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How to Improve Intimacy in Marriage, with Amanda Louder

February 13, 2021 Jennie Linton Episode 27
The Expat Mom Podcast
How to Improve Intimacy in Marriage, with Amanda Louder
Show Notes

One important aspect of marriage is sexual intimacy.   I'm excited to share with you an interview with Certified Sex and Marriage Coach Amanda Louder.
In this interview, Amanda offers some fantastic insights into how men and women differ in their approach to intimacy; specifically why many women have lower sexual desire than their husbands.  She offers some suggestions about how to increase desire and cultivate romance and intimacy in your marriage.   We also cover aspects of sex and intimacy that are specific to expat life--things such as navigating sex during stressful time, and how to increase intimacy while you're separated physically.  These aren't your everyday kind of suggestions--they are powerful, get at the source of things, types of solutions.
 What You'll Learn in This Episode:

·       Common reasons why married women may have lower desire

·       How to shift from obligation for intimacy into desire for it

·       Why it's important to be honest around intimacy with yourself and your partner

·       How to cultivate romance in your marriage and keep the flame alive

·       How to handle sex during stressful times

·       How to cultivate intimacy while you're apart

Resources Mentioned in the Episode
Her website is: Amanda Louder Coaching
You can also connect with her on FB or Instagram @amandaloudercoaching
And her Podcast "Live From Love" where she talks about all things sex and marriage
Episode #106  Expanding Your Sexual Palette
Ester Perel, Author of Mating in Captivity

Apps Mentioned
Ultimate Intimacy App
Intimacy Us App
Spicer App

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