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A New Recreation Center with Megan McGown and Leland Poppe

May 23, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
A New Recreation Center with Megan McGown and Leland Poppe
Show Notes

A new community space may be on the horizon! On today’s episode, Megan McGown and Leland Poppe, co-chairs of the Wellness and Recreation Alliance join us to discuss the new recreation center project. This project has been in the works for over 20 years and their vision for the new recreation center is coming straight from the community: a larger building, a walking track, a larger swimming pool, and much more. 

The current multi-use gym will stay but they hope to adjust the swimming pool, with an added addition above for a figure 8 track on the second floor. They are also aware of the sentimental value of the current building, including its dome feature. In creating the new recreation center, they hope to incorporate the natural light and some similar features in the new building and its additions. 

The Wellness and Recreation Alliance hopes we’ll see funding for the new recreation improvements on our November ballots. In the meantime, you can get involved in this project when the mayor calls a work session in July. The city council will discuss ideas and implementations for this project and then they will decide whether it goes to the ballots in November. If you’re excited about this project, now is the time to contact your city council representatives and let them know you want to see this project on your ballots!

Join us today as we get into these topics: 

·       How the Alliance is implementing public opinion into the new recreation center 

·       Proposed sales tax increase to pay for the improvements

·       What happens if the initiative doesn’t pass in November? 

·       Updates on banking apps and more banking information

Learn more about the project and keep up with updates here: 
0:47 – It’s a busy time of the year! 

2:10 - Welcome Megan and Leland 

3:08 – What’s the vision for the rec center?

6:06 – A part of a growing North Platte 

7:44 – Displacing skate park 

8:55 – Upgrading the facility now 

10:20 – How much of the current building will still?

11:24 – Elevation in the figure 8 track 

12:05 – Incorporating the dome in the new building

13:10 – What are the next steps?

14:33 – Voting for funding in November 

15:33 – Start getting involved! 

16:10 – Watch the city council meeting 

17:51 – How we manage the facility 

19:52 – Donations compared to YMCA 

22:02 – Why did you pick this size?

24:21 – What happens if it doesn’t pass?

26:12 – What does the ½ cent sales increase mean?

28:10 – Changes in our bank app 

31:57 – This is a community effort 

33:52 – It’s time for something different  

35:32 – Trivia: Baseball trivia! 

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