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DAC Cast Episode 25 - Gorging on Games

November 22, 2018 Episode 25
DAC Cast
DAC Cast Episode 25 - Gorging on Games
DAC Cast
DAC Cast Episode 25 - Gorging on Games
Nov 22, 2018 Episode 25
Detroit Arcade Club
"These dicks sound like purple!"
Show Notes

Originally recorded on November 18th, 2018

Content Warning: This one might get dark!

The DAC Podcast Crew may have solved Thanksgiving Dinner amongst their various families, but have they truly purged themselves of the shame that comes from gorging on games? The holiday season is a time of personal self-reflection and healing as we approach the new year, so join Logan, Greg, and Chris as they air out their digital dirty laundry, excavate cybernetic skeletons from their computerized closets, and other poorly-thought-out, embarrassing metaphors. Seriously, though -- when is too much, truly too much? #NoShameNovember - tweet at @detroitarcade with your most egregious videogame crimes in terms of time spent in a single game, and you could be the winner of the DAC Cast Loot Crate. For real -- we'll read your tweets on the next episode and reward the best one with a very excellent package of unwanted, mystery trash!

Theme song by SNESEI: https://snesei.bandcamp.com

Thank you to everyone who watched DAC's Extra Life 24 hour marathon this year! We raised $1,165 for the Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, MI, and we couldn't have done it without your support.

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