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How Insurers Hide From Themselves With Rob Johnson
October 22, 2017 David Wright

Rob has been an important mentor to me through most of my career here at Beach. I wanted to take an opportunity to record some of my favourite stories of his and the key lessons he's taught me. This interview covers:

  1. The beginnings of Rob's career and the dawn of the P&C actuary in Australia;
  2. The paper he wrote in 1980, which to me really gets to the essence of Rob's analytical style, which we discuss;
  3. Rob's view on risk tolerance of insurance companies (less than they think!) and how he came to that view;
  4. How the culture of insurers is based on hiding their true profitability from themselves and Rob's view on this (he doesn't like it);
  5. Why Rob thought he'd never work in insurance again and what he did about it.

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