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Research Gap, Kids and Cancer, Late Start, Xmas Eve Heart Attack
December 19, 2018 Bad Patient

Medical experiments on pregnant women are unavoidable. (Gulp.) Having kids boosts your cancer risk in the short-term. Seven different medical associations give seven separate recommendations for mammograms. Teens who start school later perform better. And Christmas Eve is a common time to have a heart attack.

Here's the Task Force on Research Specific to Pregnant Women and Lactating Women's Sept 2018 report that Robin is reading during the episode. It turns out that bed rest is inadvisable. And, hey, we're not even testing the right women for the right genetic mutations that could lead to breast cancer, as CNN reports.

Robin's deep dive: Canada revised its mammogram guidelines, which is big news.

When should women get a mammogram? There is still no consensus in the US. But at least the CDC compiled these Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines from seven different associations.  

This week's health news:

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