No Reservations

Everybody Name Drops

December 07, 2020 Anna & Ryan Season 1 Episode 18
No Reservations
Everybody Name Drops
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Today's episode of No Reservations is brought to you by the drink of douchebaggery... the White Russian. And boy were they delicious. Today, Anna and Ryan are joined by Mike of 86 Logic. No, it's not deja vu, this is the OTHER half of the 86 Logic team, following a wicked fun interview by Zach. Which of course, we recorded back to back. You know what goes great with an empty stomach? Jalapeño Margaritas and White Russians. NEW DRINKING GAME: take a sip every time Anna slurs her words. Wait, actually, don't do that, we want you to actually REMEMBER this incredibly fun interview. Mike is an absolute character, who's worked all over the country in practically every position in a restaurant one could think of, spanning both the back and front of house. So today he brings his unique perspective (with a little snark) as we muse about college bars, dads, and how much vinyl gloves SUCK. Please enjoy, we definitely did.

PS: Be careful of your ears as we begin Dumb Question of the Day, as both Anna and the character she was portraying are blackout drunk and loud as heck.  

Introducing Mike!
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