The After Hours Entrepreneur

20 Tips for More Podcast Downloads

September 02, 2021 Mark Savant Episode 158
The After Hours Entrepreneur
20 Tips for More Podcast Downloads
Show Notes

#158: So your podcast is running along just fine, then one day POW! Tons of downloads! What causes this? How can you get more download spikes?

This week in Clubhouse we heard dozens of speakers share how they get podcast download spikes. 

Today, I'm sharing the top 20 tips so you can get more downloads in less time.

  1. Guest on other shows
  2. Bring on a big guest
  3. Ask guest to share
  4. Give guests 1 link and just a couple promotion tools
  5. Customize shareable guest content - hex codes, font
  6. Giveaways for sharing
  7. Interview people at events, give card
  8. Create digital flyer
  9. Create punchy quick video clips (short vertical)
  10. Collaborate with Print media
    1. Newspapers
    2. Websites
    3. Local interests
    4. Speak to department in your niche
  11. $1 day ads on Pinterest - Longer half life
  12. SEO rich titles for episodes
  13. Tag audio file with metadata
  14. Collaborate with local universities and schools
  15. Smart links -
  16. Email signature
  17. Clubhouse
    1. Engage with audience
    2. Stream old episodes
    3. Audio > audio
    4. Same niche
    5. Record and repurpose (Rodecaster / Backstage by Headliner)
  18. Bring listeners on the show
  19. Bring organizations on the show
  20. Host events / eventbrite
  21. Collaborate with brands