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Meet Miss Nebraska Candidates Katelyn Bowers and Alexandra Thompson

May 02, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
Meet Miss Nebraska Candidates Katelyn Bowers and Alexandra Thompson
Show Notes

With the weather warming up across Nebraska, we’re excited to start making plans for the summer because there’s always a lot to do around North Platte.

One of those events that we always try to make is the Miss Nebraska Scholarship Competition. The talented ladies that work so hard to prepare for the competition are always so impressive and make us feel great about the future.

Today we’ve invited two of the candidates onto the podcast to talk about this big event and all the work that goes into it. In recent years, the event has moved away from the pageant stereotypes and more towards a scholarship organization and competition. Those positive changes are making a difference in our community and we’re looking forward to getting an inside look at the preparation and process these title holders experience. 

Join us today as we get into these topics: 

·       How the Miss America system works and how it’s evolved.

·       What made them interested in pageants and how they got their start.

·       What it means to be a title holder and what responsibilities come with that.

·       The preparation it takes to be ready for the variety of categories.

·       Their social impact initiatives and why they chose them.

·       Tips to protect your identity.

·       Trivia time!

0:49 – Our summer plans

2:53 – Miss Nebraska pageant 

3:45 – Introducing our guests

4:15 – The Miss America system 

6:08 – What inspired them to get involved

8:30 – Overcoming the nerves 

11:18 – Being a title holder 

13:40 – Favorite/least part of competition 

16:29 – Speed painting

17:33 – Eliminating swimsuit competition

20:47 – Preparing for the questions 

23:36 – Tips to protect your identity

28:23 – Social impact initiatives 

34:01 – Education

35:53 – Trivia  

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