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Heat Risk

August 01, 2022 Future Cities
Future Cities
Heat Risk
Show Notes

This month's episode, Heat Risk, explores the risk of heat exposure in Phoenix, AZ but has relevance across the globe with the current heat waves being experienced. Dr. Alysha Helmrich interviews Dr. Yuliya Dzyuban and Adora Shortridge about their recent studies on heat risk in Phoenix, and she discusses the Phoenix Office of Heat Response and Mitigation with the director, Dr. David Hondula.

Yuliya's Paper: Evidence of alliesthesia during a neighborhood thermal walk in a hot and dry city
Adora's Paper: HeatReady schools: A novel approach to enhance adaptive capacity to heat through school community experiences, risks, and perceptions
HeatReady Schools website

Connect with our guests:
Dr. Yuliya Dzyuban: @DrDzyu
Adora Shortridge: https://www.ascendwithadora.com/
Dr. David Hondula: @ASUHondula
City of Phoenix Office of Heat Response and Mitigation: @HeatReadyPHX


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