Chewing the Gristle with Greg Koch

Willy Porter

July 29, 2021 Greg Koch / Willy Porter Season 2 Episode 26
Chewing the Gristle with Greg Koch
Willy Porter
Show Notes

Willy is an acoustic guitar wizard, bending his incredible technique and unconventional style to the will of his muse for over 20 years now.  Greg and Willy talk about rigs, influences, Wisconsin, fequencies, and the emergence of musicians from the pandemic.

2:41 - Willy’s understanding of sound frequencies, and how to communicate with a front of house engineer
5:17 - Life as a musician as we drift out of the pandemic, the interesting phenomenon of live-streaming performances, and living with uncertainty as a musical professional
13:14 - Willy’s influences as a player and musician
22:16 - Record deals, recording companies, and Willy’s choice to live in Wisconsin
31:55 - Willy’s upcoming full-band project
33:51 - Willy’s acoustic rig, and how it’s evolved over the years
43:40 - Recording to tape versus digital - the mindset, the sound, the feel
56:51 - Willy’s immediate future

Total Length: 63:35

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