Tiny Voice Talks Education

The Role of School Today with Shawn Young

November 04, 2022 Toria Bono Season 5 Episode 15
Tiny Voice Talks Education
The Role of School Today with Shawn Young
Show Notes

In this episode, Toria chats to Shawn about the role school plays today in the lives of our young people. With our ever-changing world the role that school plays and the job of an educator has changed significantly over the last ten years. Shaun joins Toria all the way from Canada and they discuss this worldwide change.

Shawn Young is the co-founder and CEO of Classcraft, an innovative platform that helps educators make learning meaningful and motivate students through gamification. Since its launch, it has been a force to be reckoned with in transforming behavior and classroom cultures, having been successfully implemented by educators in their pedagogies worldwide.

In alignment with his mission to improve teaching pedagogy and students' motivation in learning, Shawn co-chairs UNESCO's MGIEP Global Collective for SEL and Digital Learning, serves as the President of the Edteq Association, and is an Ambassador for the Education Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke.

Shawn has an extensive experience in professional education, having taught 11th-grade physics for nine years. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's in education from Université de Sherbrooke. In addition, he is also a seasoned web developer, combining these skills and experience to start Classcraft.

School and district leaders are some of the many types of listeners that will definitely benefit from Shawn's insights on motivation, education, skill development and culture, and leadership. He can't wait to get booked to talk about creating a sustainable community in the classroom and the role of playful principles in teaching the whole child!

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