Share PLM Podcast

Episode 1: Intro to season 2 of the Share PLM Podcast

April 24, 2023 Share PLM Season 2 Episode 1
Share PLM Podcast
Episode 1: Intro to season 2 of the Share PLM Podcast
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In this episode we are giving you a warm welcome to season 2 of the Share PLM podcast. Hosted by Claire Weingartner from Share PLM, she talks with the founder and CEO of Share PLM, Helena Gutierrez, as well as the author, consultant, and expert in the field of product lifecycle management, Jos Voskuil about what listeners can expect from the podcast this season!

[00:00:00.410] - Claire
Welcome to the Share PLM podcast, the show that explores the vast universe of product lifecycle management. Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Share PLM podcast. I'm your host, Claire Weingartner, content creator and UX designer. I am here today with the founder and CEO of Share PLM, Helena Gutierrez, as well as the author, consultant, and expert in the field of product lifecycle management, Jos Voskuil. Welcome, you two, and thanks for joining me today.

[00:00:27.690] - Jos
Thank you, Claire. Hi, Elena.

[00:00:31.290] - Helena
Thank you, Claire. Thanks for having us. And hello, Jos.

[00:00:36.170] - Claire
Perfect. So first I just want to ask Helena, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and a little bit about your company, Share PLM?


[00:00:44.830] - Helena
Sure. My name is Helena Gutierrez, and I'm the CEO of a company called Share PLM. And Share PLM is a boutique consulting company specialized in facilitating the change in PLM implementations. And we started the company because before Share PLM, we were at corporate and we were PLM consultants. And we realized that most implementations start with technology, and they leave people for the last thing, and then things don't end up so good. So we thought about starting with people and focusing on the change, and that's when we decided to start Share PLM.


[00:01:29.290] - Claire
Oh, that's wonderful. And why did you name it Share PLM? Where did this name come from?

[00:01:35.310] - Helena
Yeah, we were thinking a lot about the name. We were thinking, like, should we call it something PLM PLM Power? Or something like that. But at the end, we were thinking that what's PLM about. And PLM is really all about sharing, about sharing information, sharing concepts between people. So that's why we chose the name Share PLM.


[00:02:03.710] - Jos
It's interesting that you say this, Helena, because one of my first slides, when I started to present about PLM, I said, the challenge is that people need to learn to share.

[00:02:14.250] - Helena
Absolutely. That's the real challenge.


[00:02:19.370] - Claire
And, Jos, you have worked with PLM for over 20 years. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey and what you're up to nowadays?


[00:02:26.520] - Jos
Yes, I had a fantastic journey, and I was lucky to work as a contractor in the early days for a smart team, which was a PDM solution, managing Katie V Five data, and they were bought by Dasso. And suddenly I was exposed to the Dasso network, to the smart team implementers. And initially, I was developing templates. I was called Director of Methodology because it was a toolkit, and I had to create a methodology.  But then I was more and more flying in the field as the Flying Dutchman mediating in implementations, both from the technical side, from the sales side. And that's where I learned, like you, Helena, that it's about humans. I started with a technology mindset. I'm a physics teacher by origin. But then I realized the human part is so important, the interactions, the expectations. And I started to use my blog, The Virtual Dutchman, and that's probably more people know me as a virtual Dutchman than as Jos Voskuil, because the name is too difficult. And that's where I started to share also my experiences. So here kind of share PLM beginning in the old fashioned way. And the beauty of blogging is that you learn to express things, you study things because you want to have the full picture.


[00:03:50.770] - Jos
And I've been doing this now for 15 years, blogging and growing from small and medium enterprises in the, I would say the domain of smart team. I also work with bigger enterprises now and I coach both implementers vendors and also companies in their PLM journey.


[00:04:11.410] - Claire
Wow, that's so exciting. So many things.


[00:04:15.570] - Jos
It takes a time. It's 20 years of learning.


[00:04:20.130] - Helena
I remember, Jos, when we started Share PLM, I asked you, do you have any advice for me? And you said, you should start a blog. That was a good advice.


[00:04:32.950] - Jos
And starting a blog and keeping the blog. I think I've seen many people starting a blog and then after a few months, they lose inspiration and you have to be continuous blogging. I remember my first blog post, I was quite excited with seven hits per day. Now were talking about hundreds.


[00:04:56.030] - Claire

[00:04:58.510] - Helena
Yeah, consistency.

[00:05:01.070] - Jos

[00:05:02.510] - Claire
And now we're here with this podcast. Which brings me to my next question. What is the purpose of this podcast? Why did we decide to get here today to make this podcast?

[00:05:14.790] - Jos
I'm a big fan of blogging because that's how I grew up. But I also discovered during the COVID times that sometimes it's nice to just listen to people talking and learning from them. And I think the podcast is the modern blog and it's a way to learn and to share information. And for me, my main goal is I wanted to make a podcast really touching the people, not being a success story. Like I've done this fantastic job and implemented PLM at company X-Y-Z-I want to understand what are the people moving? What did they learn? Often I say people process tools where reality most of the time is tools and then let's map the people and the processes inside the tools. And I want to learn from discussions with people who has gone through PLM implementations. They don't need to be successful because you always learn from your mistakes. And that's what I hope to do with this podcast.


[00:06:21.530] - Helena
Yes, I'm really excited about this and I think, Jos, we both share this passion for human psychology and trying to understand how people change and how people adapt to technology. And you asked me that, should we revive the Share PLM podcast together? And I think there is no better partner to do that than you. And I'm very happy that you are helping us here to bring it back and also give it another angle where we are sharing real stories about real people and trying to get inspiration for others who are also in this journey.


[00:07:03.590] - Jos
Exactly. And yeah, you are the new generation of my old ways of sharing PLM with the blog. I think with the podcast we have a nice next step.


[00:07:17.770] - Claire
So for today's episode, we just wanted to introduce ourselves and give our listeners an idea of what's to come. We're so excited to get the podcast up and running again and to discuss all things PLM. We plan on releasing one episode per month, and in our up coming episodes, we'll be discussing topics such as enabling PLM in a startup and digitizing the customer experience. Thanks for listening, and be sure to visit to join the conversation!