Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Drawdown Georgia with Blair Beasley and Lisa Lilienthal

September 02, 2021 Ryan Hagen Season 1 Episode 14
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
Drawdown Georgia with Blair Beasley and Lisa Lilienthal
Show Notes

In this interview with Blair Beasley and Lisa Lilienthal, we hear their climate stories, talk about how the climate crisis is impacting Georgia today, what Drawdown Georgia is and how they're helping accelerate climate solutions, and advice for anyone who wants to get involved or start a drawdown initiative in their own state!

Blair is on the core research team for Drawdown Georgia and is also the Director of Climate Strategies at the Ray C. Anderson Foundation which is funding Drawdown Georgia. Previously, Blair worked on the Georgia Climate Project leadership team, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Energy Project, Resources for the Future, and Net Zero Solutions.

Lisa is a Principal leading the Purpose Practice at a company called Dialogue which is an engagement strategy firm for organizations on a mission. Lisa is heavily involved with Drawdown Georgia’s content and community and helped bring Drawdown Georgia and Groopit together to launch a crowd-solving platform which I personally am very excited to hear more about.

0:00 Intro.
2:00 Blair's climate story.
3:30 Lisa's climate story.
7:45 How Drawdown Georgia came to be & how they got involved.
9:30 What "drawdown" means and what Project Drawdown is.
14:20 How the climate crisis is affecting Georgians today.
17:20 The often overlooked social benefits of climate solutions.
20:30 Drawdown Georgia's theory of change & menu of solutions.
31:00 Exciting initiatives and collaborations so far.
33:30 How can Georgians get involved? How is Drawdown Georgia crowd-solving?
41:30 Advice for individuals to start a Drawdown initiative for their own city, state, or region.
49:15 Setting statewide goals that are ambitious and achievable.
53:50 Researchers at GA Tech are building a map to track GHG emissions in real-time for every county in GA.
55:30 Favorite solutions?
1:00:00 Book and podcast recommendation.
1:02:00 Final thoughts and advice for listeners!

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