mymaria777 #063 Into the Storm with Ron Watkins

March 21, 2021 Ron Watkins Season 1 Episode 63
mymaria777 #063 Into the Storm with Ron Watkins
Show Notes

Join me and Ron Watkins, also known as CodeMonkeyZ, in our second podcast together. Cullen Hoback's documentary, 'Q: Into the Storm,'  debutes tonight, March 21, 2021, on HBO. Ron was followed by Hoback over the last three years as Hoback journeyed on a quest to discover the identity of Q. In this episode, Ron and I discuss new secret work projects, Project Oden, HBO's QAnon documentary 'Q: Into the Storm,’ Cullen Hoback, Fredrick Brennan, the identity of Qanon, the First Amendment, online free speech, 5G, space, artificial intelligence, simulation theory, the election, President Trump, Biden, CGI, Elon Musk’s trip to space, how Ron is in the running to be one of those eight seats, and much more. 

Check out episode #044 for my first interview of Ron Watkins. 

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In the podcast, I reference a theory on Jon Benet Ramsey.
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