Tiny Voice Talks Education

Learn to 'F.L.I.P' thinking with Sarah Creegan

December 09, 2022 Toria Bono Season 5 Episode 25
Tiny Voice Talks Education
Learn to 'F.L.I.P' thinking with Sarah Creegan
Show Notes

In this episode, Toria chats to Sarah about how applying cognitive techniques will increase  mental agility and emotional intelligence and F.L.I.P  thinking.  This can be used for you and with others, including the young people you work with.

Sarah was a headteacher and now runs her own successful consultancy business and is an advisor and facilitator for Laughology. 

When Sarah chose to leave school at 16, she was told by 3 separate teachers that ‘she wouldn’t amount to much’. That didn’t put her off though! Since then she has had a varied career, working with banks, businesses, retail, educational and sporting organisations, supporting their learning and development needs before becoming a head teacher.

In her first two years of headship, she successfully managed a £7m rebuild; an expansion programme to double the number of pupils and a culture-change programme. All of these projects ensured her school went from a satisfactory Ofsted ranking to a good. During this time she managed key stakeholders, including local authorities, school inspectors and governors, she also successfully guided her team through an improvement programme.

Various Links 

Sarah's website:  https://www.lightbulbmomentsconsultancy.co.uk/
Twitter: Sarah Creegan
Sarah's bio on the Laughology website:
FLIP for teachers:
FLIP for children:
Menopause Awareness:

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