Urban Network Podcast

Episode #22 - Nasya Kamrat (Faculty & Komuna)

November 02, 2021 Hewitt Pagenstecher
Urban Network Podcast
Episode #22 - Nasya Kamrat (Faculty & Komuna)
Show Notes

Nasya Kamrat came on the Urban Network Podcast to discuss her business, Faculty as well as tips and resources for agency owners.
Nasya Kamrat is the CEO & co-founder of Faculty which is a Portland-based storytelling and immersive experience agency that merges strategy, storytelling, tech and content to create bespoke human-centric experiences.

Nasya's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nasyakamrat/
Faculty's Website: https://www.wearefaculty.com/
Komuna's Website: https://www.komuna.agency/

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Host: Hewitt Pagenstecher
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