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Community Projects Coming to Lincoln County with Chris Bruns

February 07, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
Community Projects Coming to Lincoln County with Chris Bruns
Show Notes

A lot of new community projects are coming into the area! On today’s episode, Chris Bruns, the chairman of the Board of Lincoln County Commissioners, joins us to discuss some of these community developments. Continuing our conversation about the new rail park proposal, Chris shares why projects like this need support.

Last year in the legislature, a bill was passed allowing Nebraska to have five inland port authorities. Chris is spearheading a port authority project himself. One problem we’ve seen with our current supply chain is land-locked logistics issues.

An inland port could address these problems, while also attracting multinational firms to our area. The goal would be to have an inland port authority district, which we hope to encompass the new rail park. We’ll also discuss the possibility of a new golf course, housing issues in Lincoln County, Chris’ bid for the legislature, and more. 

Join us today as we further discuss: 

·       Why projects like the rail park and inland port authority are important 

·       Why our location can be competitive for this project with the rail park

·       The exciting new golf course being built 

·       How we can address the housing issues in Lincoln County 

·       Chris’ background in the Marines and running for the legislature 


0:38 – It’s almost Superbowl time!

1:04 – What should we bet? 

4:06 – The Chiefs and Bills game  

6:52 – Continuing the rail park discussion  

8:20 – Why do things like this need help?

9:44 – What is the port authority project?

13:39 – How does authority work? 

14:34 – Is this application competitive? 

15:32 – Is it contingent on the rail park? 

16:05 – The new golf course coming to our area  

17:26 – The job opportunities the golf course will offer 

18:21 – What is the timeline on the golf course? 

19:01 – New opportunities keep coming

20:21 – Housing problems in Lincoln County 

21:48 – Chris’ military background 

30:47 – Chris is running for the legislature 

34:04 – The county board is very active 

34:39 – Consolidating the community in Lincoln County 

36:22 – Trivia: Questions about the Marine Corp 


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