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How to Deal with Difficult Emotions

August 27, 2020 Jennie Linton Episode 4
The Expat Mom Podcast
How to Deal with Difficult Emotions
Show Notes

Because we are human, we experience a wide range of emotions.  Emotions are the brain’s way of communicating something to us.  Most of us dislike our negative emotions and we try all sorts of ways to avoid feeling them.  When we do this, our brain has to work harder to get the message through and this ends up causing new problems.  Most of us aren’t really taught how to handle difficult emotions in a healthy way.  We are usually taught to shove them down, or distract ourselves.  But it’s important to learn how to actually feel and process our emotions—when we allow ourselves to feel difficult emotions, ironically we free ourselves from their grip.  This podcast will teach you how. 

What you’ll learn on the podcast:

  • What creates emotions in our body
  • How negative emotions can help us
  • The most common ways people handle difficult emotions and why they don’t work
  • Practical ways to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way

Download Guide to Process Your Emotions

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