NebraskaLand Bank Podcast

From CEO to Senator with Mike Jacobson

March 21, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
From CEO to Senator with Mike Jacobson
Show Notes

How are you adjusting to daylight savings? There is a new bill working its way through the senate and house right now proposing an end to the time change, the Nebraska Lock the Clock Bill. Our guest today, the CEO of the NebraskaLand Bank and newly appointed Senator Mike Jacobson, knows a lot about this bill and joins us to discuss his journey from our bank to senator. 

His journey to Senator was a quick one, Mike was on the floor of the legislature within a day. He hopes to use his advantage of networking and respect to finalize ARPA funds for sustainable beef. On the other hand, from the general fund he hopes to secure funding for the rail park. He’s also passionate about the 773 constitutional carry bill, reducing Social Security taxation, and lowering the top bracket on income taxes while simultaneously working with the AGG coalition trying to get a larger credit back on refundable property taxes. 

Working with the other Senators, Mike is hopeful that these issues will be addressed. Mike is starting his campaign, which will have its final vote in November, and throughout the summer he will be reaching out to the people of North Platte and Nebraska! 

Join us today as we further discuss: 

·       Expansion on the rail park and how the funds are allocated 

·       Mike’s campaign race and the issues he wants to focus on 

·       Changes coming to the NebraskaLand Podcast 


0:37 – Daylight savings time 

2:35 – Welcome Senator Mike Jacobson! 

5:25 – Won’t take effect until next year

6:11 – His journey from the bank to the Senate

9:43 – Quickly on the floor of the legislature

11:28 – Have you absorbed it all?

12:09 – Getting comfortable with the process

13:59 – Priorities he has while in office 

18:45 – Real estate tax credit 

19:39 – Expanding on the rail park bill  

24:27 – Deciding funds for rail park 

24:55 – Who determines where the funds go?

26:35 – Mike is starting his campaign  

28:22 – How the campaign and race works 

29:19 – The issues he will be focused on 

33:11 – A change with our phone app 

37:28 – Trivia: Two education programs that teach about agriculture? 

42:53 – Donating to the Women’s Resource Center! 

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