Tiny Voice Talks Education

Talk:Write with Ros Wilson

February 04, 2022 Toria Bono Season 4 Episode 6
Tiny Voice Talks Education
Talk:Write with Ros Wilson
Show Notes

In this episode Toria talks to Ros Wilson.  Ros Wilson is a highly revered education expert whose 55-year career spans teaching, consultancy, keynote speaking, and research.

Ros has just launched Talk:Write a new system for developing language to improve both the quality of talk and the quality of writing of primary school pupils. Talk:Write is the progression of all her previous work regarding the underpinning principles of the impact of talk on writing.

To purchase Talk:Write or for more information please visit:  https://www.roswilsoned.com/talk-write/

Follow Ros Wilson at: https://twitter.com/rosBIGWRITING

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