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PART TWO: Releasing Fear + Stepping into the Unknown - Episode 34

May 02, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Elizabeth Furest Season 1 Episode 34
PART TWO: Releasing Fear + Stepping into the Unknown - Episode 34
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
PART TWO: Releasing Fear + Stepping into the Unknown - Episode 34
May 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 34
Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Elizabeth Furest

What does Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner Elizabeth Furest have to say about Robyn and Karen’s vision for the future? How do they take their “Seeking” to the next level? Will it happen? 

Elizabeth shares her insight and guidance for how to make their dream for Seekers everywhere come true. The advice she gives is something that everyone with a dream can use in their own lives. 

While the “how” may not seem clear right now, trusting the “what” is more important. We can’t get gripped by fear…both our own fear and the fear that may come from those around us. Fear will keep us stuck. And, why having the confidence to take a chance on yourself and step into the unknown is the only way to get into the flow of the energy that will help you make your dreams a reality. 

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What does Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner Elizabeth Furest have to say about Robyn and Karen’s vision for the future? How do they take their “Seeking” to the next level? Will it happen? 

Elizabeth shares her insight and guidance for how to make their dream for Seekers everywhere come true. The advice she gives is something that everyone with a dream can use in their own lives. 

While the “how” may not seem clear right now, trusting the “what” is more important. We can’t get gripped by fear…both our own fear and the fear that may come from those around us. Fear will keep us stuck. And, why having the confidence to take a chance on yourself and step into the unknown is the only way to get into the flow of the energy that will help you make your dreams a reality. 

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You can also follow Seeking Center on Instagram @theseekingcenter

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. I feel like it's the perfect time actually, just to ask. What you think, or what you see for the two of us in terms of our work together and going forth with building a platform or a show or whatever.

Again, we're trying not to be so tied to the exact outcome, but what is it? Because we do have this shared vision of showing people. That the magic is within them. And that there is a plan and you can find it with all of these spiritual tools and resources that are out there. Yeah. And so, well, what I can, what I see for this work in general, I mean, it's in an expansive, it's in an experimental and an expansive time.

And so if that might not ever change, it's a living, breathing offering. It's not like every podcast will look the same, you know, you'll have different guests that your audience is widening. That net that you're passing out. Is widening. And I feel that the, because you're growing with the work, it's going to be transformative as you transform, it's going to be a reflection back.

And I do feel that the work that you're doing is going to get picked up by larger channels. Like, so if it's bigger names or, you know, there's like stronger energy behind it, but it's really up to you. What, what it looks like, like where you want it to go, like. You might want to do, you know, retreats at some point.

So like if you two are super interested in traveling, maybe there is a a retreat that you have in another country or, and it's open to a small group, or it's an offering that you, you know, you have somewhere that you can say, you know, 30 people sign up for this and we do these retreats. Quarterly or we're in, we're in Spain and then, you know, we're in France and we're in these different places and people are drawn, drawn to those group settings.

I see a lot of international work or at least an international audience. And I also feel that I see both doing the shared work, but then having two separate paths with it as well. So you have, it's like the same messaging, but with different stories. So you're hitting different places. So like, If, if Robbins somewhere in Europe, it doesn't mean that Karen's in Sedona, but you're spreading those same messages, but leading with your own individual life and then coming together on shared platforms, whether it's a TV show and talking about.

Those experiences and those synchronicities and how it's kind of overlapping because I do see it as collaborative, but I also see it kind of going like this. You weave in and out of storytelling. You don't always have to be partnered on everything to where one of you might be writing a book. The other one might have a TV show and I see it moving in, but it always still comes back together.

And when you're coming back together, it grows, it takes the next step. It's taking the next step. And the next step, I also feel that there's going to be. Themes that keep popping up in this work that you'll revisit as you build. So you might say, Oh, a year ago we talked about this and now we have this person back to rebuild on the same topic, or you have an entire series on, I mean, the energy of fear alone we could talk about for days what fear is about.

And so I see that. As this is a living breathing thing. You're starting to pick up themes or what other people want to work on in their healing modalities. I don't know, even though I'm hearing bigger names picking up like coming in, I kind of hear too that you're building on your own channel, that you might not have to take the opportunities that are coming because you create your own thing.

Like you won't need to be sponsored by or. Or get someone else to help you build your own reputation. It's that you've done it completely on your own. That makes sense. I think in many ways we feel like we're headed in that direction where we are creating actually the actual even platform for yeah.

Because like, why not build your own platform? Like it's entirely creating your own thing where you don't need someone else to come in and say, Oh, we're sponsoring you or we backed you or you're attached to our name. You can just do it on your own integrity. There's no. There's no hierarchy to the work that you're doing.

So even if someone has 3 million followers and you have half a million, as long as you're truthful and authentic, that is the merit of your own work. And that's where I see you both growing with this and adding in kind of your own tidbits and just not being sure what it looks like yet, but getting you're garnering that support right now.

It's just the early, early phases. And it's not to say you won't weave in and out of other people's work and that won't be collaborative. But I still see it as so much more on its own and not, you know, feeding off of someone else's channel or energy. That's interesting. Yeah. Directionally, we were, we'd been trying to weave around that.

Like where does it make the most sense for us to financially get the backing and then scale what we want? I see the financial backing, just coming in based on the work that you're continuing to do, it could be a cold call. You know, it could be someone just says, Hey, I've been following you for awhile.

Are you ready to level up your audience? I can offer this, this, this, and it, it doesn't necessarily, you know, it can be a general operating gift and not be like, well, but I need you to collaborate our partner here with us because I wouldn't take the, you know, sometimes we see what's called like mission creep where you see like two names attached and you're like, that doesn't make sense, but they obviously took the funding from that large thing and it would dilute.

You or tuck you behind someone else's name. And I don't see that. I see. Yeah, it's like a cold call or an offering. Someone just comes in and they're just, Hey, I love you. The work that you're doing, I can offer this, but just keep doing what you're doing and not try to change who you are. That would be amazing.

Yeah. That's possible. Yeah, it is. And we really do have these concrete ideas of taking what we are doing, but being able to do it, to showcase how this can be done for so many different people in different situations, that would be the goal to really start and then be able to. Use technology in order to offer different types of courses and programming and community and support and products.

You know, we have this much bigger vision that we hope can help people from all over, from any background who feels stuck. Yeah. You know, that need, that need help and are wondering why they're in this situation and how do they get out of it. But that level of accessibility. You'll get just by building the reputation that you have.

And so the people that, you know, like building out your own platform, you'll naturally draw in that sense of community of people who are like, I want to be a part of that. I want to help anyone. Who's. Like, whether someone offers a service or a product or whatever, it will be in that natural alignment. And I think the financial backing will just come someone investing just in the idea of it, because honestly it hasn't been done before to have such a comprehensive and accessible platform.

And so. You know, the startup cost to make that happen. Isn't unattainable because it's garnering the more so I would say it's energetic support more than it is financial too, because if you have the energetic support where someone's like, yeah, I want to offer my product here. Yes. I want to offer my service and it's cleanly organized.

The financial support will come in, have someone like, I think that this is great. This is great. Here's what you may need to keep it going. I don't think it has to be something that like, you have to diligently fundraise for. It's just because you're putting it out in the field. That's awesome. That's I mean, that's what we've been hoping would happen.

Hasn't been done before. I can't think of one. It hasn't, it hasn't. And we really, we feel called somehow this was part of the plan, right? Like we came from such different worlds and we met each other and, you know, it's that it's that unlocking feeling. Right. So we saw each other and we're like, I'm supposed to know that person.

And then we were validated, right. We, there were, there were clear validations in our, in our friendship and relationship working relationship and all of that and a shared vision. Individually, we each had our own vision of how we could bring something like this to the world. And it's just slowly coming together, you know, and we feel so grateful that we've been able to even produce what we've.

Produced over the last year, but we know it can touch so many more lives. So that's where we're like ready. We're like, let's we saw the need, but we found like it was because we came from the backgrounds that we did and have the experiences that we did and the work like it was just like, of course, this is what we should be doing.

Right. So, and we've been walking the walk ever since, you know, almost every day, just talking about how it will come into being, and there's no mistakes that you've been placed. In the careers in the space, time access that you're both into meet each other because your background in building these platforms and to be around, you know, the individuals or in the, you know, the thought forms around this sort of work has led you to this exact moment.

And when you talk about your job, okay, I see you making decisions of like, okay, this is my plan to leave, or this is my timeline or how I'll do it. And they're like, I kind of feel, are they. You don't have to tell me this, but like, I feel like they might already know, or someone already knows that you're shifting gears.

If it's an energy that has been put out there, because I feel like they are like, how do we keep her? How do we rope her in what can we offer? It's like this energy and that's fine because when, you know you want to go or whatever, but I can also see them being like, Hey, not so fast. We're keeping it as a consultant here.

We're doing this, this, this, but at the same time, these could be the people who are your greatest advocates moving forward. So if you're like, actually I'm leaving to go do this. It could be someone who's been in the background the whole time. That's like, you know what? That's a great idea. Let me help you build that out because they're not your enemies.

They're your allies, but yeah, I just really see that, like they, not that it's like suffocating you, but they have a tight hold on you because of how good your work is. And I think that's part of why you're feeling it could be harder to move forward. It's not like you're blocked in your own ability or the fear of how am I gonna.

Support myself for bringing this in. It's almost like, they're like, Hey, you're doing such a good job here. If you go and take this somewhere else, we lose your magic here. And that's more of that's. I hear that more than anything else. It's not a black that you can't do it. They're like, Hey, we can't have you.

Shift into something else that might expand into them being like so fine. If you've made up your mind, how can we best support you to be, there are people that you work with that had, do you have your best interests and same with you in your past work? I do see people that can come out of the woodwork and maybe they're not, or they're.

Third degree out that are saying, Hey, you know what? I want to back your idea. It's just so loose in that thought form. Yes, it is. I agree. Like it could be six months from now that an investor or someone else comes in and say, Hey, I want to back this. Or let me just gift you this. Or what do you need? It's not like I'm in a place of attachment where like anyone wants to control it or say, you know what, I'm going to buy you out brand it.

And you're going to do it this way. That's not going to happen. You're you're towing the line. They're part of your, both of your clearing work around this is have been able to say no to those really shiny opportunities, but they're like, Oh, well back you for, you know, X amount. But it lasts to look like X, Y, and Z.

And it's like, no, you know what? I would rather get this off the ground completely off of my own merit, which you're doing. And then. I still see, even now, when I look at all of this in totality, I'm seeing like three or four opportunities or like portals around it where it's like support or opportunity or advancement or whatever.

And it just hasn't been shown. Yeah. We're in that time of when you have the stillness. Or you're in that part that does feel like, is it ever going to happen? And we obviously have faith, right? We believe. But even when you have that much faith in that much belief, you still can be like, is it ever going to happen?

Does it feel like forever? Even though I know in the grand scheme of life, It is not, it does feel a little challenging to wait when you're ready also. It's, it's just building this out and exactly how you want it to be without yeah. Just the influence of other people or thinking like, Oh, we should rush this because then we put out the.

You know, we get it out there sooner. And I think it's more important to have the quality of the work and have it look really how you want it to be, because when it, you, it's never going to be perfect. But when it's the cleanest version of what you want to be, that's when you're going to attract in whether it's the investors or the clients, or, you know, honestly you might not even need some other sponsorship or, you know, Funding or whatever it could just be.

You have the right practitioners and products and services of all people that are like, Hey, you're welcome to put my information out there for free. Thanks so much for creating a container for it all. And it could blow up on its own on its own accord. Right. And, and really, you know, so much of what we do in addition to having these kinds of conversations.

Is really finding people who are authentic, who are really putting out their gift in the world for pure reasons. And I have to say, it's, it's not easy to find those people. So our goal is to be a home for all those people. So that. Those that need the help know exactly where to go, to find people that have been vetted and that are the real deal and are doing it for the right reasons and represent all these different modalities that most people don't know about because we don't grow up talking about this.

So cademy of intuition medicine

to be everywhere. Then she'd be like started when we're young. Yeah. And that's what, yeah, that's what I fundamentally don't get about. Like our society of like how it's structured or like what's taught in schools and stuff. It's like, you're not necessarily taught to be compassionate or to have healthy boundaries or to speak your truth.

You know, it's like quiet, you know, be quiet, like work in a group. Here's your assigned group. It's like that doesn't foster, like making healthy decisions or working within your boundaries or honoring your truth. Or like when you're talking about bringing in authentic people and vetting the right people.

You'll do that by just by being out in the world of who you are just by happenstance connections. And it's not putting all this pressure of like, we need these business meetings to determine what our websites and our platforms going to look like. And yes, of course there's going to be that end of it.

But I also think it's like, how can you guys keep living your daily lives? And you're going to run into the next person on the podcast while you're at the grocery. And it's navigating within ourselves. All of these tools and then letting it play out is how I see it. Because I don't sense that either you need some huge, like nothing's going to save you or it's not by design that you need to be saved or you need someone to come in to support this.

It's not like, you're like, Oh, we're struggling to get this off the ground. Like, we just need someone to back us. It's already going to be high level. And then you're going to get to be choosy about the support that you want play, where you are on. All of this is. The stronger it's going to be in and of itself intrinsically stronger.

And that's what we've been focusing on for the last year and have been honestly grateful because this time, this investment in each other and these conversations have just sort of fine tuned the vision. And, and I don't want to say brand, but like what we stand for. What this is all about. And that word authenticity keeps coming up.

It's like so important to us that, that we remember every day that we're talking about souls journeys and they're very fragile. And, you know, we want to make sure that any ingredients we offer tools that are ones that are going to help them navigate that and not make them feel. More lost. So all of this work that we've done together has really helped energetically align us more, even though we were already aligned, but even more so, so that as a team, you know, Robyn is off, you know, shooting a show and I'm not part of the show I'm off helping guide the platform and the brand experience.

And you know, all the other elements that are going into making sure that we maximize that message everywhere. It needs to go. What's so important about this. Work is that it's really for everyone, it's all inclusive and you can be anywhere in the world. I mean, we're all human. We all have moments where we don't have everything we need and we need support.

We need clarity and you're just offering something that anyone from any different walk of life with any experience. Can find a resource or a tool that's going to help them. Like nothing is off limits. Nothing is too exclusive. And I think that's been a problem with healing work. Yeah. It's not necessarily accessible if people don't know where to begin.

I mean, that's why there's a million self-help books, things like that because. A lot of times, people are starting in a place of they're completely lost or, or they know what they want, but like in your situation, you know what you want, but you're responsible for also a bunch of people which can make it.

How do you follow your soul when you have 10 other souls that are dependent on me, but it's also that belief of like, if you follow what's right for you, everyone will get the. The trickle down from that the ripple effect, because you're leading from a place of example, they'll get everything they need, but it won't, it goes back to it not being packaged, how exactly how they thought it would be.

But you actually do everyone a favor. If you're living authentically and you make it all happen, this could be bigger. I already sense it will be bigger than what you're already doing. And then that shows them well, if I live authentically, I can have a life beyond my wildest dreams too. That should be.

Kind of the blanket messaging for anyone entering into this platform that they can heal, whatever it is they're up against. They can find answers to whatever questions they have because they have the wisdom within themselves. They just need to be navigated towards it, but actually exactly three. Well, like there is no way if you want to keep your job and say doing the same thing, you'll find a dynamic where it's all possible.

But if you're really feeling that push everything else will be supported as well. And it will be supported in a way greater way than you can imagine. Right now. It's just that Spirit's like, Hey, are you sure? Can I trust that you trust yourself? Do you believe in you? And so as soon as you take that step is when things come in and I see that happen with people all the time, too.

They're like, I don't know, like I don't want to quit my job because I haven't found anything and they might've be applying for like months and months and months, and then nothing was coming in and they're like, well, I don't want to quit because I don't want to go without a paycheck. And a lot of times, as soon as that person takes that step and they, they quit or they do the next, the right, you know, whatever they're feeling is next for them, the next job comes in like a week later or whatever.

It's just, wasn't going to be pulled in until you clear the space. You're right in it. Karen you're right in that. Okay. I feel something big is coming in. I do feel that push left. Wow. This feels quick. I mean, I know three months can feel on, in the human experience. It's not we, I think we've all learned over the last year.

Cause I, the year feels long and short, right? Like it feels like it's been a year and it also feels like it's been no time in many ways, you know? So three months. We got that we can, we can make that we can hang onto that. Everything you said, both in our readings, as well as within the conversation are going to help so many people, it gets so wide.

Thank you. So all of that for all of it, you are, this has been so incredible for me. Oh, I just, so you know, I have a feeling from this. You're going to get a lot of people reaching out to you at the beginning, girl love, and I can't wait to talk again. Thank you to her for more information about Elizabeth or to book a session.

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