Fine Blueprints

Dice Exploder: A New Deep-Dive Show!

May 25, 2023 Fine Blueprints Season 3 Episode 1
Fine Blueprints
Dice Exploder: A New Deep-Dive Show!
Show Notes

Today we've got sneak peak of the first episode of DICE EXPLODER, a new show on the fiction first network.
Each week on Dice Exploder, Sam will have on a new cohost, and they'll bring one RPG mechanic that we'll break down as far as we can. It's gonna be a real nuts and bolts show about design and getting the most out of games. The first season premieres on May 25th.
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This week, Sam talks with Ray Chou about "rolling the dice," the core mechanic from John Harper's game Lasers and Feelings. Some topics covered include: 

  • Minimalism
  • Underlining genre through mechanics
  • Cows and Boys
  • Honey Heist
  • Episodic vs serialized stories
  • When you should roll dice
  • Randomness and fate in real life
  • Beer & pretzels gaming

 You can find Ray's publishing company at You can find Sam @sdunnewold on Twitter,, and