Tiny Voice Talks

Character Strengths with Frederika Roberts

April 15, 2022 Toria Bono Season 4 Episode 18
Tiny Voice Talks
Character Strengths with Frederika Roberts
Show Notes

In this episode, Toria talks to Frederika Roberts about knowing our character strengths and how we can use character strengths within our classrooms to support the wellbeing of the young people we teach. 

Frederika is a former teacher passionate about supporting the wellbeing of children and the adults around them. She supports wellbeing in education through her presentations, workshops, post-graduate lectures and books.  Frederika is known for converting the science of wellbeing into practical everyday tools and practices, and has been interviewed and quoted in the press and media, including BBC radio and TV, ‘Glamour’ and ‘Yours’ magazines, and the ‘Daddilife’ website.

She is the Founder and Lead Trainer of Educate to Flourish CIC,  author of Recipe for Happiness, For Flourishing's Sake and Whole School Mental Health (due for publication in 2023), co-author of Character Toolkit for Teachers and the Character Toolkit Strength Cards, and co-editor of The Big Book of Whole School Wellbeing.

Frederika holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education, with a research focus on Whole School Wellbeing.

She tweets @Frederika_R & @EduFlourish  

Website & other links: 

http://happiness-speaker.co.uk & http://educatetoflourish.org.uk

Happiness Speaker https://www.youtube.com/user/happinessspeaker

Educate to Flourish https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUJ4wVvetuePYWFIf6d8mfg

Useful links I mentioned: 

VIA Character website: http://viacharacter.org

Action Research reports - these can be downloaded from my Educate to Flourish website.  The Challenger Multi Academy Trust (CMAT) one is the one that includes the research I mentioned on using the language of strengths and emotions in Early Years: http://educatetoflourish.org.uk/what-we-do/action-research/

Lea Waters's book "The Strength Switch": https://www.amazon.co.uk/Strength-Switch-Strength-Based-Parenting-Flourish/dp/1101983647