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The Time Out Podcast EP 70 With Guest Paul Murray August 13th '2022

August 11, 2022 Tony McGettigan Episode 70
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 70 With Guest Paul Murray August 13th '2022
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Before I interviewed Paul Murray, I didn't know anything about him but once I discovered his amazing journey in music, I was keen to have a chat with him.  He lives in Wembley, London but his parents are Irish. His Dad hails from Co Armagh and his late mum came from Co Monaghan. At just 6 years of age Paul remarkably sang at Roundwood Park in London in front of 60,000 alongside Big Tom. He'd then , still aged 6 go on to record a duet with the legendary Castleblaney singer, a song called 'Sunday's Child'; Written by the late great Irish songwriter Johnny McCauley.  A man Paul got to know very well over the years. Paul played in Johnny's band too which was called 'Green Country'. He talks in depth about his great friendship with Johnny and reflects on his memories of being around the great Tom McBride. Paul also talks about some of the songs he's written, including one which was inspired by his daughter in relation to dreaming. This song would go on to win Paul and Darren Nash a major award in the USA. I hope you enjoy the interview!

To hear 5 songs of Paul's that were included along with the above interview you can hear them by visiting the below link. The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules.

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How At The Age Of 6 Recorded A Duet With Big Tom
His Friendship With Johnny McCauley
Going To Big Tom's House
Got to Know Johnny McCauley & Playing In A Band With Him
Paul's Song 'EasyStreet'
Spell Of Warm Weather
Boris Johnson
His Family Background
Co Wrote 'The Tractor Song' (Did You Ever Get The Ride On The Tractor)
His Wife's Work As A String Arranger
Winning A Major Award In The USA For A Song Inspired By His Daughter
Paul's Song 'Them Good Old Days'