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Episode #3- The Kids Are Alright...The Story of the Swinging Belles

September 16, 2020 East Coast Music Association Season 1 Episode 3
Radio ECMA
Episode #3- The Kids Are Alright...The Story of the Swinging Belles
Show Notes

Episode 3 of The Radio ECMA Podcast has gone to the kids! Join host Chris Batstone for an enlightening discussion of the children’s music industry. Child educators and talented musicians the Swinging Belles began around the kitchen table sharing songs of earthworms and weather. Erin Power, Laura Winter, and Duane Andrews focus on fun, engaging their audience and playing music that helps to nurture audiences of the future. You may even learn some scientific facts about harmonies 🤓

About the Swinging Belles:
The Swinging Belles, a JUNO award-winning swing band for kids from St. John’s, NL,share how they intend on getting both kids and adults to kick up their heels and have a swinging good time with the whole family!

The Swinging Belles feature child educators and performers Laura Winter and Erin Power joined by guitarist extraordinaire Duane Andrews. This show is all about getting kids and parents out to have a dance and enjoy some swing country and jazz…kid style. As primary school teachers, both Laura and Erin know first hand the joy that kids feel when they can boogie to some good time music, and as parents, Duane and Erin know the importance of enjoying the music that our kids are listening to! The show is packed with music, interactive storytelling and dancing…lots of dancing!

Featured Songs:
"Attitude of Gratitude" 2015
"Old York Road" 2020
More about the Swinging Belles: