"Global Classroom" with Rita Pang and Whizpa.com
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Over Forty Wellness Podcast
"Global Classroom" with Rita Pang and Whizpa.com
Feb 18, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28

My Guest on the podcast this week is Rita Pang. Rita is the founder of See Change Education. See Change empowers children to thrive, to be self motivated and adaptable problem solvers. See Change is committed to providing the best online education. Enabling children to structure and share their view points through debating and public speaking.

Rita was educated at Harvard before studying Law at Duke University and later worked as a Legal Counsel at Citigroup. Rita joined her husband at Bridgeway Advisors Group before founding See Change Education where her mission is to make a "Flatter World even Flatter"

This episode is released in collaboration with Whizpa.com, one of Hong Kong's leading education platforms helping connect families with educators and activity providers and their latest issue of their ebook #19.

3:06. I grew up in Hong Kong in a family with four siblings.......
3:42 We grew up very simply.... my best memories are sneaking into the play area . Lots of room for creativity.....
5:35. I was 15 when I went to the US. I went to boarding school
6:26 A lot of people were going to the US I had no fear,,,, I went off on an adventure....
8:04 My mother told me: Whatever you do as long as you are ok with the consequences - Go Ahead. It was a guide post for me....
9:25 Resilience was a gift I had. It developed from my childhood.....
11:55 Productive Struggle - striking a balance between helpful support and space for childhood....
13:50 See Change Education Founder English Debate and Public Speaking Online.
15:58 I went to the Property Fund to support my husband....family comes first......
19:05 Why education.... A passion project.......
20:07 I must dedicate myself to education
24:14  Online education can be stressful for children.
25:40 A flatter world even flatter ... A global classroom.
27:06 Great writers were great speakers .....
28:49 Debating really propelled my career ......... speaking ability ...clear structured speech.
30:30  Developing a world view.... see the beauty and see the value....
32:03 Screen time ...... health of the eyes. For See Change  the best medium is online medium.... Always breaks in between.....Classes of 1 hr with a midway break.
39:26 The benefits of See Change Education.......
40:12 It's a step by step approach .......41:06 Giving an object magical qualities..... To develop implications.... Interdisciplinary approach.....
43:35 I'd love to share about creativity... See Change all the fun things you don't have time for at school.
44:42 Spark , Inspire creativity. We have an adaptive approach. creativity is developed.
47:05 Routines and practices: My husband resolution is to create a six-pack...I see it for sure after 2 months.... Family, health, friendships all before work. Get up early at 6:30...Health first ,three minutes...Family....Family drive the children to school.
51:12. MTR Quote "If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." Introduced as a precept by Mr. Browne, on the first day of school in Wonder.

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