FSC Podcast
S3 Ep. 05: Indigenous Youth Entering the Labour Market
Episode Artwork S3 Ep. 05: Indigenous Youth Entering the Labour Market 28:48 Episode Artwork S3 Ep. 04: Neurodiversity 26:33 Episode Artwork S3 Ep. 03: Les femmes en entrepreneuriat 44:31 Episode Artwork S3 Ep. 02: L’intégration des nouveaux arrivants au Canada : l’exemple du Nouveau-Brunswick 26:25 Episode Artwork S3 Ep. 01: Comprendre les pénuries de main-d’œuvre au Canada 25:25 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 06: Skills for the Digital Economy 28:53 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 05: Skills for the Clean Economy 26:07 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 04: Putting Microcredentials into Practice 25:27 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 03: Supporting the Future of Small Business and Entrepreneurs through Skills Development 29:55 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 02: Adapting to Change—The Case of Canada’s Hospitality & Tourism Industry 19:51 Episode Artwork S2 Ep. 01: Youth Employment and Skills Training for an Inclusive Recovery 21:41 Episode Artwork Ep. 06: Gig Economy and Independent Workers 38:52 Episode Artwork Ep. 05: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Work—WIL 32:06 Episode Artwork Ep. 04: Upskilling and Reskilling (Mid-Career Workers) 34:02 Episode Artwork Ep. 03: Skilled Trades—Transitioning to a Digital, Green, and Human Future 34:52 Episode Artwork Ep. 02: Addressing Inequalities in the Workforce 27:27 Episode Artwork Ep. 01: Developing Social and Emotional Skills in an Automated World 30:32 Episode Artwork Ep. 00: Trailer—Future Skills Centre Podcast Series 1:27