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Let’s Go Golf! The New Golfing Simulator at Lake Maloney Golf Club

June 06, 2022 Ty Lucas and Danielle Remus
NebraskaLand Bank Podcast
Let’s Go Golf! The New Golfing Simulator at Lake Maloney Golf Club
Show Notes

The Lake Maloney Golf club is one of the greatest progression stories. From sand greens to grass, the golf course has continued to improve over the years. Now, there is a new project on the horizon for golf lovers. On today’s episode, Will Peers, the Director of Golf at the Lake Maloney Golf Club, will break down his journey to North Platte and the future plans he has for golfing in the area. 

Construction has started on a large practice facility at Lake Maloney Golf Club. With three 20x20 bays, each loaded with its own launch monitor for golf simulation, Will and other golf enthusiasts in the community are extremely excited about this project. Plus, there will be over 90 courses to play! 

These launch monitors will have indoor and outdoor options and will be a great activity for friends and family. While membership options are available, anyone can call in and rent out a bay to enjoy. Will and his team are hoping the project will be done by July, so make sure to check it out this summer! 

Join us today as we get into these topics: 

·       Will’s background in golf and Nebraska 

·       Launch monitor elements, how putting works, and golf simulation settings 

·       How Will and his team came up with and created this project 

Stay updated with Lake Maloney Golf Club:

0:37 – Did you have a good weekend?

1:52 – Best Father’s Day gifts?

4:01 – Welcome Will Peers!

5:25 – Is Danielle any good at golf?

6:11 – Do you teach adults and youth?

6:31 – How did you get here to North Platte?

8:23 – Impressions of North Platte and the community

9:07 – Are you doing club customization?

10:05 – What is this new project? 

10:50 – Indoor or outdoor options 

11:39 – Have we ever played a golf simulator? 

12:35 – Can groups play together? 

12:58 – Is there a special golf ball? 

13:43 – Is there a video game element? 

15:00 – How does the putting work?

15:57 – When will this open?

16:13 – How did you organize this project?

17:12 – A separate membership option 

17:50 – Are memberships still available? 

18:08 – Do you have to have a membership?

18:52 – Where will this be in the building?

20:10 – How does walking work on a golf course?

21:24 – How does Will teach children and youth?

22:07 – Getting kids to enjoy gold more 

22:51 – North Platte Chamber Ambassadors Junior Golf 

24:28 – What age should kids get involved?

25:00 – Do you provide the clubs?

25:19 – Can you enter at any time?

25:43 – What bank location should you go to?

28:04 – Anything else new coming to the golf course?

29:05 – Will you use this bay for lessons all year?

30:10 – Will these tools help our high school teams well?

31:56 – The oldest person you’ve met learning golf?

32:22 – Trivia: Old slang from the disco era 

36:02 – Bonus round: New slang from this era

38:09 – Come check out the new project! 

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