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The Time Out Podcast EP 61 With Guest Kevin Painter January 19th '22

January 18, 2022 Tony McGettigan Episode 61
The Time Out Podcast
The Time Out Podcast EP 61 With Guest Kevin Painter January 19th '22
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'The Artist' Kevin Painter retired from the PDC darting scene in 2021 when he didn't make it through Q School. Like a lot of players his darting career began in the BDO but come the early noughties he made the switch to the PDC. It was there he began to flourish. In 2004, he narrowly lost out to Phil Taylor in the deciding sudden death leg of the world final. He made a couple of other semi final appearances at the worlds too, 2003 and 2008. The latter of those years Kevin had what he describes as his greatest win, when he knocked out the defending world champion at the time, Raymond Van Barneveld in the last 16. In 2011 Kevin finally got his hands on a major trophy; The 2011 Players Championship. A result which earned him a place in the 2012 Premier League. Kevin has also won numerous other trophies. amongst them, the 2000 Swedish Open and 2002 Bob Anderson Classic. My chat with him covers memories of his great career and we look ahead to the very first 'Seniors' World Darts Championship in a few weeks, an event which Kevin is competing in. I hope you enjoy the interview!

I've included Kevin's walk on song, 'I predict a riot' in this podcast. You can hear the song along with this interview by visiting the below link. The interview  is here on its own to abide by platform rules.

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