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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)
TGC 069 - Strength In Numbers Talk (w/ Tyler Weber)
March 08, 2019 Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP
The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)

TGC 069 - Strength In Numbers Talk (w/ Tyler Weber)

March 08, 2019

Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP

The guys go over the new season Strength In Numbers! They talk about everything to expect and all of the changes for the season. They also interview Krave Athlete Tyler Weber! 

<p> Athlete Interview (Tyler Weber) 8:00
<p> Strength In Numbers Preview 30:00
<p> Today I Learned 51:00 
<p> Foodie 51:00
<p> On The Road Again 57:50
<p> Humans SMH 61:00
<p> Weekend BBBANGERS 64:00

The guys go over the new season Strength In Numbers! They talk about everything to expect and all of the changes for the season. They also interview Krave Athlete Tyler Weber! 

<p> Athlete Interview (Tyler Weber) 8:00
<p> Strength In Numbers Preview 30:00
<p> Today I Learned 51:00 
<p> Foodie 51:00
<p> On The Road Again 57:50
<p> Humans SMH 61:00
<p> Weekend BBBANGERS 64:00

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Do you have a hundred stores close and be utterly on effected because 200 Morgan Open a server, right? That's way, way in the future. But then they're like smaller companies, um, that I think could really, really, really be sucks or like do a good job because of the turnkey thing that they do. So like, I know, um, Jersey Mike's does this thing where they make, it's like, I think it's like 400 hours that you have to do training at a store and then it's like 400 more hours. We have to go to New Jersey, the original store and train with them and then it's, and they have this more hours after that. So then the person you're putting in charge just went through this insanely rigorous calculus amounts of hours and that's exactly what we're going to be doing. And you're like, Oh God, I Love Jersey Mike's and the culture and everything.

Speaker 1:0:44And I think now it's ingrained. It's brilliant. And that's what we're going to be doing is, um, my next step is basically creating that university, the crave university, where if someone wants to become a Franchisee, they're going to come. They're going to spend a week here. Yeah. They're going to get dive into the culture and what we do. And especially these first local ones. Yeah. They're going to spend a lot more time than that. Not to mention the time that we spend at their location, making sure that it's, you know, making sure that that culture is set. And I know it's Jersey Mike's has a culture that is different from a fucking subway yeah. In, that's right. And that's, that, that's what they're going to pound into your brain the entire time that you're there. So what are you going to be doing the talking? I'd like, obviously you get people in here and make them do a couple of five am's and they're going to see something different than if they go to really almost any gym I think that you're going to go to.

Speaker 1:1:36And then, um, and not specifically 5:00 AM I just think that that's good example. Yeah. But then you the whole time you're like chiseling away at the brain, right? Like all exactly that. You're like, no, no, we are, we are better. And this is why we are better than this. Right. And it's brilliant because it's right. Yeah. So that's the exciting part is we have, we have the background as far as solidified into what we do that we can basically just the, the, the troubling part is when we get big, our main goal to these two new people are going to be uneducated them on what they think they know and what they think the fitness industry needs and educating them on what we know and what athletes, how athletes train and how do we coach versus a trainer. All of this kind of stuff. And that's kind of the, the interesting dichotomy is that we and tiger rocks went through the same thing.

Speaker 1:2:31Yeah. You have to uneducated yourself, eh, or uneducated, the new people and basically say what you, what you thought you knew about martial arts or what you thought you knew about the fitness industry. That's great. Put that on the shelf and let's do this. And then let's do this the way that we do it. And you know what's great about what we do is if you've ever been an athlete, if you've ever had a coach or you've ever coached a sport, that's all like everything that you do, if you keep, keep in mind what you learned as an athlete, what you've learned, being a coach, what you learned, being coached in athletics, all of that is, um, all of that is what we need to remember. Right? Right. So if, if you're answering a question and that's not something that your head wrestling coach would've said to his athletes, you're like, no, you know that we have to do it this way because this is, this is the atmosphere that we're setting.

Speaker 1:3:30Yeah. And we're, and just keep in mind, we do this because of all of these years of research, not just with us, but all of these years of athletic re athletics that have existed since the beginning of time. Like that's the beginning of cave men did athletics writerly cave beginning Oh, time. It's workout. Right? Exactly. They were so gosh darn strong orange shape. They could, they could. And that's our new motto is you can tackle a mammoth if you work at it. Craig did, do you want to be able to fight Saber Tooth Tigers? Right? Because that's what they were doing back then. Exactly. Bringing it back the softies. Yup, exactly enough fix it. Yeah, and I think that that goes hand in hand with what you guys are saying about having a person from the inside is that once they're that immersed in there that bought in to the cooler, that it makes it so much easier.

Speaker 1:4:19It's actually at the start, it's easy to spin you who's worked at whatever come, we're going to hire you to be our head coach and then you show up one day and you're like, what is happening? What is everybody doing in here right now? Is everybody sad? Yeah, exactly. And that's the, that's the funny part is like I envision like a, a wrapped crave like RV that once a year we just bing boom, boom, go, go around, go around and just like correct people pictures going here. Yeah, exactly. And like, that's, that's what it's going to take to become a brand that can, can ultimately, and the other thing is you can affect your community in whatever community you are. So, you know, started on what you guys are doing. And that's the, that's the coolest stuff. Because with that we can, we can really solidify what they're doing in and out of the side of the gym.

Speaker 1:5:13And it, it just makes so much sense that if you're a good person, if you're, if you're a coach, you want to, you want to affect people. That's why you open that. It's why you ultimately would open up a crave, right? You want to positively influence your athletes' lives. Right? And so not only that, but you're, you live in a community that it's your responsibility. And now as a gym owner, it's even more your responsibility to take the team that you've created and help your community as well. And so that's, that's the cool part about what we can expand. And that's ultimately the reason why we want to expand is because we can get into different communities. How much autonomy or would you give to like them being able to choose what charity organizations that they work with? And that's, that's the thing that we do, we've discussed a little bit today is most of what we pick is on a national scale.

Speaker 1:6:04Yeah. For the purpose of find your local Special Olympics, find your local habitat for humanity. Find your local Susan g Komen because they're everywhere. But we will most likely have a Jordan. You want to open up a crave gym and you have a, you have, uh, something that's dear to your heart. You know, an organization that's dear to your heart. Maybe you already have relationships with some people. Maybe you're already involved with this organization, then you will, then we will have a season that's open to, we'll ha basically we make templates like this, that here it doesn't say anything about habitat for humanity, but it might be your organization, whatever you want to do, but you have these different things that are templated in here and now you can just set these events with that organization in mind. Um, and we have the overall theme, right?

Speaker 1:6:55So strength in numbers. It doesn't necessarily have to be with habitat for humanity always. And maybe you have something that proves that in the community with a group of people, we can affect this and a third in a certain way so you can really spin any organization into the more people we have to do this, the more we get done. What's a, where's our, where's our quote for this one? I think we have it up here somewhere. Um, Oh, if not, it's a, yeah, the more we dream, the more, um, the more we do a damn. Where's that quote? I could, I could open the door. I think they're all out there now, but with this season, right, if, if that quote applies to the organization than this would be a good season for you to work with that organization. If I'm the beginning of the year, uh, you know, Special Olympics, our quote is you can overcome your obstacles to be a better athlete or to be a better person.

Speaker 1:7:54And so maybe that you have an organization that's close to your heart that, that fits into that season a little bit more. So obviously we'll have, we'll have different criteria and some oversight on what you can do. So we're not getting into trouble with, yeah, I don't know any like horrible organization right at the top of my head. But yeah, there could be a near and dear to my heart, this horrible, horrible or terrible. We are, we are officially an anti K K K podcast. We're officially an anti Kay Kay. Kay Jim, you know, and so yes, we have it. Yes. If we haven't said that we are officially an anti KKK but you know, something like that that we would be like right away. You know what I mean? But, but that's the, the thing that, you know, there, there are all these fine lines and the organizations that we pick obviously are going to be suggested, but anybody that has a firm, a firm relationship afar with a, with a group of people or a big reason, um, someone in their family, you know, is diagnosed with something or, or you know, something like that, then then yeah, definitely we'll have those options for them.

Speaker 1:9:06So, um, athletes, athletes, welcome in to another episode of the gym closet. This one's going to be a little bit longer. So who's onto your horses? Thank you so much for listening. If you have just been joining us, this podcast is an inspirational podcast. We go over ultimately what we do at crave and why we do things the way we do things. And in that if you're a crave athlete, you get kind of the inside scoop what we're doing and you get the, the message that we want to pull. If you're outside of crave gym, then all of these things can apply to you as a human being and to, uh, you know, what you should do in life to help other people. And so that's, that's kind of a, and and fitness in the community. All of that kind of stuff can apply. So everything we talked to, you don't have to be a part of crave obviously to, uh, to apply these things in a good way. But to those that are involved to all of our athletes that listen, thank you to all of our coaches that listen, this gives you the inside scoop and why we do things from the top down in this is going to continue to be, uh, those messages that we want to continue to instill in all of our athletes. Um, so thank you for listening. Let's get right into the interview with one of our athletes, Tyler Webber.

Speaker 2:10:30We got ditched today. So Zach is gone and because Zach has gone, he said that Jordan or he told Jordan that he couldn't do it. So Jordan thought it was off. And so those guys are, are not here, but we're better off because of that. So I am here with special guest today. Uh, an athlete at crave. Jim, how long have you been with us now? Uh, Friday will be started. Months. Six. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. So you've, you've seen several seasons, but I'm here with Tyler Webber. What is, what's your a handle or Instagram if people want to follow you? Uh, I don't even know. I think it's like good question, right? Because I know I follow you. I don't know. I see ya. And that's kind of what we talked about and why we had, uh, some of his recent social media. He's doing some before and afters and since he started and all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:11:20So we were like, we gotta pull him in here and get his story. So what, what's your a gym at t Weber with one B. Dot. Five two zero t whether one B five two zero. Yeah. You'd be surprised how many times you have to specify one B. Everybody just straight goes for, to really, for the last 10 years of my life. That's interesting. I don't specify every time. I think I, I think it's a second nature to me because I see your name all the time. Yeah. And so like I would spell Weber with one B, but I guess I never thought about spelling Webber before I met you. Maybe. Yeah. Just to make it easier for people. I just tell them, hey, it's Weber one B One B right off the bat. Right off the bat. I love it. That's awesome. So welcome into the gym closet, by the way.

Speaker 2:11:59Thank you. I'm actually a closet, right? Yeah. You don't, you don't understand. Like we're not funny. We didn't just like make up like a gym closet. We, we named it just because we're literally sitting in a gym closet right now. And so it's, it's interesting when whenever we have a guest, they're always like, oh, ah, it makes sense now. You're actually in a gym closet. That's what that doors for. So you open up the shadow we door and all of a sudden you get a gym closet. So tell us a little bit about, um, we'll start off kind of. We, uh, today we're going to go over and I'm going to go over our new season. So Tyler, you'd get a front row seat in the first one to, to hear all about the new season, but we'll start with kind of talking to you about what your experience is like and all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:12:43So what brought you to crave in the first place? Oh well actually my, one of my wife's coworkers actually goes here and I was kind of looking for a place to work out because I was really unhappy with the wait that I had gained since high school. And so came here for the pink out workout. The first workout here killed me. I was dead by the end. I remember talking to you after that. It was a rough and then I came back. I wasn't sure if you were like, you were one of those that were like, yeah, I really don't like that. Like it was not fun and I was like, shit, I wonder if he'll come back. But you had a little bit of that like, but I need something challenging. Yeah, ca thing. Cause I've done like other gym memberships before. Like I've been a member of the wive and I remember at a couple of other gyms, um, my, one of my old apartment had a gym built in.

Speaker 2:13:28Sure I was doing that for awhile. But when you're just by yourself it gets really hard and tell her definitely motivated and coming here. So did the pink out workout came back, I think it was like Wednesday or Thursday or whatever had LG is a coach. Okay, awesome. Got killed. Right. Again. So, and then at the end of that I talked to you and I was like, listen to it. I love it. If I don't do it now I'm just going to leave and that'll be it. Right. So you've been a prime teammate to, to everybody. You bust your ass when you're here, you've gone to several events and stuff that we've had outside of the gym, which you know, you've kind of encapsulated everything that we want in a team member. You also brought your wife in, you know, she, she's crave athlete as well.

Speaker 2:14:08So what, what's that dynamic like as far as I know. So I remember talking to you and you were competing with her, she wasn't, she wasn't an athlete here yet and you were competing with her for some contest or something. Talk a little bit about that. Yeah, so we both have our apple watches that we do and you can do like challenges to see who can earn the most points or whatever. So before she joined here, I was a member already, so I just killed her on that competition. It wasn't even remotely close cause that's awesome. Get like a thousand points Max a day. And if it were, wasn't a Max, I think I would've just, it would've been done. Damn. Yeah. That's awesome. So you maxed out your Apple Watch every day that you were training here. And so, you know, you train three days a week.

Speaker 2:14:52I see her every once in a while on the weekends doing your own thing here. And so that's, that's awesome as well. What kind of sport have you played? Any sports or anything like prior to uh, uh, like in high school and that kind of stuff. I did track my freshman year of high school. Okay. And that was it. That was it. Awesome. I played tennis like recreationally with my dad and a couple of friends and I would like throw footballs around, play basketball in the driveways and stuff, but never anything like through high school. It was just sure that freshman year and I was like, I'm done. Awesome. Yeah, no, I would also, I quit track after my freshman year too. I think that track was absolutely no fun. I don't want to say a throwing up. I was just like, this is not, this is not happening.

Speaker 2:15:30High school was really my, I'm just gonna hang out with my friends and kind of do whatever because I was, my metabolism was running pretty great at that point, so I didn't really have to worry about not being active. So many friends just hanging out on the couch. Not really big deal. Right. And then you can eat whatever you want and that's awesome too. So triple cheeseburger for lunch and another one for dinner. Right. But go to sleep, it could go totally fine. Yep. It was good. But he's, you know, you had that tight group of friends probably that you hung out with and did stuff with, which is awesome. You know, that's what we tried to create here is because that's the big thing. Like when you're out of high school and you're out of that like environment to where you naturally, and for me it was always, it was always athletics, but I'm sure for other people it's, you know, the neighborhood you live in or you know, friends from school, whatever the case might be.

Speaker 2:16:16Like I walked into a room and well we were forced to be in a room with all these football players. Right. So I had my like assigned friends when, when I went to college, when I went to high school, all of those types of things. But then you get out of college or you get out of high school and all of a sudden you're like, okay, I go to work. I don't really want to be friends with everybody. I work with. You know what I mean? Yeah. And then you're like, okay, so what can I do to actually like have a social, a social life too outside. And I feel like we try to create that atmosphere where you can hang out with some of the, in a lot of these people hang out with each other outside of the gym. So do you find a little bit of that as far as you know, in in the gym?

Speaker 2:16:56Have you met people that you hang out with a little bit now or, or talk outside of the gym at all? No, not really outside of the gym, but like every time I'm here, like any session I come to, there's usually someone that I've met or someone that I know, whether it's from working out here or it's from the events that you guys do. Like the Smash Park was really fun. I met a couple people there. That was an awesome, yeah, the dodge ball. That was a good time. Yeah, that's all. It's good. Especially Ms Dodge ball is like the best worst time ever. Like, it's so humbling because you end up losing to like a bunch of like fourth graders or fifth graders and it's like, how the hell did these, did these kids just beat us? Like are we that unathletic and bad? But I just say that it's because they have been practicing like in gym class because we got, we got our asses kicked and all sorts of ways by, by kids that I feel like I'm embarrassed to say they killed us.

Speaker 2:17:48But so what in in crave for the training sessions, what are some of your, uh, what are some of your favorite elements of, of the training and kind of what do you enjoy most and then what like kicks your ass and most that you absolutely hate? Uh, I enjoy the team environment the most. I think having other people around like ticking Pete with subconsciously really keeps me motivated. Right. I'll be, we'll be in striking and I'll be next to someone that's just killing it. And it's like, well, all right, well I got to keep up with them now. Right? I can't look like a chump, dammit. Yeah, I'd like that a lot. But then anything do with legs is just awful for me. My writings are the worst. Yeah. That's awesome. And then you hear like, and that's another thing that I love about the team sessions and almost forcing you to do a balanced workout.

Speaker 2:18:32You know what I mean? Because so many people you hear, you know, that work out on their own or whatever the case might be. They're like the whole like meme that skipped leg day type of thing. Right? Yeah. And that's the hardest thing to get yourself to do if you have no reason to do it. You know what I mean? Like, okay, it's, I should probably do leg day today, but no one's watching me. I'm working out on my own and I can much easier do arms or chest or whatever the case might be. You know? So that's, that's the one thing that I do love about the programming, that you are forced to do everything that you need to do to get better and succeed, you know? So, and speaking of that, so Tyler, if you guys haven't, if you guys haven't met Tyler, he has, he's had awesome results.

Speaker 2:19:15What are, what are some of your results kind of from day one till now? Uh, in, in all aspects of, of what you do? Oh well day one starting weight day one was like 233 pounds. So day one coming in super out of shape. Uh, my last, I dunno, four or five years have just been at a desk job, so I sit all day. Sure. Two of those years I was working from home so I really wasn't even moving that much. It's just kind of walk to the next room, sit at my desk all day right downstairs when I'm done. Good to go. Right. So it sounds awesome. It sounds like a pretty awesome, what do you, what is it that you do? Oh, I work for wells Fargo. Okay, cool. So I manage like their it support and stuff. Sure. So yeah, I did that for awhile and started working out here and the first month of being here was just rough.

Speaker 2:20:04Sure. So it was just a lot of like working out for an hour when you haven't worked out in five years is hard to get used to and hard to get into. But being here and having the challenge days that you guys do that I take part in and having people around and having the coaches that Moralis kick your ass 90% of the time does she yell at you and you're not doing something that's really helped. So, and then just winning challenges and stuff and makes you want more. Like it's just one of those things. Like I never realized how competitive I was until we got into this environment. And I've noticed it more in my personal life too. Like whether it be at work or just hanging out, just competitive through and through now. Right. Well, I mean, and, and I knew you might not have known, but I knew like, I thought you were competitive away because even before you know right away when you started, you were having competitions with your wife about, you know, um, all your points and all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:20:55So like I always assumed that like you would always been super competitive because you do, you do these do super well during the, the challenges and all that kind of stuff. We've got the championship coming up tomorrow. So you ready for that? Yup. Yeah, that'll be awesome. That'll be it. It'll be good one for, for everybody. It's a, it's going to be brutal, but it'll be a great competition. Um, I can't leak any of that yet, but um, everybody, we'll find out tomorrow what's going on. So now where you are today, what, what's the difference in, I guess, what has, what has improved and, and what are some of the things both physically and then also, you know, outside of the gym. And has anything else improved as far as you talked about like your, uh, your competitiveness and all of that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:21:38How has that, how has crave kind of affected you outside of the gym as well? Well, outside of the gym, like first off, I've lost so much weight that I've had to buy all new wardrobe. So that's been pretty sweet. All new genes, all new work pants. So that was a good feeling but expensive. Right? Yeah, for sure. So, but outside of the gym I just have, I feel like I have more energy. Like if I haven't gone to the gym that day, I have all that energy that I could use the gym. So I feel like I can get more done. I've like super focused on stuff now when I need to work on stuff. And it's just like completely different because before it was like that feeling like we were ever heard. David just kind of feel like you're in a fog. Oh yeah.

Speaker 2:22:13That's how like the last two years of my life feel now really. Cause I've got awareness and you've kind of felt that next, like what you could have felt like that entire time and you're like holy shit, I didn't know that I was in that fog at that time. You know? So like that's been, that's been a really good and just feeling better about my self. Like cause I really, I had a really negative self image back October when I started here because I was like the heaviest I've ever been. I wasn't super athletic anymore, so sure. Super Native self image and that's improving now. And I'm like going up to people that see me all the time. If I haven't seen them for awhile, then you look great. Oh that's family is even like, thanks. You're motivating me to do stuff with my Facebook posts and that's awesome.

Speaker 2:22:54Yeah, that's really cool. And that's, I mean, social media shares so much of that, you know. So what would, or something, what are your stats at now? So you started at what to start at two 33 and I was down to 200 on Saturday morning. Okay. Awesome. So 33 in little under over five months. That's, that's awesome. You've been killing it. Have you seen any or felt any, you know, strength gains and that kind of stuff? What's your, what's your stats feel like? Um, in the strength area? They're good. I mean, I started off like the first championship that I was at, it was the heart and hustle championship and we had to do it like four minutes of benching 95 Oh yeah. Yeah. And I just hated it. It was, I did 40 and four minutes, which I think I mashed a couple of their people that were here, but that made me feel really weak.

Speaker 2:23:39Sure. I'm good at. I'm better with the cardio stuff and I am the strength stuff right now. So doing that compared to now, cause now like when I'm here benching it's like in the hundreds now that's all I need to fight to do 95 again. I think it would go pretty well. Yeah, that's sweet. And that's the crazy thing is like muscle endurance with the lightweight like hi time is, is crazy because it ends up being like you when you burn out and when you have the your muscles full of lactic acid, you are, you're done. You know what I mean? And so that's, you just push the, the longer and longer you work out, the more you push that threshold back. And so you, you end up getting to that fail time or that fail rep, you know, at 10 15 2035 reps more and, and so you, you feel the exact same.

Speaker 2:24:27I mean on those burnouts you're going to burn out. Right. But you feel the exact same but then you're going to have, uh, the reps are going to be, and so I think we have something like, I want to say we repeat that test. I can't remember exactly if Zach was here, he'd, he'd know he'd be able to tell you a little bit more. But, um, I'm super excited about, uh, the championship tomorrow I'll actually be out of town, which I'm not excited about. But hoping to get back by the time, by the time the championship starts that night. So live stream, the whole thing. Right, exactly. That's what, that's what I should do is you can walk away and I can watch it. Yes. That's what we need to start doing. We're also going to start thinking about doing a multiple location cause we have our second location in Waukee.

Speaker 2:25:05So we're gonna think about doing a qualified athletes all together and both, both locations and having kind of a, a traveling trophy rivalry type of thing that we can create. Yes. And so I, I, I'm kind of pumped to have, you know, we can have basically like a, a big trophy of some sort, like travel with whichever Jim like wins the championship or whatever, or whichever person that's representing the gym wins the championship. They can get their, like Nate challenges for the Gym Three College Fund. We did. So at, at the dodge ball we had, uh, a team from Waukee and then we had a, we had multiple teams from West des Moines, but that was really fun to watch, you know, the Watsi walkie team, uh, go against the West des Moines teams and end up, you know, having a little bit of a rivalry and competitiveness that we did there.

Speaker 2:25:57But outside of the gym, do you do like, I want to get to know, you know, Tyler, what, what, what do you tell him today? Well, right now she's doing school, she's going back to school for it. So a lot of it, right. Okay. Her doing homework. Sure, sure. So we've, that's gotta be tough. I mean, I've always thought like it's one of those things where it's like, okay, so the, the entire, uh, every industry like revolves around technology and, and it now and so like I've always thought like if I could do ever, if I could go back in time and like tea and take a path or one way, you know, I would always have like a side Gig of it stuff and I never have. So that's the problem is I always, I'm always like trying to find somebody to help me out do like this or that, you know, just because I'm illiterate when it comes to technology.

Speaker 2:26:47And that's one thing that I like. A nine year old would probably be better at a lot of this stuff than I am. And which it sounds crazy how much nine year olds know about tech. Isn't that crazy? Yeah. Just hand them something. They'll download the internet completely to your phone in 10 seconds. Right. And that's, that's what it just is crazy to me is like I need to start hiring nine year olds to like do our, our, uh, software updates and stuff for, for crave Jim Because, um, I, and the thing that's going to be crazy and I, I don't know if you like realize, I don't know if people before us realize this as much, but like, you know, that time where you start, you notice like your kids are smarter at something than you, you know, or know more about something than you. Like for our generation, it probably happened when like the cell phones came out and like your parents started asking like, how do I work this thing right now? It's going to be like everything. People like kids are coding at like age nine, you know, and that's the kind of stuff that is going to be crazy. But do you do nutrition with I don't.

Speaker 3:27:48Um, I was thinking about like inquiring a little more into that now cause I've, I've gotten to the point where I hit my first goal that I want it to hit at. But now that I've hit my goal of losing that way, I think I want to focus more on like specifics with everything. Cause when I started, my main focus was just wait, like, I don't want to weigh this much anymore. This sucks. So got to my first goal there and now I want to focus more on like specifics for what to build next set next. So what

Speaker 2:28:18nutritionally have you changed? You said, you know, obviously when we're young we can eat whatever we want, but what nutritionally have you changed from two years ago till today when you're on this weight loss journey here? Since the last five months?

Speaker 3:28:30Uh, well it's Kinda hit or miss. I mean sometimes the Diet will go really well and it will be good for a week or two stray and then it's horrible, horrible food all over the weekends. And then it's time to start the Diet again on Monday. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So we've been doing better. Like we meal prep for the day is now, so okay, awesome. Either cook a bunch of chicken and Broccoli and throw that in Tupperware for a couple of days and then I'll cook it to their batch of that on Wednesday or here. Lately I've just been making us old school sandwiches. Oh yeah, lunch meat sandwiches. Right. Me and Jay. So that works really well. People underestimate that.

Speaker 2:29:06Like the nutritional value of like the old school sandwich. I mean if you have, you know, Alene Alene meat type of Turkey, Sam like Deli meat, Turkey sandwiches, that's an awesome dinner and most people have it overlooked. But then like I'll, I'll do that on a, on a day where you know, where I'm like, Oh shit, I haven't, I haven't prepped anything. I want to eat. Well today I go into the kitchen and nothing's prepared. So I'm like, okay, I'm really way too lazy to do anything, so I'll make myself a sandwich. But I mean that's a, that's a really good goto. Then a lot of people underestimate. And I think it's because like we grow up eating like those for lunches and stuff. So we're

Speaker 4:29:42like, yeah, we're, they're sick of them where we can't, like those can't be good for us because we ate in one word kids. Right. But, uh, but yeah, very underestimated food when the, in the sandwich, which should we, is there anything else that you would want to add to, uh, to this vigor? Good. I love it. That's awesome. No, I, you know, I'm, I'm super excited about having this format and, and getting every season we're, we're trying to get a couple athletes to, to feature in our podcast and we'll get jumped up. And if it's all right, we'll, we'll share your before and after picture with a gym closet. So, um, so we'll, we'll, uh, share Tyler stuff and with the gym closet we'll show his journey and his progress and, um, you know, he'll continue to, to kick ass and win a couple of these challenges here, which tomorrow, Thursday, you're probably listening to this on Friday though. So it was probably yesterday that we, uh, that we had the, the challenge. So we can, we can update anybody that when I do the closing I'll update everybody on, on the challenge and, and how that went. So cool. Um, so thanks a lot. Thank you.

Speaker 4:30:51Thank you Tyler Weber for a great interview. We did that actually last week. Uh, and we're recording it this week. We had, because this is episode 69, I wanted it, I wanted it to be special. I didn't want it to just throw out the, uh, just an interview. So what we did is the season that we will preview here as well. We're getting into the first week of the season. So Jordan, we'll talk a little bit about his experience in this first week with the training camp. Um, but thank you so much. Tyler and Jordan had Tyler who I've just kind of recently met. Um, I saw him at a few events and then I had a conversation with them are reasonably on Wednesday before we did the championship. He did to teamwork outs in a row back to back four 30 and then the championship and then the championship on Thursday.

Speaker 4:31:36Bala Dude. And he's like, God, it was the warm up, the warm up. That's awesome. He's just, he's in it. He didn't, he's in it either going around you're thinking like, Oh hills like awkward. Right. And this is what I love about Tyler. So the, in the, in the interview he said, you know, he wasn't, he didn't do athletics. He, he, he did track for a little bit but then quit. That wasn't a track guy, but it has gotten here and like embrace that competitive athletic style of training. And so it's funny to, because he does those training sessions. He does the championship and he's been successful in qualifying and a, in jumping into the championship too. So yeah, fairly certain he got, uh, he wrote the forest farthest. That's awesome. I mean, anytime that you can get into a championship and win a challenge, any, any event in there, I mean that's, that's the best of the best. And we'll talk about the championship coming up as well. But let's get into the season and what the season is all about. So we'll go ahead and put that in right now.

Speaker 5:32:43Now we're going to go into next season. So next season is strength in numbers season. So we have a lot to go over. I'm super excited about that, but it is starting March 4th. We have a preseason game plan the day before on March 3rd, I'm, that's a Sunday at four o'clock at each location. That is basically going to be getting your pre strength numbers in and then post thank strength numbers will come at the end of that season. So if you got our last season's numbers pretested then you will post test out and then you'll pretest your strength numbers. So we'll, we'll pretest our strength numbers then we're going to get into and what's, okay, so we are in strength and numbers and what that means is obviously strength is the emphasis in the gym. Uh, we're working, uh, there's a lot of differences that we'll be doing. We have an extra rack, so we'll be partnered in the racks.

Speaker 5:33:40We're excited to have, um, basically the entire time during those rounds to do a certain set of reps of a certain movement. So you will be with a partner that's a spotter and you'll be rotating. Um, you have basically the seven minutes to get five sets in and you'll be rocking and rolling. It's going to have to be a quick pace, but you still have a little bit more time than you would normally have in the four minutes. So we're getting a ton of volume of strength and we're able to get heavy. We're working on power, it's strength, emphasis, power is we're going to hone in on power even more. So everything that we do is controlled, movement down and power up. Anything that we do, explosive movement, that's all we want. This entire season is training, explosive movements. So the other part of strength in numbers is numbers.

Speaker 5:34:28And so basically we are teamed with habitat for humanity. We have the, the cool thing about what they do is obviously they have a bunch of people that in big numbers can, can get a task done, a large task done. You know, almost impossible thing building a house, right? How many people can say that they built a house. A lot of people have built houses with the habitat for humanity and we, they organized construction and different things. So they have this team and network. So we're, we're super excited to work with them. We have in the crave community, we have basically the first thing that we will do is out March 16th is going to be our Saint Patty's day workout. So we will have everybody wearing green a training session that I believe that Saturday that will be March 16th, where we will have everybody wearing green getting together for a free community workout and it will be a, uh, a party atmosphere.

Speaker 5:35:31We're going to get some really good training in and then also have a great time doing it. The second thing that we will be doing all season long, we will have our strength and numbers shirts available. Again, a portion of all those proceeds go to the Goto, the habitat for humanity. Then we have our third thing we have to time to build. So twice this season, April 13th and April 20th, we will have opportunities to actually get out in the community and build. So we will have teams put together, we will have a site that we will meet at and we will have with the guidance of people from whom a habitat for humanity we'll be building. Last year I did it. I was actually the only one, um, because of really crappy weather. But I helped some of the, I have helped the volunteers from habitat for humanity and I helped some kids from Iowa state.

Speaker 5:36:25We laid sod, we helped build a shed out back. We laid rock. We did a whole bunch of fun stuff to help the community and to build it and to get this house going for him. Um, so we'll have two opportunities to build and then, uh, ready to restore. April 27th, they have a restore, which is basically they bring in items and repurpose them and or raw materials and sell them to people, um, at a discounted rate. So we will be working inside of the restore. It's an awesome opportunity. The volunteer in Urbandale restore. So we will be in the Urbandale restore April 27th so those are the five things that we are doing this season with habitat for humanity. We're so excited to do it. The quote is for this season is the more we dream, the more we do, the more we night, the more we achieve.

Speaker 5:37:15And so the big thing about that is the more we unite, the more we can achieve and that's what the strength of numbers does. We have a giant team of athletes here and we've really made an impact this last season. We made an awesome impact on the Special Olympics and being able to raise for the polar plunge, we raised over a $1,800 we raised I think $1,300 at the Special Olympics dodgeball. And so it's not always about money, but money helps these organizations. It is about money or time or volunteering, anything that we can this time around, we don't have to spend any money. We can just help somebody physically build a house or physically help them in construction projects. And so that's what we are going to be doing. Obviously we will take donations in certain aspects as well with the tee shirt, fundraisers and all of that kind of stuff.

Speaker 5:38:03But this is such a great opportunity to come together. Again as a team, we're concentrating on building team actions for building strength. That's kind of what are uh, what these things are in while we do. But we also have published on everywhere around the gym starting on March 4th we will have published when the training campus. So the training camp is awesome. So the training camp is basically the first week. This first week training camp is everybody's learning new new exercises, new drills, and we expect all of our athletes to take this time and really be coached up and our coaches are going to slow down the pace a little bit. We're going to make sure that everybody has perfect form. We're really, really going to concentrate on making sure that all of our athletes know exactly what they're doing during this training camp. This training camp is free for everybody.

Speaker 5:38:55So a invite your friends, invite your family, this, invite the community. This is a time for, for building our team. And during this time it's great because everybody's new to these exercises. Everybody's new to these lifts. Everybody's new to these drills that we are doing. So as a team we will learn and continue to. So it's a great time to start because everybody is kind of on the same page. So we are, we'll get into the training camp for the first week. That is uh, March 4th through the ninth. We have events on Facebook for all of this. So, um, make sure that you'd go ahead and join that challenges. We have seven different challenges throughout this season. Those are published on different dates as well. And then the championship is May 4th, so that's the last Saturday of our May 4th. I'm not sure exactly on what day that is, but that is the last week of the season in May. So a march and April is this season.

Speaker 5:39:47And then in the last couple of days in May for the championship and all of us are, you know, everybody that qualifies, we'll get our ball or band qualification, a rubber bands. Um, and we have a lot of really cool stuff. We're super, super excited for this season. I have so much different things that the clock is going to be changing. The uh, the coaches will be, uh, having whistles. So instead of all of the coaches, you know, losing their voice at the three, two, one shouting over music, all that kind of stuff, we're going to have a whistle to change, uh, just on the time calls. So instead of the three, two, one switch and yelling that over the music, we're basically going to have a whistle that's going to tell you when to switch. So when that whistle, hopefully that also takes you back to when you were playing sports.

Speaker 5:40:34And I don't know if I ever had a coach that didn't have a whistle around his neck. So that's going to be a part of our program now. And getting the coaches a whistles will be a big part of this season. So we're super excited about this season. There's so much to be to be excited about and we're going to get strong and this season we're going to create power. So even in, in agility, we're going to be doing explosive movements. In endurance. We're going to be doing a steady state again and our 22nd sprint. So we're going to get both steady state and hit in striking. We're going to be working on power. So we're going to be powering through the bags. Everything that we do, we're going to bring our hips, everything that we're going to do, we're going to drive through the bags and create that power.

Speaker 5:41:17So this season is created in order to increase and create more power for us in that that helps us in so many aspects of performance and in life. So that's the main goals and we're celebrating our team and you know, at uniting in achieving more as a United unit of, of people. And that's a of athletes and that's what we're super excited about. And that's really it for, for our season review or preview. Uh, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of the coaches at either location and they will be prepped up on everything as well. So we're, we're going to get this role and we got the preseason game plans starting on the third, on Sunday at four. So we hope to see everybody there.

Speaker 5:42:08That's kind of what we can expect this season. We are right in the middle of training camp. We will be putting this out probably at the end of the week here on Thursday or Friday. So we will be almost done with training camp. We do have the grand opening on Saturday at eight eight eight to nine training session at Waukee and then a open house from nine to 11 where we will be having Mimosa snacks. That's more of an opportunity to meet the community, to get out and talk to people, come in in a super noninvasive way and get as many people there as possible. So if you are available from nine to 11, we will be hanging out and just chatting and talking and having a good time drinking mimosas and uh, introducing everybody. Right. And Moses, Moses. That's really what, what we've been advertising is like grand opening, open house dot, dot, dot. Capital letters, Moses like that. That's what's hopefully going to get people there. So, um, so we're really excited about that, but we are almost done with, uh, the training camp for the strength and numbers season. Obviously if you guys have been in here, you know, the, the changes in what we're trying to accomplish working on power, just like we talked about here in the season preview. But Jordan had he been in a couple of sessions now. Awesome.

Speaker 6:43:26Um, so in stop me if this, obviously folks, I wasn't here for the interviews. Um, our schedules were weird last week. That's why he did those two things. And then I'm here now. Um, but the training sessions, so stop me if I'm repeating something that he did is not like anything that we've ever done before in any training sessions, whatever we've done strength seasons since I started working out here three, three years ago, strength has always been a focal point where you've said, all right, this season and you know it. And we had lived to lift. Yeah, it wasn't, which is different than it is now, but there has been a blot it out time where Tyler Nambour like it's strength time and we did six to eight reps and stuff. They have never been like they are right now and I love it. Yeah, I am here for all of it dude. I was watching them do it on Tuesday and I was like that looks kinda interesting. Wait a minute, let's get it. I did it today and I was like this is the past five sets. Yup. Seven minutes as much time as you want. It's still fast enough that I'm getting, I'm sweating while I'm doing it and obviously not going as heavy as I normally would, but I'm still using a lot more strength than I would if I was doing the four minutes and having do it. Yup. I'm

Speaker 4:44:32here for all of it. I love it. It's awesome. I don't just love it. The people that I talk to, every, every single person I've talked to this week, they've looked at me as their like grabbing their butt cheek, stumbling over to talk to me and then like the class on Monday or Tuesday. And I'm like no. And this is like I'm talking to like Mitch and Sean and they worked their legs out constantly. I see them, you're like, this is the source of my legs have been in three years. So the thing that I love about this programming is basically get set. If you count the 2020s in the power block, which I don't normally, but you still get a, you were the way that we've done it, you're still, you're still now that's kind of your taxing part of, of the workout. But you get 17 sets of volume in less than 20 minutes.

Speaker 4:45:20Yup. You know, and so that is so exciting to me because volume, and we've talked about this in previous podcasts, go back to how to gain strength. How did green gained power, all of that kind of stuff. You can look through our different podcasts, the science behind it, right? Cause there's just called strength. Um, but the scientific philosophy behind all of this is you have to get us, you have to get certain volumes of these things, of these strength movements to a get better at them, be to increase weight and increased strength and power and then see if you don't get the, if you don't get the volumes of, of these certain aspects, you're not going to be pushing yourself to the limit. And so what we created for this strength season is optimizing the volume of strength that you can do. And okay. The coolest thing that I've seen now since last week we did the preview and that was before training camp.

Speaker 4:46:16This week. I've been here for so many of the training camp sessions, which is awesome when we do these, you're in a, you're in a partner scenario and like you cannot fault, you can't like manufacture the teamwork and the camaraderie that comes with like a partner strength movement. Like I was, I was videotaping for our story and like I do I want this. Yes, absolutely. But can I manufacture it? Not a chance in hell, but I was videotaping for maybe 40 seconds and I saw like seven, like legitimate high fives and like, yeah, like hugs, like great reps, great set. Like this is, you know, this is what it's all about. So being able to see all of that come together with the volume that we're trying to create an all of this kind of stuff is really, and not to mention the whistles.

Speaker 6:47:13Those are interesting. I love the, uh, who is somebody posted on Facebook was like, this was Dylan earlier. I was like, what does that mean? And then when I was in Katelyn's blown away on that one,

Speaker 4:47:23oh, I got it. And so like logistically I love it because it's such a, it's such a clean, a way to switch. Yeah. But as far as, as far as the culture and as far as what we're trying to create with coaches, when you grew up, did you, did you ever have a coach that didn't have a whistle around his neck? You know, so, so we're going to implement this from here forward, but the whistles like logistically are, are great because now you can hear, you can hear the time being done a lot easier than if you're at the other side of the gym and someone's counting down three, two, one switch. Right. But so it's super clean. But then just the fact that whether you use the whistle or not, if you're carrying around whistle, just like that meme, if you're carrying around whistle like you're the coach, like that's, that's such an iconic yes, that's such an iconic way to, to visualize a coach, uh, and to, to see all of that and to hear the whistle go off.

Speaker 4:48:20Like I was so excited about, you know, all of that kind of stuff. And, and having that involved now is, is a huge part of the program. Moving towards the pump. And I got a bunch of good comments like, oh, I actually, I love the whistles. Like I didn't notice it until I love the look. Should also make them wear like all gray sweatpants and like a sweatshirt. I was thinking short shorts, like all of it. Yeah. Straight out of the 80s. I want, I want them all to look exactly like that when their coach ever watch Goldberg, the Goldbergs, they have a, they have the Phys ed coach that they make like the iconic, uh, seventies, eighties gym teacher and, and that is like, eh, the super short shorts, the high white socks with the tennis shoes and all that. I love a and play eye of the tiger on repeat tired though.

Speaker 4:49:12Other songs, one hour every day. Right. I have the dagger. Henri. That's awesome. So yeah, so we're super excited about this season. You know, if, if you have any questions, your, your coaches can go over any of the questions. Remember, training camp is for form. It's free for the community. It's free for family and friends. It's um, it's a time to learn. So we're slowing down the pace, we're stopping the clock. We're not worried if you don't get your five sets in during the training camp week, we're okay with that because we want to make sure that everyone's doing it perfect. And that way you can take that perfect form and hit heavier weight, hit more volume as you go down this season. So we're super excited about that. This season has started off with a huge bang and I'm so excited about it. With that being said, we're going to get into some segments. Um, we got a today I learned from Jordan as always. I'm super excited about this. All right, so today I learned that in the 1920s newly hired engineers at General Electric work would be told is a joke to develop a frosted light bulb. The experience engineers believe this to be impossible. In 1925 newly hired Marvin Pipkin got the assignment, not realizing it was a joke and succeeded.

Speaker 6:50:29That's also, if you think instead of like those completely clear light bulbs that we have those frosted over. Yeah, they did it. That's awesome. I love it. Like it's taking something as like almost a, that is a joke because you think it's impossible and then someone comes up with an answer like that. It's awesome. They're just going to be a joke. Right? Innovate out of impossibilities. Yeah, that is, that's really cool. I love that. Today I learned we're also going to do a today's fruity, so two weeks ago we had a foodie finalist, so let's talk a little bit about the the Foodie and and where we were at. Not Shocking as I think anybody in the Iowa would know. Casey's one. Casey's pizza. I A landslide. And let me just say this. Obviously most of the stuff we did were the, everybody knows it, the pizza, it's Papa John's, the cases, all that guys, most of these peaches were garbage.

Speaker 6:51:20Yeah, I think we know that. We threw in a couple just to test to see if people, and they walk immediately, horribly. And the funny part about it is people that have had wing and band, people that have had big tomato, they were blowing my dms up. They're like, this is bull crap. People there any, these are more like how does someone like dominoes over over William Penn? Because Penn is good. Is is the top of the echelon almost in Iowa, which I just thought that was kind of funny. I'm not surprised by these results all. But what did surprise me was obviously everybody was going to be voting Casey's from Iowa, which I'm going to take credit for this. We didn't have Casey's on our original list and we would have been eaten alive again. And I texted I think probably hours before, hours before we launched the, the foodie. And I said, we better include Casey's pizza because you don't want another, he will be, we will be, uh, just slaughtered

Speaker 4:52:20on this if we don't have Casey's. And ultimately it one, because Casey's is, is the Iowa and Midwest like Pizza Heaven, which is interesting because, so Trent on Barstool sports sparks a little sport president, he does the pizza review. They have like an actual pizza APP. That's all of the features. It's called one bite. Um, and they have all of these pizza places ranked zero to 10, depending on, you know, their criteria, which is how good it is compared to like the best of the best in New York. You know. And so New York being a big pizza place, that's, that's where they, they, they feel like they have it. So they came to Iowa for the Iowa game, uh, this last year. And they did a college kind of a college game day. Yeah. A show on Facebook with it. And, and he got berated with you have to do a pizza review on Casey's and so he'd be breakfast. Yup. And he did it and, and he was, he was disappointed with the Casey's

Speaker 6:53:26pizza. He, he, he ran gonna fall the garbage. Yeah. Yeah. And, and said that it was garbage. Which compare, I mean, comparatively to like, uh, uh, New York pizza. I, I'm not a huge pizza connoisseur. I Love Casey's. Yeah. But I think that's the important thing to point out. Anybody puts a breakfast cases, breakfast pizza in front of my face. I'm going to eat that thing and I'm going to love it. Right. But I do know objectively that a giant heaping pile of greasy nonsense, it's not a delectable pizza. It's not, it's not good quality. It's not what I would compare it to. The higher level are going to be your wood wood oven, you know, New York and flying to and be like, oh my gosh, this is incredible. I drank too much last night. I need my stomach to stop hurting of Greece

Speaker 4:54:11bomb. But the people have spoken, spoken Casey's is the window and are so we are going to get into a new, uh, a new foodie for next and this is going to be, this is a seal. Yeah, this is a topical seasonal one. Um, and mostly I think because of our personal experience recently you had what, like nine boxes of a forum them recently and I recently had a, a thin mint for the first time and about lost my shit and ate the entire thing.

Speaker 6:54:44This was hoping you would say totally unimpressed. All right. But go ahead.

Speaker 4:54:47No, I like, like I've never tried it. I've always had the peanut butter ones. Uh, what do, what do they call it? A long ago, Tom Along Gus and I've always hamburger patties or patties and, and I, uh, I loved those. And those were the only ones that I would eat and the only ones that I would have my parents order when I was young because like just the, the name thin mint. Like what am I brushing my teeth? I'm not, yeah, I don't, I don't want to meet in my cookie. That's not it. That's not an appetizing. But it's very, uh, I had it and I don't know if my taste buds are switch, which one's better in my opinion then the peanut butter. Okay. But I'm not a, uh, you are a, you're a Samoa Fan.

Speaker 6:55:29I'm a dude. And so same thing, like when I was a kid I loved Samoas so much, but like it's not just that I only damages that makes you love them. I still only bought four boxes of small, wasn't devoured the things, but listen, like it's, it's not just that I love him. I thought that only they were, I thought they were like the only cookies anybody ordered. I didn't know people like liked other things. I had to grow up and learn that people enjoyed thin mints. And only recently, like two weeks ago I found out people think peanut butter patties are the best. This no my mind, I didn't know people liked those, but as a kid when we had Samoas like during girl scout cookie season, my mom would order 10 boxes and it was, if this is wrestling season, so it's always during wrestling season. Okay. He had to hide them. She was like, look, I'm going to, I'm going to hide them so your father doesn't eat them because these are for you. But we all know that you have to wait until after recipes. Otherwise you're going to weigh 20 pounds heavier. You big fat fucker. Yeah. That's

Speaker 4:56:24awesome. You hadn't picked up on it yet. We are going to be doing the next booty is girl scout cookies. So we will have the votes available for everybody. We want to come. We want to get the people's thoughts. We will have some mowers than mints. Uh, Tommy long was peanuts, which are peanut butter patties. They have smores. They have, is it lemonade? Lemonade? Lemonade's they have shortbread. They have thanks a lot. And they have the peanut butter sandwich. So

Speaker 6:56:49not to be confused with tongue Longos yeah. People get really mad when you confuse those. Yes. Full disclosure, right now, I'm telling you a sum, I was thin mints and peanut butter patties will not be facing off in the early rounds. We know these are the three that people liked the most. I've had one spot like the lemonades the best. I wanted to punch that guy. I don't,

Speaker 4:57:07no, I've never had anything other than the and thin mints or whatever. Like I feel like you have one that like, you have some most like you have one that you do and you pick and use by a box because you can only buy so many boxes of girl scout cookies change. They're always the same. So everyone has their experiences. We want to hear what your experiences are. So we will be putting that to the test and that will be our vote coming up next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We will record next Wednesday with the results. I'm super excited about that. And, uh, then we're going to get into, today we're going to get into, um, I have an on the road again and I did yes. So I was driving, went down to Kansas City, um, met with my business partners a little bit today and a, so I drove down there this morning early, you know, up at four 30 out on the road.

Speaker 4:57:56Then I got back here right before we recorded it at seven. And I am so, so impressed with my car that I did not have a tire blow up with the amount of potholes that are out on the road and I'm going 80 miles an hour and hitting some of these pop was like, oh no, I thought that I was going to be on the side of the road. And I saw probably 10 each day, each way that were on the side of the road on Jacks. W we're just looking for tires. And so I actually read an article that there is a, what do you, what do you call like a superhero? Um, like uh, a person that is doing the job of like an official, a vigilante in Indian, in Indianapolis. There's a vigilante that's going around filling potholes and they are, and they're, they're after him like they are, it's insane. Right?

Speaker 6:58:56They have, look, I get it. They have to be because there's such an insane number of regulations that they have to go through whenever you try to do anything. I get that. It's dumb. It doesn't make sense. But they have to go after this vigilante is making the world a better the other way. Yeah. We got Ron Swanson out here filling potholes, painful. If this guy doesn't have a mustache and a shirt tucked in and he's doing it all wrong. Yes.

Speaker 4:59:19I don't know. I haven't seen any pictures him as of late, but I am a super impressed with this guy and for anybody out there that has the ability to do is plot holes in Iowa. Go ahead and a vigilante the hell out of these potholes because I feel like I'm on Nascar light evasive maneuvers going around these potholes that are, that are out on our streets. So they are, they are insane. How, how many and, and like if you've seen my car, I have big rooms, small tires, and I am like a hundred percent amazed that I have not blown up my tire or ruined my room on, on these potholes that I'll tell you what, oddly enough, it's causing me to read or a pay attention to the road more never. Oh yeah. Literally they'll road. Um, so a preview, I'm not going to, we're not going to give this away, but I'm, I'm previewing, uh, Jordan with our traveling trophy for the championship.

Speaker 4:60:21Do you remember, do you remember the show that, what do you remember that show? [inaudible] you might be a little young. Yeah, I um, oh. So that that will be, there'll be a male and a female traveling trophy with this and it's a part of it. If you look up that show, that's the title of it. Okay. You'll, you'll know what it's about and you'll probably have seen it. It was on Nickelodeon. Yeah. Way Back in the day. I also have a human's SMH want blog. So getting into humans, Smh, this is, this is funny because this is what the title reads. Another elderly Chinese passenger tosses coin into plane engine. Another. Yeah. So, so this, this lady in China was, this elderly lady was, was flying. Uh, actually it's funny that she was playing lucky air. The airline, it, she was lying. And, um, but for luck, she through coins into the engine.

Speaker 4:61:39And this incident occurred at, obviously at the airport, um, according to authorities. Um, and at least the second such report of this year of the, of this scare caused by coin tossing, elderly Chinese woman, um, fellow passengers reported that she was throwing coins into the, into the, uh, into the engine. Subsequently, she was taken into custody. Um, and it's not clear whether she would be facing charges or not, but the flight that was supposed to be depart was, um, actually grounded overnight for safety precautions. And the picture that this in this article, like the, uh, the crew climbing into the engine to try to pick up these coins. And so there, and this was the second one to throw lucky coins into, uh, into the, uh, into the engine in June, a superstitious 80 year old woman delayed delayed a chain, a China Southern Airline flight, which was an international flight nearly six hours as she tossed nine coins into the engines.

Speaker 4:63:01Okay. For luck and for superstition, I don't feel lucky or safe unless I completely endanger everybody on this. Right? If you don't have a chance of falling into the abyss in blowing up in the middle of this guy, I just don't feel safe. So this, this, uh, this plane that, that requires these engines to work and take us up into the air, I'm going to throw a foreign object into like that makes absolutely. Yes. And that's the, this is the second report. This is the second time this had happened. There's no doubt in my mind. Don't try to feed me any of that crazy. Those two are friends. Yeah. Have the same person telling them that it's good luck. Some shitty grandkid who watched a youtube video. It's like, Nah, grandma just, yeah, just playing a trick on his grandma and my grandma's this dumb.

Speaker 4:63:49And then they see it in the news and they're like, oh my God, grandma. Yeah. Like this is absolutely insane. I loved it. Uh, Alexa came through today or ed for me and, and had this story absolutely asinine. So for anybody listening, do not throw coins into a airline engine. I don't think the sec personally, if I'm there, yes. I mean like in general, but guys, if I'm on the plane, uh, so that, that's my, uh, humans. We are the same. We are the same species as someone throwing coins into an airplane. Smh, s m, h, uh, let's see. Do we have any, um, other, that's all you got. Okay. So now let's get into our blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Bangers. We're going to get into our weekend bangers. So we have to have a, give us a second to pull these up on our phones here. I've got, so I'll give mine a little bit of a intro. I found Mike Posner's the layover from 2011 and was like, I used to really like this album. Let's play it and see if I like it. I've listened to it probably like a hundred times since I got it. And I was like, Yup, this, this album is amazing. I can't believe I ever stopped listening to it. All right, so here is Henny and purple featuring slim thug.

Speaker 4:65:20Like

Speaker 7:65:26this is the light and airy. You're, you're riding around with some friends late at night, enjoying life. What's it called? Indian, purple ADN program.

Speaker 8:65:51No,

Speaker 7:65:53it was a brave and talking about thought. They're even talking about getting in for the ride.

Speaker 4:65:59That's awesome. Cool. So mine for this week, um, is Twista featuring t pain. Oh, so going a little bit of old school, you can't go wrong with Twista t pain, you know, used to bang on every site. Every three thing. He was Dj Calvin. This is, Oh yeah, this is creep fast. Twist the t pain and it starts, it starts though. The reason that I was driving in this,

Speaker 8:66:27this got my attention was the sirens, but then come this way. Come on. We got to watch. As I said, I've always been to bring the noise and what the Bushel of women and everybody should have broken this first like, crap. Nobody know you were this t pain I get from the writing. More checks on 47 does western.

Speaker 7:67:25All right. Thank you so much guys for listening to another episode of the Podcast, the gym closet. Go in, have a great weekend. You're going to exit. So you witness that. You went over with, you want to be going down a bit. I love that they get into this, but all of our social media at the gym closets for everything. You're also going to be having a blog or podcast will be up on the website as well. So that will be coming to you shortly so that you can listen and get all of information that we talked about here. So thank you guys so much for listening. Have a great weekend.

Speaker 8:68:41[inaudible] nobody call it [inaudible]. [inaudible] yeah.

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