It's All Narrative

Episode 02 - Jonathan Ratcliff

August 09, 2020 Adam Butler - 119 Society Episode 2
It's All Narrative
Episode 02 - Jonathan Ratcliff
Show Notes

Jonathan Ratcliff is a Management Consultant and Sales Mentor based in the Midlands UK. After a career in Fast Moving Consumer Goods with brands like Carlsberg, Jeyes and Homepride, he set up his own business JMR Sales & Consultancy Limited 16 years ago.

Unlike other Sales Trainers, he focuses on the needs of the people in the Business as well as the objectives of the company. His specialism is going out in the field with Salespeople to see where their specific training requirements are. For them it is like getting a tailor-made training programme rather than an off the peg solution.

He also provides Mentoring by the hour and is one of the very few qualified members of the Association of Business Mentors.

In this personal and revealing interview, Jonathan tells us why he is passionate about long term relationships with Strategic partnerships rather than short term transactional ones as well as how to cultivate them.