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The Time Out Podcast EP 56 With Guest John O'Mahony October 9th '21

October 08, 2021 Tony McGettigan Episode 56
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 56 With Guest John O'Mahony October 9th '21
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John O'Mahony's record in GAA speaks for itself, one of the great managers to have graced the line. He stopped playing inter county for Mayo at the young age of 23 but before he did he had won an All Ireland minor title in 1971 followed by reaching the U21 pinnacle three years later. In 1983 as coach/manager he led Mayo to another U21 All Ireland title. The senior job came calling and again John delivered success in 88, 89, winning back to back Connacht titles for the first time in 38 years. O'Mahony's magic wand captured the attention of Leitrim and in 1994 he led them to sheer ecstasy when they landed their first Connacht title in 67 years. Galway were next in line and it was there John reached the holy grail. He guided the tribesmen to their first All Ireland title in 32 years in 1998 and three years later a second Sam was lifted. I talk to John about his amazing time in GAA, some of the key ingredients for the success he oversaw plus we dwell on Mayo's 11th All ireland final loss since 1989, 89 being the year that John as manager just came up short in landing his native Mayo GAA's biggest prize. I also chat to John about his time in politics. He represented his Mayo constituency as a TD from 2007 and from 2016 to 2020 he worked as a senator. His overall story is a great one! I hope you enjoy the inteview!

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All Ireland Final Review
Mayo's Sam Drought
John's Playing Days
Transition Into Coaching And Success With Mayo
Guiding Leitrim To Connacht Title 1994
Benefiting From Psychology
Taking Galway Job
98 All Ireland Glory V Kildare
Galway Regain Sam 2001
Restructured Chamionship
John's Time In Politics