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The Time Out Podcast EP 52 With Guest Stephen Glackin July 31st '21

July 28, 2021 Tony McGettigan Episode 52
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 52 With Guest Stephen Glackin July 31st '21
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Strand Rovers FC, based in Maghery, Co.Donegal were formed in 2012. After Strand Rovers met the criteria to enter the Donegal League for 2013/14 season, they would make great strides in the years to follow, including promotion to division 1.  Despite the disappointment of losing the Voodoo Venue Cup final in 2016/17 to Arranmore United, Strand Rovers under Packie McHugh bounced back strongly in 2017/18, and won division 1 of the Glencar Inn Saturday league with Stephen Glackin as captain. Stephen had joined the club a year after it was formed. Their 1st trophy was a proud moment for both himself and everyone connected to the club. In 2018/19 Strand Rovers under Jim O'Donnell repeated the success of winning the Saturday league, this time by a 5 point margin, having previously won it a single point. During this interview I chat with Stephen about the great progression made by Strand Rovers since their story began plus much more including his hopes for the club in the future.  

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Beginning Of Stephen's Jouney With Strand Rovers FC
Key Figures In Getting Strand Rovers FC Formed
Strand Rovers' Donegal League Bow 13/14
First Appearance In A Cup Final 16/17
Winning Saturday League Div 1 17/18
Retaining Saturday League Div 1 Title 18/19
Packie McHugh & Jim O'Donnell
Missing Out On Double 18/19
19/20 Season
Winning A 7 A Side Tournament
Maghey Celtic's Story
Quick Fire Questions To Stephen, Fav Ground To Play etc
Cross Channel Chat
Stephen's Hopes For Future Of Strand Rovers FC