to be your labor of love that created it and all your energy and all of your vision. It 

Robyn: was 

Ashli: all about doing that.


karen: But it's hard to know that in the midst of it, isn't it? 

Ashli: I didn't know it in the midst of it. Maybe Around halfway through, I realized, okay, no I'm meant to do this because my energy is supposed to be in the bus. That's why this is happening.

But in the beginning, I didn't know. And [00:22:00] even with that sense, that still didn't stop me from crying. This is hard. Yeah. 

karen: We've been there many times. Talk ourselves down. But you persevere. 

Robyn: And you know what it reminds me I have this quote just off to the side here that I want to post on social, which is you just can't beat the person who never gives up and it's a Babe Ruth quote, and I love that for what, it just goes to show what all of the emotion and all that you were releasing while you were creating this experience and this 

Ashli: bus.

Yeah, it's really 

karen: powerful. So just to follow that thread just a little bit more. So tell us about those first few weeks when you started with the bus and the people that came to you and were you affirmed that you were going down the right path then by those 

Ashli: experiences? Yes. It's funny. My very first client on the bus was a nightmare.

it was a guy who had never had a reading before. He was clearly a cynic and he had just [00:23:00] really funky energy. And quite frankly, he should have signed up as a coaching client because he didn't need a reading. He needs coaching. And it was just as horrible as you could imagine, that's exactly how it went.

And it got to the point where I didn't even finish the reading. I literally just said, you gotta go. Just get off my bus. And. 

From that experience. That's actually what prompted me to set the intention to only receive the right people. Like I needed that really messed up experience to get very clear on my specific vision for what I wanted to do through my work and how I wanted to do it. Because obviously we all need to support ourselves.

Yes and we live in a 3D world that requires Money, But it's also an energetic exchange And it's also it's like i'm doing this not just for the money But to make the world a better place, I've ever since I was a kid, three years old, [00:24:00] I had this idea in my head of I want to heal the world.

And I didn't know how I wanted to do that. I thought, Oh, I need to be famous, become a rich, famous, philanthropic actress. And then. And in the midst of that Mercury retrograde experience, I realized, oh, I was putting my life on hold, waiting for this moment that may or may not ever happen. And if I'm waiting to heal the world, until I'm famous, then I might not ever do what I'm here to do.

So I better just get to yeah, so from that experience, I set the intention to really only have the right people come in. And I fortunately have never had another experience like that again. That was a one time thing. And just in the first few weeks yeah, it was so rewarding just to have people be not only be so wowed and amazed by the bus and the enchanting energy of it all, but also by me.

And to know that I'm doing good. Like I'm using my divine gifts to facilitate healing and hold space for people and potentially impact them for the rest of their lives, yeah, it's been a very [00:25:00] rewarding journey. Absolutely. Wow. 

Robyn: And let's talk about what kinds of offerings you have on the bus and virtually.

one of the other things I wanted to also talk about was that you also go into people's homes for blessings, which we have not actually covered. on our podcast in almost 150 episodes. Oh wow. Yeah. So I would love to talk about what you offer and then also talk about what it means to go and bless someone's home.

Ashli: I'm an intuitive tarot reader, so I read tarot, I channel as I'm reading, and all of my clairs are active clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant. And sometimes I can smell or taste things. 

Robyn: Can you explain what that means?

Ashli: Oh yeah. So clairvoyant is seeing things like having visions come to you. Clairaudient is hearing things. Sometimes I hear songs, sometimes I hear words, sometimes I hear names. Claire sentience it's feeling things. So feeling energy, feeling emotions, feeling sickness, whether it's energetic [00:26:00] sickness or like physical ailments, and Claire cognizance is just knowing.

 I receive information through all of those ways as I'm reading your cards, and I will share with you not just the meanings of the cards and my interpretation of them, but also whatever messages I'm channeling as well. I do Reiki, which is a Japanese healing modality that clears energetic blockages, balances the chakras can heal physical ailments.

And it grounds you, it clears your energy it's the highest vibration of love. So I channel that energy through my hands and hover them over your chakras and so that's great. It promotes healing and relaxation and I do sound healing as well. I have crystal singing bowls and I play them and the chimes and I've got a few drums and a gong.

So that's great. That's by appointment only because I don't carry my instruments on the bus 24 And then I also sell apothecary goods like crystals, jewelry, herbs, potions,

So that's what I offer on the bus. And outside of [00:27:00] that, I do spiritual coaching, I teach tarot as well I do spell work for anyone who's interested in that and I bless homes. So with home blessings, I go into the home after it's been cleaned. It should be physically cleaned first I'll light a candle.

I'll say a prayer. I clear the space with incense like sage and Palo Santo. I send Reiki throughout the space. I call on my divine team. So my angels, my guides, my ancestors to assist me through this process. And I play sound throughout the home as well. So it's great for removing negative energy, calling in abundance, calling in protection.

And it's, really a beautiful experience to have your home be energetically renewed and refreshed. It's great for, Anyone who is going through a major life transition it's great for anyone who's moved into a home and they want to bless it. It's [00:28:00] great for anyone who's been feeling energetically stuck or stagnant in life.

it's great to do if you've just been sick, gone through a serious illness suffered a major loss or even if there's been a lot of negative energy in the home, whether that's you fighting with someone in the home or fighting when you're in the home over the phone and sometimes the negative energy is stuff that's on you.

So not only do you need to clear yourself with Reiki, you've also got to clear your space too, to maintain that. 

karen: So funny. Just yesterday, we were just talking about. Energy and energy being stuck in the home and ways to release that. But I love this idea even a ritual that recognizes a change in your life of some kind, and really making 


a moment in time where you're really doing something specific to recognize that and then invite new energy into your home.

 Do you have to bless the bus? Do you do the same kind 

Ashli: of energy? Oh yeah, absolutely. I do that with the bus every week. Yes. 

Robyn: Can we talk a little bit [00:29:00] about tarot we find that every practitioner has their own way of doing things.

Even though there may be a very traditional way of doing tarot, everyone seems to create their own. do you have a go to deck? how does it work for you in terms of a resource? 

Ashli: I have a few go to decks. I like to work with the Good Tarot by Collette Barron Reed. 

I love the imagery in that deck. It's very colorful. There's something very fantastical, fairy, mermaid vibes. It's a beautiful, stunning deck. I also like to work with the African American Tarot. Which has images of African American people and folklore. And there's definitely something very magical about that deck too.

It's by Jamal R. and Thomas Davis, And then for love sex and relationship questions, I work with the tarot sexual magic, which is a really spicy deck. I love that deck.

Is that 

Robyn: how 

karen: you start with someone? Do you have them state what their intention is when they come to you? 

Ashli: [00:30:00] Yes, it's always best if you have specific questions. If you don't know specifically what you'd like to ask I can help you form or how to ask the question. I can help you form it.

It's best if it's open ended. And when you don't know what you want to know, I ask spirit what you need to know. And sometimes And when that happens everything's pretty much fair game, it's what you need to know. It may not be what you want to know, which is why it's important to be specific about your intention when you come in.

Robyn: think that's really key. A lot of people that we find will have certain types of readings and don't necessarily go in with an intention. And they're given information, which is, I'm sure what spirit wants them to know, but it's not easy to hear. 

Ashli: Yeah. Absolutely. 

Robyn: And so it's important to take it seriously in that sense.

Ashli: Absolutely. And I also believe in I don't censor anything that comes through. I'm not necessarily comfortable with everything that comes through because I want to, Always empower the sitter. I always want them to feel impact. If something [00:31:00] comes up , that they don't like, it's always important for you to remember that energy is fluid.

And even though there's a lot that is not within our control, there is still so much that is. And so you can change your fate. I believe you're not a victim. Ever. 


karen: Yeah. How many people that come to you have never been to a tarot reader or had that experience 

Robyn: before and 

karen: Do they really understand the messages that you give them?

Ashli: so many people come in as first time tarot clients. I would say half, if not over half, of the people who come on to the Star Magic school bus are receiving a reading for the first time.

And some people come in, just, out of a sense of curiosity and then, five minutes into their reading, they're like, Oh, this is serious, so yeah, everyone fortunately understands the magnitude of the messages that are coming through. And I would say sometimes, people can't necessarily.

Pinpoint what it is. It's like obviously I'm speaking English, but For some reason they're like, I don't [00:32:00] know it resonates But like they don't know specifically what area of their life But then some time passes and with those people they always come back and say you said this and then this is exactly what it Was and I didn't know then but yeah, it's so clear.

So yeah that happens a lot 

Robyn: And do you think those that have come in, especially those first timers, understanding that we all have teams around us, that we all have, 

Ashli: we're all on our journey, wherever we are, and none of us are at the same place, I do feel like everyone who leaves the Star Magic School Bus leaves with an understanding that they are divinely guided, protected, and blessed. And that life is happening for them and not to them and that they have the ability to connect with the divine or with, whomever, whether it's a past loved one or something.

 is around them like they're actually there and they're there to guide them and they're there to guide them and connect with them based on however open they are to connecting with them, yeah, I [00:33:00] do believe that 

Robyn: when it comes to the medical intuitive. Of what you do, are people booking time and they're intentional with you for a medical intuitive type of reading, or is it something that comes up during a regular tarot 

Ashli: reading?

It's more so something that comes up during a regular tarot reading. I do have people that specifically ask about their health. But I don't have a specific reading designated to that. And that's more so connected to my Clairsentience. Sometimes just while I'm shuffling before any cards come out, I'm feeling things, and I just have to share it.

And then they let me know, Oh, yeah, I do have this issue or it's more of a suggestion. Get that checked out. 

Robyn: Yeah. I wanted to ask this question From what you brought up in the beginning when you said, That you had walked out of your house and for about two and a half weeks, you met 11 different people from your past and you brought up this idea of time jumping. And I'm sure people listening are like, [00:34:00] what do you mean by that? And that they had moved on, but you clearly were being shown those people during a Mercury retro period, which I also want to.

Talk about for a moment. So what do you mean by the time jumping and how does that work? And 

Why is it also significant that you were shown these triggers during mercury 

Ashli: retrograde? So basically what I meant by that was seeing someone in the present I would be brought back to the past, where we left off, and so it was like I was going back in time, and literally, it's so weird, where I would see the argument, or where we physically were.

But also emotionally I would internally have all of those emotions as if everything that happened was fresh, was, like, re happening. I would relive the experience, basically. And I would say the significance of that happening during Mercury Retrograde is that during Mercury Retrograde, that's when things from the past come up.

Past relationships. Past experiences, people from the [00:35:00] past, memories. Mercury rules the mind. It rules the mind, communication, technology. And the retrograde period is from our vantage point from Earth, it appears as though the planets are moving backwards. So it's literally like things are going backwards.

They're going in reverse. Pertaining to the mind, communication, thought, and technology. 

Robyn: Yeah. And you're given an opportunity to revisit something, basically. 

Ashli: Exactly. So that you can clear it and move on. Yeah. 

karen: But we don't know this. Like, all these people who are going through these experiences.

And it is, it's a rite of passage and just so many people don't realize that and have that opportunity to really do what you did, Which is understand and revisit and then shift and change. And 

Robyn: you were just pounded by people. They were like, 

Ashli: get on that. It was so wild. 

Robyn: Oh my goodness. But thank them, right?

Thank those good 

karen: shepherds [00:36:00] who actually helped you 

Robyn: Yeah. 

Ashli: I definitely thank spirit, for sure. And I definitely thank myself. And, do I thank them? I will say that, yes, I've absolutely found not only forgiveness, but accountability. Because a lot of times, when we have an experience like that, it's easy to point the finger and say this person hurt me.

But additionally yeah, that person hurt you and you can't control but you can control yourself. So if you chose to stay and participate. in an experience that is negatively affecting you in that way. It's not just on the other person. It's on you too. 

Robyn: And I feel like it takes people a long time to come around to that. But I think it's important to say, so people can start to think about that, where that hits them in their lives right now. I want to 

karen: ask you about your other spiritual experiences, because at the beginning, when you were talking about making those tarot cards, the Oracle cards yourself, I was like, this girl has got to have a past life.

[00:37:00] As a priestess or doing something like this. Has that ever occurred to you? Have you done a past life 

Robyn: regression? 

Ashli: So I have once, and what came up in that session was a past life as as an Indigenous person, like an Indigenous person lost in the woods in fight or flight mode, I injured my knee or something, which is funny because In my past life, I injured the exact same knee that I injured in this lifetime when I got hit by a car at 17.

So that's funny and the person doing the reading didn't know about that. But I have had flashbacks of my past lives without the intention of doing a regression. And one image that really came to me I was crying in front of like a building or a city burning down and I had this, I don't know if it was someone that I loved, I don't know if it was my child or a partner or something like that, but I was like coddling their face and crying over them and they were [00:38:00] dead.

And it was just a quick flash and I was in the middle of doing regular Reiki sessions. So it happened not during the Reiki session, but while I was in the middle of going through that process. And that was really interesting. But I know in my soul that yes, I've absolutely been a priestess, a witch in a past lifetime for sure.

 there's no doubt, there's no question. I absolutely know this in my heart. The specifics of it I don't know, but but I do know that, yes. Plus my south node is in Scorpio so that's pretty indicative as well. 

karen: So what's next for the bus? What is your vision?

Are you in the present moment with where you are right now and just letting the universe guide you or do you have some vision for what else you may want to 

Robyn: do? 

Ashli: A little bit of both, I would say. So I'm definitely in the present moment and open to the universe guiding me to wherever I'm meant to be or go next.

 And of course I have dreams of having many. buses, so eventually, who knows, maybe five years from now, I will [00:39:00] expand in that way, but I'm open, we'll see.

Robyn: And we're excited that so many people are going to find you now by listening to the podcast because you don't have to be in LA to find you, although a lot of listeners are in LA. So I'm sure they will be checking out where you go each week, but also for people all over the world.

Now they can have a reading with you. from wherever they are because I know I experienced it and it was so powerful. But I also before we go, I want to ask you about any of your go to oils or crystals , , because you are so versed in all of this, if there's anything that you suggest for people.

Ashli: So right now, dealing with the current energy that we're in, I feel like protection is so necessary. I do have an oil slash potion that is specifically for protection. It's for removing negative energy and calling in divine protection. It's called I Am Clean.

I also make a candle for that as well. But let's say you just want essential oil or something like that. Like sage, sage [00:40:00] essential oil is very powerful. Black pepper is very powerful. Juniper is very powerful. If you can get yourself some hyssop, that's a really great herb to remove negative energy.

 And as far as crystals, Black tourmaline is a great crystal for protection. I have it literally 

Robyn: in every room of my house. 

Ashli: Yeah. And selenite too. Yes. It's also a great energy. Yes. A great crystal too. 

Robyn: I think what you're doing is , the actual bus becomes, as we talked about in the beginning, it's an inviting place for people who are curious. It draws them in and you really do, I would say for a lot of people that first time or first place that they have ever really come in contact with anything that's beyond the norm, right?

Is is taking them out of this 3D world. And I think you end up being that guide for them. 

karen: Even the name of the Star Magic School Bus, like it just marries That experiences of somebody [00:41:00] who is looking at what that magic actually is for themselves through you.

Ashli: Thank you. It's funny because I never thought of it in that way. I had star magic before I had this, the school bus, and then I got a school bus and I was like the star magic school bus. It just has a ring to it. I love that. And it's one of the ways

 I describe the Star Magic School Bus is as a portal.

It's a portal into an enchanted oasis that will charm your heart and move your spirit and it's a gateway or an entry point. It's an entrance, that's right. As you step onto the Star Magic School Bus and have your experience of either Tarot or Reiki, or even if it's just a conversation, that can serve as the beginning of you changing your life, embarking on a healing journey through, whatever modalities you choose.

Whether it's just you, and this has to come first before you ever become a facilitator yourself, like you've got to do the healing, the [00:42:00] purging reach a certain level of awareness, of self awareness and compassion, not just for others, but for yourself and just the level of openness, right? But it all starts somewhere and I feel like for a lot of people, especially if the Star Magic School Bus is their first time having a reading Or even an interaction with a dance with woo it's like that is the seed and there's the potential or how they choose to fulfill that potential is up to them.

Robyn: So true. . And we say all the time, once you start the seeker journey, it never ends and you get to be the start for so many people. And then they just keep going because then we know this journey never ends. There's always something new to learn about yourself, about The world about beyond.

 you then you get to ask all the questions and you find the magic in the everyday. So 

karen: people up to the idea that they are here with such purpose. And it's not just some [00:43:00] random thing that they're here you're giving them a layer of seeing themselves in it. Completely new way. That can be transformational.

Robyn said, it's like the beginning of that whole journey, but just to be there to meet them where they are literally on the street and invite them in for that experience. I just love it. Oh, this is so great. And I know it's just the beginning for you. 

Ashli: Thank you. 

karen: think we've covered so much. I know, we 

Robyn: covered a lot.

karen: Ashli, . The way you speak is so present, but down to earth. I feel you've done such an incredible job of really describing and explaining some of the very Basic things that people may not know about and doing it in a way that's just so easy to understand.


Ashli: thank you. 

Robyn: Yeah. And the way that you marry all of the different modalities into your experiences and into your offerings. magical, not everybody does that. So for those listening, you can find out more about all of Ashli's offerings at star magic, tarot. com. You can follow Ashli and that's Ashli with an i

a [00:44:00] S H L I at Star Magic Tarot on Instagram. Thank you so much, Ashli. 

Ashli: Thank you ladies. This was so wonderful. It was beautiful to connect with you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with your platform. 

Robyn: Oh, we look forward to talking to you more in the future. I think you need to do a 

karen: cross country road trip in the 

Ashli: bus.

Yes, that is also a vision. I want to do like a documentary or a docuseries on the Star Magic school bus and stopping in cities along the way offering my services. And seeing what magic unfolds, that's definitely a vision I have. I 

Robyn: think going to be a Seeking Center production of some sort.

Ashli: I would 

Robyn: love that. Putting that out there too. 

Ashli: Yes. 

Robyn: Let's do it. Okay. 

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