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The Time Out Podcast EP 50 With Guest Mick McLoughlin June 19th '21

June 19, 2021 Tony McGettigan Episode 50
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 50 With Guest Mick McLoughlin June 19th '21
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For my podcast's milestone 50th episode, I don't think I could have found a more powerful story than that of Mick McLoughlin.  A Dublin busker this last 10 years, his stock in the last 12 months has risen and risen. Particularly since November 2020,  when a video of Mick was taken of him singing the auld triangle while walking on what was a way quieter than normal Henry street; as a result of lockdown measures. The video grew steadily in popularity as did Mick himself and during the current pandemic his facebook live performances continue to be watched by tens of thousands of people. Away from music Mick's story is also inspiring. He has experienced many personal challenges in his life such as homelessness and he talks passionately about the situation many homeless people find themselves in and outlines how our government must do more to address this.  

To listen to 2 songs of Mick's that I chose for this podcast, you can listen to them along with this interview by visiting the below link. The interview on its own is here to abide by platform rules. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

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