What Cryptocurrency Is And Not

Why Cryptocurrency Was Created

May 17, 2022 Judith Riseshine Season 1 Episode 3
What Cryptocurrency Is And Not
Why Cryptocurrency Was Created
Show Notes

Welcome to "What Cryptocurrency is And Not" the number crypto education podcast that tells the crypto story right from the beginning. You would grow in your knowledge of cryptocurrency as you continue listening to this podcast.

Cryptocurrency is the new internet money but do you know why it was created? This is season 1 episode 3 of this podcast that discusses "Why Cryptocurrency Was Created."  In this episode you would learn:

1.    What Caused the Recession in the 80s and 90s That Lead to the Creation of Cryptocurrency?

2.    What Was the Effect of the Bubble Burst on the Banking Industry?

3.    Why the Decision to Create Cryptocurrency?

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