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Leadership in Healthcare with Great Plains Health CEO Ivan Mitchell

April 18, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
Leadership in Healthcare with Great Plains Health CEO Ivan Mitchell
Show Notes

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? While the real-life medical world probably isn’t so dramatic, there are things about our own medical system we should stay in tune with. On today’s episode, the CEO of Great Plains Health, Ivan Mitchell, joins us to break down his new role as CEO,  the healthcare business, and the projects he hopes to be a part of in the future. 

With an educational background in clinical work and a master's in healthcare administration, Ivan worked with the former CEO for 6 years before making this new transition. The pandemic has been especially difficult for hospitals, but Great Plains Health was able to become a leader in the state when it came to addressing COVID-19. 

He is excited about many new projects he sees on the horizon. Great Plains Health is an independent community hospital, which is somewhat uncommon in today’s world. As part of the community, they want to help address the housing, recreation, and retail within North Platte. 

Join us today as we discuss further: 

·       Great Plains Health response to COVID-19

·       Incentives for nurses, doctors, and other medical staff 

·       Ivan’s projects and vision for Great Plains Health 


 0:37 – Pulling the plug on cable 

3:29 – Welcome Ivan Mitchell!

3:48 – Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy?

5:11 – Becoming the CO of the hospital 

9:46 – Addressing COVID-19 

14:25 – How many cases are they seeing? 

15:24 – Masks in healthcare offices 

16:40 – Projects they want to support 

21:23 – What kind of incentives do they offer?

25:00 – Mortgage rates going up and pricing options 

27:13 – How is Ivan different than the previous CO? 

29:52 – Trivia: Correct price for hospital giftshop gifts

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