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Episode #27 - The Story of Cirith Ungol - Part 3

January 29, 2021 NIGHT DEMON HEAVY METAL PODCAST Episode 27
Night Demon Heavy Metal Podcast
Episode #27 - The Story of Cirith Ungol - Part 3
Show Notes

In part 3 of the Cirith Ungol Story, we pick up the tale with the resoundingly successful signing session at Frost and Fire I in 2015. You'll learn how Cirith Ungol cautiously inched towards a reunion, from Robert Garven becoming reacquainted with the drums, to jam sessions with Jim Barraza and Greg Lindstrom, to the goosebump moment when Tim Baker picked up a microphone and belted out "Frost and Fire" once again. The Cirith Ungol members discuss Night Demon's role in helping them convince themselves to move forward, as well as ND's critical provision of equipment and rehearsal space to make it happen. The guys talk about the massive pressure and ultimate triumph and redemption of their first reunion performance at Frost and Fire II in October 2016, and the ensuing proclamation of Cirith Ungol Day by the City of Ventura. Members of both bands describe their symbiotic relationship, how each is indispensable to the other, and how Cirith Ungol and Night Demon have become a close-knit family working hand in hand to unleash a churning maelstrom of heavy metal on an unsuspecting world.


Cirith Ungol -

Frost and Fire Festival -

Iron Grip -

City of Ventura -

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-Never before heard audio of I'm Alive and Join The Legion from the from reunion rehearsal with Robert Garven, Jim Barraza, Jarvis Leatherby, and Brent Woodward

-Streaming bootleg audio of reunion performance from Frost and Fire II (2016)

-Images from reunion show at Frost and Fire II (2016)

-Images from Ventura City Hall's proclamation of Cirith Ungol Day

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