Tiny Voice Talks Education

Literacy Hive with Sian Hardy

November 11, 2022 Toria Bono Season 5 Episode 17
Tiny Voice Talks Education
Literacy Hive with Sian Hardy
Show Notes

In this episode, Toria talks to Sian Hardy about Literacy Hive, the open-access signposting website that she set up to help teachers navigate their way around the literacy resource landscape quickly and easily.

Sian has worked for over 30 years in the children’s book world in a variety of different roles. That breadth of experience made her aware of the many different resources and services available to support the teaching of literacy. However, she also realised that, with resources scattered across multiple websites, tracking them down could be a time-consuming business. The result? Many teachers were simply unaware of the support available to them. 

Literacy Hive was created to help change that. From resources to support individual pupils to ways to bring authors and young readers together, Literacy Hive helps teachers connect with the wider world of books and reading and find the support they need to deliver an engaging literacy curriculum for all. 

  • Search over 300 resources covering all aspects of the literacy curriculum on the Literacy Hive website - www.LiteracyHive.org
  • Link your literacy curriculum to the wider world with the online Literacy Year calendar.
  • Sign up for the Literacy Hive newsletter to receive regular news and updates straight to your inbox.
  • Follow Literacy Hive on Twitter @LiteracyHive and Facebook Literacy Hive
  • Contact Sian at enquiries@literacyhive.org – she’d love to hear from you!
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