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Seeking Made Simple: How to Clear Yourself for a Spiritual Breakthrough - Episode 24

December 22, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Steve Hoffman Season 1 Episode 24
Seeking Made Simple: How to Clear Yourself for a Spiritual Breakthrough - Episode 24
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Made Simple: How to Clear Yourself for a Spiritual Breakthrough - Episode 24
Dec 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 24
Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Steve Hoffman

We can all use a good dose of hope as we go into 2021. Meet Steve Hoffman, author of "Clear Vessels". He had all but given up hope, until a sign from the Universe changed his life. He’s sharing his transformational journey, as well as the guidance and simple practices that worked for him — with you! There’s even a 2-minute meditation that you can do every day!

We discuss looking for signs, affirmations, visualizations, meditation -- and tips for integrating these spiritual tools into your own life.

If you’ve ever questioned the meaning of life or faced seemingly unrelenting challenges, this may be just what you need to hear. Steve knows the power we all have within us, now you need to know too!

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We can all use a good dose of hope as we go into 2021. Meet Steve Hoffman, author of "Clear Vessels". He had all but given up hope, until a sign from the Universe changed his life. He’s sharing his transformational journey, as well as the guidance and simple practices that worked for him — with you! There’s even a 2-minute meditation that you can do every day!

We discuss looking for signs, affirmations, visualizations, meditation -- and tips for integrating these spiritual tools into your own life.

If you’ve ever questioned the meaning of life or faced seemingly unrelenting challenges, this may be just what you need to hear. Steve knows the power we all have within us, now you need to know too!

You can find out more about Steve and the book at:
You can buy the book directly at:

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

You can also follow Seeking Center on Instagram @theseekingcenter

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for you. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life. We translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together.

We're so looking forward to introducing you to author Steve Hoffman, he's a fellow seeker and he had his own spiritual transformation and his new book, clear vessels. He's sharing his personal story and the process that has helped him tap into universal wisdom. And live a joyful and guided life. If you've ever questioned the meaning of life or faced seemingly unrelenting challenges, this may be just what you need to hear.

Steve knows the power we all have within us. Now you need to know too when there's good energy, it just always flows. As you talk about in your book, which I really love. It's a guide and you will like, someone will use this over and over and go like, okay, I want to look at that meditation or I need some inspiration for my affirmation, you know?

And I love that you share all of that in there. I'm hoping it brings some practicality. It's only people think that spiritual stuff is woo-hoo. I love how each chapter is just like its own little thought to Robyn's point earlier, you can skip all over. You can just pick a chapter that Paul's to you. And it's almost like its own little unit.

I'm glad to hear that because those are my favorite books that I keep on my nightstand with highlighting. This could be one of those I'm kind of new to this whole industry and YouTube much experience though. Very honored and flattered with your words. So the encouragement is very appreciated. We can all relate to your story.

Cause I think we're all speakers looking for that little spark of a sign from the other side. And I think that that's really where your story started to. Do you have ever imagined. Becoming an author and talking about spirituality in your lifetime, coming from the financial industry. No less. Exactly. I think, you know seekers always, at least for me, you always felt a little different, a little alone.

I had no idea any of this would come to fruition. I grew up in a household that dad was at his own business. It was a workaholic and you're Catholic. So it was all about working hard and. If you didn't work hard, you felt guilty. And you know, that recipe worked for the first 20 years in life. I got good grades.

Teachers love me as a good athlete, just because I have worked people. And then I got a good job. Got married, had kids. So on the surface, I was painting this nice facade that everyone on the outside thought it was successful. But in hindsight, it wasn't as successful as, as I was painting it to be. And then when.

My wife divorced me account, pulled the rug out from under me. And it's like, I felt made it's like everyone could see the failure and fraud that I am. And that's how I felt. I felt like a fraud and a failure, but I was working my ass off to please other people as doing the best I could. So I, one night I just yelled out to God.

I said, I've done everything you've asked. Just tell me what the fricking rules are and I'll do this. I got a little whisper of a thought that night that just said we need you. I didn't believe it enough at the time, because I hadn't had enough experiences like that. A few months down the road, I move out of town.

I just needed to get away from the divorce. And I go out to a state park, coincidentally, it was named Hoffman Hills. State park. And I go out there and it's late November and I had the whole place to myself. It's like a thousand acres. This thought starts coming to me and he says, look for the sign. And once again, you know, I'm a financial type analytical.

My brain is always moving. And so I'm like, okay, is this just another random. Thought or whatever, but I'll play along at sea, all these meaningless little state park signs, and I started to give up on it. And then finally I get to the very end and there's this big observation tower and there's this big Brown sign with gold letters on it.

And I w I'm reading an anxiously, like, here's gotta be the message, the important message they've been telling me about. And there was nothing. And then the voice was call it a voice, but it's just kind of your own thoughts is what it feels like to me. And it said, look at the side. So I looked down and there's this plaque.

One of the contributors was person with the last name. Hoffman's hyphen God love. And immediately I interpreted that as God loves Hoffman, that's probably the pivotal point in my life for once I knew I wasn't alone, I had evidence. I was just overwhelmed with joy. And of course my faith exploded and then I started to listen more.

I started getting more messages and then of course signs start popping up everywhere. And they're there all the time. If we can quiet our mind enough to get out of our head, get into our head. I want to ask about the elders when you refer to the elders. What does that mean to you? Is that a group of scheduled people?

Like, just for those who haven't read the book, and I think talking about how you met Holly, who introduced you to the elders? Like, how did you become open to that? And then I think as Karen was saying, like, what does that mean? Who are they? I bumped into Holly at a university bookstore in Minneapolis, and she's doing free readings.

She gave me some very valuable information. We lived several hours apart. So after that we either do a phone call readings, or I just email her questions. And the elders in her description, I think are a kind of a collective consciousness. It reminds me a lot of the Abraham Hicks. So I asked Holly one time, are the elders Abraham?

Is it the same? No. It, it feels like a different energy to her. It feels like there are different rays coming out of the same sun, whether it's God workers or fear guides or what. They're similar, but she said the energy feels different. So, you know, they tell you things that you did not say to anyone else, other than yourself, maybe you think you're doing something in a great way, but you have a sliver of doubt in your head.

They know where that sliver of doubt is. I don't know who they are, what they are, but whatever they're doing, it's good stuff. Well, and, and Holly's channeling them. What was it about her first reading that validated for you? That she was really. Channeling the elders. And that that message was for you. The information was so dead on and crisp and clear, and you walk away saying, how did you know that no one knows that about every six months I would reach out to her, you know, as soon as you come across a, a life struggle and you're like, how do I navigate this?

So over the course of three or four years Taught me how to navigate so many obstacles and to think better. And then you start practicing what they tell you and you see the results in life is just so much more enjoyable and you're, you know, you're going with the flow and you're not fighting. Life just became peaceful, joyful.

You just know there's good things happening all around you, and they're all lined up. It's just changed my. Way of life. Hopefully you can sense that my voice I'm not depressed contemplating suicide anymore. I'm like, life is fun. This is what it's supposed to be. Like. You had read Robert Schwartz's book, your soul's plan and have reached out to one of the people that he used is one of the intuitives that he uses in the book.

Her name, Stacy Wells. Had you reached out to her prior to meeting Holly? Yeah. So that was an important step along the way. I read Robert Schwartz, his book, and I loved it. You know, Robert Schwartz goes into these free birth plans and past lives, and it really confirmed to me that there's a plan to all of this.

And so I reached out to Stacy who helped with the book and Stacy did a past life regression and it was fascinating to me because the big takeaway was. Here. I talked about how divorce was in my mind, the worst thing in my life that made me contemplate suicide. It made me throw away my whole belief system and they see, so, Oh no, no.

That marriage was never meant to last I'm like, what if I would've known that more easily would have navigated through that. But the fascinating thing Stacy told me was that in a past life, I had spotted my son from this life, with my wife from this life, he was. Out on a picnic. Arthur and I got very jealous, so I spotted them on a hillside having a picnic and I got jealous and went and ran the store through my son's heart, killed him.

I'm like, Ooh, I was a killer. Wow. In some of you learn to have more compassion and not judge other people for what they're going through. But then those two in their soul contract with me, he came back and my wife said, I'll give you a chance to handle this better. We're going to get married and we'll get divorced.

And I won't give you all the messy details, but I'm going to give you another chance to handle that lesson better. And we're going to have a son we're going to give that guy back his life that I killed. So you're like, wow, here. I was thinking that was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And then there's this great cosmic plan wind up on for my benefit.

So it was the greatest gift I ever received. What a gift from that past life regression. Oh my gosh. And then if you look back, right? Yeah. And you look back to where you were looking at that sign. You never would've gotten to that sign and seeing the sign, if all of that hadn't happened with your wife. So in a way it was a blessing that that relationship did end when it did, because now it's opened your whole life up to the experience now that you want to have, which is more about the book and teaching others.

If we would surrender a little bit earlier, We're going to have to go through all that pain and whatnot, then it becomes easy and joyful and you're living in the flow. We just got to give up our hardheadedness and less than a little earlier, easier said than done though, right? Yeah. And then life hits us in the face and then there's that human part of us, right.

That comes into play, which is, you know, part of the journey for sure. Once you start to understand. These different tools and different concepts, I think like can definitely be more joyous and you will learn how to handle the bad stuff in a different way. When the tragedy happens with a really tough thing happens, it's always going to be really tough, but can at least in the back of your mind say, okay, there's something here for me to learn.

There's something differently. Exactly. So the name of your book is called clear vessels. What does clear mean to you and what do you want people to know about being clear? There's a quote I love from Hafiz. He's a 14th century poet. It goes, I am a hole and a flute through which God's breath flows, listen to the music that gives a visualization for what being a clear vessel is.
Our job is to be a clear hole for the breadth of go through and make beautiful music. Our job is not to. Blow the air through. It's not to move the fingers in perfect harmony. We don't have to do all that work. We just have to be clear. And when I say, be clear, I mean, be clear of self doubts, fear, probably the biggest plug in the whole of flute, I think is a lack of self-love.

I think when we grow up, as I did trying to please the outside world, and maybe you don't succeed as well as you think you should, you start to label yourself a failure without self-love this, this world just doesn't go around for us. Another point about becoming a clear vessel is, and we talked about meditation and I tried to put dozens of tricks in the book, but here's one trick I've learned with meditation.

When I try to do it, my head is always sitting there. Am I doing it right? You know, I'm breathing, I'm following this, but if something is anything happening, So I've learned, I call it giving the dog a bone. Your mind always has to think it's doing something. Have you ever noticed when you're driving down the highway, maybe a long street highway for hours, your mind is focused on the road, but it's not that challenging.

And you kind of get in this quiet zone and you don't know what it is, but after a two hour drive, you're like, ah, I felt really good. You were in that quiet meditational zone. To me, it's, it's been very effective tool for, for getting into that clear space. So you give your dog a bone over here, and then this wisdom comes in through the back door and the dogs not guarding the door Robyn.

And I talk about like, just taking a shower sometimes can do that. Right. That's why a lot of inspiration tends to come when, cause it's like the only time when you can't have a device in front of you. Or a person talking to you, you know, it's your own little, little space for what, 10 minutes to be able to let all of that thought come through.

And that inspiration come through that. And because your mind is quiet and clear, like a clear vessel, like you're saying, there's that opportunity for the universe to go, Oh my gosh, I've got to stick, stick a thought. And Karen said that she'll, she'll remember in the book. You know, there's really two parts first.

App's all about clearing and becoming a clear vessel. And if you just do that, your life will change. You'll start to allow this wisdom and love to come through you. But the second half of the book is creating and that's where, okay, we've taken the mind out of the picture to become clear. We'll download plenty of thoughts from the universe or God or spirit guys, but we can also.

Work with affirmations and start to plan positive thoughts. And that's kind of the creative part where I'm like, it's more fun to play around once that all that clearing work is done. So that's what I mean by a clear basket. And then can you talk about what, how you define ego? Because I think people who are listening may have read about ego in other places, but I think everyone defines it a little bit differently.

And I really appreciated your definition. There's probably a, a more academic definition out there that I just think it's our busy mind that thinks it's running our lives and it's defending itself. It's trying to earn love and approval can differentiate between what the ego is, is telling you and what your true inner voice is telling you.

And I think it's kind of learning to differentiate. Yeah. Part when you say, yeah. Wow. That's just like, when I was on that path, the God loves story path and I was getting voices. Okay. What's my thought. What's their thought. And I think it comes back to the feelings again. What feels good? Does that, does that thought feel good if it does go with it?

If, if it doesn't, if it feels like work or effort or itchiness. It's probably not an inspired thought. I always say, you know, it's the child within it's usually it should be your guide. Right? It's what makes you feel joyful and free and easy. And when you start to hear the voice of the adult, that's probably the voice of the ego saying, well, no, you shouldn't do that.

You shouldn't think that, you know, that that's always my differentiator between the two talk a little bit about being in the flow and being out of flow. Cause that was another big theme of the book and I love that analogy and how it goes with the clear vessel. It feels like water. And just notice when things are flowing easily and when you're fighting them.
And then of course that feel it, are you paddling against the current or with the current? So you'll just learn to know what that feeling is like. And then you learn to trust it more, not only trust it, you learn to trust it so much that, you know, you know, this is the right path you learn to trust the inside feelings and.

Ignore so much of what the outside world is saying to you, like the idea of the row, row, row, your boat song, you know, gently down the stream where it's like the universe is sort of the, the river, right. That's kind of helping you along. I mean, you still can, you can still really your boat. I mean, you still have free will to kind of roll with it.

Yeah. The way you want it to go, but rowing down the stream so much easier job than trying to row up the stream going in the flow. It's just like the universe is just kind of carrying you along versus fighting the flow. And just trying to go back up, you use have like instant, current or not. You're going to end up downstream at your destination, so you're right.

Yeah. If you want to paddle against the current for awhile, go ahead. Take a detour. It's all good. But you're always going to end up where you're supposed to. So. Might as well, enjoy the ride. Hell, throw the paddle away. If you want your, you use meditations and visualizations and affirmations in your life, and then you talk about them and actually really show how to use them in your book.

Can you talk a little bit about each of those and how you. Incorporate them into your life affirmations. You know, I mentioned a powerful phrase is I, am I am this. I am that there's subconsciously those things start to sticking your head. So affirmations are great visualizations. I find to be even more fun because what I found is all you have to do is find a feeling.

You don't have to find specifics. You don't have to say this is the specific house. And then the specific spouse and the specific car I need. If you do that, I find you kind of limit universe or God from delivering. Maybe they have something better. Yeah. But I do ask her, Oh, I love this beautiful house.

I'll finish it with or something even better. I would love this job or something even better. If you find the feeling of anything, the universal do his best to match it. So in the book, I talked about the one example where I'm hitting a home, run out of the baseball park and it just. Why's farther than any ball has ever flown.

And I just pictured the crowd cheering and my teammates are just like in disbelief. Was I really trying to become a major league baseball player and hit a home run? No, I was just feeling that everyone was just like in awe of what happened. That is just a fun way to. So go through your life. Daydreaming is another word for daydreaming is very powerful at lunchtime.

I go out to a quiet little place and I have a folder full of readings or quotes or just things that move me in a positive manner. Maybe I'll read one or two or 10, whatever it gets me into a good feeling mode. And then I'll just sit there and soak it up. And I'm like, I feel so good right now. I don't need anything.

I don't care what happens. I just feel good. And that's when miracles start to happen. People think, might think that's an exaggeration, but it's true. Miracles are all around us and we just have to be open. It's like, my mom always used to say what you focus on grows. And that could be a good thing. That's right, right, right.

What you focus on and, and focus is a tough word too. You don't even have to, it doesn't have to be a focus. I love your idea of daydreaming and just allowing your mind to go to a place that makes it just feel good. And that's, what's going to attract the good along those lines. Probably the most. Powerful thing.

And I learned from Abraham Hicks is the technique of pivoting, you know, something bad pops up in your face or in your life. And it gets your attention. I mean, it's hard, not for your brain to cling on to that. Maybe someone insults you and you're like earth. Like you said, if you focus on that, it's just going to make you more angry.

So. You pivot and say, I don't like that. So what do I like just flip the situation. So your focus goes elsewhere and that takes a lot of practice. I found it's true. As another Abraham thing is always like reach for the thought that feels better. Right. So if I'm angry, maybe I can just reach for a little bit of annoyance instead, you know, like just try to sit like that.

If you can't pivot, just like try to get yourself to like a slightly better thinking thought and that lines you up for, for a better outcome too. Yeah, what, what I use as I kind of have this emotional spectrum, you know, one, you feel lousy 10, you feel great. And what if you wake up feeling like a two or three, maybe you're angry.

Find something just to give you a little bit, bit of relief. If you get in the habit of practicing and maybe you go from a three to a four each morning, well, pretty soon you start waking up at a four and then you go from a four to five and you get good at changing your feelings. And then the momentum doesn't stop there.

You know, you just keep going up the emotional spectrum. Good thoughts start flying in. So talking about visualization it, but you can apply that same idea to affirmations, right? Like it's the feeling you get every time you say I am blank or I am, you know, just, I am, that's powerful in itself. Like, what's that feeling?

Because once you figure out who you are, that in itself is powerful. Right? So I think it's that same thought of feeling, attaching that to visualizations. Affirmations. And then when you're in a meditation, what's that feeling? So it's like, that kind of ends up bridging all of these different concepts.

Right. And then, you know, the book provides a lot of tools, but what is really designed to it's like, you're talking about finding the tools that work for you. They're going to present themselves. I loved your, I am comment. There's one part in the book where I have a whole page of, I am healthy, I'm abundance and creative.

It kind of winds down end to, I am love and I am loving and. At the end. It's just like, it's just, I am, I am encompasses all of that. The first time we talked to you and this actually really stuck with me, which was like, you talked about your drive in the morning and how you were able to kind of rub up your happy machine.

I know sometimes I need that. You know, some days I wake up and I'm rearing to go and other days it is just a slow crawl and I am grateful. I say it every day. But some days I'm happier than others. And I love listening to how you get yourself going. Can you talk about that? If you pay attention though, the world gives you signs.

So I was driving to work and I looked at this huge radio tower and the thought just came. I don't need to climb that whole thing today. I just need to climb one wrong. So pay attention. They're giving you all these little tricks and signs that will help you. You have some great quotes in the book. So I would recommend everybody look at those quotes because.

They will definitely act as inspiration. It brings a lot of practicality to people's lives and things. They can actually do three big takeaways for me. If I had to summarize it, one, we are never alone. I always have help and guides. They're all knowing there they're loving the thing is vibrations really work, no matter how you get there, however, how you make yourself feel better, whether it's visualizations, affirmations going for a walk, or sometimes if you're angry, just.

Accepting that just say, you know what, today I feel kind of angry and that's okay. The other thing is life's more about ease, not effort, learn to go with the flow and then kind of to encapsulate all of that. I think the key word in my life is awareness that that's what we're really trying to foster here by becoming a clear vessel, becoming aware of your thoughts, the thoughts that are coming to you.

You know, the guided messages, the signs that the tools, the miracles life is pretty miraculous. When you look around awareness is the word and the thing I want to get across to readers, except for maybe there's one other thing I would leave readers with. And that's hopefully the ones that are wondering if life is worth living, hope doubts.

We all have fears. We all don't feel worthy. Sometimes have enough hope, stick with it, pay attention. Become clear, become aware. Life slowly starts to communicate with you. It become more easily to navigate is as kind of my 15 year transformation from thinking suicidal thoughts to sitting here, talking to you about books.

And I just hope this can help people get there in a much quicker fashion than it took me. Well, I can, I can just speak for me. I'm listening to you thinking, I wish you could hear yourself right now and how. Proud your higher self is a view. Don't you just wish sometimes you could like go back and talk to that.

Steve, who was going out on that walk and like, just show him where you are today and the words that you're saying, and that you're inspiring. So many people with, and now you're giving this gift of this book and this experience back to so many people. I mean, I'm just sitting here just proud of everything and there's no coincidence.

There's no doubt that this. Was all part of your soul contract and that your soul knew you had this all in you, you had to kind of hit that rock bottom in order to have this awakening. Yep. I think, I think it was planned out. I've been told I've wanted to be a bringer of knowledge. You know, I talk about ego in the book where if you realize that it's God's breath flowing through you, it's hard to have an ego when, you know, That I by myself can do nothing.

You remain humble, humble servant, and it's an honor to be able to be in that position. You feel grateful. Yeah. And I love what you said too about hope because this year for everybody, no matter where you are in the world, that's been challenged. And so having faith and having resources and having.

Awareness is, is what's gonna get us through and you know, just like you are doing with your show, you're, you're sharing wisdom and it looks like you're enjoying yourself too. So yeah, I feel so grateful. I know. I feel how you, I feel how you described. I feel great. I know Karen and I both feel so grateful.

We get to be a vehicle and a channel to help people. Yep. It's better than anything you could have imagined. So. Well, and just the benefit of people hearing this conversation right now, I think is so important on a lot of these conversations going on. Right. And I think having this opportunity for, for you to have this book of simple tools, that's what Robyn, I keep going back to all the time.

Keep it simple. Give me the role universe, as you were saying before, right? Simple simple things that you can do. Five minutes of meditation, you know, just having a positive thought, going for a walk, not rule stuff. It's practical living. Why don't they teach us this one? That's why I know for me, I'm I share all of it with my daughter.

Who's 12 and all of this helps her. It does get her through. Some of them were trying times of just growing up. Like you were going to give us also a meditation, right? We're going to do this lax and allow meditation so that. Everybody can experience a little bit of peace and awareness right now. This is a meditation that came to me my last day on a rubric.

At the end of the trip, I was just sitting at the beach. I saw the waves crashing in and you know, these waves have been here forever. They just keep coming nonstop. That's much like the abundance that's available to us. It's always there. We just allow us. So here's the meditation that I downloaded that day.

Close your eyes and pretend you're laying in the. On a warm Sandy beach and you're just enough in the water. So the full weight of your body is not pressed against the sand. You're feeling like your shoulder blades are touching the sand. You see the warm light filtering through your eyelids, even though they're closed, you can still taste a little bit of salt on your lips and you're enjoying just the sun and the warm sand and the water.

And there's a gentle. Wave that keeps coming from the right to your left. So as you take a big breath of air and fill your lungs, you start to flow to your bottom and your shoulders. Come off the water. As you take this inhale and begin to float, you say to yourself, relax, and you enjoy that floating lightness.

And as you exhale. You say to yourself, Oh wow. And as you do that, the gentle way from the right is gradually pushing you from right to left down the beach. You keep repeating that, feeling, that lightness, letting the waves take you, where they need to go, where you need to go. All you have to do is relax and allow, and the universe is going to take you exactly where you need to be.

There's no need to fight. No need to swim. You just need to enjoy the sun, the sand, the water, simply by relaxing and allowing you're getting exactly where you need to go. And now in the future, you can simply say to yourself, relax and allow as you inhale and exhale to give yourself a very shortcut version.

Wherever you're at to revisit that feeling of what. Allowing and surrendering feels like that's the end. That's so powerful. I was there. That was wonderful affirmation. Like that's my favorite thing to do is just float on the water and it's so easy. Yeah, it is. That's what I'm really working on in my life right now.

Even when I get in the flow of my head tries to. Take over again, like it is so much about ease. I mean, I don't think I'll be able to perfect ease enough. It is about trusting so much that, you know, I do what feels good each day. That's all I need to do. There's a greater power driving the ship and by relaxing and allowing and going with the flow, I'll get exactly where I need to be true.

And I have to say it also reminds me of in your book, you talk about. It's example of being blindfolded and allowing, trusting, and letting basically your intuition help guide you. Yeah. Yeah. So the elders were communicating through Holly and they're like, navigate your life. Like your blindfolded ear, mind, can't take your mind.

Can't say, Oh, we need to take a left here. We need to go. Right. You learn to navigate by your feelings. And so don't use your eyes. Don't look at the outside world what feels right? So I'll use that as a little exercise to smart. I received an visualization from an intuitive that I am close with and what came through for her right now for me is that I'm blindfolded in like a dark forest.

And, you know, at first I was kind of scared of that. I've thought about it and I'm like, yeah, But I'm going to be okay. And then when I actually read that part of your book, I felt so much better because it was like, I have all the tools within me. I will be totally fine. And that's actually for me to continue to practice those tools.

And to me, the way you put it was a much lighter repositive. And then what I was imagining in my head would be blindfolded. They didn't tell me it wasn't a dark forest. I was told I was barefoot in a dark forest, in a white Knight gun. So he's such a symbol for life. Isn't it in general? Is that when we were here, when we come here, we forget, we forget our soul contract with ourselves.

We forget all about the stuff that, that we know. And we do have to almost blind. Pulled ourselves from life so that we don't forget. That's where we find who we really are. Right. That's where we can remember it because we're not going to be confused by all the outside noise. So it's a really good symbol, I think two, and I'm really appreciative that you put it in that way and it's so simple, but get another really like just the meditation we just did was simple.

This analogy is simple. These are things that people are going to remember and use. Every day and the signs, that's something that Robyn and I are like, so passionate about right now. She to go back to what you were saying before, it's like fun, right? It's fun to look for them. And yes. Are we going to see them every moment of every hour?

Every day? No, of course not. Because then they wouldn't really be signs. We would kind of take them for granted. Right. You almost need that moment where you're like, Holy shit. Can you believe this? And then you get that affirmation that it's, that it's real, just like you did. That's when it's powerful. Even when I come to, you know, our discussion today, a lot of times I'll pretend that my inner child or my younger version is here with me because he brings the excitement, the fun that maybe as an adult, I've forgotten, I love that.

And the Bible, they say, don't hide your light under a bushel, that inner light. And I love that. I try to remember that. All the time, because at our essence, we are that light and we're always just trying to hide ourselves. Right? So that people won't judge us or look at us in our truth. And so we do, we paint ourselves with that ego to try to hide it away.

And we always got to go back to that inner child, which is the light. It's all about the feeling and the energy. I mean, that is underscored. I think in everything we talked about today, thank you for being. Courageous enough to share your story and then share all that you've been learning. So thank you for following your path.

I'd be lying if I didn't say a little bit of it was scary. What's been very encouraging. Is that people I never would have guessed. I like, I love it. It's helping. Thank you. Yeah. Well, and you are, you know, in quotes, a normal person had this spiritual awakening. You are them, right? You don't have to become a spiritual guru of any sorts to have the same level of a spiritual awakening that you've had.

And I think that that's what people are going to love so much confined her book, clear vessels on and they can also go to clear to find out more about you and what you have going on. Is there anywhere else that they should check out? I am on Facebook, Steven James Hoffman, one five six.

I'm also Instagram, Stephen James Hoffman, but at the website, clear I do have a blog. There's also a three guided meditation and there's a free chapter reading. So poke around there if you're interested in. Thanks Steve. Oh my goodness. This was fun. It was really fun. Thank you. So you followed your intuition.

Thank you for letting me into your lives. All right. Talk to you. Bye.