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The Time Out Podcast EP 66 With Guest Matt Britton June 22nd 2022

June 21, 2022 Tony McGettigan Episode 66
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 66 With Guest Matt Britton June 22nd 2022
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Over the last decade plus Matt Britton is best known throughout Donegal for his journalism work. He was employed with the Donegal Democrat for many years before turning his attention to freelance journalism, something he has a great passion for. What a lot of people might not know about Matt is that he has past experience in many fields, including hotel management and being the director of Bord Failte. In hotel management, his work covered government catering and he was once responsible for feeding the late Pope John Paul II when he came to Ireland in 1979. Matt who hails from Donegal town has down through the years met some of the biggest names in acting, music etc. Recently he got to witness locally the great Liam Neeson filming scenes for his new upcoming movie  'In The Land Of Saints And Sinners'. I talk to him about his time working at the Gresham where he met the late Sean Connery, Ursula Andress,  Rod Stewart and more. His various work experiences made for a particularly interesting chat! I hope you enjoy the interview!

To hear 3 songs Matt selected on top of my interview with him, you can hear them by visiting the below link.  The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules.

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Being Around Liam Neeson
Meeting Julia Roberts & Sarah Jessica Parker
Great Story He Covered Recently
Donegal GAA
Feeding Many Leaders Across Europe
Italia 90
Close To The Kennedy Family
Former Director Of Bord Failte
Donegal As A County
Worked At The Gresham & Meeting Big Names
Fav Location Visited
Dingle, Mizen Head & The Connor Pass
The Mary From Dungloe Festival